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Branmuffin17's Blog
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April 21, 2018
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conquest  |  Finally  |  iSux  |  ranked

I probably should have at least finished up my ranked qualifiers in 3 wins and 2 losses, it was automatically better than the showing I had this season...

Final qualifier score: 2-8. And the grand prize ranking?


Yup, yours truly was placed in the absolute lowest rank. And I even brought DV-8 out of Gold while doing so.

Now, I can't say I'm a good player...but damn if most of the games felt really lopsided, and not necessarily because of me.

In this one, I warned them about me playing jungle, but I ended up being Jungle anyway! LOL...I do have to say, Ratatoskr is tons of fun. In any case, our Sobek ragequit very early in the game after he died twice...left us all obviously at a disadvantage, so we were just holding for a short while and trying to stalemate...didn't come back, died some, and we ended up forfeiting because it was an obvious lost cause.

There was one where we were winning, DV-8 was Hachi-ing it up, and then he dropped...we held for anoth…
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April 07, 2018

Weekend Routines

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RealLife  |  Roasted  |  Weekend
Having a family and whatnot, there are always things to do on the weekends besides getting roasted XD

Today involves getting prepared for a 4-day trip to Arizona for a friend's wedding (where my wife will oversee as Minister...this will be her 5th or 6th time marrying friends). Brought down some suitcases, been cleaning the garage, and doing some much needed maintenance...

My planted freshwater aquarium hadn't been touched in MONTHS. The canister filter was absolutely disgusting, and there was plenty of algae buildup on the inside walls. This took about 2 hours to finish cleaning and changing/adding new water.

Now I'm drinking an IPA and planning for more work.

What do you all do on the weekends?

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March 17, 2018

St. Patty's Day / Bachelor Party

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Will be goneuntil tomorrow night... Friend's bachelor party. It'll be mild by some standards,but as it also falls on St. Patrick's Day, there will be a LOT of drinking.

See you guys on the other side.

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March 07, 2018
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Conquest  |  iSux  |  Ranked
With all the talk of Ranked play from Wayne and Marki, I knew I had to get my *** in gear. Marki even offered to queue ranked with me earlier in the week, but I was already in a full group =(

Here's the funny'd think, since I maintain the Conquest guide, that I'd be extremely comfortable with the mode and the various roles. But nope...I generally only play Conquest when I've got some friends with me (and they are okay playing it)...when Solo queuing, I usually just do Assault / Arena / Clash.

So I teamed up with Duotem last night and got through 3 ranked games. I'll break them down from my point of view below, and maybe Duo can offer some additional feedback. Going to keep it a bit simpler than my last blog series.

Qualifier #1: LOSS

Game stats are HERE.

Our team:
Enemy team:
I will tell …
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February 01, 2018

Season 5 - Who's With Me?

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So........Season 5 hit 2 days ago and I have yet to play an actual game. Been busy working on my guides and hotfixing some things.

Conquest, Arena, Freya, Medusa, Loki, Bacchus, Daelinn's Anubis, Guan Yu are now updated for S5. Still need to work on Odin, along with my Assault guide (ughhhh).

In any case, I need to actually play some games. Plan to get on tonight for a while (not sure how long) starting around 9ish PM PST.

Who's with me?

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