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Quick Solo Lane Guide S5 (patch 5.21)

November 23, 2018 by SmoothHomie
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Welcome to this guide, I'm SmoothHomie and I've been playing smite for about 3 years now, currently my highest rank is masters. In this guide I'll try to explain fundamentals, match ups, stages of the game, itemization, and a tier list for ranked solo laners. Guide is mainly directed towards newer conquest players, but those that already have experience in it might still pick up something. I also encourage you to discuss any parts of this guide and any recommendation or critique is welcomed.

Hope You enjoy this guide and find at least something useful in it, lets get started now.


We will quickly go through fundamentals, they come down to: map awareness, warding and tracking the enemy jungler(yes, it is important in solo lane as well).

Map Awareness

As in any other role, having a decent map awareness is a key to your performance. Knowing the location of enemies and their next one or two moves allows you to make plays according to them. It will directly influence your decision making depending on proxying, invading and playing the team fight properly in the late game. My personal advice if you find yourself having difficulties with it, set a timer that will beep every 5-7 seconds in order to remind you to check the map and have a quick look of what is happening.

Warding in Early and Mid Game

Late Game Warding

Tracking the Jungler

Tracking the enemy jungler is much more easier in solo lane than in other lanes. The two important factors to keep in mind is the timer of the blue buff which is 2 minutes. The other way is how your opponent is playing in the lane, if he was playing passive and suddenly decides to aggress on you it means that the jungler is nearby most likely or vice versa, if he was playing aggressive until now and decides to back off it can either mean the jungler is on the other side of the map so he wants to play it out safe in case yours is here or he is baiting you in for his jungler.

Match Ups, Wave Management, Early, Mid and Late Game.

Match Ups

We can divide match ups depending on the wave clear strength and kill pressure as winning, even and losing match ups.




Wave Management

Wave management in solo lane is quite simplistic, tanking few archers in front of tower is good enough to set up a temporary freeze in front of your tower. You'd like to do that in order to prevent any aggression forcing you out of lane in other words losing match ups. If you are in even or winning you want to either a) keep the wave in even spot in order to be able to poke and pressure enemy solo laner out of lane or b) keep the wave pushed in, in order to be able to have an opportunity for invading or proxying.



Stages of the Game

We will just quickly scope through them and give You a general idea of what you should be doing, the details of each game change depending on what god you're playing and general flow of the match.

Early Game

Mid Game

Late Game


For the sake of simplicity we will divide the items into physicals, magicals and mixed, depending on who can build them. I will not discuss any final builds here since this is not a specific good guide.


Starters in solo lane during the fall split have mainly switched to either rushing a t2 boots or going for Guardian's Blessing or Mage's Blessing depending on your play style, getting either more accumulated gold through safe farming or looking to obtain more pressure in lane. That combine with the Chalice of Healing and potions of your choice.




Tier list

Keep in mid tier list is mainly for ranked and its personal opinion from me and my friends, if you disagree feel free to discuss it in comments but I probably won't change anything here.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TNLNu5NotQ = Fineokays tier list, recommend you to give it a look since he has better insight in the role and plays more solo over me.

Ending words

Thank you for reading this guide, hope You have enjoyed it and found at least something useful. Once again, I'd like to encourage you to discuss anything inside of this guide, look for a better possibility and not take it for granted.

Smooth Homie

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