May 07, 2016

Bran's Newbie Adventures In ConquestLand - Episode 1

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Despite the total number of SMITE matches I've played over the past couple of years (approaching 2,000, and 521 hours according to SmiteGuru), I'm a Conquest newbie.

I've written guides, you say? Even one for Conquest? That's called a talent for gathering info, combined with the willingness to spend lots of time writing / honing / correcting / BBcoding. My actual skill in the game? That's another story. Actually, that's THIS story.

Depending on how often I attempt Conquest matches, and as I feel or see any progress in my level of play, I'll share my experiences in this type of format.

A History Of Me & SMITE

The 2 Matches

I played my 30th and 31st Casual Conquest matches last night with Prism.

I played Zhong Kui Solo in the first match, and found myself against Amaterasu. Went 7/6/9. Not too shabby, especially since we were handicapped for most of the match...our Skadi decided the game required a solo effort... Talaria Boots to start, a death almost immediately, and the culmination of it all, with 3 of us going for the Gold Fury while Skadi went on a 1 v 3 fight a short distance away. "She" ended up leaving the match with toxicity, and we surrendered after we were wiped a few minutes later. Eh, I still had fun. I was actually willing to make another go at it.

For the second match, Prism had a suggestion. So I went with his favorite god, Aphrodite, again Solo with him as Jungler, and faced off against Odin. Now, I was definitely a bit concerned. I just unlocked her with favor a short while ago, and had only played 2 matches EVER with her. Not fully familiar with her skill set, or how I should build. He walked me through it, of course.

Went 3/0/0, but was definitely helped a ton by Prism putting ganking pressure on Odin as we tower-dove. I like her, though. Spent my built-up daily login gem cache on her voice pack and Diva skin.

Understanding vs Application

So let me clarify something. If you ask me about a concept regarding Conquest, I'll probably provide a decent answer. I get it. I know the importance of buying wards. I get it about rotating. I guess I'd better. Otherwise, my fingers have a mind of their own, and my brain was on vacation while creating that guide.

But here's the most difficult part for to APPLY that knowledge effectively in a game where there are so many things to think about. It gets to a point that I get into a match, and I start worrying so much that I forget how to [email protected]#(*&^ build. I think this is a point that many others probably experience as well. Hence why we have so many Assault and Arena players that avoid Conquest like the zombie plague.

Sure, there are other things that turn people off to Conquest...
  • Length of the game
  • Higher instances of toxic players
  • Much more technical gameplay (thank goodness no denying by last-hitting your own minions! F that!)
In both games, I was babysat by a jungling Prism, who, for the entire match, was talking to me on Curse as if we were hanging out at a coffee shop. I mean, serious, HOW THE HECK can people TALK when they're playing this game?!? I have an issue with multitasking, apparently. So he reminded me when Blue Buff was up, when I should go with him to help Mid, to watch out cuz the enemy Jungler was missing, etc. He might have told me a lot more, but I'm not sure my brain registered everything he said.

Back to the ward concept. I get it. How can I give an example? I bought them. Yes, sir, I did, starting around the 5 min mark. But apply. To USE.

Prism: "Um...Bran...those Wards don't help your team when they're sitting in your bag..."

Yup. That's me in a nutshell.

Toxicity & Respect

Since I'm on a thought-flow process right now, I just need to chat about something. I know people bring it up all the time...I read the Reddits.

And the main question people like me ask is..."why are people so toxic?" It spins off from there, such as "do they enjoy it? Does it make them feel good about themselves?" to "this game must be their life," or "they've got issues at home."

I'm plenty old enough to remember when cell phones and the internet weren't things. I'm also the kind of person that sees someone 20 feet away coming into the store as I'm leaving, and I wait and hold the door for them, just because. So yeah, I think about other peoples' feelings, even if I inherently don't really like them, or my only interaction with them is through my computer screen and keyboard. I treat people the way...yeah, you know. Even when I was a horribly moody teenage dirtbag, I knew what respect was.

I know this game spans a wide range of ages. I'm a father of 2 kids, have a wife and a mortgage, and I play with kids that are still in high school. And I remember high school...not quite fondly. It was something I had to do. So I haven't forgotten that life can suck...the pressures of grades, friends, social issues, family issues, etc. I went through enough of that myself.

And look, I'm not blinding myself to the change our social lives have experienced through current technology. But I don't quite comprehend how separation from direct physical interaction makes bad-mouthing and cussing people out an acceptable practice. Just because you aren't going to feel the repercussions (at least not immediately), does this tell people "this is okay"?

Well, I can't stop these people from doing that, but I'm not going to become that. I'm chill. I just like playing games. I like playing games even more when I'm playing with people I know. I'm lucky I have a good computer, and the free time to waste time, so I'm not going to blow my karma, bachi, or whatever, by being a ****.

So understand...even people that seem like they might be trolling because they suck so bad...some of those people might be like me. Whether I suck or not, trust me, I'm trying to get better. Everyone has their own learning curves. They hit plateaus. Their peak might be a hill to your mountain.

Hmmm, think of it this way if you have a bad player. At least in casuals (I won't subject anyone to ME in Ranked), it's a unique situation not unlike Assault, where you're handed an imbalance. What can you do to slow the bleeding? Is it something you can learn from, and maybe use to improve your own skills?

If you don't mind losing (I guarantee nothing regarding my skill level), and want to play with someone that won't yell at you, feel free to hit me up. My IGN is Muffinman17, and I'm on PC only. As stated previously, I have a family, so I only play at night, after my babies have gone to bed. This is usually around 9pm and later, Pacific time (I live in Southern California). I'm open to almost all game modes, but usually prefer Assault or Arena. I'm not averse to playing Conquest anymore, but sometimes won't be able to talk (need to keep voice down). I'm also open to talking about builds or whatever. I love the discussion.

Hope to see you in game!

~Bran, the guy that forgets to place wards.