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ThePerfectPrism's Blog
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October 30, 2019

Busy McPants

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busy  |  i miss ya'll  |  much busy  |  please excuse me  |  so busy
Ok, lemme first say I'm sorry for just disappearing without notice, I just got caught up with university, had to hand in a **** ton of papers, projects, and the likes of such, and now I'm having a breathing room but not really cuz I'm going to show this weekend and next week is my birthday so yeah

I'm developing a game for a project in one of my classes this semester, so coding and story writing, planning, developing, is taking much of my free time, and I also have 4 other classes that I have to hand in papres, projects and etc, so yeah, not a lot of free time.

I'm mainly writing this to say that I'm playing SMITE on my birthday, November 8th, a Friday, so that I can talk to some of ya'll cuz I miss talking to ya'll, really only talking to my therapist and my irl friends is getting boring lol. I'll play at the time Bran normally plays, so yeah, if you wanna join, be there <3

Also, if you ever need to contact me for ANYTHING, you can do so by DMing me on Discord, on Steam, or in any …
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March 04, 2019

Just some of my poems

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poems  |  translated  |  writing  |  yay
So, I don't think anyone knows about this, but while I was away from the whole SMITE scenario, I took up writing as a hobby. I started by trying to write my first book, and boy did I overvalue my ability to make it cohesive. While I did write about 10 chapters, all of which have 2k+ letters, I started another hobby, by accident: Writing poems.

The first poem I wrote, as a hobby, was a lovy-dovy really confusing and kinda bad poem for the boy I was dating at the moment. But, since that, I have honed my skill and started sharing it with friends and some strangers, even! I've mostly received praise as a feedback, however some people do point out things that they didn't like in the poem (Which 99% of the time matches what I didn't like about the poem either).

Nevertheless, I was on reddit (specificaly /r/ocPoems) and decided "You know what? I'm going to share some on SmiteFire" so here are some of my favorites + well-received poems.

Of course, keep in mind that these poems are translate…
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February 05, 2019
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ama  |  aphro  |  athena  |  cerb  |  guan  |  hera  |  matches
So, while recently there has been a thread with our worst matches in the past few weeks, I decided to make this blog post about the best matches I've had since I've started to play SMITE again. With that said, LET'S JUST JUMP INTO IT!

10/2/20 as Cerberus on Arena - I really want to understand what happened in this match. I solo'd the enemy Ullr, I did tremendous amount of damage and, while I think this is the most important part for you to really get the image, it was my first game as this god.

Also, the enemy Amaterasu was dumb but quite annoying with her Hastaned Katana + crit combo, Fenrir was one of those " Fenrir For Life Brah" types of Fenrir, but I still did amazingly well. Also, my interior support wanted to commit suicide, but I left Hera to die whenever I could've saved her, cuz I was gonna play Janus and she autolocked Hera. I was mad.

8/2/8 as Hera on Conquest - I mean, the score doesn't look like much, but my Aphrodite, IceBolt23, was actually playing with my …
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January 28, 2019

A Question of Importance

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guides  |  HaveFaith  |  pris  |  prism  |  update
To keep it short: Which of my guides should I update, discount Athena (Gimmie 3 of them) and tell me which of the following gods I should make a guide on:

I'm actually back, baby.

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October 31, 2018

Oh Hi Y'all

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 |  alive  |  college  |  well  |  yay
(Then why didn't you stay on the site/came back earlier you fake f*ck)
Well... School! As msot of you probably know, I'm in my senior year here in Brazil, therefore I've been stressed by multiple assignments, and since my class is a artsy one, most of them were theatrical presentations, which took up pretty much all of my time rehearsing!

So a few things that happened since my last update (******* it has been that long huh)

1. I've went to my first cocnert EVER!!! AND IT WAS HALSEY'S!!!! If you know me you know I'm a Halsey stan and omg hearing her sing live just made me feel like I was in heaven for 2 hours straight!
2. I've broken up with my boyfriend! Because he was a fake f*ck and tried to guilt trip me into thinking he wasn't good enough for me so I would break up with him so he wouldn't have to deal with the burden that is breaking up!
3. GameGeek came over here and... well... The day he landed, 3-4 hours later, my grandfather died. This w…
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