October 07, 2017

Arena Match Against Jigz

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Arena  |  Jigz
So I played Chiron a couple of times in my quest to get all gods to at least Mastery I...the following vid of MOST of the match was my 2nd game in a row against Jigz (captain of competitive team SSG). For those who don't know, he's a Support main, so he was just fooling around here as Mercury.

That said, here's the link to the previous game. He was the Anhur, and you can tell he's a pro just by the massive amount of damage he did (56k!). Finally got Thoth to Mastery I w/ that game, even though my score sort of sucked.

That ALSO said...he was sort of cheating. He had a shadow on him for BOTH games...The Aphrodite, Vinerak, was attached to him the whole time. Seriously. Allowed him to go in really aggressively, but man if having Aphro only be with Jigz didn't really handicap his team. Aphro did a lot of healing, sure, but it was almost like we were facing 4.5 gods, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, for this game, was just working on getting Chiron to Mastery I (which I got too). Played this one with boogiebass, who was playing his favorite Fenrir, and did a damn fine job in more of a Support role.

I was mostly playing it safe, and as Duotem commented to me earlier, I played him with a lot more focus on ability use (like you should overall). Normally don't get Jotunn's Wrath on Hunters, but his CDs are soooo long, and I highly suggest it in these types of modes when playing an ability-based Hunter.

Ended up at 8/0/21 (boogie @ 8/2/23) in a dominant win. Jigz was going after me a bit, but I was slipperier than the enemy Medusa (who wasn't actually all that slippery, for being a snake...also, snakes aren't slippery, in case you haven't touched one before XD).

Sorry to boogie for getting him all paranoid early about playing against Jigz.