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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


This Guide Gets to the Point! (Artemis - Conquest - ADC - S2)

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Smite God: Artemis

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Purchase Order

Main Transcendence Build

Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Soul Eater Soul Eater
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer
Build Item Malice Malice

Safe Trans Start

Build Item Charged Morningstar Charged Morningstar
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion

Devourer's Gauntlet Build

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Ichaival Ichaival
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer
Build Item Malice Malice

Devo's Start

Build Item Bluestone Pendant Bluestone Pendant
Build Item Spiked Gauntlet Spiked Gauntlet
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion

Soul Eater Build

Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Soul Eater Soul Eater
Build Item Frostbound Hammer Frostbound Hammer
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer
Build Item Malice Malice

Soul Eater Start

Build Item Bluestone Pendant Bluestone Pendant
Build Item Boots Boots
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion

Flex Items

Build Item Asi Asi
Build Item Qin's Sais Qin's Sais
Build Item Hastened Fatalis Hastened Fatalis
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Odysseus' Bow Odysseus' Bow
Build Item Ichaival Ichaival
Build Item Frostbound Hammer Frostbound Hammer
Build Item Golden Bow Golden Bow
Build Item Soul Eater Soul Eater


Build Item Greater Purification Greater Purification
Build Item Greater Aegis Greater Aegis
Build Item Heavenly Agility Heavenly Agility
Build Item Combat Blink Combat Blink
Build Item Shield of the Underworld Shield of the Underworld

Artemis's Skill Order

Transgressor's Fate

Transgressor's Fate

1 X
2 15 16 18 19
Vengeful Assault

Vengeful Assault

2 A
6 10 11 12 14
Suppress The Insolent

Suppress The Insolent

3 B
1 3 4 7 8
Calydonian Boar

Calydonian Boar

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Hello! I'm Zeznex, I have a diamond Artemis and this is an Artemis guide primarily for casual conquest. This is my first guide so would I really appreciate any feedback or help for improving this guide. In this guide I will be thoroughly explaining many things including Artemis' kit, her playstyle and many item builds. These are all just guidelines for how to play and you don't ever need to follow everything exactly; you should use your own experience and change how you play and what you build to your situation. Feel free to experiment with things and I hope that you share any of the things you find with me.
Artemis is an ADC with great Crowd Control, a great passive that gives her a free 15% crit, and the best attack speed steroid in the game. This combination gives her one of the best late games out of all the ADCs. However, she suffers a lot in her early game as she has pretty mediocre clear, is mana hungry, has some of the worst best stats in the game and has no real escape. The key to being good with Artemis is to be able to lane as safely and efficiently as possible, and try to farm as quickly as possible while also looking for opportunities to kill, especially with her ultimate. Once you start reaching your late game, it will be as "easy as breathing."
Artemis Buff Hype!
Season 3 Artemis Buff & Item Hype!
"Let the hunt begin!"


"This gets to the point!"
This guide is really long so this is for those who don't want to read the whole thing.


Always be prepared!
Artemis has a few core things about her build. 1st you only want to build a max of ~60% attack speed or she will overcap when she uses her 2. 2nd is that you want to build Deathbringer as your first crit item and Malice as your second instead of Rage because, with her passive, it gives higher DPS. If you only to want to build one crit item you can still just build Rage and it will be effective.
Artemis is a hunter who does amazing with Transcendence because she is so mana hungry and can do a lot with her abilities. I recommend it almost every time and it is still relatively useful late game because she will still be mana hungry without it.
You should always build Bluestone Pendant if you build Devourer's Gauntlet, and it is still awesome with Transcendence, but it is also up to your preference. Bluestone helps your clear and poke greatly, but with t2 trans you're alot safe because you have potions to start with and can recall and get full Transcendence earlier.
Otherwise you can start with Bluestone Pendant and boots and gets potions. First you finish boots then you build Soul Eater.
If you won't get over 60% attack speed when you build Ninja Tabi, it is often better than Warrior Tabi. This is a small DPS increase and it makes missing AAs less punishing and gets on hit effects and your passive online faster.
Soul Eater is awesome and should be used for lifesteal when you build Transcendence and also works as a second or the only lifesteal item on other builds.
The Executioner is an amazing item, should be built every time since it such a big DPS increase to you and your team.
There is a kind of flex slot which is where you normally build Ichaival. You can either build something else instead of Ichaival or build the item later when you sell after you have everything else built. Things that go here are also ones that will replace Transcendence late game since you were mostly buying for the mana. There are a lot of options here and you can even think of it as a sort of counter building slot. Basic options include another lifesteal item, Frostbound Hammer or Hastened Fatalis, Odysseus' Bow, Rage, Qin's Sais, or another penetration item to help with tanks and objectives. You should build more lifesteal for more survivability in fights along with an easier time soloing objectives. Frostbound Hammer and Hastened Fatalis are similar in that they help you stick to your opponents. However I think Frostbound Hammer is better because it increases your survivability, the slow makes hitting AAs really easy and the attack speed slow helps you a lot in boxing. It also kind of counters Hastened Fatalis.
Greater Purification is an active you should build every game and the 2nd one will usually be either a form of Aegis if you need it or Heavenly Agility. Achilles' Spear helps you early game if you want to try it and Combat Blink lets you escape fights and things like Odin ults, but has a really long cooldown.


"Eyes out."
Artemis has bad clear so you need to be careful and play pretty defensively often. Try to use your 3 for poke whenever you can if you can hit your opponent and the archers. Conserve your mana when you can, you will seldom use your 2 unless its life or death, because Artemis is incredibly mana hungry throughout the game. You can use your traps in combo with other CC, in your lane entrances to protect yourself, or you can try putting it right under your opponent. Buying mana potions and wards will often benefit you, you need to be warned early by your wards since you have no escape. Try and be with your teammates when you can, don't be caught out alone and too far into enemy territory, especially without knowing where they are and other things like what abilities they have up, how healthy they are, their build, etc.


Artemis synergizes with supports that have a lot of abilities they directly support and her and chain CC with her, like Khepri and Sylvanus and gods that can help her clear a lot, like Kumbhakarna and others.

Pros & Cons


Good poke
Great CC
Huge attack speed steroid
Great at taking down objectives
Great crit passive
Amazing late game
Great team fight ultimate
Great CC combos with ultimate and traps


Difficult early game
Bad clear
C tier escape (only has a movement speed buff and CC to help her escape)
Low sustain
Mana hungry
Bad base stats


*A note for the skill build is that at level 4 & 8 you will not put any points in because you can only level up an ability equal to half your level rounded up. So at level 5 & 9 you put one point into your ultimate and the extra point you saved into your 3. (This is because Smitefire doesn't let you skip a level and level 2 skills at the same level right now so I couldn't actually show you what to do)
Alternatively, after you have put one point, you can prioritize your 2 over your ultimate. This is best with Transcendence so you can use it often.

0. Passive Still Target

Still Target

Artemis' passive gives her an extra 5% crit chance for every basic attack hit, lasting 4 seconds and stacking up to 3 times. This is what allows her to build Deathbringer and Malice instead of Rage and is also why I put Golden Bow as an option. (Will be explained more in items section.)
Random Idea About What Her Passive Could Be

1. Transgressors Fate
Transgressors Fate

This move has a lot of uses and can make laning a lot safer and help you secure kills. One easy thing you can do is cover one of the jungle paths into your duo lane. You will need to place 2 traps next to each other to completely cover a path. You can also place these in the minion wave to hide them if you notice that your opponents are standing in them a lot. One of the best ways to guarantee hitting a trap is to put one right under the enemy after any CC, such as your ult or even your 3, to help you in securing a kill.

2. Vengeful Assault
Vengeful Assault

This skill gives you a huge attack speed buff at max level in Smite attack speed boosts always scale off of your base attack speed, which is 0.95 for Artemis. This means at max rank it will ALWAYS add 0.722 to your current attack speed, regardless of your current attack speed (as long as you don't hit the cap). This brings you to 1.93 attack speed at level 20 meaning you only need about 0.57 more attack speed to cap. 0.57 is 60% of 0.95 so this means that building 60% attack speed will get you right to the cap and building anymore is useless. You can actually opt to max this skill first before your clear because of how useful the attack speed buff is, especially if you built Golden Bow because you can still clear easily. Decide if you want to level it first by using your build, how much your support can help you clear and how much you are struggling to clear versus the enemy team. Doing this is often the best option in game modes other than Conquest, where you may not need to clear much. However, since this ability isn't a direct dash or jump and is really only a C-tier escape, you will often need to burn some actives, use your 1, 3 and maybe even your ult to allow you to safely escape.

3. Suppress The Insolent
Suppress the Insolent

This ability has good range, is your main clear and is great for poke. You can use it in between the minions to hit the full wave or go for the archers and try to poke the enemy at the same time. Sometimes, I would recommend not hitting the minions with this at full health, but rather trying to secure as many last hits as possible. Since this isn't an amazing clear and doesn't have a huge hitbox (You won't one shot minions until quite late in the game and you will seldom be able to both hit your opponents and the full minion wave, sometimes you can't even hit all the minions) You will need help from your support or more basic attacks to completely clear the wave. You can use your slow to help you escape, help you with hitting traps on moving targets and make it easier for your support to hit some of their abilities.

4. Calydonian Boar
Calydonian Boar

Artemis' ultimate will summon Tusky who will attack one person at a time in a circle around you. People in a small cone in front of you will be prioritized. You can use it to help you with escaping if you really need it, and you can also use it to counter other ultimates or hard CC and turn the battle around. Remember that there is delay from pressing the ultimate, to when Tusky actually attacks so you will want to make sure that the enemies can't run, dash, or jump away before they are actually hit. This will often allow you to get a bunch of kills and while the opponent is stunned you will want to place a trap under them to give you more time to kill them and hit them with your 3 to slow and damage them. It is always better to use your ult and survive from a battle or get a kill than to just save it, so don't be too afraid to use it. Also remember that if your opponent has beads or any other CC immunity they may not be stunned and you might not want to be too aggressive. This ultimate is great for team fights when the enemies are grouped up and distracted because it will hit all of them as long as it isn't killed.

"That's how it's done!"


General Artemis Item Tips

Artemis will build like most ADCs, but with a few differences. Since her passive, Still Target gives her extra crit chance, you will want to build Deathbringer and Malice instead of Rage and Deathbringer. I would also sometimes advise against building stacks when you can because as Artemis, you may have a lot of trouble doing so compared to other ADCS, and will often be quite behind or be feeding while trying to do so. This is why I sometimes decide to build Bloodforge first. It is also very important to buy wards as Artemis because you need to be very aware of where the enemies are and you need to know if you are getting ganked pretty early if you want to be able to escape. Mana potions also help a lot since you can be mana hungry. For your actives you will usually buy a combination of Purification Beads, a for of Aegis, a form of sprint and possibly Combat Blink if you think it will help you. Purification Beads is almost always necessary because most supports and many solos, jungles and others have a lot of CC. Aegis usually depends on the mid laner. If they are like Poseidon or Scylla who have strong, burst ultimates, then you may want one. Greater Aegis is for things like Ares' ult because it make you CC immune while it is active and it also gives 20% damage reduction for 2 seconds. Aegis Pendant allows you to move around while you have so if you don't need the things from Greater Aegis then you should buy it. For sprint you can build Achilles' Spear or Heavenly Agility. Heavenly Agility is the safer and often better option, especially after you finish early game, and helps a lot with mobility and survivability, especially against slows. At tier 3 it also affects all teammates around you and gives a 25% increase to AlL healing, including lifesteal. Achilles' Spear is still a great option, especially for Artemis because it can help you a lot in the early game and can also do amazing thing lategame if you use it at the right time and you and your team make it work. You should use it against the minion wave to help sustain yourself and clear faster. With Golden Bow you have an easy, fast clear that makes your sustain great and costs no mana. You can use it very often since it only has a 30 second cooldown. You can also use it just for moving around since its cooldown is so low. Achilles' Spear is also extremely useful for fighting and soloing the Gold Fury a lot earlier since you only take increased damage from enemy gods. You need to be careful using this around enemies and it is not always useful to use it in a fight, even 1v1 against another ADC because 30% attack speed does not equal a 30% increase in damage and the lifesteal may not make up for it. You can use it in fights when your teammates are keeping you safe and you are not focused and/or when you have a good amount of CC, like when you use your ultimate. For you build for Artemis overall, I believe the things you need are:

1 lifesteal item which you will get very early on to help with you sustain in lane and boxing potential.
At least 2 attack speed items which are very necessary as your basic attacks are your biggest source of damage. You only need 60% attack speed and you will go right to the attack speed cap while you have your huge attack speed steroid, Vengeful Assault.
A penetration item, and you should pretty much always build The Executioner. It is an amazing item that gives you a huge amount of flat and percentage based armor reduction. This is great because it not only allows you to bypass a lot of protections, but it also allows your physical damage dealing teammates to do more damage. The Executioner also gives a great amount of physical power and attack speed and doesn't cost too much.
Your 2 crit items because of the extreme DPS increase on your basics, which you should build last because they are the most expensive. You build Deathbringer first because it is much better and more consistent than Malice. Malice is cheaper than Deathbringer but will only have the advantage over it when you hit 1 crit every 3 seconds. If you get one crit with Malice you will do the standard double damage auto attack + and extra damage over 3 seconds equal to 75% of your physical power. I believe the equation for Artemis would be: 2{35 + 2.05 (+ 100% of Physical Power)} + 75% of Physical Power. This means it isn't quite a 2.75 increase, even over 3 seconds. Every crit afterwards only refreshes the passive so if you hit 2 basic attacks in 3 seconds and they were all crits, your total damage would only be 4 times the original basic attack equation + 75% of your power. This is a little bit less than 4.75 times one normal basic attack. Deathbringer very simply gives you 2.5 times the damage of a basic attack on a crit so by hitting 2 crits you will do 5 times the damage of a normal basic attack AND you will do the damage immediately. Any time where you will hit more than 1 crit on a target within 3 seconds, Deathbringer is better than Malice. It is also better when you want to deal all your damage immediately and in that singular time where Malice is better the difference is minimal.
This leaves you with one space left, which will often go to Ninja Tabi. This is because it is very cost efficient at 1500 gold and it gives you decent attack speed and movement speed, which are 2 things you really need so that you can deal more damage and get around the map for escaping, rotations and objectives faster. There is also the option of building Warrior Tabi and that can possibly help you, especially early game, but you have to remember that your clear scales terribly and only your ultimate and of course basic attack damage will benefit from it since they both scale at 100%, meaning that they will both do 20 more damage. I don't think that this is worth it most of the time since attack speed will likely help your DPS more and your clear won't be any better. More attack speed also means on hit effects are applied faster and missed basics don't hurt you as much. You can also not build any tabi at all and instead get the movement speed from a combination of two other items. One of them will almost always be Hastened Fatalis because it gives 10% movement speed and double the attack speed of Ninja Tabi, along with a great passive that helps with juking, chasing and even shooting at your enemies as you run away. This works really well when you have a movement speed buff from either your steroid or a form of sprint. For your other movement speed you don't many clear options. The only possibilities are Golden Bow, Heartseeker and Winged Blade. Heartseeker is now a terrible option and completely unsafe and inconsistent and not at all worth buying. Winged Blade is an interesting option and it helps your survivability and also gives you a little bit of CDR so you can poke more, place more traps, use your steroid more freely and more often and, most importantly, you can use your ultimate more often. It also gives you a little bit of attack speed. However, it doesn't do much else and lacks power, pen, lifesteal and attack speed compared to other options. It still can be a good and pretty cheap pick, especially if you can capitalize on your ultimate and is also extremely useful for when you don't have sprint and you need slow immunity for something like Cupid's ultimate or even Ares' chains. Your last option is Golden Bow. It is very good and works well with Artemis' passive, boosts her clear greatly and gives a good amount of damage. Its flaws are that it does not give any attack speed, is slightly more expensive than other options and it only actually gives 5% movement speed. This means that you have 3% less movement speed than a player with boots. It's not much and is mostly offset by having a sprint active and by Vengeful Assault, but it means that you will lose when you are running from or chasing an enemy and you don't have anything else to boost you.

Specific Item Explanation

Since often you will want to create your own builds for your style, situation and team comp and not necessarily always follow any standard or "meta" build, I will outline the usefulness of items that I think are viable. Use these to try and optimize your build for what you want to do in your game; don't be afraid to try different things.
Devourer's Gauntlet - Really core, gives the most lifesteal consistently and also gives a bonus of 55 power.
Bloodforge - Early game Devo's, gives all of its effects without the need to stack, but to get full effect you need to hit 3 basics, which can be a problem late game and is a big hindrance. Also costs 215 more and gives 1 less lifesteal. Also can be bought late in the game because you don't have to stack.
Transcendence - Pretty much a full early game item. Once you buy it you immediately get a huge power spike and, most importantly, will have a lot more mana. This items is bought so that you can clear well early and so that you can spam all your abilities. The effect is reduced on Artemis because of her terrible scaling, but it still makes a pretty big difference. The fact that you can spam your clear and poke is really useful though. You can also use traps to combo and cover yourself a lot more and even use your steroid more. You will probably want to sell this late game. You can trade it for Bloodforge for a lot of lifesteal. You could also trade Asi for Bloodforge instead. Alternatively, you can keep Asi as you only lifesteal item and get any other item, probably one that you would normally switch Ichaival for.
Ninja Tabi - 15% attack speed and 50 gold instead of 20 PP. I have read around and it seems that the actual AA DPS is just barely higher with this, but the difference is negligible. It does however apply on hit effects faster, gives more consistent damage and makes missing basic attacks not as bad.
Warrior Tabi - An extra 20 PP. This most importantly helps with your clear, but Artemis' clear only scales at 40% so it doesn't help much. :'( However her ult scales at 100%, her traps at 90% so there is a benefit. It is good if you already have enough attack speed without it and would overcap with it.
Ichaival - This is a really cheap mid game bridge item. It really helps with boxing and 1v1 fights, you will probably win any equal duel with the other ADC if you have this and they don't. You sell it later because it is only cost efficient, not slot efficient and 1v1 damage isn't as important.
Odysseus' Bow - Interesting item, second highest team fight DPS item in the game (adds 30dmg + 50% scaling to 5 targets max every 4 AAs. 150 + 250% on its proc so an average of 37.5 + 62.5% per AA) and gives the most attack speed. It can also bounce repeatedly between 2 targets, like Ne Zha]'s rings, and gives 3 hits to the first target and 2 to the second, but if there is only one target then it will stop after 1 hit. However, its cost is usually too high for me to buy it where I would buy [[Ichaival, and it is not nearly as good in 1v1s as it is in team fights so I sometimes buy it late game when I sell Ichaival. You want to have your core build (Devo's, boots, Exec, Crit) and have Warrior Tabi for your boots. It can be bought anytime earlier however to help your clear and team fight.
Golden Bow - Also an interesting item, highest DPS item in team fights I believe. It can help with your clear and can actually do a lot in team fights if the enemies are grouped up really closely. In total you will do triple damage of a normal AA per AA. This is also affected by crits and Deathbringer so you can have up to 7.5 times the damage of a normal AA. You can actually have a lot more since it doesn't have a cap for the amount of enemies it can hit so you can hit as many minions or camps as you want as long as they're really close. This can be really good for your clear if you can get the archers close to the melee minions and it costs no mana. It can also provide poke against enemies close to minion. The power is okay, but is your least important stat and doesn't help that much. The movement speed is also minimally useful, but it gives you and edge over others when chasing or escaping and if you think you can live with 3% less MS you can pair it with Hastened Fatalis and forego boots. You can compensate with your MS steroid and sprint. The crit is especially useful on Artemis to amplify her passive and have a 25% crit chance, meaning you will get atleast one crit in most fights. One crit can go a long way when you are boxing this early. However, the passive is probably the thing that is most significant when you buy this, so if you do buy it, this is what you are buying it for.
Asi - This is a surprisingly good item for its price. The pen and attack speed do a lot for your damage and the lifesteal and passive work well, enough to be your only lifesteal item. As a main lifesteal item, it lacks the the amount and consistency of Devo's and the power will probably prove to be more useful early on. It also is inferior to the damage spike you get from Ichaival so you don't really want to build it there. However it is another great item to replace it late game. Double lifesteal helps a lot for your survivability and the passive gives you a total of 65% lifesteal.
Soul Eater - This item will be usually be used in a similar way to Asi. You can use it in the Transcendence build or as a second lifesteal / attack speed item. It can also be used as the primary lifesteal item, like in the Krett build. It is one of the only items that an ADC may build that directly helps them survive. The health and Protections will make a difference, but you will also hit a little less hard without the pen and won't have the passive of Asi. Compared to Devo's there's less lifesteal and also less power, but the rest of the stats are quite good and it even helps your team. I would usually still prefer Devo's in an ideal situation, but in certain situations it can be better, and you don't have to stack so it's like an even safer version of Bloodforge
Hastened Fatalis - Fatalis is another item that is bought with its passive primarily in mind. The attack speed is good and movement speed make it an ideal item to be paired with another item to substitute boots. However, other items, like Ichaival, give its stats and more, and may do it for less gold. So to make this useful you have to utilize the passive that negates the movement speed penalty of using AA by hitting AAs. This allows you to chase enemies that run away from you and hit enemies while running away from them (best with your 2 and/or sprint so they don't catch up to you.) However, if they have a jump or dash they will likely get away (or get you) since you won't be able to keep up with them. Artemis usually relies on her CC anyway to secure kills or escape anyway so it may not be necessary or optimal on her. It also gimps your damage really hard compared to other options, especially if you build it in place of The Executioner. I would usually recommend building it in the extra " Ichaival slot." You can still build it on a Transcendence build or instead of The Executioner when the enemy is full of squishies who you can kill in around 3 shots late game where the passive may prove useful.
The Executioner - This item makes it so that your damage isn't destroyed by a little bit of protections built by the enemy. It is a huge DPS increase for you and provides many useful things while still being quite cost efficient. It also help your team a lot since it reduces protections, so your whole team benefits.
Brawler's Beat Stick - This item is great for countering healing, including lifesteal, and helps a lot in attacking all objectives.
Qin's Sais - This item is another pretty good mid game item and also a good "extra slot" item. Especially good against teams with very high health overall, which makes you excel at killing tanks and tank heavy teams.
Deathbringer & Malice - These give a huge increase to your DPS and should be bought every game. The only situation where you might not buy it is against a Hou Yi and Geb lane.

Transcendence Build

When you build Transcendence you are primarily doing it for the mana and a spike in power to make your early game easier, so keep this in mind when choosing and make sure to keep yourself safe with traps constantly and to constantly poke with your 3. You can start with either a standard start or by rushing tier 2 of Transcendence. The standard start gives 90 health, 5 power, 1 mp5 and the bluestone passive over tier 2 Transcendence. However, by building tier 2 Transcendence you can buy 6 potions to allow you to be more aggressive and way safer early on. You also will be able to back and get Transcendence earlier and will be stacking earlier. Afterwards you have the option to build Soul Eater or Asi. Soul Eater gives a lot of survivability and more lifesteal and also helps your team. After this you will build The Executioner. Then you will build your crit items to finish up. This doesn't have much variation because everything in the build is core, but you can decide to replace The Executioner with Hastened Fatalis if you want. More overall explanation of building below.

Devourer's Gauntlet Build Explanation

In the standard build I recommend that you build either Devourer's Gauntlet or Bloodforge first for the sustain and power. Bloodforge is a much safer option for Artemis because it immediately gives her a good damage spike and a lot of lifesteal, rather than forcing you to build 75 stacks, which will take more than 5 minutes assuming you farm perfectly, for only a 1% increase in lifesteal and 215 extra gold. This extra 215 gold requires to stay in lane for longer. However, its real problem is that late game, along with having 1% less lifesteal, you need to hit 3 basic attacks to build up its passive stacks. This can be a big hindrance late game and it will not always be easy to build them. It's passive does has synergy with your passive which means that it is really important to keep your passives up. You have to decide which to choose based on how much you will struggle early game and if you realize that you're getting pushed or ganked so hard that it just does not make sense to try and build stacks, then you can build Bloodforge.
If you are forced to back early or you decide you can stay in lane a bit longer you can buy Achilles' Spear to help your clear and sustain. You will probably only want to use it when you are safe to attack the minions with your basic attacks without taking any poke damage. You want to be careful if you're low on health and the enemies have an aggressive support with blink or an ADC with a dash or jump that will let them quickly kill you. If you have lane control don't be afraid to use it often because its cooldown is only 30 seconds and you will benefit a lot from the increased attack speed and lifesteal. You can also use it to help you escape when you are out of reach from your pursuers and you will have a big speed boost with it and your 2.
After this you will want to buy Ninja Tabi for its cost efficiency and movement speed that makes laning safer, gives you better mobility and helps your chases and escapes. It also gives you a good amount of attack speed.
Then you should build Ichaival. It is also extremely cost efficient and gives you a lot of attack speed, a little flat pen and a passive that gives you a lot of power. This is another 3 basic attack passive like Bloodforge's and yours. This can be good and bad as you are very reliant on these passives, but you are also very powerful when you have them and you should be trying to keep them up whenever possible. You could also build Asi instead of Ichaival. You still box really well and you make up for the lost attack speed with your steroid. If you use Tusky and your steroid with the passive you can do really clutch things. Having less attack speed also doesn't matter to you because you still get to 55%, so the difference is extremely minimal. The extra pen is also a relatively big difference. Golden Bow is another interesting option that allows you to crit pretty often early game and gives you a lot of power. Its power also helps your lane and jungle clear greatly. You lack attack speed, but you can make that up with your 2 and in total with it and your passive you have 25% crit chance.
Then you will build The Executioner. As said before this an amazing and extremely core item to every physical auto attacker because of the amazing amount of damage, attack speed and flat and percentage protection reduction, paired with the fact that it is extremely cost effective. Some pros have been replacing this with Hastened Fatalis. You are sacrificing a lot of damage (somewhere around 100-200 DPS), but you the passive is good for chasing and and firing as you retreat.
Alternatively you can build The Executioner after Ninja Tabi then build Qin's Sais. This is a more expensive route that has less overall attack speed, but has more power and Qin's Sais' passive. It makes your shots very powerful and gives you a lot of damage against tanks and is more late game oriented,
Your last 2 items will be Deathbringer and Malice.
After you've built all your items you will want to get rid of Ichaival and replace it with something better because it is only bought for how great it is early game and how cost effective it is.
The option that usually gives the best DPS is Rage. You will be hitting crits extremely often for a ton of damage and can destroy people very quickly, especially with Vengeful Assault. You can also build Qin's Sais. This doesn't give you more crit chance but instead gives a little bit of attack speed and, more importantly, its passive. The passive allows you to deal extra physical damage equal to 4% of your opponents max health. It is affected by protections the passive works well with high attack speed, which Artemis has, and pen. It is also good for Artemis since she already has a lot of crit chance and adding more is not quite as useful. It is best used against a tankier team, especially one that build a lot of health but not as much defense. Triple crit on the other hand can be better for taking out squishies. Brawler's Beat Stick is another great option that helps with countering enemy healers, is cheaper and also helps with fighting other ADCs because you will be reducing their lifesteal. The amount of damage and pen it gives is also great. Asi is also really great because of the pen and lifesteal are really good and the attack speed is enough to get you to about 60%. It is also really cheap.

Qin's Sais Build

This build is similar to the standard build but replaces your crit items with Qin's Sais and Brawler's Beat Stick. This build is great for more consistent damage, especially against really high health targets because of Qin's Sais passive. The passive is affected by protections and pen (but does not give extra lifesteal, similar to an ability) so the best way to maximize it is to get as much pen and attack speed as you can. Since we only need 60% attack speed to cap, I build Asi after Devourer's Gauntlet and Ninja Tabi so we don't have too much extra attack speed and because the extra lifesteal and pen is really useful. You can also build Warrior Tabi and something like Hastened Fatalis or Ichaival instead of Asi. After building your core The Executioner & Qin's Sais you can build Brawler's Beat Stick. This gives you even more pen and power, and its passive also counters all healing, including lifesteal to help you box better. I don't use this build often because, typically, crits will have better DPS. Deathbringer and Malice usually give higher damage than Qin's Sais and any item. You also don't make use of Artemis' amazing passive. It is still good for taking out tanky gods. You will want to look at the support, solo and jungle to see if it is a solid investment. However, there are ways to get incorporate crit into this build. You can do the crit build with Qin's Sais that I talked about before or you can replace one item, probably Brawler's Beat Stick or Asi, with a crit item. Typically if you are only building one crit item you will build Rage so that you can actually consistently land crits and because it gives the most DPS on average. Since Artemis does have 15% built in crit most of the time, I don't know which item gives the best DPS in terms of numbers. I do know that Rage will give the most consistent damage and is also the cheapest. If you don't build Rage you will want Deathbringer because of what I explained earlier.

Krett Build

Krett makes a video explaining this here
The basic premises for this is that Soul Eater gives up 5% lifesteal and power, which is not that important, for attack speed and a lot of survivability. You also don't have to stack, it helps your team and it is a tiny bit cheaper. Also, if you want, just ****ing build O-bow. Anywhere. (However it's not great on Artemis because of her huge steroid, so if you build it make sure that the only other attack speed item you build is The Executioner.
A variation of this is what I like to call the "Tank ADC." I will build Soul Eater, Warrior Tabi, Frostbound Hammer, then the standard ending. If you want to be even tankier you can even build Reinforced Greaves. These aren't a bad of an option as they may seem actually, they are the only item that gives a great stat: Crowd Control Reduction. They also give a good amount of health and cost significantly less. All of this is in exchange for 25 power on a hunter who's clear scales terribly. Experiment and see how you like it, but realize that you may have a lot lower DPS than normal and that this is not a standard build I would recommend for conquest ADC.

Artemis Jungle?

*Outdated - In the current meta Artemis would be A LOT worse at jungling because of her lackluster clear and low mobility. You can still do it for fun though!


The Laning Phase

Basic Laning Objectives and Priorities

The laning phase starts right in the beginning. It is probably the most important thing for an ADC to know how to do well. There a few main focuses and objectives during the laning phase. The first and foremost thing that you must learn to do is to last hit the minions.

Last Hitting

This gives you an 50% increase in gold and is how you build stacks if you are doing so. It is extremely important that you are able to last hit each wave as best as you can. You can try and save your clear for last hitting when the minions are weak. Make sure to always try and clear and last hit a lane before leaving your lane or recalling.


While you are clearing the wave and last hitting you will want to hit your enemies with as much poke as you can. Most of the time minions will be first priority though; poking is more of a secondary objective. If your enemy is ever in the minions you want to try and hit both them and the minions with your clear. Artemis is really good at poking enemies who are close to their archers. Enemies will often get close to the minions when the try to use their clear, especially if theirs is an ability that hits in a line. Also if the ADC or support push forward really far you can harass them with your AAs. After hitting an nearby minions start to attack you so you want to back up after hitting you an enemy until the minions stop focusing you.

Conserving Mana

While you are clearing and poking you want to make sure not to waste all your mana so that you can stay in lane until you need to back and if you have an escape you should always have enough mana to use it so that you are safe in lane. This isn't as important for Artemis, but you still always want to have extra mana to use your self peel. Don't waste mana when you don't need to. You only need to use your 3 to clear and you don't to use anything else when you don't need to. Carrying mana pots is really beneficial to Artemis when you don't build Transcendence because she has high mana costs and a low mana pool. At low levels using your whole kit will literally use up all of your mana.

Roaming & Rotating

You should keep in mind that early into the game and pretty much every 3 minutes after that your support will be rotating to help clear the mid camps. You probably will not go, but if your lane is pushed up and you have cleared the wave you have the freedom to roam until the next wave. Ideally, you will never miss a single minion wave or even a single last hit on a minion in the duo lane. This is the most important thing for you almost always. You always want to get your attack speed buff or the enemies attack speed buff whenever you can. These have a respawn timer of 3 minutes so make sure to keep track of when they are cleared and be ready to get them when they are coming back. Your last objective during the laning phase will be the Gold Fury. This usually should only happen when you have control of your lane, are in the lead such as right after killing people in your lane, and when your support has HOG 3. You will want wards around it and a sentry ward on it and even though warding isn't primarily your job you should get used to having wards on hand, especially as Artemis because she needs to be very safe and know what is happening early on since she has no escape. I almost always have at least one ward with me after my first recall if I can and I use it if my support has no wards or if he is roaming.


Your first back will ideally be when you have enough gold to buy your first item and you will probably want to recall as soon as you have enough because this item is often your stacking item or an important lifesteal item. Remember that you still can recall earlier if the enemies are very aggressive and have the ability to kill you because its better to not die, but usually you can just stay under tower and be pushed. Throughout the game you should follow similar guidelines for recalling and use your mana according to when you think you will recall. Remember to also factor in actives you might buy and wards or mana potions. If you are at a point where you are in lane and you don't feel safe, don't have wards, don't have mana or don't have anything else you can safely do in lane and you don't think you should stay there then feel free to clear the wave and recall or even rotate to mid lane or camps or your own camps.

"Another successful hunt!"

Team Work

Artemis is an ADC who thrives on and really needs good teammates, teamwork and communication to do well. First we will look at supports who work well with Artemis. Look for a support that can help with clear, help your sustain and has good CC and peel to be able to combo with and help you survive.

A great example is Sylvanus. He is one of the best supports for Artemis because of how his plants and heal help with your sustain and he can also help you clear and poke a little with his heal. His and your CC synergize extremely well and you can do extremely long CC chains with him and get a lot more pulls from than you normally would because of your traps and slow. If you hit a trap then you have an easy pull or if you slow the enemy ADC while they are experiencing the movement speed debuff from auto attacking then Sylvanus should have an easy time hitting pull so you should tell him about this and make sure he is ready when you are doing it. After this you too can proceed to use the rest of your CC while attacking and even use ultimates if needed. Still be wary of beads and jumps before you use your ult so you don't waste it.
Khepri also has a lot of potential to do well with Artemis. Khepri can keep Artemis really safe with his damage reduction, pull, root and ult. His passive shield is also really good at nullifying poke. All his CC also combos extremely well with hers. This makes laning really safe and also makes her kill potential high. His 2 helps her clear and also makes it harder for the enemies to clear, especially if they time it right. When he ults you, you can be as aggressive as you want. You want to get right in their faces and use your steroid to optimize your damage. Often people will try to just run away from you when you are ulted. This may make a Frostbound Hammer or Hastened Fatalis build more useful. Overall the idea of a full support guardian is great for Artemis.
Some other good supports include Ares who can be very good for being aggressive and looking for kills. Use your slow to help Ares hit his chains then use the big slow to try and hit your traps. Your ultimates work really well together and you can always try just using one to force beads and having the other available to use afterwards. This is a good time to start with tier 2 of Transcendence so you can be really aggressive and hopefully secure some kills. You should be confident and careful when choosing this team because you will struggle really hard if you fall behind.
Athena is also a good support; she can use her taunt to help save you or pull enemies into your traps,use her blocks from her 1 to bodyblock for free, help your clear and come in whenever you need her while giving you damage mitigations with her ultimate.
Geb is a nice pick because he can help you clear and keep you quite safe with his shield and his ultimate allows you to easily hit a trap.
Kumbhakarna helps a lot with clear and his mesmerize is really good because it helps you get away and allows you to easily land a trap. Enemies can jump out of his root so you have to be quick if you want to place a trap on them. His ultimate is also good for getting pressure off of you and allows you to easily hit a trap after.
You can do some amazing things with Sobek because your slow helps him hit his pull and if you can predict where the enemies will land after you can place a trap there. His ultimate is a long area slow that can help you hit your ultimate and other abilities and help you escape. His knock up also helps keep you safe and all his abilities do some damage so he can help you clear but he will be mana hungry.
There are a few warriors who can work well as supports. Hercules has a good balance of tankiness and power. His pull and stun set up kills really well and he can also pull the minions together so that you can easily hit them all with your abilities or Golden Bow, similar to what he might to with a Freya ADC.
Guan Yu's heal helps your sustain and gives you a lot of early lane push and he has good CC, especially the stun on his ult, and protection shred.
Odin, Sun Wukong & Bellona are some other possible warrior supports.
You will usually want a guardian because you will likely need a support who can soak up damage and bodyblock for you. You can choose some assassins to support such as Fenrir, Ne Zha or Thor. These are interesting, risky supports to choose. They are similar to how you might play when you are with Ares. If you succeed in pushing your lane, denying your opponents their farm enough or getting a kill you should be able to snowball off of it and do really well.
Aphrodite can work as a healer support she can completely get rid of your sustain and clear problems and pretty easily set up kills with her kiss into your CC, such as a trap. However you are complete gank bait and will be easily destroyed by an early game jungler who decides to visit your lane. This means you need to be really careful and constantly have good wards. The opposing duo will also have an easy time killing you or Aphrodite and will likely go for easy early kills.

"Nice work everyone!"


Thank you so much for reading my guide! I hope you could take some useful things out of this and you continue to play with Artemis. I would really appreciate any feedback, tips or corrections you can give to help improve this guide and if you vote on this guide if it helped you. You can also check out another guide I made that is for Fenrir and is a bit shorter. I also want to thank ThePerfectPrism for helping me with BBCoding and Zliby for giving me some good feedback and for his great guide on making guides. I would like to give a shoutout to photonmanifold on reddit and this post for giving insight on Qin's Sais and to Alex_Error for his information on crits that are still relevant since he only calculated the DPS increase from the crit chances here. I want to thank Krett for this video on the "Krett Build" and O-Bow and for providing a lot of knowledge to the commmunity. Credits to Bonnebulus for the guide name.

"That's the style!"

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AkorinaofTime | March 25, 2016 4:41pm
I used a version of this build in arena and went 7-1-22, except i put in Devourer's Gauntlet first, then Warrior Tabi, Hastened Fatalis, Qin's Sais, Titan's Bane, then finally Rage.
reaperlegacy | February 22, 2016 6:34am
This build is really good I usually don't play this god but when i saw your videos and stuff on her I decided to play she really fun and with this build it definitely tilted me to do better. Nice build dude
Zeznex (2) | October 12, 2015 6:09pm
Diomedes232 wrote:

The one thing you should really look to do is watch the attack speed. Arteimis has a very large attack speed steroid of 75% so it is easy to accidentally overcapacity that. I would avoid building O bow on her. My usual build for Art uses Dev gloves as the extra life's steal is better lategame if you can play passive in lane and conserve mana. Then power boots then executioner then rage then brawlers then DB. The reason I say brawlers is because as far as stats go building a brawlers gives a lot of power and pen allowing you to destroy tanks as well as better box other hunters. It spikes your objective push heavily and in the very healer heavy meta having anti heal is amazing in teamfights. While I do like malice on Art more critical is always better within reason and having 65% plus rage passive is a higher dps than malice power and passive as you want to crit every single shot of possible.

I completely agree the and I hope that I made it clear that O bow is not something that you will build often. Dev definitely works, but I think Trans helps you take advantage of what is great about Artemis, her poke, steroid, traps and ultimate. Sometimes you will even have a hard time in lane with Trans (especially with Sol running around) and I think have poke on your enemies and the ability to try and take advantage of the enemies overextending and just being able to freely poke and use your traps and steroid is worth it. Especially for me because I'm a pretty aggressive player. I like brawlers sometimes, but I think right now in that slot I would probably build frostbound because I'm liking it a lot. It still definitely has a time where I would build it, especially when there's a lot of heals. I recommend Malice instead of Rage and it because I saw some math that I think proved that it was better on artemis and also for the extra power, but there's a chance that it's either outdated or wrong. If you have anything that gives more insight on this I would love to see it.
Diomedes232 (6) | October 5, 2015 11:50am
The one thing you should really look to do is watch the attack speed. Arteimis has a very large attack speed steroid of 75% so it is easy to accidentally overcapacity that. I would avoid building O bow on her. My usual build for Art uses Dev gloves as the extra life's steal is better lategame if you can play passive in lane and conserve mana. Then power boots then executioner then rage then brawlers then DB. The reason I say brawlers is because as far as stats go building a brawlers gives a lot of power and pen allowing you to destroy tanks as well as better box other hunters. It spikes your objective push heavily and in the very healer heavy meta having anti heal is amazing in teamfights. While I do like malice on Art more critical is always better within reason and having 65% plus rage passive is a higher dps than malice power and passive as you want to crit every single shot of possible.
Zilby (132) | May 25, 2015 7:27pm
You should probably archive this until you're done.

Aside from that, as ThePerfectPrism said, looks good. Build is solid, advice so far is good. Does need bbcoding, but it seems ThePerfectPrism already has you covered on that. Look forward to seeing this completed!
Zeznex (2) | May 25, 2015 3:44pm
Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback and I look forward to your PM. :)
ThePerfectPrism (51) | May 25, 2015 2:20pm
Can't really critize it yet, but this is what I can say :

On the build tab, create a new one to put the old order, and on the first one, put the actual build you recommend.

Tomorrow, I'll send you a PM with some BBConding help.

Asides from that, this is a little nice guide so far ! ^^
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