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The Mayan Moon, Xbalanque

March 10, 2015 by Metabreaker_United
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Smite God: Xbalanque

Item Purchase Order

Starter Items

Build Item Bluestone Pendant
Build Item Morningstar
Build Item Healing Potion

Alternate Start

Build Item Charged Morningstar Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion

First Recall

Build Item Transcendence

Early-Mid Game

Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Asi


Build Item The Executioner


Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Rage

Actives (Always)

Build Item Greater Purification

Actives (Choose One)

Build Item Greater Sprint Build Item Aegis Pendant Build Item Achilles' Spear Build Item Combat Blink

Situational Items

Build Item Ancile Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Runic Shield Build Item Void Shield Build Item Witchblade Build Item Winged Blade Build Item Titan's Bane

Standard Final Build

Build Item Transcendence Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Asi Build Item The Executioner Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Rage Build Item Greater Purification Build Item Greater Sprint

God Skill Order

Branching Bola

Branching Bola 1 4 6 7 9 key bind

Poison Darts

Poison Darts 2 8 10 11 12 key bind

Rising Jaguar

Rising Jaguar 3 13 14 15 16 key bind

Darkest of Nights

Darkest of Nights 5 17 18 19 20 key bind


The Mayan Moon

Hello SmiteFire! This is Metabreaker_United with my first-ever guide here on SmiteFire! I main the ADC role in Masters Conquest, and with the turn of Season 2, several previously low-tier ADCs such as Cupid, Artemis, Ullr, and of course, Xbalanque saw mass usage. I've played Xbalanque in Conquest since the day he was released, and he was my ADC main even when shunned for his poor early-game. However, this did not stop me from mastering every possible quality about him, and I now bring my success to you!

Pros / Cons


Highest DPS in the Game
Tied for Best Hunter Mobility with Apollo
All Abilities are Teamfight Abilities
Comes Online Much Earlier due to Branching Bola


Poor Early Game Sustain
All Three Main Abilities are Interruptable
No Damage Ultimate
No Reliable Hard CC
When the World Closes in on You, I Will Be There, and You WILL Know Fear!


Xbalanque is a very unique character in that his Branching Bola gives him insane boxing potential, and his other three abilities give him unparalleled teamfight potential. The latter is, of course, in regard to ADCs, although Xbalanque would certainly give teamfight mages such as Isis a run for their money.

Dead of Night

For every kill, Xbalanque gains 5 physical power. This can stack up to six times for a maximum of 30 extra physical power.

Branching Bola

This is a toggle that adds 50 flat physical damage to every basic attack. Every attack costs 16 mana. Also, your basic attacks split behind the initial target into two additional shots at a near 45 angle, which do 30% damage each of the original hit (factoring in crits) but do not apply on-hit effects. This includes lack of extra lifesteal, but added lifesteal still procs on the initial +50 damage hit.

Poison Darts

Xbalanque fires 10 darts gradually, each at a different angle, in a cone shape from right to left. This firing animation is the only time it is interruptible. Each darts does initial damage of 110 +40% of your physical power. A character can be hit by up to three, with the other two doing 30% damage each. Getting hit by any number of darts applies a damage over time of 30 +20% of your physical power every .5 seconds for 3 seconds, or 6 ticks. In total, this all results in a minimum damage of 290 +160% of your physical power, or 698 damage at full passive stacks. This all results in a maximum of 356 +184% of your physical power, or 825.2. Also, the darts apply a 20% slow for the 3-second duration.

Rising Jaguar

This is classified as a dash. There is an actual dash animation for a split-second and then an animation that looks like a leap but is actually a dash. During the first part of the animation, it can be interrupted. In the second part, the course of movement can be controlled, the darts are fired and damage dealt equal to 280 +20% of your physical power and 336 +24% of your physical power if the target is poisoned. This is 331 and 397.2, respectively. Also, Xbalanque is CC-immune during this part of the animation.

Darkest of Nights

This is a global blind which applies a 1.5 second stun to all moving enemies at the end of the blind. The blind lasts for 3 seconds and for the duration, Xbalanque gains 60% extra movement speed and 40ft attack range. To put this into comparison, ranged characters have 55ft normally and melee 12 normally, and Bellona's Scourge gives her +4 range for a total of 16ft.


Xbalanque is a Hunter, meaning he relies primarily on his basic attacks. His Branching Bola scales with attack speed, critical damage, and penetration. These are the core stats he will build around.

Starter Items

Bluestone Pendant is very standard right now, with mana regeneration being extremely helpful to sustain waveclear, the poer good for poking, and the health good for receiving poke. Morningstar allows for a quick rush of Transcendence. The Healing Potion allows you to take even more poke and stay in lane enough to farm for Transcendence.

Alternate Start

Charged Morningstar provides very early mana regeneration and also gives some good mana and physical power. However, the lack of Bluestone Pendant's health and extremely quick mana regeneration must be compensated for with massive potion buying at the beginning. However, the benefit here is that you will not need to buy Bluestone Pendant and sell it back later, saving 800-533=267 gold. Although these potions cost 300 gold in total, later on you will need maybe two or three whereas you may need more Healing Potions with the standard build. This alternate start is only worth it if you plan to rely less on potions and are more skilled at last-hitting.

First Recall

Transcendence gives Xbalanque 95 physical power by itself at Level 20. It also adds a massive 1050 to his mana pool, more than doubling it, and also adds 6 MP5. 95 extra damage on his basic attacks does him wonders in boxing, the mana and mana regeneration allow him to keep Branching Bola on indefinitely, and the power also scales really well with his Poison Darts.

Early-Mid Game

Ninja Tabi is standard on Hunters right now. The power and attack speed are essential for keeping your DPS on par with the enemy ADC's, and the movement speed is generally good for going places and juking things. Remember, juking while still hitting is your lifeline in boxing. Asi provides much-needed lifesteal and attack speed, and the penetration is very helpful in wearing down tanks and structures. It is also extremely cheap, and once you have spent the ~6850 gold required to get here Xbalanque has come online. He can successfully outbox any other ADC with this much gold to spend. The passive also gets him out of tough spots in boxing, and the passive of his Branching Bola means that he can even 1v2 if the situation demands it. Also, Xbalanque can solo Gold Fury as soon as he gets Asi.


The Executioner gives everything a Hunter needs: attack speed, power, and penetration. This makes it ideal for boxing and makes killing tanks a cinch. Even late-game when tanks have all their defenses built, this item's passive helps your entire team do extra damage to the enemy.


Once Xbalanque reaches late-game in his build, he indisputably outboxes every single other Hunter in the game with just basic attacks. Critical strikes will deal 250% of the normal 674.5, or 1686.25. This is before mitigations, of course, but this makes destroying enemy ADCs a joke, and their Mages will be dropping like flies, too. Even the bruisers and supports will have time dealing with his insane 1v1 and teamfight damage.

Situational Items

Since there are so many of them, I decided to make a separate section for situational items.

This provides 50 physical power, 20% CDR, and 50 magical protections at full stacks. It can replace Rage first, but if that is already changed, then The Executioner. If you need to change more than this then that means your play could be bettered. Get it against high-damage bursty mages such as Poseidon, Freya, Chang'e, Hel, etc. ONLY GET IT IF THESE CHARACTERS ARE ACTUALLY GIVING YOU TROUBLE!
This provides 40 physical power, 20 penetration, and 40% healing reduction. It can replace The Executioner first, but if that is already changed, then Rage. If you need to change more than this then that means your play could be bettered. Get it against heavy healers such as Ra, Chang'e, Hel, Aphrodite, or even ADCs since it affects lifesteal as well. ONLY GET IT IF THESE CHARACTERS ARE ACTUALLY GIVING YOU TROUBLE!
This provides 60 physical power and 15 protections when above 50% health and 40 physical power and 35 protections when below 50% health. It can replace Rage first, but if that is already changed, then The Executioner. If you need to change more than this then that means your play could be bettered. Get it against teams you are just taking a little too much damage from, since the passive can really help you in a clutch situation. ONLY GET IT IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY TAKING TOO MUCH DAMAGE! There are better novelty picks if you are ahead, like Malice and Titan's Bane.
This provides 25 physical power, 50 magical protection, and all enemies within Xbalanque's basic attack range has their magical power reduced by 50. It can replace only Rage, as it does not provide enough physical power to compensate for a loss of The Executioner. If you need to change both The Executioner and Rage, then that means your play could be bettered. Get it against teams whose damage Ancile will not mitigate enough. ONLY GET IT IF THE MAGICAL CHARACTERS ARE ACTUALLY GIVING YOU TROUBLE!
This item provides 25 physical power, 50 penetration, and reduces the physical protection of all enemies within Xbalanque's basic attack range by 15. It can replace Rage, but there is also a bit leniency in that the pseudo-penetration it provides can perhaps compensate for a loss of The Executioner. Get it against teams with both an aggressive ADC and bruiser/utility character, such as Cupid, Thor, Hercules, Chaac, etc. ONLY GET IT IF THESE CHARACTERS ARE ACTUALLY GIVING YOU TROUBLE!
This item provides 45 physical protection, 15% attack speed, and reduces the attack speed and physical power of all enemies within Xbalanque's basic attack range by 15% and 25, respectively. It can replace Rage, but as with Void Shield there is a bit more leniency in that the debuffs it provides can perhaps compensate for a loss of The Executioner. Get it against teams Void Shield doesn't mitigate enough against. ONLY GET IT IF THE PHYSICAL CHARACTERS ARE ACTUALLY GIVING YOU TROUBLE!
This item provides 300 health, 10% CDR, 10% movement speed, and 10% attack speed. It also gives you an immunity to slows every 30 seconds. It can replace only Rage, since the attack speed alone will not even come close to compensating for a loss of The Executioner. Get it against teams stacking slows like Poseidon, Zhong Kui, Ymir, etc. ONLY GET IT IF THESE CHARACTERS ARE ACTUALLY GIVING YOU TROUBLE!
This item gives you 30 physical power and 33% physical penetration. Get it against teams with innately tanky bruisers and supports, such as Odin, Zhong Kui, Osiris, Nox, Bellona, Vamana, Tyr, etc. ONLY GET IT IF THESE CHARACTERS ARE ACTUALLY NOT TAKING ENOUGH DAMAGE!



This is completely and absolutely necessary in every possible situation, despite however ahead you may be. It is the only constant through all of your games, and you will always buy it. It gives you complete and utter immunity to all forms of CC for 3 seconds, making it very good for escaping and even during fighting.

Choose One

This is almost definitely the other active you will be buying. It gives you the temporary passive of Hastened Fatalis, improving his already astounding kill secure. Also, it is good for boxing since it allows you to box and juke simultaneously (which you can already do, but this improvs your ability to do so).
This is definitely the form of Aegis you want since they removed the ability to use Greater Aegis during CC. This allows you to move and have damage immunity for a short duration. However, ONLY GET THIS IF THE ENEMY BURSTERS (usually Mages) ARE ACTUALLY GIVING YOU TROUBLE!
This is the new form of Sprint that gives you movement speed, attack speed, and lifesteal. However, it is situational only because you are also taking extra damage the entire time. Cases of diminishing returns are commonplace with this item, so ONLY GET IT IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY BEING OUTDAMAGED!
This is very situational in that it is essentially only useful against an Odin or possibly an Ymir. It makes up for the fact that Xbalanque doesn't have a leap while simultaneously maintaining his chase potential, but it has a three-minute cooldown compared to Greater Sprint's one-minute. ONLY GET IT IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY HAVING TROUBLE IN THESE SITUATIONS!

Phases of the Game


Initial Laning
Post-Item Laning


Transition to Mid-Game




Your Time in the Jungle

Ability Combos

Combo #1

Also, if you are chasing an enemy outside of Poison Darts's range, then you can do the following: use Rising Jaguar first, but only AFTER the enemy's escape has been burned and you know this for sure, and then using Poison Darts AFTER you have caught up. This will allow you to secure otherwise impossible kills and also lands a few basic attacks afterwards due to the slow.

Combo #2

Afterwards, you can follow up with Rising Jaguar if it will force them to back or if your jungler is rotating to gank. Also, if your support is Sylvanus or Ares and one of them can pull in or slow the enemy ADC, you can do this combo with Rising Jaguar and land a few Branching Bolas to nab the kill. This is your early game execution combo.

Combo #3

This combo should be used during big teamfights when someone gets out of position. The confusion from your ult will help your allies while you focus on a single target to burst down and kill. This will most likely be the enemy ADC. since he will be equally as squishy.

This Build vs. Standard ADC Build

useless space STANDARD BUILD more useless space THIS BUILD
With the standard start of Bluestone Pendant, Spiked Gauntlet, and a Healing Potion, you will need to farm up 1400 gold for this. It needs 60 stacks and caps at 60 power and 25% lifesteal. It gives more early game sustain due to lifesteal on top of Bluestone Pendant's mana regeneration. With the start of Bluestone Pendant, Morningstar, and a Healing Potion, you will need to farm up 1950 gold for this. That is 550 more gold needed, or roughly seven waves (I think?), which equates to about four minutes factoring in purple buff. It needs only 50 stacks and caps at (assuming Lv. 11 Xbalanque) 85 power, 300 mana, and 6 MP5. This item attempts to prove that smart play and Bluestone Pendant are enough to skip health sustain, and it goes directly for mana sustain and raw power.
This item costs 1700 gold and provides 30% attack speed, 10 penetration, and steals up to 30 physical power from the enemy at a max of three stacks. It is very good early game because you can now heavily damage the enemy ADC as well as deal quite a bit of damage to the enemy support. The penetration also helps against towers, which is useful. This item is where you come online, costing 1780 gold. You finally have lifesteal and now outbox nearly every character in the game. Once you have Ourification Beads of some sort you definitely do so. The penetration helps a lot against towers and both enemy duo laners, and the passive can keep you alive in a clutch boxing match.
even more useless space So overall, the difference here is Devourer's Gauntlet, Ichaival, and the fact that Ichaival will be sold. more and more useless space So overall, the difference here is Transcendence, Asi, and the fact that Asi will NOT be sold.
The standard Hunter build is better for nothing; it does less damage to structures, objectives, squishies, and tanks. However, it keeps the option of selling Ichaival for another item, such as Malice, Odysseus' Bow, or Titan's Bane. The latter build retains high DPS even with Asi, and it saves gold by not selling an item. Both builds will sell Bluestone Pendant, although my aforementioned Alternate Start can avoid even that. Basically, this build is completely mathematically superior in every aspect, and to top it off stacks quicker. The only possible downside is the greater cost of Transcendence over Devourer's Gauntlet, but after factoring in selling the second build is cheaper as well. This makes it vastly superior, and the greater attack speed fully abuses the flat damage on Branching Bola.

Counters in Lane


Cupid is one of twp ADCs to outright counter Xbalanque. He has an infinite supply of mana due to the passive of his Spread the Love, and he also outboxes Xbalanque early-game due to the cripple on his Fields Of Love as well as his double stun in Heart Bomb and Fields Of Love. The only way Xbalanque can hope to overcome Cupid is by rushing Purification Beads and zoning both enemy laners from the hearts. If they drop back to collect hearts, then attempt to freeze the lane (this is a laning style in which you allow the enemy minions to kill your minions while zoning the enemy the entire time, thereby stripping them of both gold and XP. The only time you attack is to zone or to last hit. Also, Greater Sprint can be used during cripple and can help you immensly in outboxing Cupid. Juking the Heart Bomb is what wins you the fights.
Ullr is the only other ADC to even come close to countering Xbalanque outright. He has a stun in his Bladed Axe, and he also has a permanent steroid for both attack speed and lifesteal. If he manages to land the stun and then attack you in Bow Form, only switching to Axe Form when dropping to low health, then he will outbox you. Thus, you must juke the Bladed Axe. Once again, Greater Sprint is the answer. Purification Beads are not a must this time because Ullr has only one form of hard CC. Once again, juking is what will help you win the fights. You can try to freeze against Ullr, but his Hail of Arrows has an extremely long range and he will be able to tag the melee creeps at least.


The ultimate counter to Xbalanque, both Sobek's Charge Prey and Tail Whip can interrupt all three of Xbalanque's main abilities. Also, his Lurking In The Waters directly counters Darkest of Nights due to its slow effect. Overall, he is just a great bully in lane. You have no hope of freezing against him due to his plethora of initiation options, so the only way to combat him is to semi-turtle. Traditional turtling is waiting for the enemy to clear your wave and then wait for their wave to come closer to you, thus making it safer to farm. With this semi-turtling, you must use Branching Bola when both waves are pushed up, and you must be able to time Rising Jaguar as soon as you see the Sobek channeling Charge Prey. It is EXTREMELY difficult to time, and if you do it incorrectly then it will be interrupted and go on cooldown. Then you land next to your tower, manually attacking the creeps and waiting for Rising Jaguar to come off cooldown before aggressing again.
Sylvanus is the second-best counter to Xbalanque in lane, due to his Nature's Grasp's pull and Wrath of Terra's knockup. The pull will interrupt a three of your main abilities, and the knockup will prevent you from channeling your Darkest of Nights. This is especially crucial during teamfights, since a Sylvanus Blinking in during an enemy gank and then ulting under you will leave you completely vulnerable. Purification Beads is a surefire way to get around this, but once again the timing of Rising Jaguar, which acts as a split-second Beads, is what will save you many times. Don't try freezing against Sylvanus, either, since you have to be closer to him while zoning and him catching you with his pull is your worst nightmare. No, seriously, I think Xbalanque dreams about trees with old guys and owls on them using their magical arms to grab him.
Probably the next best counter to Xbalanque, a Ymir with Blink is someone you always fear during the laning phase. Since your Rising Jaguar is a dash, Ymir's Ice Wall actually bodyblocks you from using it. Cabrakan's ultimate does this as well, but he is left out of this list due to Rising Jaguar being able to cancel his Disorient. Also, Ymir's Frost Breath interrupts, and both his Glacial Strike and Shards of Ice slow. This freezes (haha, see what I did there?) Xbalanque's kit almost entirely. However, there remains a way to combat him. You can't freeze against Ymir, because he can throw up a wall behind you, Blink to you, then freeze you. Purification Beads is one method, but there is an extremely small instant during which Ymir draws his body back before using Frost Breath. If you Rising Jaguar during this .5 seconds>, then you will be able to escape the stun. However, even this is impossible if there is a wall behind you. Ymir is the hardest but most situational counter to Xbalanque.
And of course, we couldn't forget to mention Incon's favorite support, the generally accepted "best support in the game," Athena. Her taunt is the Titan's Bane of your existence, interrupting all three of your main abilities and also setting you up for her Shield Wall. In the early game, this will strip you of almost a quarter of your health. Rising Jaguar can get out of her Confound, and it neuters the only real threat Athena poses. This was really just an honorable mention, since Athena isn't the best support for her hyper-aggression.

Partners in Lane

Guardian Supports

Sylvanus provides unlimited utility with his Verdant Growth, which gives you massive MP5 in lane. With the nerf to Bluestone Pendant announced mere hours before I publish this, and the lack of blue buff in duo lane, this extra mana regeneration will aid you immensely. Also, the pull sets you up for a quick Combo 1 or even a Combo 2. He is pretty good for helping you freeze the lane because he can use pull plus your Combo 1 or Combo 2 if the enemy gets too close or even just Blink in and ult with the help of your ult. You need very good communication, but it can happen. The heal of Wisps also helps you greatly due to Asi being your third item.
Ironic, isn't it, that many of Xbalanque's counters seem to pop up on his preferred allies list? Ymir is the ultimate lane partner for him; he provides waveclear for semi-turtling, a stun and an initiate (his Blink combo) for fighting, and a wall for freezing and zoning. Ymir and Xbalanque are certainly a lane to be feared! Also, Ymir's passive allows him to do damage even aside from his abilities, since a Frostbite basic attack is basically a critical strike of a Level 1 Hunter basic attack in the early game.

Warrior Supports

Osiris is another beautiful synergetic support for Xbalanque. He provides insane slows for freezing and zoning, as well as initiating. His Lord of the Afterlife is good for initiating and tower diving early-game, and his Judgement Tether can keep him alive during the dives. The passive also allows him to stick to targets while diving. Ymir is by far the only runner-up to the level of aggression a support can attain with a Xbalanque. Osiris, of course, claims the title of number one. The setup and the raw kill potential is simply too much, and he can even run Death's Toll to be super hard to poke down early game.
Until HiRez Studios decides that it's high time that they nerfed Hercules, a.k.a. NerfMePlz, he will always be a superb Warrior support. His pull plus knockback into Tower coupled with the slow of Poison Darts and the raw damage of Combo 1 into Combo 2 is devastating in the early game. It's no surprise that most first bloods go to Hercules, and first blood or assist for Xbalanque is HUGE, due to the extra gold needed for Transcendence compared to that for Devourer's Gauntlet. His Excavate also provides amazing damage early game, and Bluestone Pendant plus Mitigate Wounds will give him infinitely more sustain than any support other than Sylvanus. The perk of being a physical character is the option of Death's Toll and Bluestone Pendant, which allows bruisers like Hercules to be more aggressive. Remember, more kills equals more stacks on Dead of Night.

Conclusion, Final Thoughts, and Credits

So, this is my in-depth guide to Xbalanque. He has the most excuses to be aggressive out of any ADC, and he is handsomely rewarded for it. I hope you've enjoyed this guide!

Credits: http://www.smitefire.com/smite/guide/code-blue-bbcoding-for-beginners-4537
And everyone linked in it, because I stole a lot of templates:P
However, I also used this table and created my own template for that, so Jordenito if you want it I can give it to you

And with that, we depart. Long live the Mayan Moon, Xbalanque

P.S. Let me know if I missed any sections or have any mistakes, I prolly do

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