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Tyr in the jungle

June 17, 2018 by Kapitan Jaszczur
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Smite God: Tyr

Item Purchase Order

?Standard start of a game for jungle i think. Assassin's blessing for that heal from jungle monsters and boots for mobility. Warrior tabis are quite good, but if you feel you need more survivability reinforced shoes are also nice. But if you choose them then armor should be diffrent than Spectral. Breastplate of Valor is great, but i prefer Midgardian or Soverenity because it has a ton of life on it.

Build Item Assassin's Blessing
Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

?Depending on the enemy team i start with Spectral or Bulwark with my defence. Bulwark is a must have - ton of life, protection, cc reduction and nice passive that can, and will save you. Anyway we need both items.

Build Item Spectral Armor Build Item Bulwark of Hope

?Last defensive item. One of this four. Depends on the enemy team. Gauntlet is my favorite of them all. Great protections, good amount of life and the stacks gets completed really quickly. Urchin is a great choice only if you can stack it quickly imo. If your team is loosing badly it might be hard to get those stacs.
Mantle of discord is for the rich ones. A loooot of protections and great passive that rewards you for good and dangerous dives. Spirit robe is when you want diffrent physical armour and need cdr.

Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Build Item Hide of the Urchin Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Spirit Robe

?Great, all the defensve items you'll need are already bought. Till the end game you'll be tanky, with a good amount of life.

My first choice for dmg is Jotunn's. Nice power, a bit of mana and penetration and 20% cdr which we lacked a lot.

The crusher is nice also. A bit more penetration and nice passive - it's always a great sight when the enemy dies after he outrunned you (hard when you play as Tyr :))

Titan's Bane only when the enemy team is super tanky.

Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item The Crusher Build Item Titan's Bane

?It all depends on the situation and enemy team.

Masamune if you need more protection and health, similiar with Shifter's shield.

One of those two hammers if you lack life. Blackthorne for cooldowns, Frostbound for irritating enemies ;)

Hydra's is nice because after our combo we always have time for that at least one basic attack.

Build Item Masamune Build Item Frostbound Hammer Build Item Blackthorn Hammer Build Item Hydra's Lament

Tyr in the jungle

I like Tyr because of his passive, two dashes and a huge leap with his ult. With good play, he's almost immpossible to catch and run from. But what hooked me the most is his CC. Herc on the other hand has a bit better version of Tyr CC kit, but he lacks the mobility. Here is my version of Tyr

Pros / Cons

+ mobility
+ CC
+ Every stage of the game he can be really usefull
+ JUNGLE! You got it right, this build is for jungle Tyr

- You need to watch your cooldowns
- Very easy to miss your combo


Here is something that many will not agree with me. I always builds full CC reduction on Tyr. Why, you might ask, his passive already does that! But here's the thing, You will feel this 1 second. Sometimes really hard. But with full CC reduction it's always not more than 0.6 second. After that every cc is the same -> action interrupted. You don't care if it was a stun, root, disarm or mesmerize. Your current action was interrupted, that's all and immidiately after that you are ready to go.

So this is my usual build for Tyr.

Other builds have much more protection, but imo it's not needed because of Tyrs 3 and the defensive stance. It's enough, you should better get more life.

If the enemy is super annoying, like i high pen hunter or assassin, use nemean, too much power/protection/attack speed - take according item.

Even though we are in the jungle, we will be in the center of all team fights, and we will stay there till it ends (in our victory :))

Creeping / Jungling

What i love in jungling Tyr is the ability to get the first blood. Just a bit of cooperation with any lane, and you (or the one in the lane) gets the easy kill. It's not easy to oneshot someone early in the game unless... You get that guy under tower. That's where the blink and cooporation comes in. Just ask someone to play safe, under tower. Thats all. After a while the enemy will get close to the tower. Blink, 1, 2, first blood.

If they also play safe, no worry, get to duo lane, try to blink and 1s the enemy hunter to your duo. If pushed nicely, first blood for your team.

If someone is already pocked hard and play safe under tower, that's where you come. Early dive is a thing for Tyr. You need to get the enemy position really good. What you want to do is to blink under his tower and quickly push him outside of its range. If done correctly, you'll get one hit from the tower. If the other guy from your team don't black out, he should finish the enemy god with you.

Team Work

What is your role exactly? It's not the normal jungle, your dmg will not be great. Your survivability will be, on the other hand. You are build like a semi-support, that roams the jungle.

Actually you have only one job - carry the enemies in and out.
In to your teammates, to kill them, out of your teammates, to save them.

Whole game you'll be like - You! Come here! We will now kill you!
Or - Oh no no, we don't want you here, go back to your place and get off our adc!

With that build Tyr is a great teamfight starter. With full ccr you can just blink 1vs5, dash, and ult out. Why do that? Why waste your blink AND ult? So the whole enemy team can get on cooldowns too. It's risky, many times you'll die, but! But if your teammates are not potatoes, they will clear all the enemy gods.


So to sum it up, a love to get into the center of the whole mess that teamfights sometimes are. With this Tyr i have both, protection and damage. Ofcourse other tanks are out of question, we hunt the hunters and assassins. With absolute full combo there's not much left.

Guide to kill with Tyr: blink, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 and 4. Or in human language - Blink, then push, then cleave, change the stance! and again cleave, then dash and jump if needed. Almost like dancing :)

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