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Daelinn's Anubis - Towards the New Season (S5, Patch 5.15)

August 16, 2018 by Branmuffin17
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Conquest / Joust Mid-Lane Build

Smite God: Anubis

Item Purchase Order

Example Safe Build (Replace Magi w/ Focus Late)
?This is a well-balanced build with key stats at each stage of the game. The first 5 items should be generally locked in stone, but Typhon's Fang can be purchased a bit earlier for enhanced lifesteal, if preferred. The last item is always considered situational to your needs in the current match.

Build Item Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Warlock's Staff
Build Item Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Spear of the Magus
Build Item Typhon's Fang
Build Item Mantle of Discord

Standard Start (Tiny Trinket if Preferred)
?This standard start gets you started on building Warlock's Staff.

An alternative start would be to replace Uncommon Staff with Tiny Trinket. Although this will delay you building Warlock's Staff, Anubis can take advantage of any lifesteal, and Sorrow quickly converts Trinket's 6% lifesteal to 12%, allowing for some nice early health sustain.

Build Item Mage's Blessing Build Item Uncommon Staff Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Warlock's Staff Rush Start
?Go with this start if you want Warlock's Staff online ASAP.

Build Item Sorcerer's Staff Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Early Lifesteal (Choose One)
? Bancroft's Talon should be your standard choice for the nice power it provides, along with the increasing lifesteal as you're hurt.

You can consider Pythagorem's Piece for better base lifesteal and better teamfight utility.

Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Pythagorem's Piece


Build Item Spear of the Magus

Defensive Options
?Of these choices, Dynasty Plate Helm can be considered early to counter physical threats. At full build, your best options are likely Mantle of Discord or Magi's Cloak.

Build Item Dynasty Plate Helm Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Stone of Fal Build Item Spectral Armor Build Item Magi's Cloak Build Item Book of the Dead

Situational Offense

Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Rod of Tahuti

Extra Lifesteal
?In almost all cases, you'll want to pick this up at some point in the build. The additional lifesteal it provides allows Anubis to effectively exchange blows with enemies and often come out not only with a kill, but with a lot of health. The specific time you'll want to consider bypassing this is if the enemy team has built a ton of lifesteal. In that case, instead of buffing a weakened stat, look to some protection to help you survive.

Build Item Typhon's Fang

Recommended Relics
?Standard pickups include the normal Aegis and Purification. Against more slows than hard CC, Heavenly Wings should be considered. Blink Rune is for very aggressive play.

Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Phantom Veil Build Item Bracer of Undoing Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Horrific Emblem Build Item Blink Rune

Example High-Damage Build
?This build steps away from Warlock's Staff, which to be honest is in a bit of a weak spot. Since Anubis' abilities all scale extremely well, this higher power build will allow you to more quickly dispatch enemies.

You'll rush Book of Thoth to start stacks early, though you can consider starting with Mage's Blessing + Tiny Trinket to provide surprisingly decent health sustain in the early game (remember with Sorrow, Anubis can double the base lifesteal with easily-applied stacks, giving him 12% lifesteal for cheap).

You'll look to Book of the Dead in the later parts of the match for additional survivability (instead of the base health Warlock's provides).

Typhon's Fang is an optional final item. For higher damage but less sustain, you can sub in Rod of Tahuti.

Build Item Book of Thoth Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Spear of the Magus Build Item Book of the Dead Build Item Typhon's Fang

Example No-Stacking Build
?This build avoids the need to stack altogether. With a rush on Bancroft's Talon, it gives you great early health sustain.

This also allows you more quickly get high penetration online and boost your lifesteal. If higher lifesteal is preferred, you can consider getting Typhon's Fang before Spear of the Magus.

With an item slot freed up, this allows for more late-game flexibility, allowing you to get more utility via items such as Chronos' Pendant (high CDR) or additional CC ( Gem of Isolation).

Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Spear of the Magus Build Item Typhon's Fang Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Rod of Tahuti

God Skill Order

Plague of Locusts

Plague of Locusts 1 8 11 12 14 key bind


Mummify 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Grasping Hands

Grasping Hands 2 4 6 7 10 key bind

Death Gaze

Death Gaze 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


Click the categories below to view threats.
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny


Isis is an opponent to be reckoned with, as she has great waveclear, a stun and a silence. Her Spirit Ball gains power from distance traveled , thus you really can't let her hit you with this ability from long range- you'll get stunned allowing her to finish you with Wing Gust. Her Wing Gust can at least be interrupted by Mummify, hindering her damage on you and minions. If you're looking to engage, however, you probably want to initiate before she uses the Gust, as it gives her a lot of juking ability, making it difficult to land a Mummify.

She doesn't own any true escape abilities but still brings a lot of utility with her- Wing Gust gives her increased movement speed, Spirit Ball applies a stun on impact, and last non-ultimate ability is a ground-targeted silence Dispel Magic that also slows her enemies.

Back to Dispel Magic for a bit, she can use that on you to interrupt your Plague of Locusts...when facing her, it's probably best to priority Grasping Hands for the safer clear.

As an ultimate, she has the ability to summon a staff on the ground creating a large Circle of Protection. Isis and her allies take reduced damage while standing on it, and damage done to them charges the staff. After few seconds have passed, or when she activates it again which can be done instantly, the staff explodes healing her allies and damaging enemies. Because of that you don't want to engage her in an all-in close combat, as she'll live through your combo thanks to the Circle of Protection and detonate it healing herself as well as dealing serious damage to you.

In this fight Purification Beads will be a helpful tool to quickly escape the stun if it hits you in an unfavorable position.


It's simply an uphill battle for Anubis. Janus not only has excellent wave clear, but also a devastating ability combo, not to mention his extremely high mobility. His main trick is called Portal. It is as the name suggests, an ability that can create passages through obstacles including walls, which he or his allies can use to quickly travel around the map. Mobility-wise, this gives him a huge advantage and makes his rotations extremely difficult to match, and can allow him to gain levels on you.

Offensively, when he places his portal beneath an opponent, the victim falls beneath the ground to appear above after a while, taking damage as they fall back to earth. The worst is yet to come, as Janus has an ability called Unstable Vortex. It is normally quite hard to hit as a standalone ability, as it follows a weird double-ribbon-like pattern. However, when he has an opponent trapped in the portal, he can easily aim it and hit his combo for devastating damage.

Defensively, Portal becomes a place in which he can "hide" for a short duration. When placed on the ground, he can enter it, and appear above the ground a moment after, allowing him to avoid the damage that would have been done to him in this time.

When both of you are in the lane remember to take special caution with Plague of Locusts - actually, you won't have much opportunity to use it. It roots you in place for its duration, meaning that a smart Janus will take advantage of this fact- you'll quickly suffer from his Portal into Unstable Vortex combo as it's certain to hit a still target. This means your only option is to prioritize Grasping Hands for safe wave clear. It is also helpful, if he portals or rotates to clear the mid-harpies, to help you try to steal the camp.

His ultimate, Through Space and Time, fires a ball of energy that deals damage to anyone hit by it in an extremely long line, creating portals through the walls it encounters. This greatly enhances his ability to rotate to other lanes quickly, which means you're unlikely to get the jump if he knows where you're headed.

Probably the only chance for a kill Anubis has in this matchup is when Janus uses his Portal offensively, having thus no escape tool: it is when you want to activate Purification Beads before he has the chance to follow up with his other ability, and use your own combo on him in return. Remember though that he'll also have his own relic of choice.


All threats listed other than Odin are matchup evaluations. Odin, however, deserves special mention.

Not only does he have mobility, but will often pick up Blink Rune, which will allow him to easily trap you in his Ring of Spears. For the duration while inside, you will NOT be able to heal up any damage taken, as it has 100% lifesteal reduction. Needless to say, the ring is a literal death trap.

Your only options thus will be to keep close tabs on his location (staying very close to your tower anytime he's near), and pick up Phantom Veil for the times you do get caught inside. If you're extremely cautious, it'll be your first relic (but this can really interfere with your ability to counter lane enemies), so if possible, delay it to the 2nd relic, and just be very mindful of his location at all times.


He is going to be able to easily clear and poke you from extremely safe range, using Heiroglyphic Assault through his Glyph of Pain. Not only does it give him incredible range, but he can remain on the move while using it. The cooldown on the abilities also makes it so you don't have a lot of time to clear enemy minions between use, so your only choice is going to be prioritizing Grasping Hands for wave clear early, and staying back at your tower. Even then, he'll still be able to poke you.

If he has good reflexes, he'll also be able to avoid your Mummify with Evade and Punish, should you choose to go on the offensive. Offensively, he'll be unlikely to use it to close distance unless you're at low health, as it puts him in range for your Mummify and Plague of Locusts, where your damage is likely to be higher than his.

Once he hits level 5, he's got even further range with his ult, Final Judgement. Anytime you sit still with Plague of Locusts, you're going to be a sitting duck. Basically, in a 1v1, you're very likely to lose lane.

However, the fact that he'll be able to push his lane makes him a decent target for a gank, and you should ask for one from the Jungler if he's extending. One thing you might consider in this matchup is an early Blink Rune. If you can goad Thoth to get near your tower, and the Jungler can surprise him and force him to use Evade and Punish, he is then extremely vulnerable to any further attacks by you, especially if you can close the gap with a blink.


Do not stand in his Noxious Fumes. He can ignite them using any other ability, detonating them and applying a stun. After hitting level 5 he doesn't have a typical ultimate ability, but instead earns the possibility of summoning a meteor with Rain Fire every 20 seconds (he can store up to 3 of these), that doesn't require mana to use. Unless, of course you get stunned by his Noxious Fumes, allowing him to burst you with all of his meteors.

Even average Agni players can easily hit you with the combo (starting Rain Fire and immediately casting Noxious Fumes underneath. Your best bet is to stay out of range and keep track of his ult use (safer to engage once he has expended at least 1 or 2).

Just remember that he has to stand still when he's using his ult, so if he's close enough, a quick Mummify and Grasping Hands can stop the barrage and force him to move.

He is not that easy to kill because he has a long range, quick dash, Path of Flames which additionally leaves trails of fire on his path- they deal damage, and he can summon his Noxious Fumes on them, resulting in a stun if you are standing nearby.

Aegis Amulet or Bracer of Undoing will be the best relic choice- when you get stunned and are about to get meteored few times you can negate much of this burst.

He Bo

He is in a sense similar to Anubis- he can delete your health bar in the blink of an eye just as you can eliminate his. That's due to his abilities having very high damage levels, while also being on relatively short cooldowns. He has a short ranged cone called Water Cannon, and his main threat in form of Waterspout, which summons a geyser damaging enemies and knocking them up in the air.

Add to that his ultimate, which transforms him into a wave that crushes forward dealing tremendous damage; it's here that we have an opponent with a combo that can potentially empty your full HP bar. He also is able to summon a scroll of water in a line with Atlas of the Yellow River, which slows his enemies and gives him improved movement speed.

You'll want to have Aegis Amulet against this one for his ultimate, and generally you'll want to keep your distance- his Water Cannon and Crushing Wave have relatively short ranges, and you'll be able to restore the damage from his geysers through lifestealing from minions.


If he overextends in this fight you can easily win this one. That's because his escape ability, Thunder Crash deals also a considerable amount of damage and Raijin is likely to use it offensively at some point- if this happens, do not hesitate to punish him properly. His main wave clearing ability, Percussive Storm has a quite long animation and can be effectively interrupted by your stun.

Last of his abilities is a mark called Raiju- if he places it on you just back off until it expires; the next ability OR auto-attack made against marked target deals enormous damage. His ultimate, Taiko Drums can be used to simply deal damage or deal less damage but applying a fear or taunt, making you lose control of your character for that time.

You'll be most likely able to win a damage race against him, but most important thing is not to let him hit you after applying a mark- it creates too much burst damage for Anubis' miserable health bar to handle.

If he tries to kill you, his plan will probably look like this: apply a mark, teleport onto you dealing large burst damage and then finish you with ultimate or Percussive Storm. Fortunately, his teleport has a slight delay, during which you can use Aegis Amulet to totally negate all of his burst potential, allowing you to defeat him without problems.


Most important thing to remember is that his Inferno Cannon (turret which he'll be putting on the ground) hurts a lot. Especially if he's leveling it up first- don't even think about engaging him without minions with his turret on the ground. On default it'll prioritize minions over you, unless you are hit with Vulcan's Backfire, at which point you'll get marked for 4 seconds and during this time the turret will always target you over everything.

The biggest part of his threat to you is that all 3 non-ult abilities can poke you with good damage, and his ult has such a large AOE that you, without any mobility, are likely to get hit if he aims well from close to medium range. Aegis Amulet is an essential 1st relic against him.

When clearing waves, try to use your abilities in such way that they hit minions as well as his turret, if he drops it close enough; that'll make him waste more mana on creating a new one. He doesn't have escapes, but his Backfire pushes him back a little bit, so he can use it to dodge your Mummify; check his reflexes first before trying to go for a kill.


Discordia is currently a very powerful mage, and she has some very nice damage in her kit. That said, her early game isn't the strongest, and her strengths often lie more when facing multiple enemies. If you play well, you can take advantage of this.

Her main wave clear is going to use Unruly Magic, which is an easy fire-and-forget ability, with some AOE function after it bursts. The damage at level 1 is very weak, and the secondary damage even weaker. She'll definitely need to use it on the minion wave. At level 1, this means you'll just want to stay out of the line of fire of your minions, and use the early strength of Plague of Locusts from the side of the wave to quickly outclear her and get a head start on the mid-harpies.

You have other strengths that counter her or work well in general against her. Strife will be very easy for her to connect, especially when you're immobile, but again, the damage isn't the highest at low level, and when connecting with only you, will only root you, which shouldn't be a problem if it's only a 1 v 1.

Her escape ability, Erratic Behavior, can make her hard to hit for line abilities or basics (it makes her invisible), but you've got 2 standard AOE damaging abilities that will be easy to hit if she decides to hide in it. In particular, Grasping Hands is a perfect size to cover her entire circle, so she won't be able to get the CD benefits either.

As for her ult, it can be a pain if you're hit, but from distance, it's relatively easy to dodge. From in close, if you've got your ultimate up, feel free to activate it...you'll get hit, but you should be able to easily outdamage her, and the CC immunity will prevent it from disrupting you. While casting it, you're immobile, so you won't care about the cripple either.


His main way of dealing damage is to place his Whirlwind- fortunately it takes a bit of time after its appearance before it starts dealing damage, but then it leaves a damage-over-time effect. So even if he places it on you, just run away immediately and you may be able to get out of it unscathed.

When you're immobile, it'll be easy for him to hit you with it, so your best strategy is to wait for him to commit with the ability before you activate yours.

His ultimate, Spirit of the Nine Winds is, well, one of the most telegraphed ones in the whole game, and very easy to dodge (unless he catches you in some narrow chokepoint with it) if he hasn't applied his slow from Zephyr on you. Of course you should still get a Aegis Amulet, just for safety.


This mirror match is going to be a fine test of your abilities. Both of you have the same goal - to make their opponent waste their Aegis Amulet relic, so that the next Death Gaze will result in a kill.

Most important thing is to make an efficient use of Mummify, as it has a long cooldown while also being a great setup for other abilities- if you can dodge his, you are at advantageous position for the next couple of seconds. Remember that he suffers from the exact same problem as you do- lack of mobility; thus your lane will probably be about positioning wars.

Other than that, mirror matches are a great way to practise Anubis gameplay, as you both know what to expect from their opponent. Good usage of Aegis Amulet will be the final judge in this matchup as it allows survival through the opponent's ability combo, should he decide to try scoring a kill.


Silences are always difficult to deal with, especially ones that are as easy to hit as Nox's Siphon Darkness. That said, the ability is also the one she will rely on the most for wave clear, and if you can play around her use of it, you can remain competitive.

At level 1, wait for her to activate it on the minion wave, then feel free to engage on the minions with Plague of Locusts. This should also help you secure the mid-harpies. Once she hits level 2, she's likely to get her escape, Shadow Step, unless she and her Jungler are planning on a gank, in which case she'll get Shadow Lock...but you likely won't be able to tell unless you can put a lot of pressure on her. You'll likely want to level Grasping Hands 2nd (for safer clear just in case), and pick up Purification Beads.

Remember that Siphon Darkness will interrupt your channeling of Plague of Locusts, so you'll either need to bait it out of her (dodge the following Shadow Lock) or wait until she uses it on the wave...leveling your choice of waveclear ability will depend on how well you can play around this.

Watch for if she wants to engage with a quick Shadow Step. Since you have no mobility, if she can follow that up with her normal combo, you're going to take a lot of damage. If you can fire off Mummify before she can start her Siphon Darkness, you can give yourself precious seconds to activate Death Gaze (which is immune to her silence while activated), during which she will have no further escape and will have to activate Aegis Amulet if she wants to avoid death.

Against her ultimate, you won't have much defense, as it's a pretty fast projectile with good range and you'll be pretty easy to hit, but once you have your lifesteal up, you can look to outlast her damage by healing yourself up.


As soon as you're certain he is going to be your lane opponent, make sure to grab Aegis Amulet. That's because the only way he can kill you is by using his ultimate, Release The Kraken!, damage from which can be totally negated by using said relic.

Try not to stand in your minions, as the ability which he is likely to be leveling up first, Whirlpool deals a considerable amount of damage and is also pulling every target affected by it towards the center, making it harder to get out.

Also, in case where you both run out of abilities, do not try to fight him on an auto-attack fight- he'll win thanks to his Trident, where his attacks will fire 2 additional shots in a spread. Other than that, he also doesn't have escapes besides from a slight movement speed buff so finding an open opportunity is likely to result in a kill.


He has good sustain just as you do because of his ground-targeted area heal, Solar Blessing. He likely will put it in the middle of fighting minions, as the heal also applies to them, while damaging enemy minions.

Although Celestial Beam is quite easy to dodge when you're mobile, he can choose to wait for you to engage enemy minions with Plague of Locusts, making you an extremely easy target to hit. If he tries to focus on poking you with it, he'll lose his main clearing tool, so if you do look to clear with Locusts, stay out of the path of your minions. Also, once he's hit level 5, you have to be doubly cautious of his ultimate, Searing Pain as it has quite a long range (but also a considerable charging animation).

As such, when facing him, you may want to choose prioritizing Grasping Hands over Plague of Locusts...it has less clear potential, but will keep you safe.

Ra doesn't have a true escape, and if you find a window of time where he is poked a bit already and his Purification Beads or Aegis Amulet are down, you can pretty much kill him with a full combo of Mummify, Grasping Hands and Death Gaze.


Main ability to watch out for is Stellar Burst- when her hands start glowing that means her next auto-attack will create an explosion in a considerable radius, that deals damage twice and applies a movement slow. Fortunately it's her only way to efficiently clear minions, and it can be dodged quite easily if you know that she's going to use it on you...just stay away from your minions and the wall, as it will explode if it hits and catch you in its radius.

Sol also has an escape ability in form of Disapparate, when she begins to phase out and disappear, which takes 3 seconds. During these 3 seconds she has increased movement speed and slow immunity. After that time she's immune to damage and crowd control for a short duration. If you see her activate this, it's probably best to back off and wait for it to expire.

Her ultimate, Supernova can hit quite hard depending on how many strikes out of its 8 reach you, but it's hard to aim and easy to dodge- she'll probably only use it when you are at low HP already. Aegis Amulet or Bracer of Undoing adds even more safety to this matchup.


The king of the gods has the potential of ruining your day with his absurdly high damage outpot, but don't worry- he has even less utility than you do because of lack of any escapes and stuns.

First of all, he can throw his shield with Aegis Assault dealing damage and allowing him to attack it, making his auto-attacks deal damage to every enemy standing in the circle under his shield.

What's more, he can use Chain Lightning on his own shield, so that it bounces off it and can easily hit you. His worst, as it has no real counterplay, is an ability called Detonate Charge. It deals lots of damage on its own, and can be further multiplied by the number of charges he applied to his enemy. He applies a charge with every attack and Chain Lightning bounces.

Fortunately the bounces prioritize the minions, but take care when you're alone in the lane. Your main priority will be to outclear him, so that he focuses on the minion waves and can't bounce multiple chains between you and his Aegis Assault.

Detonate Charge doesn't have any range, it is just used to detonate his charges on you, and with 3 of them it can easily deal damage equal to 40-50% of your HP, so do not stay in the lane if your health bar is getting low. His ultimate, Lightning Storm, doesn't deal that much damage, but easily applies his charges allowing to detonate them.

If you're low on health, have charges on you and Zeus hasn't used his detonate recently- try to use Aegis Amulet, as incoming Detonate Charge will kill you.

If you catch him with his relic on cooldown though, and preferably right after he used his detonate you can try to get a kill as he won't be able to run away. If you've got enough lifesteal in your kit, you can attempt to 1v1 him and outdamage him to oblivion.

Daelinn's Anubis - Towards the New Season (S5, Patch 5.15)

August 16, 2018


*Editor's Note: Daelinn has permanently stepped away from SMITE, but has entrusted me with the maintenance of his guide (the original of which can be found HERE). For now, I will maintain the guide in the original structure and style he created. However, I will be listening to reader feedback when any is given, and make build adjustments as necessary. As such, feedback is greatly appreciated. Consider this a community-driven guide, founded by a very knowledgeable and helpful individual that will be missed in this community.

*In Daelinn's words* Greetings traveler, I'm glad that you decided to take a look at this guide about Anubis, my favorite character in Smite. When I first played as Anubis, I just couldn't make a good use of this god, and it took a substantial amount of practise before I felt quite effective with him. Since then I have achieved a decent quality of gameplay and am confident enough as to share my experiences. Hopefully some of the information provided about various issues mentioned below will prove useful to you and, who knows, maybe you'll also fall in love with this character.

Daelinn's Stats, S3

"I am not a dog, I am a god! Get it right."

Anubis was designed for ancient times in Smite, back when it wasn't common for every character to have multiple crowd control or escape abilities like nowadays, and his damage was way easier to confirm. The damage though, is the thing Anubis excels at- he is the god of the dead after all, and not without reason: he'll gladly introduce his enemies to their afterlife given the chance.

Yet, as everyone, he has his flaws- he belongs to the mage class, having extremely weak defensive capabilities and low health, furthermore he has very limited movement potential, partially on account of his low base speed, but also because of lack of any escape abilities.

Thus, he'll often be forced to stand his ground, and not to run away from his foes. Thanks to his high damage combined with enhanced lifesteal function, he has the potential of surviving scenarios where other mages would have died.

Base Stats


HP: 360 (+66 per character lvl) = 1680 at lvl 20
MANA: 280 (+58 per character lvl) = 1440 at lvl 20
Speed: 360
Range: 55
Attack/sec: 0.86 (+0.99% per character lvl)


Damage: 35 (+1.5 per character lvl) +20% of magical power
Progression: None


Physical: 10 (+2.5 per character lvl) = 60 at lvl 20
Magical: 30 (+0.9 per character lvl) = 48 at lvl 20


HP/5s: 7 (+0.45 per character lvl)
Mana/5s: 4.8 (+0.36 per character lvl)

Pros and Cons


extraordinary combo damage potential +
splendid objective damage (gold fury, fire giant, titan) +
has the potential of snowballing out of control +
has a long range stun which can serve multiple purposes +
great voice +

- no escape potential
- absolute lack of mobility
- roots himself for the duration of 2 out of 4 abilities
- very easy to gank and shut down
- has a depressing defeat screen



A Note About Ability Leveling

Anubis is a god whose ability leveling will depend greatly on environment, situation, and matchups. Other than his ultimate (which should always be leveled ASAP), the two abilities in conflict are Plague of Locusts and Grasping Hands.

Plague offers higher clear potential, but with short range and high exposure. In Conquest, if possible, quicker farm via stronger clear is preferred during the early game, and should be prioritized only if you can use the ability safely.

Grasping offers safe but weaker clear from distance, and provides more utility in teamfights, so is usually the preferred ability priority in non-Conquest, teamfight modes.

Keep this in mind when leveling your skills, as the skill leveling shown at the top is only an example.


Sorrow is Anubis' passive, and is amongst the best in the game. It serves 3 purposes split into 2 main segments:
  1. True Passive (Anti-CC): Sorrow passively reduces the duration of all Crowd Control effects on Anubis by 30%, which is a useful bonus allowing a better chance of survival against stuns and pesky roots/snares; however, it has no effective impact on displacement abilities such as Ares' or Xing Tian's ultimates.

  2. Stacks (Protection Steal): Every time Anubis deals damage with an ability (every tick counts) or uses Mummify, he gains a stack of Sorrow, stacking up to 3 times for 5 seconds or until refreshed. With every stack, 7 points of magical and physical protection are stolen from the affected target (which equals 21 protections stolen at 3 stacks), meaning that Anubis gains them at the cost of his enemy for the duration.

  3. Stacks (Lifesteal): Last but definitely not least, Sorrow stacks additionally increase Anubis' magical lifesteal from items by 33% per stack, effectively doubling his lifesteal (100%) at 3 stacks; for example with Bancroft's Talon at 3 stacks of Sorrow, Anubis has 30% magical lifesteal instead of the default 15% (this doesn't even count Bancroft's passive lifesteal increase of up to an additional 20%).
For Season 5, the addition of Typhon's Fang and the additional lifesteal enhancement gives him an incredible amount of sustain.

All things considered, his passive is meant to help him with survivability, which he lacks, by raising his protections and improving sustain, thus allowing for better 1v1 fight potential.

Plague of Locusts

Anubis' first ability is interesting, yet risky. It comes in the form of a 120 degree cone attack with surprisingly limited range and the ability to rotate to track targets. It lasts for 3 seconds and has a damage tick every 0.5s, but in turn roots Anubis in place for the duration.

Due to its short range and the self-root it forces, Plague of Locusts makes Anubis extremely susceptible to enemy damage, allowing for easy confirmation of most targeted abilities, thus requiring practice with proper positioning and timing.

But here comes the favorable part: it has the potential of being the most damaging non-ultimate ability in the game! With 35/50/65/80/95 (+40% of magical power) damage every tick, and up to 210/300/390/480/570 (+240% of magical power) if all ticks hit, it can deal more damage than some gods' ultimates!

One last thing worth noting is the knockup immunity it provides for the duration, which makes it impossible for some abilities, like Poseidon's Tidal Surge, He Bo's Waterspout or Vulcan's Magma Bomb to interrupt it. Furthermore, when timed correctly, it can deny some of the enemy's kill setups, for example Hercules' Earthbreaker, or Awilix's Moonlight Charge into Gravity Surge combo.

However, it is also susceptible to abilities that interrupt casting (or aren't traditional knockup abilities), such as stuns and silences. Examples include Janus' Portal (which drops you rather than knocks you up), Agni's Rain of Fire + Noxious Fumes combo, and abilities that silence, such as Isis' Dispel Magic, or Nox's Siphon Darkness.


Here we are, one of the Anubis' most recognizable moves: Mummify. A long-range bandage projectile, it is amongst the best single target stuns in the game, and provides much needed utility in Anubis' kit.

At maximum rank, the stun lasts for 2 seconds. This is a considerable amount of time, allowing for an offensive setup, or serving as a means of escape.

Its major downside is its narrow skillshot, making it tough to connect. On the other hand, it provides much satisfaction upon successfully landing it (especially when predicting the direction of an invisible target). Being able to reliably confirm it is the main requirement for efficiency with Anubis.

It is commonly used as a part of the ability combos; placing Grasping Hands beneath an enemy and then locking him in with Mummify makes him suffer the damage from all of its ticks. This combo can be further improved by the usage of Anubis' ultimate, Death Gaze, to drastically increase total damage done.

Unfortunately, Mummify has a considerable cooldown and is not to be wasted without reason. It is also good to note that Mummify passes through minions but doesn't go through walls.

Grasping Hands

It is the safest of all Anubis' abilities. Not only does it have a long range, it also has a considerable radius, and also applies a 25% slow to every enemy standing or passing through it, allowing for better damage confirmation and easier Mummify aiming. It lasts for 2 seconds with a tick applied every 0.5s.

This is the ability that is recommended to level up with the highest priority, for it offers safe wave clear without stress, as opposed to using Plague of Locusts.

Its damage is also not to be underestimated, with 25/40/55/70/85 (+35% of magical power) every tick and up to 100/160/220/280/340 (+140% of magical power) provided that all ticks hit.

Death Gaze

The in-game tooltip for this ability simply does not express its brutality. It is what Anubis is known for - a long range laser lasting for 3 seconds and (surprise) dealing damage based on ticks, with a tick every 0.1s. This equals 30 ticks dealing 23/28/33/38/43 (+15% of magical power) each, and up to 690/840/990/1140/1290 (+450% of magical power) damage, making it the most damaging ability in the game. Used at the right time, it obliterates the health of enemy squishies, and has a huge impact on tanks' and objectives' health as well.

That being said, it has a crucial flaw which prevents it from being the ultimate ability of SMITE; as in case of Plague of Locusts, Anubis roots himself in place for the duration (fortunately also allowing you to rotate), which makes him very susceptible to any counter fire. This time, however, he also becomes completely immune to crowd control while casting. Thanks to that fact it also has defensive potential; it can deny displacement by various enemy abilities, such as Ares' No Escape, Xing Tian's Whirlwind of Rage and Steel, and Fenrir's Ragnarok.

Additionally, Death Gaze passes through EVERYTHING, be it minions, walls or multiple enemy players, so it's impossible to body-block it. The only way to avoid it is to move outside of its range or use Aegis Amulet.

Ability Combos

The name of this chapter is probably self-explanatory; some abilities yield wonderful results when used in conjunction with others - it all comes down to their sensible usage at the right time.

Standard Poke / Damage Combo


Using these two abilities together provides the safest means of confirming damage on an opponent, allowing you to cast from quite a long range. There are 2 ways to use these abilities together, depending mainly on preference but also on other considerations.

Further explanation

All in all: If the opponent doesn't have escape abilities available and/or you don't feel confident in landing Mummify, perform the combo in this order: Grasping Hands + Mummify.

If you can trust your aiming skills and/or the enemy target has the potential of dashing/jumping: use Mummify + Grasping Hands to ensure at least some of the ticks.

Heavy Poke/Damage Combo

+ +

This is a serious improvement over the previous poke combo in terms of pure damage, but is countered by the danger Anubis has to expose himself to in order to perform it.

Plague of Locusts' short range, paired with the self-root it enforces, means that you may want to restrain yourself from using it in big teamfights, especially when being the center of attention. It will do more harm than good, as every enemy will switch his damage to poor, rooted Anubis, almost in melee range.

However, do not hesitate to use it as serious harassment should you catch an enemy alone and off-guard.

Kill Combo

+ +

This is the hard poke combo on steroids (which itself has some kill potential); it is the crowning achievement of Anubis' damage capabilities.

Use it on high priority targets, after confirming they don't have their Aegis Amulet available. Late-game, it has the potential of deleting a god from 100-0, and has a big impact on tanks and non-stationary objectives such as the Gold Fury and Fire Giant.

The combo itself has decent range, as it doesn't include Plague of Locusts, but it still roots Anubis in place for the duration; be aware of your surroundings before attempting it.



Warlock's Staff

This stacking item is one of two viable options for Anubis. It offers lots of functional raw stats, including a substantial amount of HP (which Anubis definitely lacks), as well as a good chunk of magical power.

At 0 stacks, it provides 200 HP, 200 mana and 65 magical power. 1 stack is gained for every minion kill, and 5 stacks for a god kill. Each stack gives an additional 3 points of HP and 0.5 points of magical power. Stacks cap at 100, at which point Warlock's Staff provides 500 HP, 200 mana and 115 magical power.

The negative aspects of this item include its price (2,650 gold) and its relatively low starting power, making it more difficult for your early game. You may want to call for support often in the early game when choosing this item.

I would strongly recommend getting used to this item on every mode that isn't extremely fast-paced (like Arena or Assault), as the advantages it provides are well worth their price. Also, Staff is best bought quite early into the game (preferably even before your shoes), in order to start stacking it as soon as possible.

If you choose to bypass this item, you have 2 viable alternatives. 1) You can move directly into lifesteal to support your sustain, usually via Bancroft's Talon. 2) An alternative stacking item is Book of Thoth (described below).

Book of Thoth

Another stacking item, this one comes with both higher risk and higher reward. Compared to Warlock's Staff, it's 150 gold more expensive, and has no health to improve survivability. The payoff is much higher power at full stacks, and a huge mana pool. Upon purchasing, it gives 80 magical power and 250 mana, with +10 mana for every stack, maxing at 75. Its passive grants additional magical power equal to 3% of maximum mana. At max stacks, the passive power increase from mana increases to 5%.

At level 20 with maximum stacks (combined with mana contribution from Bancroft's Talon, Book of the Dead, and Typhon's Fang, Anubis will have 2990 mana (can be 250 more if you get Shoes of Focus) which equals an additional 150 power from the Book's passive, making Book of Thoth's magical power contribution in that example build a massive 230 magical power from a single item.

Without additional health, however, he is extremely squishy. He can rely on his lifesteal to keep his health up. Special consideration should be taken with Book of the Dead when getting Book of Thoth, as it is a perfect companion, providing a health shield based on total mana (around 600 health when triggered in this build).

/ /

Shoes of the Magi / Shoes of Focus / Traveler's Shoes

Shoes of the Magi is the best general choice for early aggression and gank potential, specifically in the early to mid-game phases. Its main asset is the 10 points of flat magical penetration, which is helpful for early aggression, and it cooperates well with Sorrow stealing enemy's protections, essentially allowing him to deal true damage to a squishy at full stacks.

Shoes of Focus are a solid alternative choice, depending on preference, as more than anything else, it will provide you with more Death Gaze opportunities.

Traveler's Shoes are an option when Jungling, due to the higher base move speed to help with rotations.

You can choose to replace Shoes of the Magi or Traveler's Shoes with Shoes of Focus in the late game, as the utility provided by the 10% cooldown reduction will be more helpful for teamfights.

Bancroft's Talon

Its stats are synergistic with Anubis' kit; it offers raw 100 Magical Power and 15% magical lifesteal, plus a situational passive. The passive increases the owner's magical power as he is damaged, maxing at an additional 100 power and 20% bonus lifesteal at or below 25% health.

Sounds good, doesn't it? The only problem is that for the passive to become fully relevant, Anubis has to be extremely hurt, at which point he is an easy prey for the enemy jungler. But there's always a possibility of it being extremely useful, for example when ganked, with most of the HP gone - the only option for Anubis is to stand his ground, which might result in killing the attacker and surviving, due to the increased power and lifesteal.

Bancroft's is quite cheap and thus can, depending on the situation (like for example when starting with Talon Trinket), provide an early power spike granting the possibility of snowballing. I wouldn't recommend this tactic for beginners though.

On the other hand, Bancroft's Talon has been proven extraordinarily helpful in the Arena mode (a great guide in which info has been provided by Branmuffin17)- due to its layout Anubis has even less chance to escape than normal, which forces him to stand his ground in almost every fight. Because of that, he'll often find himself lacking HP, which increases the Bancroft's passive value regularly.

Pythagorem's Piece

An alternative to Bancroft's Talon, this item has more team utility than other lifesteal options. It offers 40 magical power, 12% magical lifesteal, 200 health, and 10% cooldown reduction.

At this point it would already be worth buying, but it also applies an aura giving an additional 30 magical power and 12% magical lifesteal, or 20 physical power and 10% physical lifesteal, depending on the allied god. This provides extra damage and sustain for all teammates in range...and the aura also applies to you (meaning the base stats for you are 24% magical lifesteal and 70 magical power)!

Remember Anubis' passive, Sorrow, which increases magical lifesteal from items? It means that this single item will effectively give Anubis up to 48% magical lifesteal, giving him a huge amount of sustain and great 1v1 potential. If you have good teamwork and often fight together, then the aura will be extremely effective.

Spear of the Magus

Spear of the Magus is Anubis' premier choice for penetration.

It gives 65 magical power and 15 magical penetration, and further reduces an enemy's magical protection by 10 points for 5 seconds every time they are hit with your abilities, stacking up to 5 times. This, of course, works extremely well and quickly with all of Anubis' damaging abilities, meaning that the 5 stacks of debuff on the enemy are going to be very easily achievable.

This should be considered a core penetration item for him. Only in extreme circumstances, where the enemy team builds very heavy magical protections, will you consider switching this for Obsidian Shard.

Typhon's Fang

This is extremely functional as a second lifesteal item. It provides 80 power, 200 mana, and 10% lifesteal as its base stats. Its passive is what makes it an incredible sustain option for Anubis.

Gods are typically limited to a 65% magical lifesteal cap. With just Bancroft's Talon and full stacks passive Sorrow, Anubis can achieve this cap at low health. However, since the passive increases healing from lifesteal, it allows for lifesteal past the cap.

In combination with Bancroft's Talon, you'll see a range of 25-45% lifesteal from items, which, when accounting for Bancroft's maxed passive, actually translates to a potential 45-65% lifesteal. Including Typhon's Fang's passive, you'll be able to achieve 40% increased healing, allowing you to more safely engage in a fight without dying. (This does NOT even factor in Sorrow's lifesteal enhancement!)


Dynasty Plate Helm

Due to the price and stats, this is considered an early-mid game bridge item. This means you'll buy it earlier in a match, and replace it once you get to the late game.

This is a situational counter item when facing early pressure from physical gods, especially assassin junglers. The 35 physical protection will deflect some of the damage you take, while the 45 magical power and 10 magical penetration will give your abilities extra punch.

Breastplate of Valor

Gives 65 physical protection, 300 mana, 10 mana per 5 seconds, and reduces cooldown on all abilities by 20%. Extremely useful against physical damage-heavy teams, as suddenly Anubis has 125 physical protection (including his base protections at level 20), deflecting a considerable amount of damage. (this is even more true since initial levels of protection give the most percentage damage reduction, as visualized in this graph:

Damage Dealt/Protection

With 125 protection (achieved purely by buying Breastplate of Valor, which also offers some helpful utility stats), enemies with no penetration would deal only about 45% of their damage against Anubis, and a typical hunter with The Executioner providing 36% of protection reduction at max stacks would deal about 55% of his potential damage.

One thing is certain, if there's a Loki on the enemy team, I would strongly recommend buying Breastplate of Valor, specifically to prevent him from one-shotting Anubis with his ultimate combo.

Spirit Robe

Defensive items on mages are a debatable topic, as many people have the opinion that they're supposed to build pure damage, but I'll try to provide some reasonable explanation regarding this item choice.

This life-saving cloak gives 40 points of physical and magical protections, as well as reducing the duration of crowd control effects on the owner by 20% (which with Anubis' passive achieves the 40% cap of this stat), and also reduces the cooldown on all abilities by 10%.

Yet the main asset of Spirit Robe is its passive: every 15 seconds, whenever you're hit by a hard crowd control effect (these are stuns, silences, fears and all displacement abilities- basically everything excluding slows, roots and cripples) your damage taken is reduced by 15% for the next 3 seconds. This passive can easily mean the difference between life and death in the current crowd control-heavy meta.

Let's consider an example: Ares hits you with No Escape and is about to pull you to his team, but both your beads and ultimate are down so you're inevitably going to be displaced to an unfavorable spot. But you then gain the effect from Spirit Robe's passive, and who knows, maybe are even given a Geb's Stone Shield. The considerable amount of HP in that moment paired with the fact of taking 15% less damage greatly increases chances for survival by raising your total effective health.

Another example: even though Serqet's ultimate, Last Breath, deals true damage, which ignores target's protections. HOWEVER, true damage is still subject to damage mitigation effects, and because of it also being hard crowd control, you'll take 15% less damage during those 3 seconds.

All things considered, Spirit Robe is my personal favorite choice for a defensive item against a balanced team, providing various utility stats and increased survivability. After all, you're not going to be dealing any damage while you're dead, are you?

Mantle of Discord

Mantle of Discord can be considered as a late game, alternative defensive item to Spirit Robe due to its increased protections (60 physical and 60 magical).

Yet, due to its passive, it's not exactly a straightforward UPgrade over Spirit Robe. Consider it more of a SIDEgrade; instead of providing damage mitigation when hit by hard CC effects, this cloak grants CC immunity for 1 second and unleashes a small radius AoE stun when its owner's health goes below 30%. Cooldown on this passive is pretty lengthy, activating only every 90 seconds, but it can prove really helpful during that last late-game teamfight; allowing you survive an otherwise fatal situation.

Stone of Fal

This is a very situational late-game protection item specifically meant to counter high-burst magical gods. It provides 70 magical power, 40 magical protection, and 10% cooldown reduction. These are decent stats, but nothing to get excited over. However, the passive is the reason you consider it.

Since Anubis is an easy target when he's outputting his most damaging abilities, he can be easily hit by high-damage ultimates, such as those from Scylla, Poseidon, and Vulcan. The passive decreases your damage taken from any one ability by 10% anytime you take damage exceeding 20% of your max health. In the late game against full builds, some ultimates can easily take over 50% of your life, so this has situational utility to keep you alive.

Spectral Armor

This is a situational item specifically to counter critical damage. It provides 60 physical protection, 300 mana, 10 mana per 5 seconds, and 20% crowd control reduction.

The passive decreases the bonus damage received from critical hits by 40%. If you find yourself being focused by enemy ADCs or other basic attackers with crit damage, this may keep you alive long enough to survive while exchanging blows.

Magi's Cloak

This is a situational item that is extremely helpful to counter dangerous CC abilities when Purification Beads don't provide enough safety on their own. It provides 300 health, 15 of each protection, and a passive that absorbs hard CC or roots once every 70 seconds (also providing 1 second of CC immunity after being triggered).

The high health is also great for survival, and is great if you didn't get additional health from Warlock's Staff earlier. If you got Warlock's, you might consider the higher protections from Spirit Robe or Mantle of Discord to balance your effective health.

Best when you're facing very high amounts of CC.

Book of the Dead

This is a situational item that is recommended specifically when you choose the Book of Thoth build path. Although this could be considered an offensive item (due to the good power contribution), the main draw is its passive, which provides a situational health shield based on your total mana.

In the midst of a teamfight (or attempted gank), this can prove invaluable, giving you a huge boost of health to survive the initial onslaught and turn the tables on the enemy.


Chronos' Pendant

Gives 90 magical power, restores 20 mana per 5 seconds, and lowers the cooldown on all abilities by 20%. In addition, the passive subtracts 1 second from all abilities currently on cooldown every 10 seconds. Useful on hectic modes based mainly around constant fighting like Arena, Assault or Clash, or if you're focusing on ult spamming, you'll see great use from this item.

It can be considered in the middle of a build if you've already covered the more important stats (lifesteal and penetration). Otherwise, it's a useful pickup in the late-game for more uses of his ult.

Gem of Isolation

This item is best bought on modes like Arena and Assault as a substitute for the Warlock's Staff, as it provides 250 health and 90 magical power, but doesn't require any stacking.

Its main asset is the passive: every time an enemy is damaged by the owner's ability, he suffers a 25% movement speed slow for 2 seconds. Ouch. Just imagine how it works combined with the 25% slow from the Grasping Hands...it means that your victim will move with approximately 56% of his unhindered movement speed (as the penalties are multiplicative, not additive).

Buy this if you want to cripple the enemy's mobility, granting your team positioning advantage, a stronger means of "escaping," or just like the feeling of watching everyone trudge through your abilities like they're stuck in molasses.

The 25% slow can additionally have a great positive impact on confirming the damage from Death Gaze and Plague of Locusts, making it a lot harder for enemies to escape their areas of influence: it'll be refreshed with every single ability tick.

( Gem of Isolation is also a core item on the jungle build; yes, it is a viable strategy, and a fun one also. It requires a good deal of practice with Mummify, though.)

Spear of Desolation

Spear of Desolation can be considered as a late game offensive item, potentially as an option for the last item if you don't feel the need for protection.

It gives 100 magical power, 15 magical penetration, 10% cooldown reduction, and a passive that subtracts 1 second from all abilities currently on cooldown when earning a kill or assist (which he should be doing often).

Rod of Tahuti

This item is has received a situational nerf for Season 5, but remains a solid item for pure offense. It gives 150 magical power on its own, and can situationally increase total magical power by 25%.

Its biggest downside is its high price, so it's best to wait until late game before buying it (as it will also provide the best effects from its passive at that point).


Anubis does not have a really weak phase in the game; actually at levels 1 to 2 he is amongst the best gods, with a lot of damage potential. His main weakness comes from his absolute lack of mobility, and if he falls behind, it'll take a lot of time for him to become relevant again.

The enemy jungler will try his best to take advantage of this fact, and is likely to show up in your lane quite often. That's especially the case when you are given an unfavorable matchup, such as against Isis or Janus - all you can do in these cases is to play a safe, farming game until the teamfight phase begins. In other matchups you'll have an easy lane and will be able to push your lead over the opponent.

Nevertheless, whatever you do, always, ALWAYS keep an eye out on the minimap. It can provide you with information on the enemy locations, especially their jungler.

Furthermore, your gameplay will become better the more you know about your opponents; so don't get discouraged and just keep training!

Early Game

AKA "Laning phase." Basically all you want to do is to farm, preferably more efficiently than your opponent. This can be achieved by outclearing the minions and forcing them under their tower (losing gold along the way), and taking the harpy mid-camps when they're spawned.

If you feel confident, put a point in Plague of Locusts on the very first level instead of the safer Grasping Hands, because Plague of Locusts has higher base damage, allowing for quicker wave clear. This can open up possibilities for poking the opponent.

If you happen to win lane against your opponent; and he is forced to go back to base, you can consider a quick rotation to one of your teammates' lanes to hopefully help them secure a kill. Minion waves and mid-camps should be given the main priority, as when you fail to kill an opponent during your gank all you have done is waste time and possible gold and experience that could be gained when staying in lane.

Mid Game

By this time, you have hopefully bought and progressed a bit on your stacking item, and have a pair of shoes and some lifesteal as well. You should still farm lane when possible, but now it will be a lot easier, even feasible to clear a whole minion wave with a single use of Grasping Hands.

The mid-game is when the teams will start grouping up more, creating greater possibilities for teamfights. In such cases, you'll want to stay behind tankier teammates and wait until the fighting begins. You'll want to look for a chance to catch somebody off-guard and out of position, thus creating a kill opportunity. You should save your ultimate to combo it with your team in order to secure a kill on high priority targets, like an enemy mage or hunter.

If your team happens to win a fight and most of the enemies are waiting for respawn or were forced back to their base, it is a great moment to attempt a Gold Fury or Fire Gianttakedown- it'll provide your team with a considerable amount of gold. If you still have your Death Gaze available, do not hesitate to use it on these objectives; thanks to its damage you'll be able to kill it a lot faster and be on your way back to the lane or base.

Late Game

Now is the time for Anubis to shine; he can provide his team with that much-needed damage to either wipe out the enemy team or smoothly secure a Fire Giant or even Titan kill.

Even though you have the potential of sending everyone to the underworld, you're still extremely susceptible to enemy damage. Never go on your own crusade thinking you can cope alone...you simply can't. Stay with your team and wait for the fight to begin. In a sense, you can serve as a defensive tool for your allies:
Someone hastily engages on you? Too bad for him, he's literally deleted by your abilities.

As long as you're alive, your team is likely to win most of the damage races, and has the potential of rushing the Titan given the chance. In case your team storms into the enemy base hoping to end the game, do not try to secure kills, just treat the Titan with Grasping Hands and Death Gaze; you're able to do damage equaling more than half of his HP with this combo.


Especially when queuing alone, you can't always rely on your teammates to warn you about their missing lane opponents (though it's a kind and much appreciated gesture if they do). With that in mind, it is YOU who have to be responsible for your own safety regarding potential ganks and surprise rotations. Here are the main examples of decent spots to place wards. More information about warding in general can be found in The Overaching Conquest Guide.

Mid Lane Warding

Jungler / Objective Warding

Late-Game Warding

Common Matchups

These are some examples of popular mid-lane opponents in Conquest game mode with tips, adressed mainly to beginners, what to watch out for when facing them.

Keep in mind though, that the gameplay will be also affected by both teams' junglers, as mid lane is a common stop for them.



Fuel for the fire



How Erratic

He Bo


Let the waters rise



Come into the light



Watch your step



The storm strikes






Bathe in the glow



I'm a Monster



Rolling waves, go forth



Drums in the distance



Time to Shine



Try and Keep Up



Fire in the hole



Let the heavens rage


It all depends...

Let the eternal darkness embrace you


Still looking for more I see, right? Good... Good...

Here are some examples of Tips & Tricks that you may find useful on your quest to become a respected Anubis main.

-- General Tips --

  • Probably the most important thing to remember, not only as Anubis, but in general: when trying to get a kill (and provided that the enemy has such an ability up their sleeve), unless you directly saw them using their escape ability, always assume it's available for them to use instantly. By assuming as such, it prevents you from wasting an ultimate on an enemy that will simply jump out of its range. When you do see them use it, paired with the fact that their relic like Aegis Amulet is on cooldown as well, then you can attempt trying to score a kill; this time is commonly called the Kill Window.

  • If you find yourself out of position while using Death Gaze or Plague of Locusts, you can right-click to cancel the ability early and move to a more preferable spot.

  • If you're chasing someone with low HP through a narrow path, such as in the jungle, put your Grasping Hands a bit ahead of your prey, that way you'll cut his escape route and he will be forced back by this fact. You can easily finish him with Plague of Locusts then.

  • If you see a Hercules running towards you willing to knock you up to his team using Earthbreaker, you can time your Plague of Locusts to gain knockup immunity for that crucial moment, right click to cancel it right away and retreat.

  • You can use Death Gaze defensively to gain crowd control immunity for to avoid geting pulled by Ares' No Escape or caught by Fenrir's Ragnarok.

  • Anubis definitely should not be the character responsible for engaging enemies; keep your distance and strike when the fight has already begun.

  • Sometimes, you're going to find yourself in a scenario where you don't have any chance of escape, which may happen often because of your limited mobility. In such cases, you have to stand your ground and deal as much damage to the enemies as possible, with Grasping Hands + Plague of Locusts or Death Gaze. In combination with lifesteal, you might be able to win the fight, and even if you fall, you hopefully have dealt enough damage to the enemies that it'll be possible for your team to chase them down and avenge you.

  • You're a walking defense turret for your team. If you see an enemy doing something stupid very brave, like a hunter jumping onto you with his escape ability, you're free to wipe him out instantly with your ability combos.

  • If you see an enemy assassin preparing to strike; like Loki going invisible and heading towards you, or Thor in the air looking at you, you can put Grasping Hands directly beneath yourself. This will either discourage them from attacking, or deal a bit of damage to them and heal you slightly thanks to your lifesteal in case of an attack. Sometimes it might mean the difference between a dead Anubis and a dead assassin.

  • Death Gaze pierces through everything including walls, you might be able to kill a low health enemy in such a way.

-- Conquest-Specific --

  • Grasping Hands has quite a long range, and can be cast through walls. You can put them over the wall to help your jungler in clearing camps in mid-lane. Similarly, you can try to cast them over the wall if you're certain the enemy team is clearing the camp at a given moment, for a chance of stealing some experience and gold or at least poking your enemies without leaving the safety of your lane.

  • There's an option for an advanced, very aggressive start resulting in good first blood potential: purchase Talon Trinket as a starting item, which provides 60 magical power right away. It all comes down to outclearing and getting to level 2 first. You then have a decision to make: put a point in Mummify, so that your own minions deal serious damage to the opponent, or in Grasping Hands which deals considerable damage while also slowing them, allowing your minions to also make a few attacks. It depends on the opponent's position, and intuition about it comes with time.

  • Thanks to Anubis' high damage it is entirely possible to score an extremely early Gold Fury kill with the help of the jungler without enemies even noticing this fact. A good time to attempt it, to make sure no one will interfere, is when the enemy mid-laner is going to help his jungler on their back experience camps. Full ability combo including Death Gaze can provide enough damage that the jungler will be able to finish the kill.

  • If you've chosen Anubis as a jungler, a thing worth considering is to buy an early Blink Rune. It'll greatly improve Anubis' ganking capabilities as he does not own any gap-closing abilities. In such cases, though, ganks are always all-in fights; there's no option to retreat.


They say not to judge a book by its cover...

Well, the skins won't give you much of tactical advantage but appearance also matters, aspecially in games. That's how I discovered Anubis at least. Take a look whether you'll like any particularly.






Convention 2016






Demonic Pact

Jackal Knight

Jackal Tech


Most recent change:

- Updated guide and info to Patch 5.15, "Royal Champion." Example builds added, information updated.

All changes performed since release


As you can see, Anubis is quite an underrated character nowadays as there are more utile and safe options to pick over him, but it doesn't mean he is anywhere close to being useless. Given enough time, as your confidence with Anubis grows you'll learn how to punish your opponents for underestimating you.

"The situation is under control."

If you managed to reach this section it hopefully means that you found some of the information useful, and if you learned even a single new curiosity I'm happy that I spent my time on this overview. In case you already knew most of the information provided, let it serve as a comparison to your gamestyle and knowledge. Providing your own feedback and experience in the comments section is appreciated!

Carrying on Daelinn's legacy...

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