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Are You Afraid of Heights? - Ne Zha 5.1

February 8, 2018 by Cyberhawk94
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Build 1
Build 2

Playing with Fire

Smite God: Ne Zha

Item Purchase Order

Starting Items

Build Item Assassin's Blessing
Build Item Boots
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

Core Items

Build Item Talaria Boots Build Item The Crusher Build Item Deathbringer

Extra Pen

Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Titan's Bane

Defense Item (1)

Build Item Masamune Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Magi's Cloak Build Item Ancile

Other Options

Build Item Transcendence Build Item Void Shield Build Item Malice

God Skill Order

Universe Ring Toss

Universe Ring Toss 1 4 6 7 9 key bind

Flaming Spear

Flaming Spear 2 8 11 12 14 key bind

Armillary Sash

Armillary Sash 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Wind Fire Wheels

Wind Fire Wheels 5 10 13 17 20 key bind

Are You Afraid of Heights? - Ne Zha 5.1

February 8, 2018


Welcome to my guide for Ne Zha, the Third Lotus Prince

My name is Cyberhawk.

Ne Zha is a fairly challenging god with a very high skill ceiling that punishes falling behind. If you can get good with this god, he can be extremely rewarding.

This is my fourth season 5 guide, and I intend to update it, so feel free to comment things that should be added/edited.

Pros / Cons

Scared of a kid?

  • Great burst damage
  • Excellent 1v1
  • Excellent mobility
  • Great Set-Up
  • Super fast camp clear
  • Very Squishy
  • Very vulnerable to CC and beads
  • Telegraphed ultimate can get him killed in teamfights


Take this!

Passive - Righteous Spirit

Righteous Spirit is a simple enough passive. The meter fills up as you deal damage, increasing your Crit Chance (up to 10%) and the heal from Flaming Spear. The tricky part is the meter empties completely if you are out of combat for a few seconds. If you have this built up and are moving to gank, hitting a jungle camp with just a single basic attack can keep it active long enough for you to get to lane.

1 - Universe Ring Toss

Universe Ring Toss is Ne Zha's main poke / camp clear. It also shreds armor, slows, and gives you a speed buff! Level this first since it makes it both hit harder and hit more.

The hardest thing about this ability is when to use it. The armor shred and damage leans toward using it to open a fight. But the speed boost and slow make it great at chasing or speed boosting to the next jungle camp. Personally, I usually use it as an opener for ganks, and use the speed boost to close with camps rather than leave them.

Note: If you can bounce this between two gods with no minions around, you can easily take out half of their health or more from the protection shredding.

Advanced move: If an enemy god is out of range and low health, bouncing the ring down a minion wave can secure some unexpected kills, especially after The Crusher is built.

2 - Flaming Spear

Flaming Spear is Ne Zha's steroid, and its one of the best in the game. Extra Crit Chance, Attack Speed, and a nice heal, this ability has a lot going on. Early game this will mostly be used for the sustain since it only lasts 4 seconds. Late game, this ability gives you a base 25% crit chance and a massive attack speed boost for 6 seconds.

Try to activate this before you use Armillary Sash so you can go straight into auto attacks after landing (as well as boosting its crit chance).

3 - Armillary Sash

Armillary Sash is Ne Zha's simplest ability. A ranged stun that does good damage and can crit, this ability gets you right where you need to be, if you can land it.

Pull yourself in to beat down an enemy, grab a fleeing foe, combo into Wind Fire Wheels, or even just lock them in place for a Crush or Spirit of the Nine Winds.

Note: Ne Zha is immune to most everything while in the air with this ability. If a big burst is coming like Scylla's Crush, sashing just whoever is in front of you can save your life.

Something to keep in mind: Ne Zha is frozen in place while throwing the Sash, so you are vulnerable to CC and damage at that time, especially if you miss. Be careful using it in risky situations.

Advanced move: If an enemy god is out of range and low health, Sash a closer target, juke around them and Wind Fire Wheels the farther god. If you can pull it off you can get some excellent kills.

4 - Wind Fire Wheels

Wind Fire Wheels is Ne Zha's best and hardest ability. Capable of one-shotting squishy targets late game, actually using it can run into some complications.

Combo-ing off Armillary Sash is the easiest and adds more damage into the combo, however it also means you will land in that exact spot and gives the enemy team plenty of time to be waiting for you.

Using Wind Fire Wheels from range is much safer if you hit, but it is easy to miss and then be stuck in the middle of the enemy team. I suggest practicing landing this ultimate from a distance as much as possible.

Note: When needed, this ability is a CC-immune dash that can get you out of a bad spot. losing the ultimate is better then giving the enemy team a kill.


Universe Ring Toss -> Flaming Spear -> Armillary Sash -> Basics


Universe Ring Toss -> Armillary Sash -> Wind Fire Wheels

Surprise gank

Armillary Sash -> Wind Fire Wheels -> Basics

The main things to practice with Ne Zha are:

The aim of your Wind Fire Wheels
Armillary Sash being used appropriately
Prot Shredding with Universe Ring Toss
The "advanced moves" mentioned above.


Time to play with fire!


Ususally will be the best starter item on Ne Zha. Helps he clear and sustain, and eventually gives Pen. However, his clear is pretty good, and he has healing built into his kit, so he doesn’t need it as much as most.

If you are feeling cheeky, you can buy Mage's Blessing. Still helps his ability-based clear and mana sustain, but gives better poke and grants Cooldown Reduction instead of penetration. Assassin's Blessing is likely better, but if you really like CDR this is an option.


Cool Toys

Core Items

Item 1
The preferred choice of boots for Ne Zha, Talaria Boots gives an outstanding 25% Movement speed, and should always be your first full item. Preferred over Warrior Tabi for the MP5 and excellent rotation speed, but Warrior Tabi is an option due to Ne Zha’s high scaling.

After boots, Ne Zha has less of a “build order” and more of a pile of excellent items on him that can be built variously depending on your playstyle. You want:

>3 Pen items like The Crusher and Heartseeker, usually flat pen as you will be targeting the backline.

>1 Crit item, usually Deathbringer. Ne Zha doesn’t need more with his passive and guarenteed crits.

>1 Defensive item to help you live after you dive the backline.

Overall the build will look like: Boots – Pen - ___ - Crit - ___ - ___ , but you can arrange the defensive item and extra pen depending on your playstyle and the situation.

Item 4

Deathbringer, especially in its current state, is the make or break crit item. This will nearly double your damage output in just one item. Its name has never been more accurate. With this item alone, Ne Zha hits 60% crit chance, to say nothing of the guarenteed crits from his ultimate. Preferred over Malice because while Malice does more damage, you lose a lot of the ticks from his ultimate and get better basic attack damage from Deathbringer.

If you need/want both defense and The Crusher first, this could be delayed until 5th item, but that will hurt your burst damage a lot.

Item 3 or 5

The Crusher fits Ne Zha so well it deserves mention separate from the rest of the penetration items. You can make use of the pen and attack speed extremely well, and the passive will turn your Universe Ring Toss from annoying to terrifying. It even adds another hit worth of damage to your ultimate.

Don’t rush this after boots (you need some power first), and don’t delay this until last item (its too damn good on Ne Zha). Building this before or after Deathbringer is dependent on how badly you need a defense item that game.

The Pen Items (pick 2)

I feel supercharged!

The Defense Items (pick 1)

This should keep them off my back!

Other Options

This'll do me good!


Tag, you're it!

Early Game

Mid Game

Late Game


Ne Zha is one of my top 3 favorite gods in the game (thank god for skins with different voice acting), and you can absolutely shred with him with some practice.

Special thanks to Zibly and his awesome Template!

Other Guides

These are all the guides I have made so far, feel free to check them out.
Actively Maintained

Hun Batz

Ne Zha


Update when Possible

Mercury Patch 5.1


Will update as builds change in patches etc.


2/6/2018 - Created

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