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Branmuffin17's Blog
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October 14, 2016
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This has been on my mind for a while, so thought I'd blog it. Sorry for the TL;DR.

Firstly, for anyone not familiar with me, I'm a full-on casual player on PC. I generally don't take the game too seriously, and I've never said that I'm a great player. However, that doesn't mean I don't want to do my best, no matter if it's an unbalanced solo-queue Assault match, or a Conquest match with clan-mates (which, by the way, includes SF regulars such as DucksRock, ThePerfectPrism, Zilby, GameGeekFan, Bullfrog323, and others). If you're curious, you can view my records on SmiteGuru, here.

Part of doing my best is trying to be aware, and of playing intelligently (e.g. not diving when I know it's unlikely to end in my favor). This is extremely variable, as it is affected by things such as the quality of teammates' and enemy's plays and skill level, the composition of gods, etc. In a way, I have little control over some of these things.

The other part of doing my best is the effort I've put int
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September 02, 2016

Kills & Death Threats

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BadTiming  |  Clash  |  GreatTiming  |  Yoink
Whoops...just gonna leave this here. Didn't know he was about to swoop in, hahaha!

Played with Zilby (aka "Bran, NOOOO!") & GameGeekFan in a Clash match:


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August 08, 2016
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Conquest  |  Educational  |  iSux  |  Noob
I'll mostly summarize on this one. I've found my new Support main, who is an old drinking buddy.

Now that I've gotten used to how aggressive/conservative I need to be in the early game, the added mobility, strength of initiation, and general disruption of Bacchus is fitting me nicely. The added damage naturally provided within his kit also makes me feel like I'm doing something (though I could be deluding myself). The biggest help to this is having teammates that generally know what they're doing. That allows me to be a god that doesn't have quite as much pure support CC ( Athena' taunt, Khepri's pull and life-saving ult) and be an additional threat.

First, though, I unlocked Fafnir and played a round in a losing effort, going 3/3/15. Not bad for a first-go, but boy, did I feel like he fell off hard in the late game. I built pure support, with Traveler's Boots (why, I dunno, his mobility is actually quite nice but I didn't know that going into it), Hide of the Urchin, Breastplat
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July 26, 2016
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Conquest  |  educational  |  iSux  |  noob
Been a while since my last post. Got lazy, partially...okay, mostly.

I'll quickly summarize everything up to before last night...varying degrees of success, mostly playing Khepri and Athena in the Support role, though I've had a couple of deviations:
  • Freya ADC: went 2/2/2 in a 13 minute enemy surrender. Although GBow was already removed, still found myself, alongside Taco as Sobek, being pressured and pushed back under the tower by the enemy Ah Muzen Cab and Aphrodite. Interesting combo there, but they definitely had better early game presence. Thankfully, Zilby was destroying in the Solo lane, and his 6/1/1 score, alongside the teamwork of Prism ( Nemesis) and Ducks ( Nu Wa in her new volleyball outfit) destroyed the enemy team's hopes of a win.

  • Bacchus Support: went 1/1/8 in a 22 minute enemy surrender. This was the 2nd time I played him in Conquest, and this time, I heeded the advice of a more conservative early game. Jaberg as Rama and I held our own in the Duo lane ag

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June 26, 2016
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Conquest  |  educational  |  iSux  |  noob
Hmmm, not sure what happened with SmiteGuru, but the site is only showing games as long as 4 days ago, so I don't have links to the games themselves right now.

Summary based on memory...played a couple of matches with clanmates... Khepri Support for one or two games with Zilby, Ferrum, and Stuke, (and then added GGF), then we had a nice custom 3v3 match where we got to hear God (aka Ducks) tell his teammates not to suck/die (with a lot of swearing from Stuke, like usual), and finally another Conquest match where Ducks replaced Ferrum.

And that's where I get to talk a bit about my newest experience with Athena.

I've tried playing Athena support a few times in the past, mostly because she's always considered one of the strongest guardians, and I need all the help I can get. Historically, I've royally sucked with her...wasn't good at timing with my ult, was too aggressive early and died multiple times, etc.

This one was played after getting generally comfortable with the support rol…
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