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my attemped

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by Al_Farther0091 updated September 11, 2020

Smite God: Chaac

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Chaac Build

main build

Build Item Reinforced Greaves Reinforced Greaves
Build Item Shield of Regrowth Shield of Regrowth
Build Item Blackthorn Hammer Blackthorn Hammer
Build Item Gladiator's Shield Gladiator's Shield
Build Item Frostbound Hammer Frostbound Hammer
Build Item The Crusher The Crusher

Situational items

Build Item Serrated Edge Serrated Edge
Build Item Berserker's Shield Berserker's Shield
Build Item Mystical Mail Mystical Mail
Build Item Runeforged Hammer Runeforged Hammer
Build Item Shifter's Shield Shifter's Shield
Build Item Void Shield Void Shield

relics and potions

Build Item Elixir of Defense Elixir of Defense
Build Item Elixir of Speed Elixir of Speed
Build Item Chalice of Healing Chalice of Healing
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak
Build Item Belt of Frenzy Belt of Frenzy

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Devampi (104) | September 14, 2020 12:48am
So I know this is not meant for conquest (useful thing to not get the solo lane referred is to add non-conquest in the title of build or mention the modes in the title.)

Now my feedback aligns quite a lot with bran.

for boots I myself wold also opt for Warrior Tabi. For most warriors, their early damage from abilities is really good and dangerous for most squishy enemies. However, Chaac can be considered even more dangerous as his Thunder Strike allows him to poke pretty freely. And this ability chunks.
I know in teamfight modes double prot can be great early, but for Chaac it makes his gameplay a lot weaker overall.

Like bran, I would also suggest building regrowth later especially in teamfight modes if you're playing as a tank no reason not to grab Gauntlet of Thebes in this slot and as bruiser grabbing The Sledge. Especially the sledge is really good cause of the additional power in addition to getting a ton of HP and 30 prot as you're in a teamfight mode). If you really want Shield of Regrowth I recommend to grab it at the 3rd slot.

With Chaac mana sustain from his passive this item is mostly used for the cdr IMO, but, as The Sledge exist and you're in a 3v3-5v5 teamfight mode I feel that is just the better choice.

Like bran, I feel you will gain a better advantage and more damage with Void Shield. glad shield only works on abilities and with your AA focused ending of the build void will benefit both (plus any other physicals on your team).

I myself would;t bother with Frostbound Hammer as Rain Dance exists. and the lack of magic prot giving mages a field day with you. I feel you're better of grabbing any magical protections (which even the situationals are missing.)

lastly The Crusher is not that good on Chaac I prefer Heartseeker or brawler's beatstick over it but seeing as your build is more AA focused on the end I can see it work.

Some situationals I would change:
I would personally not really bother a lot with Serrated Edge or Berserker's Shield as Chaac is primarily ability focused. I would add in cadeuces shield and some magical protection items.

So for me seeing as you're playing a teamfight 24/7 modes, I would go with a different approach. first identifying if I need to be the main tank (in joust unless a guardian or another warrior is picked you will often become a more of a support as the tanky character. although in this case I would not pick chaac as he can't really peel that well. only pick him in a double bruiser comp in joust) or can be a bruiser. My prefered build will usually be something like this (will give them with some situationals)

Teamfight tank:
Core/first 3 items
Warrior Tabi (most other tanks will go Shoes of Focus so not a big tank focus)
Gauntlet of Thebes (atm best tank item stats wise and easy to stakc in teamfight modes as you don;t have to clear)
cadeuces shield (mitigate the effect of anti heal and if anti heal is not present it gives you a lot of sustainability and some more damage).

after this core it's time for some dedicated by situation dependent defense. At this point threats will have developed and been identified, so you will have to decide if you need magical or physical defense. The easy way to do this is being checking which source puts out the most damage/kills (checkable with T, Y if you died and tab). also keep in mind if the source is AA focused gods and your team.

Against physical options:
Breastplate of Valor (cdr option to throw more axes, heal more frequently etc.)
Contagion (if anti heal is needed)
Hide of the Nemean Lion or Midgardian Mail (agaisnt heavy AA damage)
Spectral Armor (against high crit)

Against magical option:
Genji's Guard (cdr option)
Pestilence (anti heal option do keep in mind the aura does not stack with Contagion)
Shogun's Kusari (your team has a lot of AA damage also provides a bit of CDR)
Oni Hunter's Garb (lot of tankiness provided by the mitigation)

after picking one of each dedicated prot types we will have 1 item left this one can be more defense or an offensive item. the four choices will often become:
Mantle of Discord or Spirit Robe
any of the above dedicated prot items
heartseekr or brawler's beatstick as offensive options.
you can also go with Shield of Regrowth or Stone of Gaia

Now if you prefer a bruiser playstyle the above changes a bit:
Warrior Tabi
The Sledge
cadeuces shield (cadeuces can be delayed to 4th slot in place of a below health option)

the dedicated section changes slightly depending on the plan it's either 2 dedicated prot items or a health double prot item.

against magical:
Runic Shield (offensive option]]
Oni Hunter's Garb (defensive option)
Pestilence (anti heal/defensive)

agaisnt physical:
Void Shield (offensive)
Breastplate of Valor (defensive)
Contagion (anti heal/defensive)

double prot:
Mantle of Discord (preffered for the stun CC immunity to get out of a bad situation)
guantlet of thebes (best single item defensive prot in the game)
Pridwen (cdr)

Health option:
Shield of Regrowth or more situationally Winged Blade (speed when healing or getting slowed)
Stone of Gaia (more healing)
Runeforged Hammer (offensive)

and lastly finish it off with Heartseeker or brawler's beatstick.
For the boots swap either one of the dedicated or double prot items or Shifter's Shield or glad shield.

Lastly one note on the relics I would get used to using Magic Shell in the non assault game modes as it provides a better shield. And there are tons of relics you can use on Chaac for different reasons. blink to initiate with your ult. Shield of Thorns etc. don;t bind yourself as a bruiser or tank to a certain set only squishies have to do this.
Al_Farther0091 | September 15, 2020 9:52am
OMG thank you so much for the advice I will give it ago and hopefully it will serve me greatly
Branmuffin17 (342) | September 13, 2020 2:36pm
Alright Al, some feedback starting w/ this Chaac build.
  • Reinforced Greaves is a viable boots option. That said, depending on how you build, and especially for non-Conquest modes, you may want to take as much advantage of his ability scaling as possible. He's got pretty decent scaling for most of his abilities, including (esp) his heal and his ult. There's a reason Warrior Tabi is the most popular boots option for him.

    If your reason for reinforced is because your next 2 items in the "main build" don't have protections, I understand it, but I think those next 2 items should also be considered.

  • So Shield of Regrowth is 2nd. I wouldn't build it this early personally, but the price is low, it has CDR, and you'll get that nice boost of MS every time you use your 3. There's a lot to like about the item on him, but I'd also suggest considering this a bit later in the build.

  • Reinforced plays a bigger role here because your 2nd AND your 3rd items don't have protections. I would generally suggest against this if you're building tanky or bruiser. Reinforced has stacking prots up to 21 of each, but that's on the low side, and any initial hits you take, you'll take the full damage. It's not a good substitute for true prots. It's not a bad item, but in the case of your 2nd and 3rd items, I'd build one of the two as item #2 if you prefer, and then delay the other later. Blackthorn is a popular 2nd item, at least in some previous patches, so I'd suggest that.

  • Gladiator's Shield I assume is in there for the additional CD but also the bruiser stats. Although it's a decent item, 40 prots isn't much, and being your first full prot item, I think it should be something different. My personal preference for a phys prot bruiser item would be Void Shield in most cases.

  • Frostbound Hammer can be pretty nice for him, combining with his 3 to give a huge slow to enemies. But it's now the 5th item and you don't have an item with dedicated / significant magical prots. None of your situational options do either. Mages will absolutely blow you up. What it's looking like here is significant imbalance of stats.

  • You end with The Crusher, which is a nice offensive item in general, but not sure it fits well here. If you want bigger offensive impact from a single item, you probably should be considering Heartseeker.

  • Your situational items are interesting, and functional in some cases, but based on your main build direction, don't know which I would choose to sub out for others.
In the end, my personal preference would contain the following adjustments:

1. Use Warrior as base boots.

2. Move Regrowth to a later spot or list only as situational. You don't need Regrowth as much since your 3 has a strong slow for a good duration...and you especially don't need it as much if you're also investing in Frost.

3. You can choose Blackthorn 2nd. It'll satisfy some early CDR needs and make sure you don't run out of mana for long.

4. Your next item really should have protections. If you want balanced prots, you can go for Gauntlet of Thebes or Hide of the Urchin as full dedicated defense, or consider Caduceus Shield to continue providing some bruiser effect. Alternatively, if you're focusing on this 3rd slot being an offensive item, you can choose the next 2 items to provide balanced prots. Suggested to use Void Shield for physical prots, and Ancile or Runic Shield as magical. Get whichever prot type has higher priority.

5. Consider getting any further of the above mentioned items, but you can also slot Regrowth in here.

In the end, here is a build example:

- Warrior Tabi, Blackthorn Hammer, Caduceus Shield, Void Shield, Ancile, Heartseeker, replace Tabi w/ Shield of Regrowth or Pridwen.

It's got better survivability and honestly better damage potential. You have less up-front CDR, but can make up for that late, while also having increased healing potential, better burst from HS, etc.
Al_Farther0091 | September 15, 2020 9:59am
Thank you for the advice I will make good use of it
Devampi (104) | September 13, 2020 11:40pm
Branmuffin17 wrote:

[*] Frostbound Hammer can be pretty nice for him, combining with his 3 to give a huge slow to enemies.

If I recall correctly slows don't stack well intensity wise, as after 40% of slow DR will apply so you won't hit a 70% slow more something like a 50-55% one, making frostbound slightly useless when Rain Dance is active. also not sure about if the AS reduction stacks between items and abilities
Branmuffin17 (342) | September 15, 2020 10:26am
I acknowledge and am very familiar with diminishing returns on slows. Note that what I was describing was also with a purpose to give some credit to Al for the thought behind the item. Note also that I didn't include it in my example build suggestion.

That said, combining Chaac's MS slow on his 3 with Frost will make the enemy move like molasses (not going below the MS floor of 150), and is of course helpful when the 3 isn't active. FYI your calc is correct, it would be 53.8% slow.

Wording considered, "useless" is an extreme word and it's weird to apply "slightly" to it. Rather, it'd be better to say "less effective."

In any case, FB is no longer listed so it's a moot point. =)
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my attemped
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