February 05, 2019

Some out-of-this-world matches and some thoughts about them

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So, while recently there has been a thread with our worst matches in the past few weeks, I decided to make this blog post about the best matches I've had since I've started to play SMITE again. With that said, LET'S JUST JUMP INTO IT!

10/2/20 as Cerberus on Arena - I really want to understand what happened in this match. I solo'd the enemy Ullr, I did tremendous amount of damage and, while I think this is the most important part for you to really get the image, it was my first game as this god.

Also, the enemy Amaterasu was dumb but quite annoying with her Hastaned Katana + crit combo, Fenrir was one of those " Fenrir For Life Brah" types of Fenrir, but I still did amazingly well. Also, my interior support wanted to commit suicide, but I left Hera to die whenever I could've saved her, cuz I was gonna play Janus and she autolocked Hera. I was mad.

8/2/8 as Hera on Conquest - I mean, the score doesn't look like much, but my Aphrodite, IceBolt23, was actually playing with my build! He even said it, when we got to lobby "Omg I can't believe, I was going to follow Perfects Build and here he is", and I was like OMG HI fdsafdsafad. As you can see, since Aphrodite knew what to do, she won solo, I had my lane under control (which forced the enemy team to gank all the time so my tower fell before Thoth's) and we had a bomb-*** Artemis (He felt like the spiritual successor of xZeroStrike's Artemis). Needless to say, I loved this match. (Also, Hera's broken af)

2/0/6 as Athena on Conquest - First game with the whole gang on CQ, with my Athena jungle and Estidien's build. Taco is just a god in the game so the early game in mid proved fruitful for a nicely paced and flawless game in general. While quite a "unmemorable" game, it was quite good to me, cuz I got to play with people I've been waiting to play with again for such a long time. Love you, my SmiteFire family <3

3/0/2 as Amaterasu on Conquest - While the score isn't anything outworldly, the match in itself was quite hard. Had to face a Cabrakan on solo, and, while Glorious Charge disrupts his main clear with Tremors, Amaterasu's clear is quite horrible early on. Also, everytime I tried to aggress on him, it was a bad mistake, but I didn't die from it. This game was important to me cuz it mostly showed me I'm skilled enough to play other gods that aren't Aphrodite on solo and do well (Cuz trust me, my self-steem on the "Yeah I can do this god today" department is quite low). (If you're wondering why I didn't go Aphrodite solo, it's because I had a Hel mid).

2/0/14 as Aphrodite on Conquest - While my score isn't anything to boast, getting Stuke99 to Godlike as Mercury was quite fun. This match just proved that our synergy is as good as ever and we had such a fun time laughting and destroying everyone. Stuke, you're now my official favorite person to queue with! <3

11/2/18 as Guan Yu on Arena - This was right after I came back in the game, was having some difficult first games ('cuz when you stop playing, getting used to the new meta items and builds is quite difficult) and I just pumbstomped on everyone with Guan Yu. I felt all the joy that is playing smite and outplaying the enemies while playing this match, and it this match's fault that any of the other matches happened! Haha ^^

Yeah, this was fun! If I do get more matches like this in the future, I'll be sure to share them! xoxo