August 08, 2015

[DGC] Aphmau - The Lord of Phoenix Drop

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[ Aphmau is supposed to be a support mage, with mid lane potential, but will end up being a support late game, even if she has full damage. ]

Aphmau, The Lord of Phoenix Drop

( Her God Card )

( Her Icon )


Some people say the world is lost, that good people have become scarce, and that the evil is ruling this world.

Aphmau is the pure example of Hope. Followed by many, and hated by even more, Aphmau wants to bring the good people back to the main position of the world, so those who are evil, become the scarce kind of humans.

Do to this, Aphmau is not alone. Her village, Phoenix Drop, and her alliance, in order to bring back peace to the world, The Phoenix Alliance, are there to support her.

Those who dare to enter her way, not to help her but to try to put evil under her, will be met with upmost justice, for Aphmau has had her fair share of treason againts her person, and she's here, on the battlefield of the gods, to stop this treason, and bring back peace to the mortal realm.


Base stats

Health : 512 (+80)
Mana : 254 (+39)
Speed : 360 (+0)
Range : 55 (+0)
Attack Speed : 1.02 (+1.2%)
Basic Attack Damage : 35 (+1.5) (+20% of Magical Power)
Progression : None
Physical Protection : 18 (+3.1)
Magical Protection : 31 (+0.3)
HP5 : 7 (+0.5)
MP5 : 5 (+0.42)

Max Stats

Health : 2,032
Mana : 995
Speed : 360
Range : 55
Attack Speed : 1.24
Basic Attack Damage : 63 (+20% of Magical Power)
Progression = None
Physical Protection : 77
Magical Protection : 36.7
HP5 : 13.5
MP5 : 12.98


Passive - Kindness

Aphmau regenerates her health faster while under her own team's towers and phoenixes.

Level's 1-5 : 5 points of each per 0.8 seconds, to a max of 100. Can only happen again in a minute

Level's 6-10 : 10 points of each per 0.7 seconds, to a max of 250. Can only happen again in 50

Level's 11-15 : 15 points of each per 0.6 seconds, to a max of 500. Can only happen again in 45 seconds

Level's 16-20 : 20 points of each per 0.4 seconds, to a max of 600. Can only happen again in 40 seconds

This passive is the passiest passive in the game. A big help in the laning phase and even bigger help when defending structures. I can see it may annoy people that enjoy chasing for kills a lot, and granting her survivability, which is something mage supports lack a lot in the game, as of right now.


Aphmau asks her pet Thorgi to engage enemies, if Thorgi hits a god, he applies damage and snatches a percentage of the enemie's protections, applying to Aphmau for 6 seconds as a addition to her own. If Thorgi hits minions, he heals Aphmau, for more minions it hits, the healing is lesser, but the damage is bigger. The minion damage scaling can only be applied to minions. This ability cannot go though walls.

Damage on gods : 70 / 130 / 190 / 220 / 300 ( + 30% of Magical Power )

Protections Stolen : 3% / 5% / 8% / 12¢ / 15%

Damage on minions on minions : 60 / 120 / 180 / 240 / 320 ( + 5% of the rank's power per minion
hit. ) ( +40% of Magical Power )

Healing from minions : 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 ( - 5% of the rank's power per minion hit. ) ( +20% of Magical Power )

Cooldown : 9 seconds

Thorgi is her main lane clear. With the increasing health bonus, this ability is like a sick 'em that doesn't stop on minions and doesn't root enemy gods. Great use in teamfights.

Cost : 60/70/75/80/90 mana

Irene's Blessing

Aphmau asks for Lady Irene's help, healing herself and her allies around a 30 feet for a certain ammount of her current mana.

Mana ammount : 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%
Cooldown : 12 seconds
Cost : 35/45/55/65/75 mana

Irene's Blessing is mainly for survival. Since Aphmau doesn't have a lot of damage in her kit, she needs something to help herself with utility. I also think that the way this ability works is pretty original. Aphmau could be a viable character to put a Meditation on.

The Phoenix Alliance

Aphmau calls forth her guards, Laurance, Dante, Azura and Brian, to help her in different needs.

Wall formation : The guards put up their shields, creating a wall that stops incoming damage.

Defensive Formation : The guards storm through down their original position, applying little damage and knocking them back 20 feet. This ability affects minions.

Aggresive formation : The guards jump on a enemy, rooting him in place for a certain amount of seconds, applying DoT damage to them. This ability does not affect minions .

Wall's health : 400 + 50% of Aphmau's mana.

Wall duration : 2/2.5/3/4/5 seconds.

Wall's size : Ice Wall size

Defensive formation damage : 50/70/120/160/200 (+ 10% of Magical Power)

Defensive formation feet travel : 30 feet

Aggresive formation DoT damage : 5 / 8 / 10 / 15 / 20 ( + 40% of Magical Power )

Aggresive formation feet travel : 40 feet

Root and DoT Duration : 2 seconds

Cooldown : 18/17/16/15/14 seconds

Cost : 50/60/70/80/90 mana

How this ability works :

Wall Formation : The guards will just spawn 3 feet in-front of you. This ability is great to counter enemies with a good push, since you basic attacks can go though the wall, and the enemy minions / basic attacks can't.

Defensive Formation : The guards will run until the end of the Aggresive Formation area targeter. And, when they connect to the first enemy god, they throw him 20 feet back, and the ability ends. Nice way to stop a chase or to cause some mayhem.

Aggresive Formation : The guards will jump to the Aggresive Formation targeter, and will attack the neares enemy god, in a range of 45 feet. This ability is awesome to keep someone away from a teamfight, or to save some lifes. Also, the damage is always pretty nice :)

Phoenix's Heart

Aphmau uses her Golden Lasso to snatch a ally and recover he's health lost in the last 8 seconds, for the next 5 seconds. During this, Aphmau takes double damage from enemies. Aphmau is CC immune during the first 2 seconds. The healing is not affected by anti-heal items.

Cooldown : 70 seconds

Cost : 100 mana

Aphmau's ult is a pretty amazing ult. Just imagine a hunter starts to destroy your allied Tyr's health, almost bringing it to a end late game, and you can just snatch Tyr and heal him back up in 5 seconds. While this ability seems to be pretty bad since you take double damage, you have The Phoenix Alliance to help you with the timer.

Pros and Cons


A Self Heal, a AoE Heal and a Single-Target "Heal"
Strong Teamfight presence
Hard to lock down if you have defenses
Good early and late game.

No movement speed ability
Ult works againts her
Her AoE heal depends of her mana.


Thorgi - > The Phoenix Alliance -> Irene's Blessing
Combo 1

The Phoenix Alliance -> Thorgi -> Irene's Blessing / Phoenix's Heart
combo 2



You have a better early game than him, and a better healing. However, he cannot kill you and you can't kill him.

He doesn't have enough damage early on to hunt you down. You'll have a better push than him.

Guan Yu is not the best in support. He can hurt you but you have a lot of ways to heal yourself and hurt him back.

Kumbhakarna doesn't have enough to keep up with you. You can negate he's damage easily with your healing, and he'll only annoy you with he's Mighty Yawn.


Ares is gonna look at you like you are easy meat. Save your The Phoenix Alliance to stop him from using he's chains on you. If you can get ahead of him, he'll only tickle you.

Bacchus is annoying. He has tons of CC and damage, and can destroy you if he caught you off guard while using Phoenix's Heart . I recommend being careful around him, and trying to get ahead, since whoever's ahead wins this matchup.

Geb cannot touch you. You have more CC and more utility than him, even with he's Stone Shield. You should win lane againts him, however, he can catch you off guard and help he's teammates kill you, hence why he's on the " Medium " section.

Fenrir is going to jump on you early game and try to get a kill / double kill on you and your ADC. getting The Phoenix Alliance early on can give you some time to get better positioning. Whoever's ahead wins this matchup.

Khepi is annoying to anyone. Rising Dawn and Scarab's Blessing are one of the most annoying skills to deal with. You have the upper hand on him, but he can put you out of position and give he's team a kill on you. Beads are recommended.

Odin has one of the best lane clears on the game. With the new Soul Eater Meta, Odin most likely will see more play on the Support role. If you can secure a early kill on him, you'll have the upper hand. If he gets to level 5 before you, get ready for a world of pain.

Sobek has healing reduction, a Knockback, a Pull and a Slow ( From he's ult ). Greater Purification is a must-have on this matchup. Be careful while trying to clear the wave, and you should be set for survival.


Athena is one of the best Supports right now. Her taunt will probably ending up in a combo with her ADC. If you don't have Greater Purification againts her, what are you doing with your life ?

Hercules is a lane bully. He'll have the upper hand early on, since your AoE heal is not that powerfull, yet. Either being really far away from him or really close by is the best option. Greater Purification and good pair of eyes should be the game changer of this matchup.

Personally, I HATE playing againts Ymir, and HATE playing with one. Most Ymirs I get on my team suck. He's Frost Breath is the most annoying skill in the game, and he can 100-0 you if he's full comb. Greater Purification, patience and playing safe should help you a lot.

Support Build

> > / > > / > /

Mid Build

> > > / > >

Legend :

" > " Means " Next Item "
" / " Means " Or "


This would be called " Neverdying Hope "

Why is Aphmau Viable ?

Although she would have a hard time with 2 of the most seen supports on the game ( Athena and Ymir ), Aphmau has a really good game againts Geb, Sylvanus and some other supports. Her main role would be CC'ing enemies in place, while healing her allies and herself, trying to steal protections from tanky enemies to kill 'em easier, or to "revive" a allied god.

As for mid, Aphmau is just simple amazing. A good lane clear, if she can't keep up she can just use Wall Formation from The Phoenix Alliance . With a big transition into a support late game, she opens the possibility to have gods like Sun Wukong, Ne Zha on the support role, and it would still work.