June 19, 2016

Bran's Newbie Adventures in ConquestLand - Episode VII

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Long(ish) time, no talk. Let's catch up.

First, a quick summary of some conquest matches, in order, to see how things have been going:
  • Solo Queue Khepri Support: 3/7/10 (Loss @ 34 minutes)
  • Solo Queue Khepri Support: 1/2/5 (Win @ 14 minutes)
  • Solo Queue Khepri Support: 2/4/7 (Loss @ 22 minutes)
  • Group Queue Khepri Support: 3/0/3 (Win @ 16 minutes, Bullfrog as ADC, Prism as Jungler)
Oooh, some new stuff?

Group Game: Vamana Solo

Finally something new to talk...oh...0/0/0. Defeat @ 5 minutes. This was another game with Bullfrog and Prism, but unfortunately, Prism lost power in his house and couldn't get back into the game. 0 kills 0 deaths from both teams, but we surrendered as soon as we could.

Group Game: Isis Mid

Okay, let's try that again...Finally something new to talk about! Unfortunately, the results weren't good. Got to play Mid, I think for the first time (I might have played Mid a loooong time ago when I didn't know what I was doing, but I can't remember).

Bullfrog was working on getting his Fafnir mastery, and Ducks was...ADC. Amazing, right?

Our entire team was negative K/D. I had faced off against a Mastery X Chang'e. I know Isis is a strong Mid pick, and Chang'e...isn't...but it felt like I was playing against Zilby or something. I ALMOST killed her a couple of times in the early game, but wasn't able to finish. Destructile dysfunction, I guess. Sorry, bad pun.

As she leveled up, she started getting the better of our fights, and the Ne Zha was able to pick me off several times. It was frustrating...I'm finding as I play new roles that it's like starting from the beginning again. Forgot to do mid-camps, didn't think of several things I should have, etc.

Ended 1/7/3, loss @ 20 minutes (surrender I think). 2nd highest damage on my team to Ducks' Jing Wei, but with that score, it means nothing. Oh well, I know I can improve a lot there, so it'll just be practice.

Group Game: Vamana Solo

Yay, another attempt at Solo. In this one w/ Ducks and Bullfrog, our two solo-queue players ( Awilix Jungle and Scylla Mid) carried us.

I faced off against Chaac. Neither of us did well...he went 1/3/5, and I was 1/4/4. I did a lot of stupid, overly-aggressive stuff, like tower-diving to try to finish a kill. Stuff I knew was stupid but tried anyway. So in this one, I feel I did pretty good in my lane overall, but the score doesn't show it. Oh, and Zilby, I do like Vamana solo...good suggestion. Just gotta keep working on him.

This one finished as a win @ 23 minutes.

More Quick Summaries as Khepri Solo
  • Group Queue Khepri Support: 5/7/6 (Loss @ 24 minutes, Bullfrog as Solo, Ducks as ADC, Taco as Jungler, Daelinn as Mid) - Daelinn's ping on NA servers is typically high, and he was having issues)
  • Group Queue Khepri Support: 1/9/23 (Loss @ 41 minutes, Bullfrog as ADC, Ducks as Mid, GGF as Jungler, AscendingBrohan as Mid) - ouch on my score...
  • Group Queue Khepri Support: 2/9/14 (Loss @ 33 minutes, Bullfrog as ADC, Ducks as Mid, Ferrum as Jungler) - Oof, our Amaterasu solo-queue Solo-Laner hurt us bad. That said, Bullfrog almost carried us, with a 13/4/7 score. Ducks tried Jing Wei in Mid, and although he had a score of 8/10/14, he had great damage.
  • Group Queue Khepri Support: 2/4/21 (Win @ 39 minutes, Bullfrog as ADC, Taco as Solo, Ferrum as Mid) - Bullfrog carried us with Medusa, going 15/7/14. Taco also demolished...7/2/15 as Chaac, doing 36k dmg, taking 52k dmg, and mitigating 54k damage. Damn.
  • Group Queue Khepri Support: 2/2/25 (Win @ 37 minutes, Ducks as ADC, Zilby as Mid, Taco as Solo, and Ferrum as Jungler) - Sadly, I forget the details of the match, but it was grossly lopsided overall. Ducks went 16/7/11, Zilby went 13/5/17, and Taco went 9/1/22. Ferrum was being tutored by Zilby with Ne Zha (I think his first time), and this was a good match to do it.

I'll get to the next set of games shortly...