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Deliver some pain (Conquest, Jungle)

September 27, 2018 by Jascom
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Death from Above (and the sides)

Smite God: Ratatoskr

Item Purchase Order

Starting Buy
? Assassin's Blessing is a must along with tier 1 Mace. The potions are interchangeable you could buy a ward too if you want that is just what I will usually Recommend.

Build Item Magic Acorn
Build Item Assassin's Blessing
Build Item Mace
Build Item Multi Potion
Build Item Healing Potion

Core Items
Void Shield is a very important part of this build because it provides an additional 20 Physical Protection along with another 24 reductions from his 2 Flurry. Jotunn's Wrath is a very important item in this kit do to the fact that it gives 40 power for the extra damage, 150 mana for extended stays out in the jungle, 10 physical penetration to help kill a little bit easier, and a whopping 20% cooldown reduction this all for a healthy price of 2350 gold. Its very cost effective for power spikes early on and Is highly recommended to be picked up after you finish Acorn of Yggdrasil. Now to your acorn your acorn are your "Boots" They are the best boots in the game to with 20% movement speed and 50 power. That means you have 2% more Speed and 10 more power along with the acorns passive that heals you whenever you hit something with an abillity which is 15 + 15% of your physical power.

Build Item Acorn of Yggdrasil Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Void Shield

Tank Items
I Recommend one to three of the "tank Items" every game because you already have built in protection shred and decently high base damage.

If you are not going to buy anymore cooldown items besides Jotunn's Wrath you should pick up Breastplate of Valor otherwise Mantle of Discord , Genji's Guard, or Spirit Robe will work

Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Ancile Build Item Magi's Cloak Build Item Genji's Guard Build Item Masamune Build Item Hide of the Urchin

Offensive Items
Shifter's Shield Gives amazing power and a good amount of defense.
Bloodforge provides both power and lifesteal along with a half decent passive.

Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Bloodforge Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Masamune Build Item The Crusher Build Item Titan's Bane

Niche Items
?Everything here is described in the situational section.

Build Item Winged Blade Build Item Oni Hunter's Garb Build Item Ancile Build Item Stone Cutting Sword Build Item Witchblade Build Item Midgardian Mail

The first relic you should pick up is either Blink Rune (Blink) or Purification Beads (Beads).
Blink is a good engage if the other team doesn't have much CC. Beads is very useful and HIGHLY recommended if they have a good amount of cc. All the other Relics Are Situational and described in the Situational Section.

Build Item Blink Rune Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Shield of Thorns Build Item Phantom Veil Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Horrific Emblem Build Item Aegis Amulet

Example Build
?This is the build I would typically run on ratatoskr.

Build Item Acorn of Yggdrasil Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Void Shield Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Ancile Build Item Spirit Robe

God Skill Order


Dart 3 14 15 17 18 key bind


Flurry 1 4 6 7 9 key bind

Acorn Blast

Acorn Blast 2 8 10 11 12 key bind

Through the Cosmos

Through the Cosmos 5 13 16 19 20 key bind

Deliver some pain (Conquest, Jungle)

September 27, 2018




Hello there and welcome to my Ratatoskr guide for Conquest Jungle recently Ratatoskr has come into my sight because of his built in shred and high damage along with so much mobility because of his semi-global ultimate. In this somewhat small guide it contains some useful information including but not limited to Rats approximate clear times, build ideas and recommendations, how to use his mobility, his match-ups, and other random tid-bits.

2. Ratatoskr over view

Health: 420 (+73)
Mana: 240 (+41)
Speed: 375 (+0)
Range: 12 (+0)
Attack/Sec: 1 (+2%)

His cc includes 1 slow, 1 Stun, and 1 knock up
all 4 of his abilities deal damage
he has an auto attack chain ending in an aoe attack
and has "tier 1 boots" at the start of the game with his passive

Jungle Matchups

In this section of the guide Ratatoskrs different matchups with other junglers will be compared so you can somewhat know what to expect.

Ao Kuang Matchup

Aracnhne Matchup

Awilix Matchup

Bakasura Matchup

Bastet Matchup

Camazots Matchup

Da Ji Matchup

Fenrir Matchup

Hun Batz Matchup

Loki Matchup

Ne Zha Matchup

Ratatoskr Matchup

Ravana Matchup

Serqet Matchup

Susano Matchup

Thanatos Matchup

Thor Matchup

Ratatoskr's Abillities

Ratatoskr has 4 abilities like the average god in smite. They consist of a dash, a cone, a circle aoe around player, and a leap circle aoe.
His First ability is called Dart
Open to read more about Dart

His Second ability is called Flurry
Open to read more about Flurry

His Third ability is called Acron Blast
Open to read more about Acorn Blast

His Fourth ability is called Through The Cosmos
Open to read more about Through The Cosmos

His Passive is called Acorn of Yggdrasil(not to be confuse with the boots)
Open to read more about Acorn of Yggdrasil

His combos include
, ,
, , ,
, ,
, , Auto Attack , , Auto Attack
These combos are good for just ganking

Change Log

Guide Created (8-30-18)

Started Work on The ability Section, Clarified that this guide is a conquest guide (9-4-18)

Worked on the ability section (9-5-18)

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