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Sol - Burning up the way! (Season 4, Patch 4.13)

July 20, 2017 by xXDannTheMannXx
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Build 1
Build 2

Mid/Burst Focused

Smite God: Sol

Item Purchase Order

Starting Build Options

Build Item Vampiric Shroud
Build Item Soul Stone
Build Item Sands of Time
Build Item Talon Trinket

Starting Build Options cont.

Build Item Bumba's Mask Build Item Lost Artifact Build Item Tiny Trinket

Core Items

Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Rod of Tahuti

Situational Items

Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Book of the Dead Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Pythagorem's Piece Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Stone of Fal Build Item Shaman's Ring

Example #1

Build Item Soul Stone Build Item Bumba's Mask Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Book of the Dead

Example #2

Build Item Sands of Time Build Item Lost Artifact Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Shaman's Ring Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Polynomicon


Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Bracer of Undoing Build Item Heavenly Wings

Sol - Burning up the way! (Season 4, Patch 4.13)

July 20, 2017

God Introduction

Sol is a versatile mage in the way she can be built and the way she plays. She is not restricted by static builds or roles the same way some mages are. Her current viable roles in Conquest are as an ADC, and as a Mid.

Because of her versatility in builds, she has many viable builds, and can be built to your own playstyle. The build covered in this guide is a personal one, one that works excellently in both of her roles, but is more reliant on your basic attacks than most other builds are.

Build Explanation

Starting Build Options

Soul Stone is an excellent starter item for Sol in both the Mid lane, and in the ADC position. This starter item provides generous mana sustain, with the main appeal of it being its passive, which grants bonus magical power upon stacking the item 5 times- this extra magical power can translate into stronger wave clear, poke, and early burst damage.

Vampiric Shroud is an excellent sustain option, since you can gain a large chunk of health by simply hitting the minion wave with one Stellar Burst- this starter item is especially great for Sol in the ADC position. Sands of Time is an okay option with it granting mana sustain, and 10% cooldown reduction.

Talon Trinket is a viable albeit risky starting option for Sol in the Mid lane and ADC position. You have the upside of having a large chunk of magical power, some magical lifesteal, and the ability to build Bancroft’s Talon sooner, at the cost of early game sustain from potions, which would be necessary if you take a lot of damage early game through poke or fights.

Bumba’s Mask is an excellent secondary item for the two viable roles that Sol, granting her nice sustain from clearing jungle monsters, in addition to increased jungle camp clear.

Lost Artifact and Tiny Trinket are two other secondary item options for the Mid lane- these items will allow Sol to build into important items sooner, while granting her a small amount of bonus magical power. Shoes is a decent secondary item option for the ADC position, as ADC gods benefit from having the extra mobility back to lane, and the power spike that items in the Shoes/Boots tree grant.

Core Items

Shoes of the Magi are an excellent choice of boots for damage oriented mages. There is not much need to exaplain here about this item.

Bancroft Talon is a cheap item for what it provides. 100 magical power for 2300 gold?! Plus an excellent amount of magical lifesteal too! Sol is a mage that wants to box, and this item fulfills that purpose well by offering power and health sustain from the magical lifesteal, and has room for outplay with the passive of Bancroft's Talon.

Obsidian Shard is the next item. All damage oriented gods need penetration so that their damage remains relevant and is not halted by the base protections of their enemies nor the protections granted from the auras of supports. This out of all the penetration items is ideal for Sol as it boosts her damage versus objectives and structures significantly.

Rod of Tahuti is a core item for all damage oriented mages and Sol is no exception. The power alone makes it great to build into, but the passive too makes it even better. Rod of Tahuti also increases your basic attack damage too!

Build Discussion

In this section of the guide, I'll be offering my opinion on items and builds for Sol.

Sol is primarily an early to mid game goddess with an adequate late game stage. Because of this, builds that hinder her early to mid game state are not ideal. Sol will not scale too well into the late game as other mages do, so there is no real purpose in building her towards her weakest stage, in comparison to her other stages.
Traditional burst builds for mages work fine on Sol. However keep in mind that you will not have the same burst damage potential as a other mages would.
A build focused solely around basic attacks and attack speed will is weaker than a hybrid build (see Recommended Build) or burst builds. For one, it will only be potent at full build due to mages requiring a lot of magical power so that their basic attacks can hit hard. Builds that are weak early to mid game, and only come online late game are unfavorable for Sol as you won't be able to abuse her early game bullying potential nor her mid game power spike.
Shaman’s Ring is an excellent item for Sol at the moment due to her ability to apply this item’s 10% damage bonus easily when at full Heat-
Here is a link to this strange interaction, if you haven’t seen it before. Be aware that if this interaction turns out to be unintentional, this item will become less valuable for Sol.
Polynomicon is a good item for Sol however not core. There are plenty of superior options this season, making this item no longer as important as it was in past seasons.
Cooldown reduction is not a bad stat to have on Sol but not a great stat either nor one that should be prioritized.
Demonic Grip is an okay item however it can be tricky to justify it in a build than in past seasons, as currently other superior items exist. Also Sol performs better with flat percentage penetration than percentage reduction, due to flat percentage penetration working against structures.
Book of Thoth is not an item that you would really want, unless you have poor mana management. While it gives slightly more power than most items, for the price it is at, it is simply not worth it, especially considering the alternatives.
Warlock Sash is another item that you wouldn't want, except in very few situations. While it has excellent stats when fully built, it will delay your effectiveness until the item has been fully stacked, and on Sol, you don't want to hinder your early and mid game.
Doom Orb is a risky item for a goddess such as Sol. She doesn't quite have the safety that Thoth and Janus have, that would make the item more appealing, so build it at your own risk.
Spear of Desolation is an excellent item for any mage, and thus works well on a burst focused build for Sol. This item is so amazing for mages because it grants them practically every stat they want- magical power, magical penetration, cooldown reduction, all in one item for a generous price.
Book of the Dead is an alright late game item for Sol, granting her increased survivability in fights with the extra magical lifesteal and the item’s health shield, plus it also grants 100 magical power, allowing you to retain your damage dealing capabilities.
Pythagorem’s Piece is an underrated item for mages, due to it being a utility item- you sacrifice some of your own effectiveness to give your team bonus stats- plus the stats for the user aren’t that bad, and it has 10% cooldown reduction.
Stone of Fal is a situational item, but in the situation that it is made for, it truly shines. If you find yourself having trouble against enemy mages who can kill you or remove a massive amount of your health in one ability, such as Scylla, Nox, or Thoth, consider building into Stone of Fal. The item’s stats are decent too, so you won’t lose a massive amount of damage for building into this item.
Hastened Ring is an excellent item for a hybrid build or for Sol in the ADC position. The stats of this item are great for the price, but the passive is the main appeal of Hastened Ring. As long as you are aware of the passive’s cooldown, and don’t accidentally activate the passive prematurely, you should be able to make excellent usage of the Haste effect.
Toxic Blade may seem like a strange option for Sol but it works well for a hybrid build. The stats are decent, but mainly you should be looking to pick this up against a high health sustain team comp or enemy, due to its passive.
Another strange item to see similar to Toxic Blade, however this item has more of an impact in Duo lane, since you’ll be fighting hunters, who will take a hit from the attack speed reduction aura, that you will have. The stats of the item aren’t bad either, and the lifesteal is nice to have, helping in boxing and to reduce lane poke.

Tips and Tricks

To help with wave clear, try to aim Stellar Burst from the side, insuring that you can hit both the Archer minions and the Melee minions.

Disapparate grants slow immunity upon casting, utilize this versus strong slows such as against Cupid's Fields of Love.

Supernova grants crowd control immunity upon casting for 1 second.

Always maintain your Heat, as the bonuses at full Heat are great! Remember that you can gain Heat from casting abilties and landing basic attacks.

To help confirm the damage from Supernova, try hitting your target with Stellar Burst first. The slow from that ability can help land the first strike of your ultimate.

You can cancel out Disapparate once in your incorporeal form prematurely.

Always look to poke your opponent AND clear the minion wave simultaneously, if possible.

Look to box your opponent, but if a fight looks like it may be unfavorable, cast Disapparate before engaging, to protect yourself from any follow up attacks.

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