June 15, 2017

E3 2017 - Screw the Public

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Did my annual E3 visit yesterday...my standard protocol from the past few years has been to meet up with friends, drive to LA Convention Center, spend the day at E3, go to EightyTwo for drinks and retro gaming, then drive home exhausted.

Honestly, E3 this year was a bit of a bummer. They finally reopened the show to the (willing to pay) public, which created a significant (read: vastly annoying) influx of fresh (and not so fresh) bodies to crowd the lanes create a show of excitement for the industry. This turned decently common swag (not as high quality as the disgusting opulence shown at E3 in its heyday 10+ years ago) into hard-to-find, generally-lower-quality swag. Not that I'm one to go searching everywhere for the stuff...some of it's cool, but I don't really need most of it, and I don't go selling everything I get on eBay. (Some people make a killing, selling to nerdy suckers...no offense meant, and apologies made if this an accurate descriptor of your habits and you don't like me pointing it out)

Besides the lack of swag, all lines were longer, and for whatever god-forsaken reason, most of the demos seemed to be longer! (less people playing 10-20 minute demos instead of more people playing 5-10 minute demos) Fine, the devs need some time to show at least some of the content of their games to help sell people on it, but damn if that public incursion screwed everything.

I didn't really take many shots of the show itself...wasn't really thinking of it, for the most part. By the time I thought of it, it was a bit too late.

A couple of pics from inside E3 - nothing too interesting

Anyway, my biggest interest isn't even most of these upcoming games, which all seemed a bit meh (I'm an old man, so I'm grumpy or whatever, fine). I'm still more excited to play Horizon (which I own but haven't touched yet) and Nier: Automata (which I plan to get when it goes on sale sometime).

Oh, here's the list for all of the games featured at E3, in case you're interested.

One thing that I guess I'll need to get eventually is the Nintendo Switch. That new Mario game looks like it's going to be super fun. I will also say that Lawbreakers (PC/PS4) looks like a ton of fun. Good mobility like TitanFall combined with some character variety like OverWatch, with great control like all the great old-school shooters. And I didn't see it personally this year, but I've been waiting for Cuphead to come out since I first saw it.

But Destiny 2? Naw. Detroit: Become Human? Sorta like a mix between Deus Ex and Infamous, but although looks pretty fun...eh. And Sea of Pirates? So...unless this is super unrealistic with ships every 100 meters and an island always on the horizon...WTF do you do in-between action parts since this is an MMO? Repair planks and swab the deck? Do what you do on the poop deck? Sleep? Just not sold on that concept as a whole...and c'mon, Johnny Depp is getting a little too old to be cool to emulate.

The After-Party
So yeah...after the show floor closes, we head to EightyTwo, a cool bar and retro-arcade/pinball. Actually took good pictures here, when it was still early, light out, and relatively empty (it gets crowded pretty quickly at night).

Outside and Inside 82