September 22, 2017

Bran's Ranked Conquest Qualifier Adventures - Part 4 (aka WTF Am I Doing?)

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Link to the game stats is here.

This is now the 2nd game in a row where I've played Support...this time as Athena. In looking at the levels of competition, there were 4 playing qualifying matches (including me), with the others consisting of silver and gold players.

Here was how bans/picks went:

Banning & Picking

Gameplay starts at 7:46...from this point forward, will refer to any times as in-game.

Felt pretty good in the beginning. At 2:38, Freya called for a gank in our lane. We were able to get both Ganesha and Jing Wei...I didn't mean to on the first ( Ganesha was just low and happened to be next to Jing, who I'd just taunted and was focusing), and then wasn't sure we were going to secure the 2nd kill, so dashed to finish her...ending up with both kills. Teammates were cool about it.

4:25: First two deaths were me and Poseidon, as we got jumped in the mid-lane by 3, with Fenrir and Ganesha using their ults and Thoth finishing me off under the tower.

6:20: I was also the 3rd death, getting demolished by a stun while I was on the edge of Ganesha's ult. Damn that hurts.

8:30: I was caught up in a low importance faceoff in the mid-lane...and this is one of those things where I EASILY could have helped my teammate out if I'd paid attention to granted, Skadi was pushed up way too far with no wards up (the one I'd placed earlier had expired), so that position part is on her, but I still likely would have saved her if I'd ulted early enough. She spammed help and it just didn't register...I really, honestly don't know what I was thinking or paying attention to...ugh. That has to improve in the future, or I'm going to get nowhere...really embarrassing watching that. Skadi was rightfully pissed, but was gracious in accepting my apology.

That wasn't the only time I could have ulted, either.

You guys can pick apart the rest of the game, but I'll offer some additional overall thoughts.
  • I don't remember who was calling the shots, but I do remember thinking multiple times that they weren't the best calls. Often, only 1 enemy would be dead and someone would be screaming for a Fire Giant kill. Multiple times a bad idea...if we're going to be contested, it's just not worth it to me in most cases. I had been thinking that we'd really needed to try to burst down a tower or two, just to keep their safe areas further back...and we could have, if people didn't go for the FG. Multiple. Times.

  • More than other Supports, when I play Athena, I often feel like a chicken with its head cut off, running randomly around with no specific destination in mind. I don't know why this is. I'm sure I'm like this with other gods, but it just feels more like it with her.

  • I think I was better overall in sticking with people more often...part of this had to do with not having Bumba's Mask, which I'd thought about getting at the beginning before deciding on Lono's Mask...if I'd gotten Bumba's, I would have taken out a few more camps on my own (there seemed to be a lot of camps up quite often).

  • Why do people in ranked want to F6?!? To me, other than a blowout that is extremely obvious, shouldn't everyone fight to the end, just in the possibility we could win? Probably 3 or so F6s this game...and then we won. Wonder if people that wanted to earlier in the game feel stupid at that point.

  • I was too trigger happy with my Confounds and Shield Walls. Missed multiple ones. Patience, Daniel-san.

  • Holy hell, the enemy team dropped 99 wards to our 43. I dropped the most on my team (12), but seeing theirs makes me feel sort of lowly.

Build Critiques

4 down, 6 to go. 3 wins (no thanks to me), 1 loss.