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Basic Loki Burst Jungle Guide

March 16, 2018 by Jascom
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Basic jungle

Smite God: Loki

Item Purchase Order

Core Items

Build Item Transcendence
Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Hydra's Lament
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath

Recommended Build

Build Item Soul Eater Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Hydra's Lament Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Titan's Bane

Situational Items

Build Item Heartseeker Build Item The Crusher Build Item Bloodforge Build Item Soul Eater Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Void Shield Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Masamune


Build Item Blink Rune Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Heavenly Wings

God Skill Order


Vanish 2 14 15 16 18 key bind


Decoy 1 4 6 11 19 key bind

Aimed Strike

Aimed Strike 3 7 8 10 12 key bind


Assassinate 5 9 13 17 20 key bind



Wait wait wait I just want you to know you are about to learn how to play the most toxic god in ALLLLLLLL of smite you will be hated you will loose friends you will become the joke of your group but anyway continue on at your own risk if you choose to and if you do, enjoy the guide.

All criticism is welcome im only 15 and need some help thanks.

First I'll talk about his build and skills and, why i have it the way I do
After that I will go over the pros and cons of loki and his build
Also I will talk about counter building and how to properly jungle with him
Finally I'll talk about how to properly use him in team fight and how to use an early game lead with him
At the end if all this I will give a brief over view for anyone who wants some quick info on it without all of the reading

Also I update this guide every patch to keep it up with the current game state.
Credits to xZeroStrike for the bb code Guide and Branmuffin17 for some ideas

His abillitys



Aimed Strike


How to build loki.

The Main Build

Situational Items

Pros/Cons of Loki

HIGH damage output.
High mobility
Can go invisible
Can Kill mages like nothing else
Very Good at split pushing

Very Sqiushy
Not very good at team fights
High Learning curve
Can fall behind easily not a very good team player

How to Jungle Loki

First off you should learn how to jungle with any jungler then you can start worrying about jungling Loki. To start off with loki jungle you need to start at speed buff because you dont have much a base speed and neither morning star nor assassins blessing give you movement speed so you need it. Also as loki you can invade if your a single level behind because you can always escape with ult or 1. so from speed buff I like to hit xp harpies(side camp then middle camp) then i like to gank middle if its open. following up from that I switch sides and sit on the dual lane side for a few minutes and clear those buffs. By then you should have your speed buff up again and from there you just repeat. You also need to remember there is another jungler depending on who it is and how much they got you can out "box" them. Just be cautious about your level positioning and enemy positioning. Also if you want to be a real jerk gank dual lane after you get speed buff.

Team Fights

In team fight loki can be usefull he just has to be played well. There are several ways to go about playing loki in a team fight such as saving your one to escape ulting the mage(if not the "squishiest" person) basic attacking then using your 3 then basic attacking again to finish him. after that use your 1 to escape then wait for your 1&3 to get off of cooldown(Thats why you built cdr) then go back and start poking. You could also engage with your 1(although a little more risky) and do it that way.

How a game should look (This is in minutes not levels)

1-5: YOU SHOULD always grab your speed buff first followed by the near xp camp then go to the middle xp camp and possibly gank middle lane or help clear middle lane then follow the route lower in the description.(just follow the how to jungle section)

6-10:Now you should have your ult and can start ganking solo lane and middle lane and can switch to the mid game route made for rotation.

11-20:Team fighting should start around here give or take a few minutes now you need to utilize your abillitys and be highly aware of everything. You are going to be able to change a team fight instantly so be careful. Follow the team fight section to learn more

21-Whenever the game ends:There is alot of team fighting and split pushing in this section so look at the team fight or the How to jungle parts to learn more.

That pretty much sums it all up for the game you can change it if you wish this is just if its a good game.

Total Overview/Closer

OK How to basically do loki in a couple of paragraphs. First Practice as with any god you need practice, Second you need to read other guides im not the only source availible, Third Have fun. Ok to start with loki you need to buy him (there is no point in not) Then you need to join a conquest and call jungle. wait for the game to load and then buy the starting kit(as seen above). After that you must move to your speed buff. Once you have taken the speed buff Hit up some camps and if your a Higher level than the other jungler try to invade. If the invade is succesfull spam VEW. Following that Attack Middle lane and mess up the other mage. Rinse and repeat from there. Now ill tell you what to do when 1v1 the other jungler. First i want you to know your Jungler. Are they aa based or ability? Do they have there ult ready or no. Do they have any ccs? Do they have an escape? These are all important questions that must be asked. Because loki is an aa god he cant do anything without his Auto Attacks. So if the Opposing Jungler is lets say camazots be careful because if he hits you he can see you while cloaked and he cam easilly attack you. Next know your team you need to know your team before you pick loki because he doesnt have much cc so pick wisely.

Here is a good loki guide I Recommend: https://www.smitefire.com/smite/guide/loki-the-backstabbing-bastard-s5-all-modes-patch-5-1-9305


Also if you enjoy this guide and would like me to finish it faster Comment or like and and ill start to get to work. PS dont forget to share with your friends

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