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Branmuffin17's Blog
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May 28, 2016
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conquest  |  educational  |  iSux  |  noob
This episode's hidden title is called "Just Be Support."

A Quick Blurb On Being An ADC

So yeah, just going to summarize some horrible games I had attempting to play ADC Apollo 3 days ago. Granted, these were the first I played as him, and am just not very familiar with his kit.
  • 2/5/3 Win
  • 3/8/8 Loss
  • 0/0/1 Win
  • 4/9/1 Loss

Special thanks to AscendingBrohan for being nice and teaming up with me to duo and try to help me out (didn't work, but appreciated nonetheless).

Among my biggest, repeating issues, include not dashing from the fountain to get back to lane more quickly, being overaggressive when I have an obvious disadvantage, not going back to base when I'm too hurt to do anything except die, etc. I recorded some of these, and Bull was kind enough to review and point out every one of my mistakes. I could make a separate post just on his feedback, lol.

I'll try it again sometime, as I think I won't make some of those same mistakes again, but it'll take teaming with someone th…
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May 24, 2016
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conquest  |  educational  |  iSux  |  noob
Since I don't have that much to report, this is more of an interlude of thoughts, not so much on actual games.

That said, I guess I will comment on one recent Conquest match. Got to play this one with Stuke, Zilby, and Greenevers. I chose Athena Support, and it was an ugly thing (1/5/8). Bad choices on when to initiate. At one point, I saw our guys getting destroyed, and I got there too late. Thing is, in my head, I felt I needed to at least make an attempt, but at the point when I actually initiated the taunt, I think I was the last one standing. Slow reaction time, or something. Zilby was like "why did you taunt them?!?" because I basically had 3 guys basic attacking me via the taunt, while I should have just retreated.

Oh, and actually, there was this other one, where I got to play with GameGeekFan, who is a solid jungler. But...1/8/11 with Khepri. Again feel like I'm going backward.

Which got me to thinking...what was it about playing with Ducks where I was doing so well? The …
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May 21, 2016
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conquest  |  educational  |  iSux  |  noobie
Another preface.

The Previous Night, like the Previous Night

Just like the previous episode, the previous night's SMITE festivities felt eerily identical to that horrible sequence. Creepy.

Started with a solo Assault match as Osiris (the only tanky god), with the enemy team having Guan Yu and Athena. Ouch. Tried to do my part, went 3/4/7 tanking about double the damage overall compared to any one of my teammates, while doing roughly the same damage as my team's Ra and Janus (WTF?). Tanking a lot didn't help, and I figured as much, based on our comp (I was also the only physical god). Eh, happens.

The rest of the night went as expected for someone with a defeatist attitude. Got a nice group of Zilby, TakeYoPantsOff (Taco), Stuke, and my nephew, for a full team. Decided I would try GameGeekFan's Cricket...but first, I had to unlock him. That done, we went into our first match, and Taco got the first babysitting assignment.

Just have to say for this match and the subsequent o…
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May 18, 2016
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Conquest  |  Educational  |  iSux  |  Noob
Last night wasn't a good night, game-wise. But let me go back a few days as a preface.

An Almost Perfect Support Match (for me)

I was handed a rare treat, and got to play with not only my nephew, but Ducks and Stuke too, to make almost a full team. Only our Susano was a solo queue.

Okay, Ducks knows how to play as Skadi. He dominated, 12/1/5. There was only one point where I wasn't able to save him as Athena, and it was a 10-15 second chase when my abilities were on cooldown, Ducks was juking, I was body-blocking, and the enemy Jing Wei was finally able to catch him. It felt like it went on forever, and he had gotten into the range of our tower, so it was a close call. No prob, said Ducks. Cool.

In the opposite lane, Stuke was showing us that he doesn't need to be a Warrior to do well. 6/3/1 as Zhong Kui.

I think my biggest error of the match was not starting to rotate soon enough. I know I should be moving around the 5 minute mark, but I was mostly staying around Duo unt…
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May 12, 2016
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Conquest  |  Educational  |  iSux  |  Noob
With gameplay video at the bottom!

After a couple of days of avoiding playing Conquest (friends I would team with are usually never on when I play!), I felt brave last night.

Match #1 (ADC Medusa)

Decided to play a solo-queued Conquest match. Finally was able to conquer my fear of solo-queuing (maybe just this once). I tried calling Solo first, but was beaten to the punch, so I was able to get ADC. Chose Medusa...and found myself against an opposing Medusa.

I didn't do my Support any favors...poor Athena...sorry! Was just thoroughly outplayed, so it wasn't about bad god matchups, just my poor play. Though...I did get her just once. If I recall the sequence correctly, there were some Acid Sprays involved, maybe some other abilities, and Petrify being thrown around back to back. I think she activated hers first, and I activated mine. Turned around to avoid hers, then immediately spun and stoned her, and finished her with a couple of quick basics.

Went 1/4/0. Ouch.

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