March 16, 2020

Thoughts 2 weeks back into Smite

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So been playing fairly consistently the past 2 weeks having gotten back into Smite, so I thought I'd share some thoughts I've been having (idk maybe someone will find this entertaining or something coming from someone who hasn't played for like 3 years).
  • More has stayed the same than changed. I'm sure that for most of you this will probably come as no surprise. Sure the jungle and maps have changed and there are new gods and whatnot, but good build practices have remained (from what I can tell) more or less the same, and the same old strategies still seem to work overall. Although selling boots for a potion is pretty dang weird.
  • I thought I would be worse. Like really, scroll back in my match history to see my first games coming back, my winrate definitely shouldn't be above 50%. Is matchmaking in Smite just so bad that they pair me with people consistently below my skill level? Idk, I don't get it, but it's hecka fun to wipe the floor with these players.
  • I (surprisingly) don't find myself interested in the new content. I used to look forward to every new character, but now I find myself exclusively playing old favorites and annoyed when I go up against something I'm not familiar with. I'm slowly working through all the new gods in jungle practice but my lord, this game needs a smaller roster.
  • How has it been three years and yet still no one knows to buy beads against Ares and Fenrir, or aegis against Poseidon. Also I love the fact that you now start out with a free ward ability, but it just makes it that much more sad when still discover teammates that go the whole game only placing like 1-2 wards. They're free. Use them. Smh.
  • On that note, dang there are still some really toxic players out there in this game! I truly can't understand people that go the whole game berating someone when our team is winning. It's crazy. I think my favorite was this one guy DC'd for part of one game, and came back after like 5 minutes. Then I have him in my next game where a different guy DCs and doesn't come back. As we surrender I say "What can you do, gg," to the chat and he replies "Report him," and I'm just thinking like '***** you just did the same thing!' Overall though most people are nice haha.
  • I still have no intent on fully rejoining this site, but I may browse a guide once in a while. As much fun as I've been having just playing the game, I'm still a bit concerned that my ADC builds are literally 3 years old (though they still seem to work somehow).