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Let Me Drive For a Sec | Pro Hel: Conquest Build/Guide (S4)

November 10, 2017 by Draisaitl
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Smite God: Hel

Item Purchase Order

Mid Start

Build Item Sands of Time
Build Item Shoes
Build Item Chalice of Mana
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

Support Start

Build Item Watcher's Gift Build Item Shoes Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Mid Build

Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Rod of Asclepius Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Rod of Tahuti

Support Build

Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Rod of Asclepius Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Lotus Crown Build Item Void Stone Build Item Mantle of Discord

God Skill Order

Decay / Restoration

Decay / Restoration 1 8 10 11 12 key bind

Hinder / Cleanse

Hinder / Cleanse 4 15 16 18 19 key bind

Repulse / Inspire

Repulse / Inspire 2 3 6 7 9 key bind

Switch Stances

Switch Stances 5 13 14 17 20 key bind

Let Me Drive For a Sec | Pro Hel: Conquest Build/Guide (S4)

November 10, 2017


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Note that this is NOT a guide on how to play Conquest, but how Hel should be played IN Conquest. Please check out Branmuffin17's Conquest guide for general info.

Hello. My name is Draisaitl (Drai for short) and welcome to my Hel guide. I'm actually a Fenrir main, but Hel is a god that I also have a lot of experience with and I thought I would try and share my knowledge on her, considering I've always played her, but she just recently became good. This guide is a collaboration with an experienced ranked player and streamer named xDrag0nMast3rx who is pretty much a pro at Hel and taught me a lot of what I know about her. Check out the credits at the bottom of the guide (click here) for links to his Twitch and Youtube channel.

Hel, as a stance switcher, can be an intimidating god for an inexperienced player. However I used to feel the same about her until I really started to play her and I realized how good she actually is when played properly. That being said, you need to realize that she is a delicate pick in Conquest which is what this guide will be based on. Playing in a game with Hel is NOT the same as playing with your average mid laner or support. And if she's not played, both with and as, properly, you could get punished for it.

But if you're reading the guide portion and not just copying the build, you're obviously here to learn. Note that I put builds for Hel Mid and Support. But most of the guide portion will be focused on Midding, with mentions of the Support here and there.


"When Hel is in a stance, she gradually attunes to the strengths of that stance, gaining up to 20% healing in the Light Stance."
"When Hel is in a stance, she gradually attunes to the strengths of that stance, gaining up to 20% damage in the Dark Stance."

Switch Stances
"While in Light stance, Hel's abilities heal and support her allies and she gains increased Protections."
"While in Dark stance, Hel's abilities cause damage and she gains increased Magical Power."

Switching stances properly is extremely important to learn. Getting caught in the wrong stance can result in a number of negative results for your team. This being said, the best way to play Hel is actually to not stay in a stance for too long. Once you get some cooldown, Hel is most effective when you "spam her abilities" per se. Empty your kit in one stance, then switch to the other and empty that one while the other stance is on cooldown, rinse and repeat. Doing this properly isn't easy to explain, so please make sure to view the examples in the Combos section (click here).

"Hel fires an orb of restoration that hits gods only. Hitting an enemy god deals damage. Hitting an allied god heals that god and heals Hel on a successful hit."

This is Hel's immediate heal. Unlike Inspire (to teammates), Restoration will heal for a flat amount when connected. This ability also does damage to, but will not heal you when it hits, enemy gods. This ability is easy to miss and when your teammate is constantly juking you, conencting it can be difficult. Hitting this heal could absolutely be the difference between not only a teammate living, but you as well, since this ability heals both you and the person you hit.
This ability does not work on minions.

"Hel cleanses all allied gods in the targeted area, removing all Crowd Control effects instantly and protecting them from future ones for a duration."

Cleanse is arguably the most beneficial ability Hel has in her entire kit. Using this ability, which isn't very difficult to connect, is basically a free Purification Beads. Use this on yourself and get out without having to burn any relics. An important thing to note is that you can use this on teammates, so please don't be a selfish Hel.

"Hel conjures a burst of light energy around her, healing herself instantly and applying a heal over time to nearby allies that ticks every 1s. Hel gains Increased Movement Speed, and allies gain a reduced amount (10%) for the duration."

This is going to be your favorite ability during the laning phase. This ability heals you instantly just like Restoration, but also gives heal over time to all allies within the radius including minions. It also gives you and your allies movement speed which makes it fantastic for making rotations, and pretty good when combined with a Cleanse when necessary to get out of fights. Make sure you use Inspire on your minion wave as it comes up.

"Hel fires an orb of decay that deals damage and passes through minions. The orb will explode in a 12 unit radius if it hits a god, a wall, or reaches max range."

This ability is perfect for getting poke off on enemies or finishing a kill that may have gotten out of reach from your Repulse. The beautiful thing about this ability, besides it being great for tagging an entire minion wave, is that you don't have to perfectly connect it like you do with it's light counterpart, Restoration, when you're a distance away from the enemy. Up close, however, the concept is the same.

"Hel debuffs all enemies in the targeted area, reducing their Magical Protection and slowing them for 3s."

Using this ability makes immobile gods sitting ducks for Hel. This ability slows the enemy and, against squishy targets, removes basically all of their magical protections. Even against tanks, Hinder will make your abilities sting. Throw this on an enemy and throw your Decay and Repulse to watch the enemy's HP crash. Using this ability is also great for increasing your wave clear. Do remember to use this on the minion wave before using your abilities to clear in the early game, as in the late game, Repulse can clear by itself and wasting Hinder on the wave isn't necessary.

"Hel conjures a burst of dark energy around her, damaging all nearby enemies."

Hel's most damaging ability. Repulse hits ridiculously hard in a single burst of damage. Combined with Hinder, this ability destroys with tons of burst. It's great for one hitting the entire minion wave and bursting down enemies, but use this ability with caution as getting close enough to use it could be risky and may not be worth it. Be sure not to put yourself out of position in order to connect it.

Pros / Cons

Hel - Pros & Cons

........ Pros ........

+ Team Oriented Kit +
+ Decent Damage +
+ Fun to Play +
+ Great Sustain +
....... Cons .......

- Mediocre Mobility -
- Extremely Squishy -
- Gets Focused -
- Countered By Anti-Heal -


Early Clear + Poke

1v1 Scenario

Mid Game Teamfight




Starter Items






Note that this section is the standard start for Hel in the Mid lane, and it's basically the same as any other Mid laner. This is NOT a Midding guide. The map will assume that you and the enemy break even on wave clear and both decide to go for your own camps and not invade. For the very early part of the game you mostly just want to stay with your Jungler, while keeping your mid farm in check.

Here are a few things to note in the first few waves:

First Waves Information

Starting Mid Route
Clear Mid-Lane minions with Jungler (1). Strong early game gods should push forward on the 1st mid wave. As Hel, I would do so only if your Jungler has strong early clear.

Clear Speed Camp (2). Going to Speed first is important in order to secure it. A jungler without his speed buff in the early stages of the game usually doesn't end well. And Midding without Jungle presence is extremely difficult.

Clear 2nd Mid Wave (3). As soon as you're done clearing the speed camp, you'll hit level 2. At that point the next wave should be clashing in mid so be sure to clear that as soon as speed is done.

Clear Solo Mid-Lane Harpies(4). Securing as much farm as possible in the early game is extremely important. If your jungler is with you, which he should be, you can clear these in no time.

Clear Fire Elementals (5). Assuming they're not already cleared by the enemy solo laner, clear the Fire Elementals with your Jungler. These will continue to spawn until Fire Giant spawns at 10:00.

After this point, rotations depend on the flow of the game.

Additional Tips


A huge thanks to xDrag0nMast3rx for making this guide what it is. Be sure to check out his Twitch and YouTube channel. He's a great player, a great person, and is always happy to help people better their gameplay. And even for the more experienced players, he makes great content. You can find out when he's streaming by following his Twitter.

Also a big thanks to Branmuffin17 for helping me with pretty much all of the coding in this guide. It's because of him that I'm able to provide a guide that is (hopefully) appealing to look at and easy to read that also provides all the content a good guide needs to provide.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, hopefully you learned something. Helpful feedback is always welcome if you may have a different opinion about something or just a helpful tip to make the guide better. I always appreciate constructive feedback. Just leave a comment and I almost always reply.

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