May 01, 2017
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This blog will be updated occasionally over the next couple of days as I travel for work.

12:50pm (Central), Dallas TX (DFW) Airport.

Minor layover, coworker has an American Airlines Admirals Club membership. Can't say the view is really any better, but I got a Crown & 7 out of it =)

On my way to Birmingham, Alabama, to visit one of my company's new customers. Really, I'm going for a very specific reason that... Technically... Is unrelated to the actual business, but I'll get into that later. And no, it's not anything bad.

Anyway, will update this post with further info as it develops.

Update 7:15pm, Birmingham (The Collins Bar)

Cool place. They don't have a mixed drink menu. Says:

Got some kind of bourbon bitters lemon thing. Tasty.

Also some old school historic churches for scenery...

I got maybe 2 hours of sleep last night. I'm not used to that and my body is really mad at me. When I know I need to get up early (3:30am) to catch a flight, my mind freaks out and I wake up …
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