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Going Batty for Camazotz! S5 Arena Build

February 19, 2018 by Hiya4210
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Arena Build

Smite God: Camazotz

Item Purchase Order

Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Transcendence
Build Item Heartseeker
Build Item Stone Cutting Sword
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Poisoned Star

God Skill Order


Screech 2 7 9 13 14 key bind

Vampire Bats

Vampire Bats 1 3 6 8 12 key bind


Devour 4 10 16 17 18 key bind

Bat Out of Hell

Bat Out of Hell 5 11 15 19 20 key bind

Going Batty for Camazotz! S5 Arena Build

February 19, 2018


Hiya and welcome to my arena guide for Camazotz!

I love to play Camaztoz and he was the first god that I got to diamond, so he holds a special place in my heart. I have over 2000 worshippers on him now and still play him quite often. I've played with multiple builds and this is the one that I like best.

I hope you enjoy!

Pros / Cons

Vampirism buff (up to 14% without items)
Amazing sustain with passive
High amounts of damage
Can see invisible enemies with first ability

Limited run away abilities
Very squishy
Only CC immunity is Ult
Can die before ult is used


1. Warrior's Tabi

Pretty understandable, gives a boost of physical power and Camazotz doesn't really need attack speed so it overrules Ninja's Tabi

2. Transcendence

A necessity for Camaztoz. He is super mana hungry early game so Transcendence helps with that plus gives some extra power.

3. Heartseeker

Probably Camazotz's most valuable item. This gives a boost to an ability after using 5 basic attacks. Pair this with his second ability for some major damage.

4. Stone Cutting Sword

Pretty understandable as well, it removes protections from enemies while you gain them. Helps against tanks and warriors.

5. Deathbringer

Now it's time to build critical. Paired with his abilites, Camazotz's basic attacks that critical hit will dish out tons of damage. Deathbringer is a good choice for critical chance plus damage.

6. Poisoned Star

I like Poisoned Star over Wind Demon because it reduces enemies damage output by 20%. If you're facing another assassin or a hunter that can really turn the tide and put the battle in your favor.


Now time for skills.

Passive: Essence Drinker
Anytime a god dies on the battlefield, a pool of their essence is left behind. If Camazotz stands on this pool, he will gain a small percentage of Mana and Health every .5 seconds. He also starts off with 5% physical lifesteal and increased healing.

1. Screech

Screech is a line ability that will "echo" off an enemy god (if hit) and pass through minions. If Camaztoz catches the echo, he will gain a boost in physical power. He also gains vision of the god that was hit for 15 seconds.

This is a great poke and a great way to keep an eye on an enemy that you want to keep in your sights. This is a great ability to use on a Loki or Izanami or any other god that can disappear.

2. Vampire Bats

This is his most useful ability. Vampire bats is another line ability that hits a single target. If hit, the target is slowed for 3 seconds and is dealt initial damage, plus damage over time. At the end of the damage over time, the bats fly back to Camazotz, healing him.
What makes this ability special is if you use this ability on a Large Jungle Monster, they will be marked and you will gain a buff of 3% Physical lifesteal and healing that can stack 3 times. SO if you mark 3 jungle monsters you gain 9% lifesteal and healing, plus your inital 5% from your passive, which adds up to 14% lifesteal and healing just from your passive.

3. Devour

Devour is your get away ability. He can leap through walls and structures (like Odin's ultimate) and he heals himself for every enemy that he lands on.

4. Bat out of Hell

Finally, Camazotz's ultimate ability is Bat out of Hell. Camazotz flies into the air four 4 seconds and may swoop down up to three times to deal damage. He will land on the third swoop. If more than one enemy god is hit, the damage will be increased per god. Camazotz is also CC immune during this ability but can die before it is completely activated.
This is a great ability to pop during a team fight, as the enemies will be bunched together and you can take advantage of the extra damage, or this can be used to chase down a low health enemy on the run.

Team Work

Pair Camazotz with an Ares for devastating good results. Wait for Ares's ultimate, then pop yours to take advantage of the bonus damage.

Also works well with Athena's taunts, making the enemy an easy target for his line abilities.

Any god that can root an enemy is helpful to Camazotz, as it will make it easier to hit his first two abilities.

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