September 10, 2017

Bran's Ranked Conquest Qualifier Adventures - Parts 2 and 3

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Game 2

Link to the game stats is here.

In my second Ranked Conquest game ever, I got to experience a rage-quitter ( Kali on the enemy team). My team was pretty darn cool...I didn't do well, but they were okay with that.

Here was how bans/picks went:

Banning & Picking

With an enemy Kali, Ullr, and Erlang Shen, I made sure this time to choose a build style that actually fit Witchblade...went with the Transcendence build, with a Bluestone Pendant and Bumba's Mask start. Planned to get Witchblade after Trans, in place of Asi. The game never got that far. And in hindsight I shouldn't have gotten Bumba's. When going Trans, I think it's better to just get it online ASAP. Also, she won't need the clear help as much, since she'll have plenty of mana and can use both Acid Spray and Viper Shot as needed without worrying about running out.

Actual gameplay starts at around 4:20 of the video time. Medusa planned it that way. In the early game, we started in lane, and although I was still timid (see game 1), my Athena was really aggressive. Although she almost died, she helped me get a kill (2nd team kill by 2:10, geesh). In that first sequence, I really should have been more passivity probably could have gotten Athena killed, or we could have killed Geb significantly earlier.

My first death started its approach at around 3:30 (gametime is referenced from this point forward) caught heading back to lane by Ullr, who burst me close to that point, I had 65 health, and should have backed. Instead, I stayed under my tower. I mean, I knew it was stupid...I THINK I was thinking to hold off the minions by getting one last hit in or something...but Ullr has range, and I DID think about that. Like I said, stupid decision. If you've got to back, just back.

At 6:10, I was able to get some good hits on Ullr alone in our lane, and I was just looking to maintain pressure on his side. I had gotten 2 wards offensively, and one defensively. My placement didn't pick up Scylla who almost ganked me. Athena ulted in to help, and for some wonderful and unknown reason, I was able to survive (hear me mashing my keys in pure terror at 6:30ish).

2nd death (of 2 on our team, lol) was at 10:15. Prior to that one, I was on the wrong health side of an Ullr exchange. Athena came to ult again, but holy **** that duration seemed to last forever. She landed right as I died.

Had some solid jukes to delay my impending death (3rd) around the 14:00 mark of the match, immediately before which I got my 2nd kill.

Ended at 3/3/4, with...let's see...lowest gold on my team even with Bumba's, most deaths...3rd on my team in damage (at least I beat out Vulcan), but hey, most objective damage as well. At least I did something.

But in all honesty, Kali quit at 4:30...we had a 4v5 for the majority of the match, so my performance was inexcusable. But it's also me, so I guess it's okay.

Build Critiques

2 down, 8 to go. 2 wins, 0 losses.

Game 3

Link to the game stats is here.

In my third Ranked Conquest game ever, I got to feel the pain of my first loss. This one isn't very pretty, folks.

Here was how bans/picks went:

Banning & Picking

Thought it would be interesting against a very squishy team. I've honestly never faced a Hel Support, but I absolutely know she's got high potential...probably still solid even after the upcoming 4.17 nerfs. With 3 magical gods, I felt I would pass over the normal 2nd item ( Jade Emperor's Crown) to get a magical protection item, especially as time went on and both Hel and He Bo made their presence felt strongly.

Actual gameplay starts at around 5:10. Apollo wanted to start at our buffs. He knew way better than me about Hel and that clear, so it was a good call to secure buffs. Normally I expect us to head to lane, so I was apparently on auto pilot, because when he wanted to get the Purple buff, I left it behind after clearing before he had to remind me. LOL. I honestly think I'm just psyching myself out too much at this point, and not thinking clearly. Stop it, Bran.

We were pushed back the entire time. Hovering near what felt like pending doom for an eternity (about 5 minutes) before backing to get full Travelers Shoes. I've decided I don't like laning against Hel.

The whole game felt disjointed. For the first 11 minutes of the match, we were basically even with them (though our Bellona was 2 levels behind He Bo in the Solo lane). 2 quick deaths (including my first) started giving them fresh powder to start snowballing.

Holy **** did I miss a lot of my dashes. Also just wasn't in the right place to best support teammates, at least in my estimation. Now, I don't know how much was my fault and how much were some of my teammates 17:20ish, you can see Thor go in to try for a kill on Hel, with 2 other enemies close by...I was backing out because we were in dangerous territory, and I'm pretty sure he should have been too...granted, I could have been with him and disrupted a lot, probably...but not sure how that would have turned out. All I know is, that wasn't the best situation to aggress.

At 20:40, Bellona was chasing a potential kill and got jumped by 2 others, and instead of backing out, ulted in to try to secure a kill.

Shall I just assume they had already given up and so didn't care?

Surrendered at 21:08 with a score of 0/2/7...let's see...didn't tank nearly enough, but got more damage than Apollo and was within 100 damage of Bellona... Thor and Vulcan did less than 2,000 more than me. Only plopped down 4 wards, but that was more than any of my teammates. I really need to body block more, place my ults better, and not miss that damned dash.

That was rough.

Build Critiques

3 down, 7 to go. 2 wins, 1 loss.