October 16, 2016

Bran's Newbie Adventures in ConquestLand - Episode Twelve

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This is mostly about last night's match, though I'll summarize a few previous games.

Conquest matches have been few and far between for me lately. I only play that mode when friends are also playing, and since school started back up for a lot of them, it's made it more difficult to get people together.

So I've mostly gone back to my roots, playing Assault more than anything. In general, since expanding my repertoire of modes, my level of play in Assault has gotten significantly better.

Even when our team is losing, when our comp is horrible, when my score is poor, I find that I'm doing generally well, confirmed by looking at my stats. But man, there are streaks. One day, every game I played was a win. The next two nights, I couldn't buy a win. Weird how that goes.

Oh, and I had no clue how Raijin's ult worked. That was embarrassing...got a lot of BM on that one. My bad, should have messed around with him in jungle practice or something first.

With regard to Conquest, it continues to be mostly Support for me, but I've played a couple matches as Jungler lately. Mostly used Bastet, like here (great game for me) and here (started out well, fell off pretty hard late-game, though we still pulled off the win (thanks Zilby as Anubis).

Anyway, varying levels of success overall (I'm still right at 50% W/L ratio) in Conquest.

Posting the last game we had last night. Was playing with Prism (solo Zhong Kui), Taco (mid Vulcan), Bullfrog (ADC Anhur), and featuring a guest appearance by Greenevers (Regen, as Jungle Fenrir)!

Prism had been having internet issues since the previous game), and it started the same way. In fact, the first third of the match (13 minutes or so), we were without his services. Even down a man, though, we were holding our own (10 kills 10 deaths at the point Pris came back), and so didn't surrender.

The enemy team's level of play was definitely questionable though, and I kept hearing, I think it was Taco, saying that the Bacchus was terrible. Their comp was weird too. Bullfrog and I were facing Xing Tian and Camazotz in the duo lane...I never would have guessed that one.

I was trying to rotate a lot, and I don't know if it was timing or what, but Bull kept getting ganked. I think I should have hung around there more. Sorry, Bull...sort of left you high and dry. Should have also dropped more wards (only 7 in that game).

Think I did okay with Guan Yu. Definitely tanked my share of damage, and had some decent healing. Since the enemy team didn't seem too strong, I also went partial bruiser build and dealt some damage too. Built as follows:
Didn't get items like Hide of the Nemean Lion or Midgardian Mail because there really wasn't a lot of danger from basic attacking/crits.

Final score: 4/3/23. And even coming from behind, Pris still held in there. But thanks needs to go to Green and Taco, who carried us.

(Oh, and sorry for making you solo-queue, GGF, lol)