May 12, 2016

Bran's Newbie Adventures in ConquestLand - Episode Deux

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With gameplay video at the bottom!

After a couple of days of avoiding playing Conquest (friends I would team with are usually never on when I play!), I felt brave last night.

Match #1 (ADC Medusa)

Decided to play a solo-queued Conquest match. Finally was able to conquer my fear of solo-queuing (maybe just this once). I tried calling Solo first, but was beaten to the punch, so I was able to get ADC. Chose Medusa...and found myself against an opposing Medusa.

I didn't do my Support any favors...poor Athena...sorry! Was just thoroughly outplayed, so it wasn't about bad god matchups, just my poor play. Though...I did get her just once. If I recall the sequence correctly, there were some Acid Sprays involved, maybe some other abilities, and Petrify being thrown around back to back. I think she activated hers first, and I activated mine. Turned around to avoid hers, then immediately spun and stoned her, and finished her with a couple of quick basics.

Went 1/4/0. Ouch.

Luckily, the rest of my team were actually good players, and scared the other team into a quick surrender. After the match, that team was screaming at each other (virtually), calling for Ao Kuang to be reported, etc.

Match #2 (Solo Aphrodite)

DucksRock invited me to play a bit after I finished the above match. I totally warned him that it was going to be bad. Was able to call Solo, and as I felt comfortable with her from the previously mentioned game from Episode 1 with ThePerfectPrism, chose Aphrodite.

Great...2 in a row. Matched against the same god as me, again. This time a Mastery X. Ugh. Thoroughly, thoroughly outplayed me. This is where I learned Aphro's combos, by having them performed on me. Never used the kiss/stun to 2/3 before. Very effective, lol. By the end, I was at least able to replicate a bit of the same type of gameplay, but she was too far ahead for me at that point, and her Jungler was helping her a lot. Oh, and she started Soul Stone while I started Vampiric Shroud. Maybe that made a difference too?

So, I'm not sure if my poor play affected my teammates (allowing the enemy Aphrodite to rotate sooner) or what, but my entire team was bad. Ducks and I were the only 2 to even get a kill. At least I wasn't clearly the worst on my team. Gotta look for the positives, right?

Final score: 1/6/1. Bleh.

Match #3 (Solo Aphrodite)

This match started poorly, but ended well. I compliment Ducks for his bravery in playing a 2nd match with me.

Started out on the bad side, but clawed my way back to relevance when things turned to teamfights. Got a bunch of healing in (10,516!), saved Ducks at least once, and felt like I made a difference. Was able to win my lane by getting the enemy tower down first, laid down 5 wards, which is a lot better than forgetting them all, and ended up on the positive K/D ratio.

Final score: 6/5/5. If the outcome could be more like this every game, I'd play a lot more. I'm not going to delude myself into thinking that, though. I do have to admit, I had a lot of fun in this one.

Here's the gameplay video for your amusement. Watch how long I have Wards and don't use them. So awesome.