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I See a Red Door and I Want It Painted Black

September 26, 2018 by Tlaloc1050
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3


Smite God: Nox

Item Purchase Order

Example Build (CDR Rush)
?This build is focused on getting a high amount of CDR up and running; with the reason being that high CDR = higher potential to do a variety of things, like dishing out damage or locking down enemy gods with CC.

Build Item Book of Thoth
Build Item Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Spear of the Magus
Build Item Pythagorem's Piece
Build Item Soul Reaver

Starting Items (w/ Blessing)
?This start encompasses mages blessing for the early ability damage bonus to aid in clearing waves while Book of Thoth is being built; along with potions to sustain oneself.

Build Item Mage's Blessing Build Item Spellbook Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Starting Items (no Blessing)
?An alternate start (which may be better) that involves rushing into Book of Thoth as early as possible to get the edge on the enemy mid-laner. This helps due to Nox's less than optimal early wave clear.

Build Item Book of Souls Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion

? Book of Thoth is highly valuable due to the massive amount of mana it provides. The bonus power that scales of your max mana has synergies with other items like Soul Reaver or Book of the Dead.

Build Item Book of Thoth

Mobility (Choose One)
? Shoes of the Magi provides extra pen, which is useful for early game aggression. This is good when paired with an aggressive jungler. Shoes of Focus on the other hand has 10% CDR and mana, which will benefit Book of Thoth's passive. 7.5 bonus power before full stacks, and 12.5 after full stacks. However, keep in mind that buying Shoes of Focus may overcap your CDR late game.

Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Shoes of Focus

Penetration Options

Build Item Divine Ruin Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Spear of the Magus Build Item Obsidian Shard

Offensive Options
  • Chronos' Pendant: Allows you to obtain high CDR and MP5 from just one item slot. Practically a core item on Nox

  • Pythagorem's Piece: 10% CDR. Power and lifesteal aura for teammates around you

  • Soul Gem: CDR and lifestea;, slightly more selfish

  • Rod of Tahuti: High magical power. Its passive allows grants a higher chance of finish off low health target

  • Soul Reaver: High magical power + extra burst damage. Useful against tanks

  • Shaman's Ring: Made for combo orientated gods like Nox. Gives you a semi-high amount of magic power, along with movement speed. It's passive allows you to take advantage of your combos

Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Pythagorem's Piece Build Item Soul Gem Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Soul Reaver Build Item Shaman's Ring

Defensive Options

Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Magi's Cloak Build Item Celestial Legion Helm Build Item Book of the Dead

Relic Options

Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Phantom Veil Build Item Blink Rune

Example Build (Anti-Tank)
?This build as you can imagine is meant to take down enemy gods with high protections. Spear of the Magus and Obsidian Shard will help deal with high protections. Meanwhile, Soul Reaver's passive will give you extra damage against them due to their natural high health.

Build Item Book of Thoth Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Spear of the Magus Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Soul Reaver

Example Build (Teamfight Oriented)
?Unlike the other builds, this one isn't too selfish. Pythagorem's Piece provides a nice lifesteal and power aura for everyone. Meanwhile, Spear of the Magus' passive benefits magical allies; unlike Obsidian Shard's which only serves you. Rod of Tahuti is bought to make up for the rather mediocre power that Spear of the Magus and Pythagorem's Piece gives. The main focus of the build is to become teamfight-friendly earlier, rather than later.

Build Item Book of Thoth Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Pythagorem's Piece Build Item Spear of the Magus Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Rod of Tahuti

God Skill Order

Shadow Lock

Shadow Lock 4 8 11 12 14 key bind

Siphon Darkness

Siphon Darkness 1 3 6 7 10 key bind

Shadow Step

Shadow Step 2 15 16 18 19 key bind

Night Terror

Night Terror 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Intro - Who is Nox? I meant Nyx! No, Nox! Nyx that!

~Image not mine, credit goes to the amazing artist Stuke99~
Nox is a primordial being, one that's strong enough to deter Zeus from pursuing Hypnos when he ran back to mommy. Her unique kit allows her to disrupt enemy lines through silences, while sniping off anyone who escapes with Night Terror. Nox is great in a teamfight, and brings much to the table. One of the most satisfying things about Nox is her Shadow Step. Two-man (or woman) ganks are great. Also, she has a mansion at the end of the cosmos. Take that Neil deGrasse Tyson.

*Note: In Chapter 6 all images and text in white belong to the Smite Gamepedia



Flame of the Night
Nox's candles gather energy from all abilities she uses. For every ability Nox casts a candle is lit. For every candle lit Nox gains +3% magical power. When Nox takes damage from an enemy god, one of her candles is blown out. Stacks up to 4 times, for a total of 12% bonus magical power.

Discussion: You won't really think about this passive. However, this is a good reason to spam abilities and avoid damage, and supports a high power build, especially late-game.
Skill #1:

Shadow Lock
Nox extends her shadow, rooting and crippling a single enemy god in place and dealing damage every 0.5s for 2s. Nox must channel to maintain hold on the target, but may cancel this ability early. While channeling this ability Nox suffers no directional movement penalty. CD 10 seconds.

Leveling Priority: Prioritize this 2nd.

General Use: Damage / Peel / Control

Discussion: This is your main form of control, and most often will be paired as the follow-up combo ability to Siphon Darkness. A 2 second root is extremely powerful, allowing teammates to easily focus a single enemy.

Tips: Common practice sees this ability cast immediately after using Siphon Darkness, to catch enemies in its AOE and deal massive damage. However, in a teamfight, you may want to show some restraint, and wait for the enemy to react before casting. This allows you to better predict the direction they will head to escape. Even if they escape the Siphon's AOE, confirming the lock is arguably much more important; with the help of teammates, it can set up an easy kill.
Skill #2:

Siphon Darkness
Nox creates a void of darkness that silences all enemies within. After a short duration it explodes, dealing damage. CD 13 seconds.

Leveling Priority: Prioritize this 1st.

General Use: Damage / Minion Clear / Zoning / Ability Interruption

Discussion: This is Nox's strongest and most defining ability, providing your main minion clear function, and a level of utility matched by few others.

Anyone in the AOE is silenced. This means you can prevent enemies from casting any abilities, or interrupt enemies that are channeling abilities. Use this to cause massive disruption. When using this for wave clear, you can deploy this ahead to get an edge on the enemy mid-laner. If you have Book of Thoth, by level 7 Siphon Darkness will instantly kill archers and weaker front-line minions.

Tips: More important than using this for damage, your main focus should be to use this for control. Initiate a 1v1 engagement with this (followed by Shadow Lock), or hold onto it in a teamfight specifically for its silence function. You can also use this for zoning purposes. E.g. In a narrow jungle path, drop it in front of a retreating enemy to make them think twice about running through it.
Skill #3:

Shadow Step
Nox dashes forward, dealing damage to all enemies. If she hits an allied god, she leaps into their shadow, traveling with them. When Nox exits a shadow, she deals damage again in a radius around her. Nox may cancel this ability early to exit shadows. Nox can stay in an ally's shadow for up to 8 seconds. CD 15 seconds.

Leveling Priority: Prioritize this last.

General Use: Escape / Initiation / Damage / (Situational) Global Mobility

Discussion: This is the most interesting and flexible ability in her kit. You'll generally hold onto this for use as an escape. However, when the situation is favorable / safe, you can:
  • Dash through the minion wave for clearing function
  • Initiate with this to close distance
  • Dash through an enemy for added damage
  • If trapped in Odin's Ring of Spears with an ally, dash into them to reduce damage taken
Keep in mind, when you're in a teammate's shadow, you cannot be targeted / damaged.

Tips: The greatest (but most situational) utility is through your ability to leap into a teammate's shadow. Dash into them, and you will go where they go. For massive burst function, dash through an enemy into a nearby teammate, then immediately cancel and you'll hit them in the secondary AOE.

Situationally, you can use this to transport large distances, especially with global ults. Examples of Gods where Nox can hitch a ride: Apollo, Arachne, Athena, Chernobog, Mercury, Ratatoskr, Thanatos, Thor.

In addition, you can use this offensively for huge gank potential, particularly with gods that have teleports or stealth (.e.g. Loki, Izanami, Ao Kuang, Da Ji, The Morrigan).

Night Terror
Nox unleashes a vortex of dark energy that explodes on contact with an enemy god, dealing damage to all enemies in range 20 and applying damage over time. Enemies hit are also weakened, dealing 40% less damage for the duration. CD 90/85/80/75/70 seconds.

Leveling Priority: Level this whenever it becomes available.

General Use: Damage / Teamfights / 1v1 Kills / Kill Secure

Discussion: This ability has incredible range, allowing you to target retreating / damaged enemies. Kill secure is arguably its most popular (and satisfying) use.

However, it provides great utility (via the damage reduction) in both 1v1s and teamfights, where the AOE burst can hit multiple enemies.

Tips: In teamfights, don't save this for kill secure. The 5 second damage reduction is incredibly useful, and can easily give your team the upper hand. When in the process of casting this, Nox can go through Janus' Portals.

Ability Combos

Core Combo

This is your main combo. Initiate with Siphon Darkness to prevent enemy ability use. This will typically trigger 1 of 3 reactions:
  1. The enemy will try to escape by running out of the AOE
  2. It will force the enemy to use Purification Beads
  3. The ability's silence will trigger a Magi's Cloak passive
In most cases, the first will occur. Follow up Siphon Darkness with Shadow Lock. If you connect before they leave Siphon's AOE, you will deal damage from both abilities.

Tips: In most cases, you will try for max damage, meaning you want to cast Shadow Lock immediately after Siphon Darkness, to trap them while they're still in the AOE. You need to pay attention to the direction the enemy is heading. It is easier to hit the Lock if you're very close to them, but if they're further away, you'll need to lead your aim a bit ahead of them.

However, you may decide a bit of patience is preferable, possibly allowing the enemy to escape the AOE but allowing for a higher probability of connecting with the Lock. Remember, Siphon Darkness is first and foremost a setup tool, and although it has higher core damage potential, Lock is really your most important ability. If you have Spear of the Magus, it will give you stacks of protection reduction. If you have teammates with you, it will allow them to more easily connect on their damage.

Initiation Combo

This is your chase and 1v1 kill combo, without using your ult. Initiate and close distance with Shadow Step. If the enemy is retreating and has some distance on you, you'll likely only use this to get close enough to connect with Shadow Lock. However, if you're fighting a 1v1 and are confident in your ability to get a kill, you'll use this within closer range to connect with it for the damage.

Follow it up with the standard combo of Siphon Darkness and Shadow Lock. Since you're going for damage/kill, you'll pretty much always use Shadow Lock immediately after Siphon Darkness to keep them in the AOE...your close proximity to the enemy should help you confirm the Lock.

Remember that you're blowing your escape, so use this combo with discretion and awareness.

Teamfight Ability Use

This is your teamfight "combo," used when multiple enemies and teammates are likely present. Both Night Terror and Shadow Step are used situationally; your core is still Siphon Darkness to Shadow Lock.

  • Night Terror: Understand that Night Terror doesn't technically have to be used at the onset of a fight. Use your ult when you feel it has the most potential. That potential is usually best seen early in a fight, to give your teammates an advantage with the damage reduction it provides. Watch for enemies to bunch up, to hit multiple targets. If you have specific teammates with the ability to draw enemies to one area (e.g. Ares, Cerberus, Da Ji, Odin), you may wait for them to use that first.

    You may also use this defensively, if the enemy has predictable hard CC (remember you get CC immunity during the casting animation).

  • Shadow Step (Defensive): Your first priority for this is always for escape or avoidance of damage. Remember that you can hide in teammates' shadows to avoid damage.

  • Shadow Step (Offensive Burst): With teammates around, remember that you can use their presence for burst damage, if the enemy is in the right spot. Look for tanky teammates initiating on enemies to help them take their target down, or for squishy teammates that are getting jumped and could use some help.

Mid Gameplay

Start and Early Game

Beginning Route: Fountain -> Speed Buff -> Mid Lane

As you may already know, Nox's early clear isn't great. When the game begins, immediately start casting Siphon Darkness while standing in the fountain, until you have full stacks of Flame of the Night. This increases your overall damage and of course improves wave clear. Play cautiously, and avoid taking any unnecessary damage; from gods especially. When the jungler comes around to the damage buff, help the jungler clear it and take the buff for yourself. At this point, I wouldn't recommend attempting to clear the Mid Harpies unless your jungler comes around, since at this point you're fairly weak. Wards are great and will keep you alive.

In the situation of an enemy gank, use Shadow Step to dash back into your tower and defend until the foreign invaders are gone.

Mid-Game In The Mid-Lane

At around level 8 is when Siphon Darkness can instantly clear a minion wave (With the exception of the brutes). This is usually after getting Book of Thoth, as it provides a nice power spike. Landing the classic Siphon Darkness and Raven Grab Shadow Lock combo will deal a significant amount of damage. The support will make rotations betwen mid and due lane.

Nox at this point can out clear several gods. Due to this, some of your minions will begin attacking the enemy god while they slowly retreat into their tower. A simple but effective way to take advantage of this is to cast Siphon Darkness and Shadow Lock on the enemy god, leaving them a still target for the minions. You could also just use Shadow Lock, but casting both Siphon Darkness and Shadow Lock is the dominant strategy.

Teammates may want to secure an objective like the Gold Fury or The Fire Giant Camp. Work with them to secure together. Push the enemy tower when possible. Keep warding and don't forget to clear the Damage Buff and Mid Harpies.

Late Game and The End

Nox is in her prime at this point. Stick with your team to push and secure objectives. A good idea would be to ward phoenixes that are down, as you really don't want someone back-dooring your titan. If someone already hasn't done it, ward the Fire Giant. Its buff can be a major deciding factor as to who wins a teamfight, and at this point a deicide will usually mean a loss due to long respawn timers. Not much to say here.

Support Gameplay

Start and Early Game

Beginning Path: Fountain -> Duo Lane

Keep in mind that Nox support is unconventional, and tanking damage counteracts Flame of the Night. Start off in duo lane with your Carry. Clear minion waves and leave the last-hitting to your Carry. After several waves the jungler may come around to clear the void camp. When you see the jungler approaching go to the void camps and clear it together. This is for you, not your carry. Take it and head back to lane. Play cautiously as your protections aren't online and you're fairly vulnerable. Ward in the right jungle. Tank jungle camps.

Mid Game

Your protections should have increased by a fair amount, enough so that you won't near instantly die when the enemy jungler ganks. Keep warding. The Carry may want to secure buffs like the Gold Fury's Oracles for some extra exp and gold, or the Mid may want to get a damage buff. Follow and protect them. Use your abilities to set up kills for your allies. Ganking using Siphon Darkness and Shadow Lock is fairly effective. When thinking about getting buffs, remember that the void camp's usefulness decreases as time passes.

Late Game and The End

Tanking towers won't hurt too much now. Like sugar, it's good in moderation. Tank objectives like the Fire Giant and towers. Either you or your solo laner will do it. Remember to always keep a ward on the Fire Giant and phoenixes that are down. Stick with an ally at all times and remember to play with a support's mindset, not a mid's. Others' lives are the priority, not quite yours.

Conquest Jungle/Buff Camps Info

Back Harpy Camps
There are four of these, the four jungle camps closest to both bases. They are composed of two Harpies and one Elder Harpy. They spawn at 30 seconds into the game and have a respawn time of 60 seconds.

The jungler will mostly take these on his usually rotations and I suggest you leave it for him, as the jungler doesn't have a lot of sources of farm unlike everyone else. Provides some exp and gold.

Middle Harpy Camps
There are two of these, both at opposite sides across the middle lane, composed of two Elder Harpies. They spawn 30 seconds into the game and have a respawn time of 90 seconds.

Provides a nice amount of gold and exp. If behind, these will allow you to catch up overtime by securing them. You can ward these to keep an eye on them. Clear when possible.

Satyr Camps
There are two of these close to the Tier 1 towers on the Fire Giant side of the map. They are composed of two Satyrs and one Satyr Buff Holder. They spawn 30 seconds into the game and have a respawn time of 2 minutes (120 seconds).

This is reserved for the solo laner. Don't take them. You can help them clear it if you happen to be on that side of the map due to something like a gank. Provides a 25 MP5 and CDR buff. These benefits + a regenerative ability (common among solo laners) is what gives them their sustain.

Manticore Camps
There are two of these, both at opposite sides across the map, composed of two Manticores and one Manticore Buff Holder. They spawn 30 seconds into the game and have a respawn time of 2 minutes (120 seconds).

This is usually for you, or your ADC. During early game clear this with your jungler. Provides a 20% power buff + 10 magical/5 physical power, helps with clearing minion waves and dealing damage in general.

Centaur Camps
There are two of these, both at opposite sides across the map, composed of two Centaurs and one Centaur Buff Holder. They spawn 30 seconds into the game and have a respawn time of 2 minutes (120 seconds).

This is reserved for your jungler. Provides a 20% movement speed buff. Junglers need to move around the jungle quickly to provide buffs for the team, as well as gank lanes.

Chimera Camps
There are two of these close to the Tier 1 towers on the Gold Fury side of the map. They are composed of two Chimeras and one Chimera Buff Holder. They spawn 30 seconds into the game and have a respawn time of 2 minutes (120 seconds).

Added with the new season 5 map, this buff should go to the support. A few Carries will take this thinking that it's an attack speed buff, like the one you'd find in arena. This provides an aura that decreases nearby enemy protections by 10. Has a radius of 55.

Oracle Fury Camp
There is one of these, at the center of the jungle closest to the long lane, across from the Gold Fury camp. It is composed of two Oracle Furies. They spawn 30 seconds into the game and have a respawn time of 3 minutes (180 seconds).

Grant several more gold and exp than the mid harpies. When slayed, an indestructible ward is placed that covers the Gold Fury's surrounding area. Useful for keeping an extra eye on the jungle, in addition to your regular wards.

The Gold Fury
There is one of these, at the center of the jungle closest to the long lane. It spawns 10 minutes into the game and has a respawn time of 5 minutes (300 seconds).

Usually taken if the enemy duo laners are far behind or dead. Provides a high amount of gold and exp for everyone. Beware of the enemy team as they'll try to contest the camp.

Pyromancer Camps
There is one of these, at the center of the jungle closest to the short lane, across from Fire Giant Camp. It spawns 10 minutes into the game and has a respawn time of 5 minutes (300 seconds).

When killed, grants gold and experience, along with a 40% movement speed buff upon leaving the fountain for 15 seconds. Usually required at least 2 players to defeat.

The Fire Giant
There is one of these, at the center of the jungle closest to the short lane. It spawns 10 minutes into the game and has a respawn time of 5 minutes (300 seconds). Fire Giant is replaced by Enhanced Fire Giant when it respawns after the 25 minute mark.

Requires at least 3 players to take down. The toughest neutral jungle monster. Always best to keep a ward on this one. Best taken when the majority of enemy gods are dead. Provides +70 Magical Power, +50 Physical Power, 4% HP5 and 2% MP5, and increases damage versus Towers and Phoenixes by 20%. Has the ability to turn the tide of the battle.

Extra Help

Old Video Guide By Dmbrandon:

Link to The Smite Gamepedia


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  • 28/7/18 - Updated credits section


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