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Dressed for the Occasion: Achilles Guide (S5)

June 19, 2018 by Stuke99
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Example Build

Smite God: Achilles

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Warrior's Blessing Build Item Boots Build Item Chalice of Healing


Build Item Teleport Glyph Build Item Blink Rune Build Item Horrific Emblem Build Item Shield of Thorns

God Skill Order

Shield of Achilles

Shield of Achilles 1 key bind

Radiant Glory

Radiant Glory 3 key bind

Combat Dodge

Combat Dodge 2 key bind

Fatal Strike

Fatal Strike 4 key bind

Dressed for the Occasion: Achilles Guide (S5)

June 19, 2018

My Introduction

Long time no see, Stuke here with another guide. Today, we are looking at the golden boy of Greek mythology, the seemingly indestructible and almost completely perfect, Achilles.
Note: you don't have to follow this guide to the smallest detail, these are suggestions on how to play Achilles. I encourage you to look at the comment section below and see other suggestions.

Who is Achilles?

Achilles is a physical, melee, warrior who becomes a tough egg to crack with his ability to dodge, control, and sustain off the enemy to keep him going. He can play with the power of an assassin or the durability of a guardian with his passive Gift of the Gods which I'll explain later.

Pros / Cons


- High Damage and Movement / Protections and Health (either or).
- Decent Sustain.
- E X E C U T E
- Nearly Perfect (except in one way)


- Can't have both stats at the same time.
- Susceptible to Crowd Control.
- Has an Achilles Heel in his Ultimate.


A good soldier needs to be prepared for the fight and this passive allows that to happen. While you're in the fountain, you can hit the left mouse button and either wear or take off your armor which can give you one of two stat increases. When wearing your armor, you gain an increase to your protections and health or you can show off your sick body and gain a boost to your power and movement speed {which will be referred to as Shirt vs Skin form). Depending on how the fight is going, what role you're in or what you like looking at, you decide if you want to hit harder or take hits better.
While it might appear to be a standard cone attack that does something else in an area of the cone, well, you're completely right. When you hit an enemy god with the center most cone, any enemy god gets stunned for a short duration, that's about it. Use this for your main lane clear and to bully an opponent who just so happen to be a tad too close to the range of the attack.
What's more fun than a buff to one stat, how about a buff to three stats at once. When activated Achilles gains a power, protection, and crowd control reduction. If you think that's ridiculous then you haven't found out that when he lands a damaging ability on a target he also heals for each enemy hit. Now like the lovable bunch at Hi-Rez they have a way to balance this ability out, instead of having flat values, they decided to make the buffs percentages. This ability is a clear demonstration on how well his passive synergies with the rest of his kit as you gain more benefits for the defensive stats in shirt mode and you gain the aggressive benefits while in the skin mode.
Ever played Rama, then you already know how this ability works, but what makes this ability much more useful in my opinion is that while you can't go as far you are able to dodge again when you hit an enemy god with his ability. It should also be known that you can weave in other abilities to help close the gap, deal more damage, and even get out of danger if being chased.
Want to know something dumb, execution abilities. Want to know something dumber, a warrior with an execute ability. Becoming CC immune, winding up a strike and charge forward, Achilles will severely damage the first enemy god in his way but will execute them when they hit the threshold. It only gets worst, after he successfully executes a target, he can use it again and again if he executes someone. This is where his Achilles Heel comes into play, to balance out the fact you've turned your enemy into a stain on the ground, you become more susceptible to damage from all sources that isn't friendly for each enemy you kill with your ultimate.

How to Build Achilles

When it comes to building Achilles, I prefer to build a balance between my offence and defense and throughout a fight I like to take my shirt off or put it back on if I'm dominating or getting dominated. If you want to go shirt, this provides a good amount of defense. Going skin, there's a good amount there to bring the pain.

Once again, this depends on the role you want as what you wear will affect how your play style.

For Solo: you wear your shirt as much or little as you want but it's best if you at least put it on for the late game.

For Jungle: focus on skin mode with mare aggressive high damage items

Tips and Combos

- Your shirt is your best friend.
While it is tempting to run around bare chested for a nice damage and speed boost looks attractive, you're not as durable as you think you are and just because you're a warrior doesn't make you invincible.

- Don't execute every chance you get.
While it is fun to get an execute on a target in the most dramatic way possible, the negative effect of becoming easier to kill is the antithesis of being a tank. out of all the execute abilities in the game, Achilles is the most dangerous if you miss or the target isn't below the threshold as you'll be in the middle of the fight. Use it when certain you'll get out or kill the target.

- The Combos
The basic combo in a fight should go something like this:

Radiant Glory -> Combat Dodge -> CD basic -> Combat Dodge -> Shield of Achilles -> CD basic -> Fatal Strike
While he might not be mechanically deep, you can switch up the order of these abilities to fit your own preference.

Stages of the Game

Early Game
Shirt or skin? Depending the enemy, you'll be laning against, or the role you're in can depend on how you need to dress. While it is early game, you will have better damage or defense compared to your opponent but not by much and you can die easily if reckless. Farm off the lane and bully your opponent till you out level them.
Middle Game
This is where his stats plateau, while you might do a bit more than Early Game, your opponent gets a bit stronger too. Keep bullying your lane until you destroy the enemy tower, this is when you can now start roaming and take off your shirt if you haven't already.
Late Game
This is where his abilities and stats begin to sky rocket. You hit harder, sustain better, take more hits than before, and able to do serious work with your presence in a team fight. Before you start getting into the team fights, put your shirt back on so you don't die easily.

In Conclusion

To sum this all up, Achilles is a beautiful man with a kit that complements his nearly god like potential as a fighter. Pick the right attire for the situation or whatever play style you're going for, use your kit to apply constant damage and heal off all targets, and remember that you're INDESTRUCTIBLE (expect for one flaw).

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