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Seal the win with a kiss- Aphrodite Season 4 guide

June 12, 2017 by newbiemj
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4
Build 5

General Suggestions

Smite God: Aphrodite

Item Purchase Order

Boots (either or)

Build Item Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Shoes of Focus

Damage Items

Build Item Book of Thoth Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Spear of the Magus Build Item Warlock's Sash Build Item Divine Ruin

Defensive Items (situational)

Build Item Hide of the Urchin Build Item Void Stone Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Shield of Regrowth

Support Items

Build Item Rod of Asclepius Build Item Lotus Crown Build Item Celestial Legion Helm Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Heartward Amulet Build Item Sovereignty Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes

Starter and Bridge item possibilities

Build Item Sands of Time Build Item Soul Stone Build Item Dynasty Plate Helm

Example Build (Supportish)

Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Rod of Asclepius Build Item Void Stone Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Rod of Tahuti

God Skill Order


Kiss 2 15 16 18 19 key bind

Back Off!

Back Off! 3 8 11 12 14 key bind

Love Birds

Love Birds 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Undying Love

Undying Love 5 9 13 17 20 key bind



Hello all, Welcome to my build guide for Aphrodite

I recently started playing Aphrodite and am enjoying her as a support god. Looking at other SEASON 4 guides here, there are not to many that go in depth on how to build her or how to play her. Hopefully with this guide, it will give a sense on what I try to achieve with her.

I will assume you know the basics to Smite like, Buff camps, minions, rotating etc. If not feel free to check out any of the Overarching Guides done by Branmuffin17 to get a feel of the tactics used in Smite.

Aphrodite is an ability based mage who is mostly there to heal herself and her soulmate. The best items for her to focus on are cooldown reduction items and also items that help with healing herself and teammates.

........ Pros ........

- Has an incredible heal that can heal yourself and 1 teammate at a time
- Decent damage if built
- Provides support through her kit
....... Cons .......

- Low defense
- No escape
- Heavy focus by enemies
- Easily countered with Anti-heal items



Center of Attention
Aphrodite gains 4 physical and 4 magical protections for each god withing 70 units of her. Stacks up to 9 times. This passive is meh in my opinion. You will usually always have at least 1 ally nearby to give you a couple of protections early game. But otherwise, you can only gain an additional 36 protections which isn't much and can only happen in 5v5 matches. It also makes you have to get in the thick of things as well to get more protections.
Center of Attention

Kiss attaches yourself to a teammate which increases both of yours movement speed. When attached to an ally, whenever you use Love Birds it will heal the both of you. When attached and you hit an enemy with Kiss, it stuns them and it increases the damage output of your ally by as much as 20% for 5 seconds. It is also a way for you to escape since it stops the target in it tracks for 1 second. Very helpful when in duo lane to help increase your allies damage output. Attach to your more aggressive teammate since they will need the health regeneration after engaging. If you attach to a more passive partner, you have to be the instigator which can cause issues.
I max this out 3rd.

Back Off! This move is useful for both you and your soulmate ally. When attached, you can blast away enemy gods that are nearby you and your soulmate simultaneously slowing whoever is hit down by 25% for 2 seconds. This can be helpful to both them and yourself to get away from an attack. You can also use it to push the target further away from their safe side. However, it can also backfire because it could knock away enemies that your soulmate is attacking, screwing things up.
I max this second as it is her 2nd main damage ability.
Back Off!

Love Birds
This is her main wave clear. When she uses it, doves surround enemies that are caught in the pathway damaging them every .5 seconds for 3 total seconds. This does damage over time so if hit and low enough it can finish them off. The main thing with this ability is the heal. You can heal up to 228 + an additional 90% of your power. So with your power at 500 (just a number), you can gain a base total of 678 HP every 12 Seconds (if no CDR) for you and your soulmate. Which can help you sustain longer as long as you have enough mana to support yourself.
I max this first as it provides healing for you and soulmate and damage to enemies.
Love Birds

Undying Love
This can get you out of sticky situations. Early game it has to be timed well since it is very short in duration but late game, you and your soulmate are invulnerable to damage for 2 seconds when fully upgraded. It also removes crowd control effects when activated. So if caught by Ares you can use this to save yourself and you soulmate instead of using Purification Beads
You can max this in different ways if wanted. The duration is very short in its early levels so it has to be well timed, but also since the duration is so short and the increases are small as well it might be better to prioritize Love Birds
instead and just put one point in this at level 5 and level it up late game.
Undying Love

Quick Combos

Main Combos




Items for Aphrodite

Build Items for Aphrodite

Aphrodite can be played in a number of different ways. She can become a nearly indestructible tank, she can solo lane, she can support, she can go full damage. She is very versatile in whatever role she is needed in. So there are a ton of different ways you can build her. If you have an assassin and hunter joust partners you could build tanky and let them do the damage. You could have a balanced team comp, so you go more of a support build.


Slightly less power than Shoes of the Magi and no penetration, but it has 10% CDR which is extremely beneficial for her. The mana increase is also vital since she is ability based.

Replacement / situational items

Damage Items

So as mentioned before, Aphrodite can adapt to most situations. She can provide good damage when built for it. So items that focus on raw power and penetration will help with that. She won't totally burst many down, but she will do massive damage if the enemy underestimates you.

Stacking Items

Not as much base power as Book of Thoth but it gives you more health which increases your survivability. This would be ideal for Solo lane if in Conquest. The downside is that it takes forever it seems to build full stacks, but is a very good item still even when not stacked up. It is a tossup between Thoth and Warlocks as both will help you sustain longer. It all depends if you want more Mana or more Health.

Replacement / situational items

Penetration Items

Gives decent power (+50) and some flat penetration (15).The best thing about this item for her is the passive. If you hit someone with Love Birds, it will trigger the passive which will end up reducing up to 50 magical protections, making this a great team fight item.

Replacement / situational items

Additional Damage Items

What I like to call the finisher. +125 power, +30 MP5 and a passive that increases magical power even more. A must for most every magical god. You will see a huge increase in damage when this item is purchased

Replacement / situational items

Defensive Items

Sometimes a little defense doesn't hurt. She lacks an escape and sometimes her heal is down so a little extra defense can go a long way for her. If you really want to annoy the other team. You could go full defense also with items that increase your healing powers. Below are some items that I find to help Aphrodite out if you need some defense.

When fully built, it provides an additional 30 physical and 30 magical protections to go on top of the base 35 protections for a total of 65 magical and physical protections. In addition it gives +250 health and +250 mana, which helps your sustain even more. It does take awhile to get online as it is dependent on killing the other team, but the price is affordable compared to the other dual protection items. Would not recommend for solo lane. Would be better used as an early item and the only protection item as well

Replacement / situational items

Support Items

Aphrodite is an excellent supporter with her strong heals. The items listed below help increase her healing powers giving additional perks to her soulmate and an item that helps slow down opponents to help your teammates in numerous ways.

Gives an increase in power, health and movement speed. The passive also provides additional healing and regeneration within your aura. This item is pretty much core for her. Since she has no escape, the additional movement speed is critical for her. Since this item also provides power, her damage output is not hindered as much as well.

Replacement / situational items

Starter and Bridge item possibilities

Some game modes (mostly Conquest) you need to start out with a Starter item. Listed below are two items that should work well for Aphrodite, depending on her role.

Cheapest CDR item in game. Gives some power and MP5 plus some additional MP5. Solid starter for any role.

Replacement / situational items

Support build game play

General Support build game play overview

The Support build can be used in Conquest, though it can also work in other modes if you want to focus on enhancing your teammates' attacks and providing sustain. Key stats for being a Support will include CDR, enhanced healing, and protections where applicable. Secondary function includes control (e.g. Gem of Isolation) and damage (protection reduction items can help both your damage output and that of teammates).

In this role, you're likely better off avoiding stacking items like Warlock's Sash, so you'll want to get your survivability elsewhere. You can either focus on traditional Support protection items like Sovereignty / Heartward Amulet / Gauntlet of Thebes, or you can get protection items like Hide of the Urchin and enhance your health via utility items like Rod of Asclepius and Gem of Isolation.

Early game

As a support, your early game's primary focus is making sure your teammates health gets regenerated and to help secure farm. Always stay linked by Kiss to someone and use Love Birds to heal your soulmate and yourself while helping take out the minion wave.

Depending on game mode, consider a starter item. Watcher's Gift can be nice for sustain, but you may get a bit more use out of Sands of Time for the relatively cheap CDR.

In Conquest or Siege, you'll obviously be linked with one specific partner to start. Hit the entire minion wave with Love Birds as soon as possible to help waveclear and possibly outpush the enemy Duo. Help with early rotations in taking/contesting camps, but be very careful with your positioning. You're a squishy god with low-duration CC. Only push if the minion wave is clear and you've got a strong early-game partner.

For Conquest in particular, you want to watch for the point when you can safely break away from the ADC to let them farm alone. You'll immediately look to link up with other teammates where needed, to support teammates if they're getting outpushed, or to join with the Jungler to help them gank a vulnerable enemy.

If you are in a non-Conquest, teamfight mode like Arena, Joust, or Clash, consider the best god to link to...often, the optimal choices will be tankier gods that are meant to initiate fights...they're going to take some damage, and you'll be able to keep their health up and possibly poke with Back Off! and Love Birds. You should generally switch Kiss targets when teammates need healing, so keep an eye on all of your teammates at all times. Don't forget you can also use it to stun enemies and enhance your teammates' damage output.

Mid & Late game

As you transition to the mid and late game, your build should incorporate items that give you a better teamfight presence. Gem of Isolation can help keep enemies slow and close, while Rod of Asclepius will provide increased healing for teammates, while also giving you added health and move speed for your own survival. Adding protection reduction, either via Void Stone or Spear of the Magus, will greatly enhance your own damage, while also helping any other magical teammates with their damage.

Stick close to the teammates that deal high damage...keeping them alive will be key to pushing the enemy back and giving your team the advantage. Your damage should also be significant, so use your combos at opportune times to help secure kills.

Solo build general game play

Solo build game play overview

In Conquest, Aphrodite can hold her own in the solo lane. Since she is by herself she can focus on gaining health and some damage before going for her healing support items in the late game. She probably won't take the tower down by herself since her basics are slow and weak and she is easily invaded on by a mobile jungler, but she should be able to withstand the assault from the enemy solo laner to cause a stalemate due to her sustain. You SHOULD BE WARY pushing your lane unless you have help from another teammate, since she has no escape, is slow and is squishy early game. She can push her lane as long as she knows she is safe.

Key stats for this balanced role include CDR and damage (both penetration and power). Secondary function includes control (e.g. Gem of Isolation) and enhanced healing ( Rod of Asclepius). If you don't have teammates that are using stacking items (e.g. Transcendence, Devourer's Gauntlet, etc.), this gives you the opportunity to get Warlock's Sash, which gives you the largest health boost of any item, significantly enhancing her survivability. This option is entirely possible since you are in the solo lane, you can build stacks quicker since you are not sharing minions.

This could also have it's place in Clash and Siege if you are farming the other lane by yourself as well.

Early game

Whether you're playing in the Solo lane in Conquest, or just prefer this build in any other mode, you'll want to carefully consider your starting items. Sands of Time is a safe bet for cheap CDR and mana sustain, while Soul Stone is a more aggressive option that will help wave clear, which should be your main focus. Supplement with potions.

Your first full item can either be your shoes of choice (Focus or Magi), or you can opt to start stacking Warlock's Sash as early as possible. Getting shoes first is the safer option due to the added mobility. If you feel safe enough, getting Warlock's first will take a bit longer, but will give you an immediate boost of health and mana once it's built.

Key to your success will be positioning and wave clear, while keeping your health and mana up as much as possible. Your damage will only fully come online once you've built a few items, so your best bet is to force a stalemate in lane or push when you know you are safe.

If you're Solo in Conquest, plan and work with the Jungler and others for possible gank attempts to gain a temporary advantage in-lane. In any case, your long term focus is to get to a point where you can link up with teammates...you're always more effective when you're kissing others

In non-Conquest modes, you should always be linked with teammates, but your priority will always be to outclear the waves.

Mid & Late game

At this point, if you bought Warlock's Sash, it should be fully built and starting to stack up. It does take awhile to fully build up but the base stats alone are still better than most other early items. If things are going well, start building Spear of the Magus, if you are struggling get a defensive counter item depending on your enemy solo laner. Magical opponent get Void Stone, Physical opponent get Dynasty Plate Helm or Breastplate of Valor then go with penetration.

CDR and power take higher priority at this point...scaling on her healing is high, so more power = stronger healing, while also greatly enhancing her damage output.

Your gameplay will shift away at this point from 1 v 1 boxing to true utility...you can output solid damage and help teammates survive, all while helping fights in multiple ways (stun, damage enhancement, and situational Undying Love use).

Full damage build general game play

Full damage gameplay

You can consider this build for Mid-lane play in Conquest, or if you just prefer a glass-cannon build in any mode.

This is an extremely squishy build, so you're going to need to play it safe at all times... Wards are important to help avoid gank attempts, and you should stick close to your tower unless you know exactly where enemies are.

Key to winning lane or winning a fight will be proper use and precise timing for your abilities and combos, and strong communication and teamwork to link up with teammates for kills. You'll also need to rely more on teammates to keep you alive, so it's best if you're familiar with your teammates.



Shout out to the following:

Zerostrike for his Spruce up your words guide and helping out with some coding issues.

Technotoad for his Color Compilation guide

Zilby for his Template Guide

Branmuffin17 for feedback when asked and help with general game play.


6/12- Added ability videos and names. Reworked some minor wording.

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