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XBALANQUE detailed guide! (Updated 10-11-2013

November 10, 2013 by mariago
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Crit/lifesteal build !

Smite God: Xbalanque

Item Purchase Order

Starter items

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Healing Potion

Conquest main build

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Rage Build Item Titan's Bane

Arena build

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Build Item Soul Eater Build Item Golden Bow Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Deathbringer

Active items

Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Build Item Purification Beads (Old)

God Skill Order

Branching Bola

Branching Bola 1 4 6 7 8 key bind

Poison Darts

Poison Darts 2 10 11 14 18 key bind

Rising Jaguar

Rising Jaguar 3 12 15 19 key bind

Darkest of Nights

Darkest of Nights 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


Hello everyone! :)

This is a very serious and detailed guide, i recommend that you only use this if you are skilled and have been playing Xbalanque before.

This guide will tell you almost every detail about how i got 75-100% winrate with Xbalanque in all gamemodes, based on over 50 games.

Anyway.. no more talking, lets get too it..
Everything is devided into chapters, so you can read just the part that you find interesting!
Leave me a comment with constructive critism please! :D

Enjoy! :)

A guide brought to you by Mariago & PoMutzi

Pros / Cons


Really strong early game, and almost unbeatable lategame.
Global ultimate
Strong utility
AOE with (1)


Very squichy
Weak versus stuns and skilled loki players


The items that i use is based on a crit/lifesteal build.. please remember that this build is ment just for Xba, so dont use it on like artemis or anhur, it wont work in the same way.

- Some skilled players may choose to buy Heartseeker instead of devourer's gloves, i understand this option but i want to keep it simple so that it works well for all players.

Your starting items should be level 1 Warrior Tabi, level 1 devourer's gloves and a Healing Potion.

- As soon as you reach 1450 gold, you wanna return to base and upgrade devourer's gloves to rank 3. From this point on, it is very important that you lasthit corectly, in order to stack your item quickly.
(when you have around 20 stacks, you will start to feel over powered, and you are likely to win any 1v1 fight because of the massive lifesteal)

- Once you finish the gloves, you should head back for Warrior Tabi rank 3, and Aegis Amulet
(The reason Aegis amulet is soo important is that you will most likely meet a caster, and the amulet is an awesome way to avoid their strong ultimates.

- Now you should buy Brawler's Beat Stick and Deathbringer in the order that you feel works best for you. The Brawler's Beat Stick will make sure that you win a 1v1 fight versus another AD based carry, since you reduce their lifesteal by 50%

- Now if you feel like you're havving a good game, you should buy Rage, this item has the most amazing passive ever, that will ensure that you crit alot!

- I usually like buying titans bane if the enemy team has 2 tanky heroes, otherwise there are alot of other options that you can choose. Theese are: Frostbound Hammer, Fatalis, Qin's Blades, Soul Eater, The Executioner

Fell free to leave a comment if you think i should change some of the items :)


The skills are what makes Xbalanque as amazing as he is! :)
Unlike other gods, all of his skills are strong and usefull!
In this chapter im just gonna tell you what that skills do, and then you can read my tips and tricks for more info.

Passive: His passive is dead at night, it gives him 5 dammage permantly for each kill. maxed at 30 dammage.

1:His first skill is Branching Bola, it is basically just a dammage increase that you can activate when needed, it also deals AOE dammage (30% on 2 anemies behind the target). At max level this deals 50 more dammage, which is alot!

2: His second skill is called Poison Darts, it is 10 darts shot in a cone in front of him. It poisons the enemy dealing dammage over time. you may hit 1 enemy with 3 darts, but the 2 other deals less dammage. This skill also slows the enemy, increasing the slow with focus.

3: His third skill is Rising Jaguar, this is what makes him Xbalanque. With this skill you rush forward, and then jumps in the air to deal dammage to enemies. The dammage increases when enemies are poisoned by Poison Darts

4: His Ultimate is called Darkest of Nights. This is a global ultimate that makes the enemies blind for 3 seconds, and if they are moving when it ends they get stunned. It also grants Xba movementspeed and increased range when activated.

Critical dammage and lifesteal symbiose

Im gonna talk a little about why the critical strikes work so well with lifesteal..

With the build above, you should land at exactly 71% crit chance. And everytime you dont crit your chance is increased by 5%.

Because of the deathbringer your crit will be 250% of your base dammage.
Now.. with this build you have around 300 dammage, do the math:
So you should hit close to 750 on each hit, only on the carries, not the tanks.
Now.. how much are you healed? this build gives you 35 % lifesteal (with the old stats thing i got 60%.. much better)
0,35*750=262 health on all basic attacks!!!

Now this is why lifesteal works with crit.. When an enemy sees your healings, they will most likely turn around and try to run away.. never gonna happen! :D

Just a little proof that this guide actually works :)

So i asked my self, why would anyone believe that this exact guide is the right one to try out.. Well i will show a picture of my stats, so you'll see for yourself :)

This is a part of my matchhistory:

And this is my overall stats with Xba from arena and conquest.

Tips and tricks! Read this..

- Your Branching Bola is really strong, but it also costs alot of mana.. Be sure to only activate when going for a kill, pushing a lane or at full mana.
If you dont use your Branching Bola all the time, you will surprice the enemies when you activate it and kill them.

- Your Poison Darts can hit the same person with 3 darts, so be sure to use it when standing close to an enemy and not when far away. It also increaces the dammage of Rising Jaguar, so use it in the right order for maximum dammage!

Your Rising Jaguar is not only good for chasing, it is also amazing for getting away and positioning. For example if you are in the center of the teamfight, you can Rising Jaguar away from the center, and then start killing the team from afar

Your ultimate is amazing, but it is very important to use it at the corect moment.. you have a few options:
1: use it for a getaway, with the movement boost no one can chase you
2: Use it to help your teammates if they have problems other places on the map.
3: Once you position with your Rising Jaguar you can use Darkest of Nights, so the enemy wont see where you are standing. This will allow you to take them down without you risking your life.

your Rising Jaguar is very important for alot of reasons.
You can't jump trough walls, BUT you can move while in the air, so use Rising Jaguar to get away by going around corners in the jungle

If you play arena game mode, you can buy Golden Bow, with the bounce from your Branching Bola, this will do massive AOE dammage. Notice that this only works in arena gamemode because people will likely stand closer to each other. it May also work if you have an Ares on your team.

Why i dont buy atackspeed

So.. alot of people have been asking me why i never buy atack speed for my AD-carries. And yes, there is a good reason for this, so here it comes:

Before i started playing "Smite", i was playing "League of Legends", "Heroes of Newearth" and DoTa. What theese games all have in common is that you simply target the enemy, and then you are 100% hitting with basic atacks.
What is different with "Smite" is that you have to aim with your basic atack, so its basically a skill shot like your abilities.
So if you focus on crit and dammage you only have to aim for a few hits. But if you buy alot of atackspeed it is essential that you hit the enemy with all hits.

I hope this cleared thing out :)

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