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Sol - Burning up the way! (Season 4, Patch 4.18)

September 25, 2017 by xXDannTheMannXx
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Build 1
Build 2

Traditional Build

Smite God: Sol

Item Purchase Order

Starting Build

Build Item Soul Trap
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

Core Build

Build Item Book of Thoth Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Rod of Tahuti

Final Items

Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Book of the Dead Build Item Ethereal Staff Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Stone of Fal


Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet

Anti-heal (Drop Spear of Desolation)

Build Item Divine Ruin Build Item Toxic Blade

Wards (1 minimum per recall)

Build Item Ward Build Item Sentry Ward

Sol - Burning up the way! (Season 4, Patch 4.18)

September 25, 2017

God Introduction

Sol is a mage focused around poking her enemies and also bursting them, while being pretty slippery to catch. She can be built in a few different ways but this guide will cover the the most successful build path.

Build Explanation

Starting Build
This start may seem strange but it is very effective. Soul Trap allows you to build into Book of Thoth very early, and the magical power from the tier 2 item itself is pretty big early on. I heavily advise for having 2 Mana Potions instead of 1 Healing Potion and 1 Mana Potion. Mana will be consumed much faster than health if you are playing properly, and anyways, Sol has a great self heal from Radiance.
Core Build
In the past, Book of Thoth wasn't as appealing for Sol as it is now, but it is now a good contender against the usual Talon Trinket start. Book of Thoth's advantage over other items is that it provides a ton of early magical power, which will correlate to a lot of damage early on. The mana isn't bad either.

Shoes of the Magi are essential for most damage oriented mages, as the extra magical power and magical penetration helps in result in a lot more early damage, and since you already have a high amount of magical power from Book of Thoth, penetration will be more appealing at this point to exploit your high magical power.

Obsidian Shard is still an essential penetration item for Sol as it does not need to be stacked up to be effective, and it also works against structures, which grants Sol a huge boost in DPS versus structures.

Spear of Desolation is one of the best mage items available and it is no less strong for Sol. This item has practically every stat Sol would want: magical power and penetration primarily, but also has cooldown reduction in between the base stat of the item and the item's passive.

Rod of Tahuti is a MUST build for any damage oriented mage, because it offers a ton of power for the price. 125 magical power right off the bat, but also the ability to increase your total magical power by 25%? That's fantastic!
Final Items
Bancroft's Talon is still an effective item late in the game, maybe even stronger than in the early phases due to its sustain capabilities which are valuable in late game fights. Plus it also has a ton of magical power for a cheap price, and the item's passive empowers you the lower you get.

Book of the Dead is an excellent option if you want a direct form of survivability, from the health and the health shield, but also still want to have a ton of magical power.

Ethereal Staff is another solid option, granting you extra burst damage potential, and a small bit of survivability with the health and crowd control reduction.

Polynomicon is still a good item for Sol, allowing her to have an additional source of burst damage in fights. And the added lifesteal helps her sustain too. However please do not build this very early in the game- there are much better items than Polynomicon at that point in the game.

Stone of Fal is a heavily underrated item but whenever the situation that this item was made for arrives, it is amazing! If you are fighting a mage with very high burst damage such as Nox or Thoth, consider this item to avoid losing 30% plus health in one ability or combo.
Remember that just because you are a mage, does not mean that you should skip out on building anti-healing items. If you are facing a god with a strong self or team heal, please for the love of Sol, build anti-healing.

Divine Ruin is a good option if you want to apply anti-healing debuffs while still having some magical power and penetration.

A much better option is Toxic Blade. This item works well for Sol as she will already be using basic attacks much more frequently than any other burst mage. And just by building this item, you will make healing near irrelevant (non-existent even if your teammates also do their part and build anti-healing too) since you'll be apply a 60% healing reduction debuff on practically no cooldown, because you'll apply it on your basic attacks.

Item Advice

Cooldown reduction. Please do not prioritize this stat. It isn't a bad stat to have but it isn't a great one either. Sol's cooldowns are generously low, and there's not really a point to try to reach maximum cooldown reduction.

It's an alright item if you wish to build Sol as a hybrid mage. However, please do not rush this item. The stats it provides very early into the game makes it a worse early item pickup than other items such as Book of Thoth or Bancroft's Talon.

Do not build this item. Realistically, you'll only get two procs of the passive with Stellar Burst, and even then, the magical power buff lasts for very little. You'd be better off with a high magical power item than Telkhines Ring.

Do not build this item. Ever since the bug which allowed Sol's basic attacks (at full Heat) has been patched, there isn't a reason to build this item. You will inflict much more damage through other items.

Great item for hybrid Sol builds.

Good overall item. I would not value this heavily though but it is a good option nonetheless.

Please do not build this item. You’ll only be able to reliably apply two stacks of the item’s passive and even then it pales in comparison to other penetration items, plus Sol’s main damaging ability, Stellar Burst won’t benefit too much from it since the first tick of damage will not have any stacks on the target and the second tick will only have 1 stack when it damages the enemy.

This item isn’t as good as it has been at the moment but if you’re extremely confident in that you will not die or not die often, you can consider this item as an early power spike.

It is an okay item to build if you really want more up-front burst damage, and want to have a way to deal high damage to high health gods.

It isn’t that bad of an item but neither is a good item either in my opinion. I’d much rather build other items that would give me more burst and damage but it isn’t that bad as long as you’ve got your core items built.

I would recommend against building it. Sure the extra health is nice but you diminish your early game potential all for extra health which isn’t necessary as long as you are playing smart and positioning well. If you want more health, Book of the Dead is a much better option.

Stat-wise this item isn’t that bad to build, but I’d only consider it if there is a strong healing presence on my team, and I am the only player on the team who could reliably build it.

This item isn’t that bad now and can be helpful if the enemy team has strong early game physical gods. But besides that, I would look for other items.

This item can be a decent option if the enemy team has a strong or many strong physical gods, not just in the early game, but also in the mid and late game.

Tips and Tricks

To help with wave clear, try to aim Stellar Burst from the side, insuring that you can hit both the Archer minions and the Melee minions.

Disapparate grants slow immunity upon casting, utilize this versus strong slows such as against Cupid's Fields of Love.

Supernova grants crowd control immunity upon casting for 1 second.

Always maintain your Heat, as the bonuses at full Heat are great! Remember that you can gain Heat from casting abilties and landing basic attacks.

To help confirm the damage from Supernova, try hitting your target with Stellar Burst first. The slow from that ability can help land the first strike of your ultimate.

You can cancel out Disapparate once in your incorporeal form prematurely.

Always look to poke your opponent AND clear the minion wave simultaneously, if possible.

Look to box your opponent, but if a fight looks like it may be unfavorable, cast Disapparate before engaging, to protect yourself from any follow up attacks.


Sol is my favorite goddess in Smite and I hope that this guide was helpful to you <3

I'd also like to thank SmiteFire users branmuffin for his helpful insight and nanoyam for his guide on creating guides.

Check out my other god guides!

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