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Loki - The Backstabbing Bastard (S5, All Modes, Patch 5.14)

August 9, 2018 by Branmuffin17
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Build 1
Build 2

Conquest Solo-Lane Trans Build

Smite God: Loki

Item Purchase Order

Conquest Solo-Lane (Full Build Example, Last 2 Items Situational)
?Standard Loki build, concentrating on power, penetration, and CDR.

5th and 6th items are situational.

Build Item Transcendence
Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Hydra's Lament
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Bloodforge

Starting Items (Or Start Charged Morningstar + Potions)
?Starting Mage's Blessing + Morningstar will give you ~15 more damage on ability damage at the very start of the game, along with better situational MP5 (@ < 80% mana) and more gold to buy more potions, should you choose. It will delay getting Transcendence online by a couple of minutes, but will give you a higher early base of CDR (20% between blessing and Trans) once you've built it.

Alternatively, getting Charged Morningstar gives you a jumpstart on Transcendence. You'll also get 150 mana as a base. Either start works...choose as you prefer.

Build Item Mage's Blessing Build Item Morningstar Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Core Items
?Always build these 4 items in this order.

Some prefer Hydra's Lament before Jotunn's Wrath, but Hydra's passive appreciates higher power/pen. Getting Jotunn's Wrath first gives a better base of power, higher early CDR, and some pen to get through early / inherent protections.

Build Item Transcendence Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Hydra's Lament

Items #5 & 6 (Situational, Choose 2)
? Heartseeker is great for the MS, and you can get the most out of it if you can stack with basics (on minions) before an engagement.

Bloodforge's health shield can be helpful if you need to dive into a teamfight to attempt taking out a high DPS enemy squishy god, and want to come out alive.

Brawler's Beat Stick is great when facing enemy healing. Hopefully you can burst down a mage healer without the need for the anti-heal effect, but even if you can't burst down a Hercules, you can really hurt his sustain. In any case, the power and flat pen are very functional.

Titan's Bane is an option if facing a tankier team, or even the squishies are building some protections (because you're kicking their ***es XD).

Magi's Cloak is your extra get-out-of-jail item if facing a lot of hard CC and your Purification Beads are down.

Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Bloodforge Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Magi's Cloak

Relics To Consider
? Purification Beads and Aegis Amulet are your standard relic choices.

Belt of Frenzy is always a great option for quick objective takedown, and 10% increased damage is always nice.

Heavenly Wings isn't perhaps a normal choice, since he's got Vanish, but if you need that extra boost of speed and Vanish is either on CD or you want to save it, this will help. In a group setting, boosting teammates' speed can also help for chase or escape.

Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Belt of Frenzy Build Item Heavenly Wings

God Skill Order


Vanish 2 14 15 16 18 key bind


Decoy 1 3 6 7 19 key bind

Aimed Strike

Aimed Strike 4 8 10 11 12 key bind


Assassinate 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


Recent Updates:

2018/8/9: Guide is current as of Patch 5.14, "Goddess of Volcanoes." Builds cleaned up and simplified.

Revision History

Hello everyone! My name is Branmuffin17 (PC IGN: Muffinman17, PS4 IGN: Branmuffin17), and I'm a SMITEFire moderator and casual SMITE player on PC and PS4. Welcome to my first venture outside of my original project, The Overarching Assault Guide.

I'll assume you know the basic gist of gameplay in the various modes, so I won't be teaching or talking much about rotating, minions, tickets, etc., except in the direct context of Loki's gameplay. If you want details on general info, I invite you to check out my other guides:

Conquest Guide
Arena Guide

This is a work in progress, as it should be. I'm always open to new ideas and different approaches.

Art by SpiritAJ via DeviantArt

Loki is a high-power, get-in & get-out kind of god, who employs his incredible mobility and stealth to the utmost advantage. He is not viable in competitive play, but can be a blast to play in any casual mode, depending on team comp.

........... Strengths ...........
+ Extremely high single-target damage
+ Cheap full build, quick to complete
+ Great escape capability
+ Controls minion wave
........ Weaknesses ........
- Very squishy
- Ability-reliant
- Has to get in close for max damage
- No sustained boxing capability

This build focuses on the most efficient way to get maximum damage for your abilities through high penetration. It is not meant for boxing and elongated fights. Let's get our hands bloody.



Behind You!
Deal 20% bonus damage from basic attacks when hitting enemies from behind.

Of course, you want to utilize this whenever possible. Easier said than done. Enemies will constantly be changing directions, so this works best in the following situations:
  1. Against retreating enemies (easy bonus)
  2. Against minions, jungle camps, and the Arena Juggernaut (often with the aid of Decoy)
Skill #1:

Loki disappears in a puff of smoke. While invisible (up to 4 seconds), he moves 35% faster and takes 25% less damage. His next basic attack from stealth or 2 seconds after applies a bleed for 2 seconds, and reveals him. 25% scaling.

Max this 2nd.

This skill can be used as an escape option (especially if Purification Beads / Aegis Amulet is down). You can also use it to chase and pick off a lone enemy, or add to your damage if you feel safe enough without an invisible escape option. Use with a bit of discretion.
Skill #2:

Loki spawns a decoy that taunts all nearby enemy minions. After 3 seconds, it explodes, dealing damage to all enemies in a radius. 100% scaling.

Level this skill first but finish it last.

This skill GREATLY improves Loki's utility. Instead of being a one-shot god, using this completely stops the standard minion wave in its tracks, helping you push forward when your team is doing well, or delay them from attacking your tower.

Note that towers and phoenixes will not prioritize attacking your Decoy

Laning Tip: Place it directly on the first of the back 3 (archer) minions to ensure hitting all 6 minions, as the melee minions will run back to attack it.

Has secondary, tricky function as a body block against a directed attack.
Skill #3:

Aimed Strike
Upon activation, the next basic attack does additional damage, and the enemy is also slowed by 25%. 100% scaling.

Max this first.

Your bread-and-butter damage ability. Strong one-hit damage + a slow, and when Hydra's Star/ Hydra's Lament is built, its damage increase piggy-backs onto this. At 30% CDR, you can use this almost every 5 seconds!

When combining with your ult, you want to wait to activate this until AFTER you've ulted AND used 1 basic attack.

Teleport to your ground target location. If an enemy god is within the radius, backstab that target, doing damage and stunning them for 1 second. 120% scaling.

Level this whenever you can.

When this ability is available, you'll mainly use this to initiate your damage combos. Best used against a partially damaged god, to help ensure a kill.

Can also be used as a last-ditch escape attempt (can teleport you outside/through a player-made barrier, but don't, unless it's absolutely necessary (e.g. you're trapped in Odin's Ring of Spears, you don't have Phantom Veil, and the entire enemy team is close).

Ability Combos

Here are the standard combos you can use for Loki, depending on the availability of your ult, Assassinate.

Assassinate is up

Assassinate is down

Conquest Solo-Lane Build & Discussion

Conquest Solo-Lane Trans Build & Discussion

This build works for Conquest Solo-Lane, and can also work for other gameplay modes, if the mana pool from Transcendence is desired. The first 4 items are core, while the last 2 are situational picks.

Conquest Solo-Lane Itemization

Conquest Gameplay


Teamfight Modes / No-Trans Build & Discussion

Teamfight Modes / No-Trans Build & Discussion

This build set presents an alternative to the standard Transcendence build (which can also absolutely work in these modes). It can work well in all teamfight modes, but you may find yourself short on mana if you don't supplement correctly.

Without Transcendence, extended stays in lane will need to be supplemented with a boosted mana source. If you can determine you can take the mana buff, you can just get a few Mana Potions. Otherwise, consider Chalice of Mana to start. 3 potions refilled every time you go out will definitely be helpful.

Keep the Chalice until you see the need for 2 consumable spots (e.g. Clash and Joust, where both Wards and Sentry Wards can be helpful).

Items #1-3 (Core Items)

Items #4-6 (Situational Picks)

Clash / Joust / Siege Gameplay

Suggest starting with 2 levels of Decoy (for waveclear) and 1 level of Vanish (needed for escape). Your main focus until you get your ult online should be waveclear. After getting your ult, look for damaged enemies you can quickly eliminate, but make sure you give yourself avenues of escape (e.g. don't dive into the midst of all 5 enemies to secure a kill, knowing it's basically a deathtrap).

Use Decoy liberally to push waves and force the enemy back. Otherwise, just as in any other mode, stay safe, and go for kills on vulnerable / damaged enemies.

Arena Gameplay

Throughout the match, remember that Loki isn't a team fighter, nor is he particularly adept at 1 v 1. You may feel a bit stupid or useless for mostly staying out of a big fight, but it's in your (and your team's) best interest. Counter your periods of ineffectiveness by watching the field, positioning yourself well, and helping gank a retreating, injured enemy to secure a kill or adding your damage at an opportune time in a bigger team fight.

Game Start & First Waves

Jungle Camps/Early Game:


Leveling and Being Opportunistic


Going all out

End of the Match

Arena Gameplay Videos

Here are some gameplay videos for your amusement. Although other gods have seen some major changes, Loki hasn't, and his gameplay elements are still applicable, even on older (S2) videos.

So Much CC (S2)

5 Hunters? Loki's Wet Dream (S2)

Loki v Loki Part 1 - The Tricky Menace (S2)

Loki v Loki Part 2 - The Attack of the Other Loki (S2)

Loki v Loki Part 3 - Revenge of the Loki (S2)

Caution Breeds Dominance (S2)

Pretty Okay (S4)

Lore & References

Nevercake's SMITE Lore Ep. 60: Who is Loki?

Trendkill's Know Your Enemy Ep. 20: Loki

Smite Builder: If you haven't seen or used it before, check out this site by EliteOwnage. Similar in purpose to KrettCalc, but with an easy-to-use interface, you can theory-build to your heart's content, and set up head-to-heads to see how your build will fare against different enemies and builds.

Some Of My Guides

If you liked this guide, check out my other ones below!

The Overarching Series

Arena Guide

Assault Guide

Conquest Guide

Individual God Guides

An Alcoholic's Chugging Guide


Gifting Kills

Shifu Guan Yu:
The Battle

Loki: The Backstabbing Bastard

Medusa: Getting Everyone Stoned


So that's it! If you like what I've done and how I try to improve the guide, anyone is welcome to suggest a god for me to work on next.

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, etc. Feel free to add me/invite me if you want to play!

Brandon / PC IGN: Muffinman17 / PS4 IGN: Branmuffin17


Thanks to the following people:

For general Arena knowledge and in-depth help with builds / calculations

For help with builds

For multiple suggestions for better presentation!

For aesthetic ideas and templates to make the guide prettier

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