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The Shining Beacon of Japan: Amaterasu Guide (S4)

August 12, 2017 by Stuke99
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Smite God: Amaterasu

The Shining Beacon of Japan: Amaterasu Guide (S4)

August 12, 2017

My Introduction

Kon'nichiwa, Stuke here for a new guide. This is a guide for the first Japanese Goddess and the first god of Season 3. I introduce Ōhirume-no-muchi-no-kami, also known as Amaterasu for short, and she's brings the power from the Land of the Rising Sun with her. Note: you don't have to follow this guide to the smallest detail, these are suggestions on how to play Amaterasu. I encourage you to look at the comment section below and see others suggestions.

Who is Amaterasu?

Amaterasu is a physical, melee, warrior that excels at being in the thick of it with her amazing control and utility. With the right build, set-up, and positioning Amaterasu can be a domination force in the match.

Pros / Cons

High Single and Area Damage
High Sustain
Good Mobility
Stance Change
Good Clear
Old Guan Yu Ultimate
Damage Reduction Shield and Projectile

Moderate Early Game (Not Good but not Bad Either)
Cleanse hurt her badly
Wrong Stance = Death
Can be Ambushed
Weak to Anti-Heals
Somewhat Squishy


This a very offensive passive. After three successful hits on a single enemy god, that target gets a debuff that makes it easy for you and your allies to do more damage to that target and all enemies that is near them for a duration as long as you keep hitting them.

This is Amaterasu's stance dance and heal ability. Every time this ability is activated you get HoT, Healing over Time, plus something a little more. In Benevolence Stance you gain additional movement speed, while in Valor stance you get additional Physical Power. Since this ability is an Aura as well, your teammates get these benefits as well if they are close to her making some interesting teamfights.

Your shield and clearing ability. When you active this ability, you gain a shield that mitigates any damage you take for the duration and when the duration is up it fires a projectile. Now this is where the ability becomes interesting. After you giving or taking damage, it charges the mirror and charging the mirror will increase the amount of damage the projectile does. You can also fire the projectile early by pressing the ability button again.

Your dash and silence. Amaterasu charges forward passing through any minion but stopping at the first enemy god she hit, and silencing them for a duration. This can be a good initiation tool or escape as long as no one gets in the way when you try to escape.

A very beautiful and old ultimate for those who were around since the beta and when Guan Yu was a guardian. Amaterasu jumps and slashes three times dealing damage to whoever is in the cone of the attack. On the first strike it deals damage, on the second the damage is amplified, and on the third strike the enemy is stunned for a couple of seconds. Note: the combo will break if you miss or they manage to get out of the cone so the stun or amped damage will not go off if they are out of it.

Example Builds

What makes Amaterasu interesting is that she has this pseudo-support play-style even when she is better in the solo role for being able to pump out massive amount of damage Late Game. Aura and ability damage is the best way to play her, and like most warriors get some protections too.

(Switch Gladiator's Shield for Shifter's Shield in the Late Game)



No explanation needed, we all know what this does at this point.

As a solo laner, you'll need to get back to lane ASAP, and this active helps out a lot. Ama's Divine Presence can give her a huge boost in movement speed you might not need this active but it's nice to have.

Slows and reduces healing, perfect for the solo lane and keeping close to the enemy.

You know how Chronos has that redo button, well, now every god can have that luxury.

Great relic for setting up ganks and kills alike as it slows any enemy god in the effect radius.

Amaterasu might have some good CC, it's not enough to zone out a target from an objective or camp so this relic is a nice addition for some more crowd control she naturally lacks.

Tips and Combos

- As Amaterasu, you need to provide the team with the auras and the control of your kit to let the fight go in your teams favor.

- When playing as the support, you want to use those auras effectively for your ADC. Use Benevolence to make chasing easier, while using Valor on the other hand to take the towers and or phoenixes down quicker.

- If jungleing, use Glorious Charge to engage from the jungle and stop them from using any ability to escape.

-If you're going against a god with a channeled ability like Thor or Anubis, you can use Glorious Charge to stop the channeling of that ability and force them to use another move, resort to auto attacks, or more simply run away.

- Make sure you land every hit on dazzling offense, it might seem simple but you can screw it up if they escape or if you miss one hit.

The standard combo for Ama is 1 (if you were in Benevolence stance), 2, 4, AA, 1, 3 (if they run away), AA, repeat until death.

- Ama could be a danger to herself as much as her enemies. Being in the wrong stance at the wrong time or missing any of your abilities could be the difference between life or death as they have a fairly long cooldown that can take awhile, so mind what you are doing to make sure you can escape a fight if it goes south real quick.

Stages of the Game

Early Game
Amaterasu's Early Game is not the best as the heal from her stance change will only heal for so much and her damage would be fairly weak as well but she can manage with her Heavenly Reflection and Glorious Charge to clear the lane. It's not the best clear but it's good for what she has.

Middle Game
This is when things start to change for Ama, she will now be bringing the damage and has the power to take down towers as you start to level up your stance ability.

Late Game
This is where Amaterasu becomes a serious threat. Her damage, passive auras, protections, and CC skyrocket as she now becomes the Hyper-Carry.

A Little Something Extra


In conclusion, Amaterasu is a dangerous goddess in the warrior roster and could probably leave Bellona shaking in her Roman Sandals. Being a great supportive character or a amazing bruiser almost perfectly can make for a intense game. Also remember to keep in mind your stance, you ability cooldown, and to amount you can actually take, and you'll let the rising sun shine down on all at the Battlefield of the Gods.

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