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Stay A While, Won't You? (S4 All-Modes Artio Guide) [Updated for Patch 4.21]

November 14, 2017 by Drexler
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The Bear Goddess

Smite God: Artio

Item Purchase Order

Example Build (Sell Stone of Binding at Full-Build for a Situational Item)

Build Item Shoes of Focus
Build Item Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Stone of Binding
Build Item Void Stone
Build Item Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Spirit Robe

Starter Item Options

Build Item Lono's Mask Build Item Swift Wing Build Item Watcher's Gift

Movement Speed

Build Item Reinforced Shoes Build Item Shoes of Focus

Optional Bridge

Build Item Stone of Binding

Physical Protections

Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Jade Emperor's Crown

Magical Protections

Build Item Genji's Guard Build Item Void Stone

Mixed Protections

Build Item Hide of the Urchin Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Spirit Robe

Interesting Items to Consider

Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Mail of Renewal Build Item Rod of Asclepius Build Item Shield of Regrowth

Situational Item Options

Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Build Item Midgardian Mail Build Item Pestilence Build Item Shogun's Kusari

Standard Start (4x Each Potion)

Build Item Watcher's Gift Build Item Magic Shoes Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Early Vision Start (4x Potion & 2x Wards)

Build Item Watcher's Gift Build Item Shoes Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Ward

Double Item Start (2x Each Potion)

Build Item Watcher's Gift Build Item Lono's Mask Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Relics to Consider (These are Subjective)

Build Item Horrific Emblem Build Item Magic Shell Build Item Meditation Cloak Build Item Shield of Thorns

God Skill Order

Energy Surge / Maul Prey

Energy Surge / Maul Prey 1 4 6 7 9 key bind

Entangling Vines / Ferocious Roar

Entangling Vines / Ferocious Roar 3 8 10 11 12 key bind

Life Tap / Heavy Charge

Life Tap / Heavy Charge 2 13 14 15 16 key bind


Shapeshift 5 17 18 19 20 key bind

Pros & Cons


Consistent Lane Pressure
Lockdown Ability
Lane Sustain
Stance Switcher

Mana Hungry
Ability Dependent
Easily Interrupted
Stance Switcher

Druid Form Abilities

Energy Surge
Artio pulses out a strong wave of energy that damages enemies. She will heal herself and allies within 55 units for each enemy god hit by this Ability.
  • Damage: (70/100/130/160/190 +35% of your Magical Power)
  • Heal: (60/80/100/120/140 + 25% of your Magical Power)
  • Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
  • Cooldown: 12s
Energy Surge has a decent Self & Team Heal and a fair amount of damage as well. Due to the mechanics of this ability, Artio and her Allies will only receive the Heal if the ability damages an Enemy God. Due to the inconsistency of Healing within this ability, it is recommended to use it after Stunning the Enemy with Ferocious Roar or Rooting them with Life Tap. This ensures that Artio will be able to heal both herself, and her allies. Energy Surge is also commonly used to clear waves of Minions. Because of the abilities wide Cone, it is recommended to move to the side of wave before casting.

Entangling Vines
Artio creates a thicket of vines around herself that Cripples enemy Gods and decreases their Magical or Physical Power as long as they are in the area.
  • Druid Area Duration: 6/6.5/7/7.5/8s
  • Druid Power Debuff: 5/10/15/20/25%
  • Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
  • Cooldown: 14s
Entangling Vines is a great tool to keep Gods close who utilize Dashes, Leaps, and Teleports i.e. Bastet. Besides Crippling the Enemy, Entangling Vines decreases the Magical and Physical power of Gods within the radius. This ability is best used after Artio has already engaged in Combat. This ability remains active on Artio even when switching to Bear Form.

Life Tap
Artio channels for 2s, draining the life from enemies. While channeling she deals damage up to 5 times and heals herself up to 5 times. Each hit increasingly Slows. Enemies hit all 5 times are Rooted for 1s.
  • Damage: (15/25/35/45/55 +10% of your Magical Power)
  • Heal: (10/15/20/25/30 +10% of your Magical Power)
  • Druid Slow Per Stack: 10%
  • Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
  • Cooldown: 15s
Life Tap is one of Artios more vital abilities. This ability deals a small amount of damage while slightly Healing Artio. Besides that, each successful hit deals increasing slows, and upon dealing all 5 hits the Enemy is Rooted. Life Tap will allow Artio to effectively keep running Enemies close to her, and lock them down with more CC, such as Ferocious Roar.

Active: Artio Shapeshifts between her Druid stance and Bear stance.
Passive: Every time Artio hits an enemy with her Abilities, she becomes invigorated, increasing her Movement Speed and MP5 by 5 per stack. Stacks up to 8 times and stacks last 4s.
  • Movement Speed Per Stack: 1/1/2/2/3
  • MP5 Per Stack: 2/4/6/8/10
  • Cost: None
  • Cooldown: 1s

Bear Form Abilities

Maul Prey
Artio slashes twice with her claws, damaging enemies with each swipe.
  • Damage: (40/70/100/130/160 + 35% of your Magical Power)
  • Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
  • Cooldown: 12s
Maul Prey is Artio's main damage ability, that can certainly brutalize the Enemy throughout all stages of the Match. It is often used after Ferocious Roar or Life Tap to ensure both swipes get off on the Enemy. Much like Energy Surge, with the wide range on Maul Prey, it makes a great clearing tool.

Ferocious Roar
Artio lets out a ferocious roar that Stuns all nearby enemies and increases her own Physical and Magical Protections for 4s.
  • Bear Stun Duration: 1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4
  • Bear Protection Buff: 10/15/20/25/30
  • Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
  • Cooldown: 14s
Ferocious Roar is another vital tool within Artio's kit. Although the scaling on both the Stun, and the Protections Buff are poor, this ability is crucial for Artio to chain together her other abilities. Not only is it her main lockdown ability, but it also serves as a great tool for Allies who need help peeling i.e. Artemis or Ra.

Heavy Charge
Artio charges forward at an increased Movement Speed for 3s. Enemies she charges through take damage and are Slowed for 2s.
  • Damage: (70/120/170/220/270 +50% of your Magical Power)
  • Bear Slow: 10/15/20/25/30%
  • Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
  • Cooldown: 15s
Heavy Charge is quite the beast of abilities, and sure does live up to its name. This ability is Artio's main Initiator, and Escape, and deals a decent chunk of damage while Slowing any enemies the ability charges through. As mentioned earlier, this ability is best used when Initiating, and Escaping; however, it is crucial to charge through the Enemies when doing so to get the Damage and Slow off.

Active: Artio Shapeshifts between her Druid stance and Bear stance.
Passive: Every time Artio hits an enemy with her Abilities, she becomes invigorated, increasing her Movement Speed and MP5 by 5 per stack. Stacks up to 8 times and stacks last 4s.
  • Movement Speed Per Stack: 1/1/2/2/3
  • MP5 Per Stack: 2/4/6/8/10
  • Cost: None
  • Cooldown: 1s

Possible Combos

Easy Heal-Up

This combos is a quick way for Artio to Heal-Up while dealing some damage. Initiate on an Enemy with Life Tap. Once the Enemy is Rooted, use Energy Surge. The next part is optional, but use Ferocious Roar to Stun the Enemy, and charge through them with Heavy Charge to Escape. In total, the initial combo will give Artio a max base of 290 Healing before taking the Magical Power Percentage into effect.

Quick Poke

This combo is a quick way for Artio to assert a bit of Poke. By charging in with Heavy Charge, you will Damage and Slow all enemies you hit. From there, use Ferocious Roar to Stun the surrounding Enemies. This will give your team some time to catch-up to the fight. Lastly, you will use Maul Prey to Poke out the Enemy. While this combo effectively Pokes the Enemy, it leaves Artio in a vulnerable position due to Heavy Charge being on Cooldown.

Lane Enforcer

This combo utilizes all of Artio's abilities to make her presence known. Charge in with Heavy Charge, again, be sure to be charging through the Enemies to make the most of the ability. Use Ferocious Roar to Stun and keep the Enemies in place. then use Maul Prey to keep the pressure. Next you will Shapeshift into Druid Form, and use Entangling Vines to ensure the Enemy doesn't Dash, Leap or Teleport away from you. Now use Life Tap to Slow and Heal, then use Energy Surge to hopefully finish them off. By this time Heavy Charge will most likely be off Cooldown, from there you can do one of two things. You can either chase the Enemy further and confirm the Kill or use it to dash away to safety.

Total Lockdown

This is one of Artio's hardest combos, but when done, it will totally lockdown the Enemy. First, you charge in with Heavy Charge, then you're going to Shapeshift to go into Druid Form and use Entangling Vines early to make sure they can't get away. While Entangling Vines is active, use Life Tap to slow the Enemy down and hopefully Root. Next use Energy Surge to get a quick Self and Team Heal. Use Shapeshift to back to Bear Form, and use Ferocious Roar to stall the enemy even further. Lastly, use Maul Prey to confirm the kill or weaken the Enemy further. Much like the last combo, by this time, a majority of the Abilities you already used will be off Cooldown. If that's the case, and if Mana allows, you can roll through the combo again, or escape to safety with Heavy Charge.

Starter Item Options

Lono's Mask
Being within assist range of a minion or jungle camp monster death without dealing the killing blow awards stacks. Only the closest allied god in assist range with Lono's Mask will get the stack. Stacks provide +2 Max Health per stack and stack up to 75 times. Upon reaching 75 stacks you gain 400 gold.
  • HP5: +5
Lono's Mask has typically shown its viability within Siege Matches, due to the increased Starting Gold (2,000) available in that Game-Mode. This is a good item to purchase because it will allow Artio to constantly be stacking her Max HP (up to +150) throughout the Early to Mid stages of the Match. Upon reaching the 75 stacks, you will gain 400 Gold, and will be able to sell the item for 333 Gold; netting you an overall profit of 233 Gold.

Swift Wing
Whenever you leave the fountain, you gain 40% movespeed for 15s. You will lose this speed early if you enter combat.
  • Health: +100
  • HP5: +10
  • Movement Speed: +5%
Swift Wing generally sees a majority of its use within Conquest and Siege Matches, and is often purchased after your Primary Movement Speed item i.e. Reinforced Shoes or Shoes of Focus. This item will allow Artio to back a bit more freely without consequence, and give her the ability to utilize Heavy Charge effectively coming out of base when returning to Lane.

Watcher's Gift
Being within assist range of a minion or jungle camp monster death without dealing the killing blow awards 5 bonus gold, and also restores +12 Health and +10 Mana.
  • Health: +100
  • MP5: +5
  • Physical Protections: +5
  • Magical Protections: +5
Watcher's Gift is almost always a must purchase item on Guardians in Season 4, and that's no different for Artio. Even though her Lane Clear is fairly decent throughout all stages of the Match, this will allow her to sustain in Lane more efficiently while farming Gold to help her progress through the build faster.

Movement Speed Items

Reinforced Shoes
Every time you are damaged by a god you gain a stack that provides 3 Physical and Magical Protections. Stacks up to 6 times, Lasts 6s.
  • Magical Power: +20
  • Health: +75
  • CC Reduction: +20%
  • Movement Speed: +18%
Reinforced Shoes is a reliable item to purchase on Artio because it will allow her to gain up to +18 Physical and Magical Protections when taking damage from Gods. With her Aggressive Front-Liner playstyle, this item will set Artio up to apply early pressure in the lane and on buffs; however, it will leave her Mana and Cooldown issues unaddressed.

Shoes of Focus
No Passive Effect
  • Magical Power: +40
  • Mana: +250
  • Cooldown Reduction: +10%
  • Movement Speed: +18%
Shoes of Focus is great option for Artio because it addresses her Mana and Cooldown issues head on. With a healthy dose of Mana (+250), and the slight CDR (+10%), Artio will be able to cast her abilities more frequently while keeping her Mana supply intact. Although this item appears to be the front-runner amongst Movement options, the case can be made for other items if the situation yields it.

Optional Bridge Items

Stone of Binding
Successfully hitting an enemy god with Crowd Control will place a buff on all allies within 70 units of you. The buff provides 10 Penetration for 5s.
  • Magical Power: +20
  • Physical Protections: +30
  • Magical Protections: +30
Stone of Binding is a Bridge Item that has risen in popularity among Gods with a lot of CC within their kits. With Artio having two Slows, a Cripple, and a Stun, and the ability to constantly apply pressure, this item performs extremely well on her. With the fair boost in Mixed Protections, Artio is able to stay in Combat longer while providing herself, and her Allies a small Penetration Buff.

Physical Protection Items

Breastplate of Valor
No Passive Effect.
  • Physical Protections: +65
  • Mana: +300
  • MP5: +10
  • Cooldown Reduction: +20%
Breastplate of Valor is an excellent item for Artio because it provides her a healthy dose of both Mana and Cooldown. Both of these stas directly address her upfront issues, and allow her keep her Mana Supply intact, while constantly locking down the enemy.

Jade Emperor's Crown
Enemy gods within 55 units have their Physical Power reduced by 30.
  • Magical Power: +20
  • Health: +100
  • Physical Protections: +60
Jade Emperor's Crown feels a lot like a Physical Void Stone. Purchasing this item on Artio will allow her to again, impact the teammates around her greatly by reducing the Physical Power on Gods within 55 units of her. This item has seen a recent uptick in use, but is essential to gain that slight early upper hand in matches against aggressive ADCs.

Magical Protection Items

Genji's Guard
When you take Magical Damage from Abilities your cooldowns are reduced by 3s. This can only occur once every 30s.
  • Health: +150
  • Magical Protections: +70
  • MP5: +40
  • Cooldown Reduction: +10%
Genji's Guard is one of those items that really give you a bang for its buck. With a fair amount of Health, a healthy amount of Magical Protections, and MP5, and added CDR, this item can be vital for Artio. This items Passive allows Artio's Cooldowns to be reduced by 3s, every 30s, when she takes Damage from Magical Abilities. Although this Passive may be deemed as useless on some of her abilities, it plays a vital role in keeping both Entangling Vines and Ferocious Roar available for Artio when she needs it.

Void Stone
Enemy gods within 55 units have their Magical Protection reduced by 20.
  • Magical Power: +20
  • Health: +150
  • Magical Protections: +70
Void Stone is an essential item to build on Artio because, it will allow her damage to come through, and make more of an impact on Gods in the earlier stages of the Match. You will also be benefiting your Magical Allies by utilizing the Aura of this item, which reduces the Magical Protections of Gods within 55 units of her by 20.

Mixed Protection Items

Hide of the Urchin
You gain +3 Magical Protection and +3 Physical Protection for each god kill or assist (max. 10 Stacks).
  • Health: +250
  • Mana: +250
  • Physical Protections: +35
  • Magical Protections: +35
Hide of the Urchin is a reliable item for Artio to purchase Early because it directly addresses her Mana struggles with a healthy +250 while giving her a decent amount of Mixed Protections. At Max Stacks, this item will provide a total of +65 of both Physical and Magical Protections. Due to Artio's aggressive nature, she should no problem getting this item stacked in a timely manner.

Mantle of Discord
If you take damage below 30% health you unleash a shockwave that stuns all enemies within a range of 20 units for 1s and gain CC immunity for 1s. This effect cannot trigger more than once every 90s.
  • Physical Protections: +60
  • Magical Protections: +60
  • Cooldown Reduction: +10%
Mantle of Discord is another viable item on Artio, but in terms of Mixed Protections items, Spirit Robe is the optimal option. Although this item gives a healthy amount of Mixed Protections, and addresses the much needed Cooldown, with a weak Passive, and a long Cooldown, it's just not worth the extra 400 Gold. This item still has value in certain situations, but can be passed up on initially.

Spirit Robe
You gain an additional 15% Damage Mitigation for 3s whenever you are hit with a hard Crowd Control Effect. This can only occur once every 15s.
  • Physical Protections: +40
  • Magical Protections: +40
  • Cooldown Reduction: +10%
  • Crowd Control Reduction: +20%
Spirit Robe is an excellent option to purchase on Artio because it provides her with everything she needs i.e. Protections, Cooldown, and Mitigation. This item further addresses her Cooldown issues, and will allow her to have abilities almost always off Cooldown. Furthermore, this item will grant 15% Damage Mitigation for 3s whenever you are hit with hard CC. As an Aggressive Front-Line, this Passive is extremely beneficial for Artio in almost every situation.

Interesting Items to Consider

Gem of Isolation
Enemies hit by your damaging abilities will move 25% Slower for 2s.
  • Magical Power: +90
  • Health: +250
  • Crowd Control Reduction: +10%
Gem of Isolation is a great Late-Game option for Artio because the item has a direct synergy with both Life Tap and Heavy Charge. This item will give her added HP, and a sizable Power Spike, while increasing the effectiveness of the Slows on the aforementioned abilities.

Mail of Renewal
You gain 15% of your maximum Health and Mana over the next 5s when you get a kill or assist against an enemy god or Objective.
  • Health: +400
  • HP5: +10
  • Cooldown Reduction: +10%
Mail of Renewal is an interesting item on Artio because of her Aggressive and Disruptive playstyle. With her ability to constantly apply pressure, Kills and Assist are immanent to say the least. With a generous amount of Health, and a slight boost in Cooldown, this item could serve great purpose when actively engaged in first half of Matches. The only niche with this item is that, Early-Mid Game Protections will need to be sacrificed in order to fit it into most builds.

Rod of Asclepius
Allied gods within 70 units have their Healing increased by 10%. If you are in combat, their Healing is increased by an additional 10%.
  • Magical Power: +75
  • Health: +250
  • Movement Speed: +10%
Rod of Asclepius is an exceptional Late-Game option on Artio because it will tremendously increase the effectiveness of both Energy Surge and Life Tap. The boost in healing will allow her to further increase her Lane Sustain and provide her Allies with enough healing to stay in combat a bit longer.

Shield of Regrowth
After healing yourself from an ability, you gain +40% movement speed for 4s. This cannot occur more than once every 10s.
  • Health: +300
  • HP5: +10
  • MP5: +10
  • Cooldown Reduction: +10%
Shield of Regrowth is a very viable Late-Game option for Artio in the right circumstances. With two Healing Abilities; Energy Surge and Life Tap. this items Passive will prove to be incredibly useful in times of need. Whether it be for chasing an Enemy down or scurrying for safety.

Situational Item Options

Hide of the Nemean Lion
Reflects 25% of all Basic Attack damage back to the attacker as Physical Damage.
  • Physical Protections: +80
  • Mana: +200
  • MP5: +20
Hide of the Nemean Lion is a good option on Artio if the Enemy Team has a lot of Basic Attacking Gods i.e. Artemis, Rama. This item gives you a generous amount of Physical Protections, while allowing you to reflect back 25% of all Basic Attack damage. This item will also provide added sustain with the addition of MP5.

Midgardian Mail
When hit by a Basic Attack, there is a 30% chance to slow your enemy's Movement Speed and Attack Speeds by 30% for 2 seconds.
  • Health: +350
  • Physical Protections: +30
Midgardian Mail is much like Hide of the Nemean Lion in the sense that is relevant against Basic Attacking Gods. This item give Artio a 30% of Slowing both the Enemies Movement Speed, and Attack Speed by 30% when hit by a basic Attack; however, this item give a subpar amount of Physical Protections.

Enemy gods within 55 units have their healing reduced by 25%.
  • Health: +200
  • Magical Protections: +80
Pestilence is a cheap and effective Anti-Heal item that provides a generous amount of Magical Protections while countering the total effect of a Healer's Healing Abilities i.e. Aphrodite, Hel. This item is very effective in Team-Fights, and allows Artio to give her a Allies a slight advantage.

Shogun's Kusari
Allied gods within 70 units have their Attack Speed increased by 25%.
  • Magical Protections: +50
  • MP5: +20
  • Cooldown Reduction: +10%
  • Crowd Control Reduction: +20%
Shogun's Kusari gives A LOT for it's price. Artio will gain a fair amount of Magical Protections, while increasing sustain with added MP5. On top of that, this item provides the last bit of CDR that Artio may need to keep her abilities off Cooldown. Shogun's Kusari shows it's best use when you are Supporting High Attack Speed Gods i.e. Ah Muzen Cab, Chronos, Kali. This item allows Artio to increase the Attack Speed of her Allies by 25%. It is a great item that can allow some Gods to skip out on purchasing an Attack Speed item, and build something more valuable.


Thank you for taking the time to check out my Season 4 Artio Guide. I hope this guide was able to provide you with some general knowledge on how Build, and Utilize Artio in-game. With that being said, the information provided is not the Ten Commandments, and doesn't need to be followed down to very last detail. Everything is based off of my personal play-style, and the experiences I have had with Artio since her release.

I will be keeping this guide as up-to-date as possible, but as many of you may understand, sometimes you just get caught up in the moment. So, if I miss a Patch, please bare with me, and cut me a little bit of slack!

If you have any feedback in regards to the information provided in the guide, please feel free to share it with me! I am always looking for improve myself as player, and my guide to make it as useful, and helpful of a tool as possible. Once again, thank you, and best of luck to everyone for the remainder of Season 4!

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