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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Why This God Is Broken: Awilix

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Smite God: Awilix

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Purchase Order

Build Item Bluestone Pendant Bluestone Pendant
Build Item Boots Boots
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Hydra's Lament Hydra's Lament
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane
Build Item The Crusher The Crusher
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord

Awilix's Skill Order

Summon Suku

Summon Suku

1 X
4 15 16 18 19
Feather Step

Feather Step

2 A
1 3 6 7 9
Moonlight Charge

Moonlight Charge

3 B
2 8 11 12 14
Gravity Surge

Gravity Surge

4 Y
5 10 13 17 20

Who is Awilix?

Have you ever wanted to play with a god/goddess that feels OP yet the masses don't really think so? Have you ever wished to style on your enemies while basically taking their health from 100-0? Do you like watching combo videos and wish you could make your own?
Or have you ever wanted to just look like a BAMF (I assume smitefire doesn't like profanity so) while riding into battle with an animal? Well look no further than Awilix, Goddess of the moon.

This is a general guide with a focus on Conquest to generally help you git gud with an OP goddess

How is Awilix OP?

You probably don't know who you're dealing with which is why you might ask this question. But let's look at some of the reasons why the moon goddess is a force to be reckoned with.

First off, let's look at her weapon.
Awilix has a spear which glows when her passive is up. Pretty neat and all, but its part of what makes her OP as it gives her the longest poke of any assassin in the game.

Wot dis mean?

Basically, compared to other assassins, Awilix doesn't have to be as close to start damaging you. This makes boxing her more difficult for other assassins as they have to get closer to her while she can keep a relatively safe distance to poke at them.

Awilix's passive is called Initiative
This grants her 30% additional physical power for 2.5 seconds as long as she attacks first out of combat.

Wot dis mean?

Basically young padawan, this means that as long as you get the drop on someone first, you're going to be doing 30% more damage for the next 2.5 seconds, which is more than enough time to dump your entire kit on someone. This passive makes her a force to reckon with at all stages of the game since this means that if you gank someone during early game and you both have 100 physical power, as long as you attack first and say you both get 3 hits on each other in 2.5 seconds, they'll have dealt 300 damage while you'll deal 390. And this is just at the early game phase where everyone is broke and has few items. Mid/Late game where your physical power (with items depending on your build) is at least 250, you'll be doing a minimum of 325 per hit in the first 2.5 seconds of your fights, so that's an easy 650 hp melted in only 2 basics.

Her first ability is called Summon Suku

This is what makes Awilix majestic as hell. Among every god/goddess who has a pet, there's no one (asides Guan Yu since it's his ultimate) in the game who can ride into battle looking stylish. Again, Awilix was a goddess designed to stunt on other enemy gods, and what better way to do it than making a great entrance? Basically, think of that famous painting of Napoleon, but Awilix instead, and instead of a horse, a freaking panther.

Now Suku, her panther (it has a name yunno), doesn't only exist to make you look cool. Suku also grants Awilix 25% movement speed with the only penalty being a 50% strafing penalty.

Wot dis mean?

If you move from side to side, you'll move 50% slower, but if you run forward, you'll be moving 25% faster at all levels. So basically (even though it's stupid not to buy boots) if you didn't buy boots and someone bought Warrior Tabi for example, you'll still be moving faster than they are. So the reality of the situation is that no one can run away from Awilix. Neither can she be caged (Odin) nor walled off (Ymir) nor pulled a la Hades' Pillar of Agony since she can just jump through these.
Also, this ability only goes on cooldown when you use the leap, meaning that as long as you don't jump with it, you can summon and cancel it at anytime without it being on cooldown.

If you use the ruler function on your targeter, when you use the leap, its range is 55 units.

And a bonus tip, if you cancel Suku and immediately attack, the animation doesn't show but a hit is registered which means that your next hit would make your second ability do double the damage it does.

Her second ability is called Feather Step

Do you remember your reaction when you first saw someone do a backflip? Remember how they left you in awe and you just stood there, taking it all in? Well that's what this ability is and a bag of chips. This is how you style on enemy gods. Whenever you hit an enemy god, a circle appears around them, and depending on whether it's the first or second hit, that circle becomes bigger. For every time you hit an enemy god/goddess, you have 1.5 seconds to flip over them. If you flip on the second hit, you do double the damage. If you flip any other time, you'll do the base damage. If you hit them from the front, you flip behind them and if you hit them from behind and use this ability, you'll flip in front of them. Pretty straightforward right?

When Awilix uses this ability, she has what we call, immunity frames.

Wot dis mean?

Basically, once Awilix flips, she takes no damage whatsoever. Here's a video to make this easier on you
See how she avoided his ult and the damage? Yeah she does that. So basically if you time this right, anything damaging can be avoided. This is how you really drip in style.

Her third ability is called Moonlight Charge.

Not only can you ride Suku into battle, just like Kaldr's pet Skadi, you can throw it at people to do damage. If it hits them from the side or from behind, it knocks them up, and this makes it easy to land your ultimate. So basically, if you're chasing someone and they're making a beeline ahead of you, just fling Suku at them and watch them get knocked up, making it easier for you to catch up to them, or just yank them into Gravity Surge. And the best part about this is, unlike Kaldr, this ability goes through walls. So as long as you land this ability, it doesn't matter where your opponent is standing. It will connect.
Just as an aside, if you use the ruler function on Smite, this ability goes to the max range of 70 units.

Bonus tip: This ability actually counts towards Feather Step so if you're boxing someone and they're just slightly out of range of your spear and you throw Suku, depending on your proximity, if you mash whatever button is allocated to activate Feather Step, you should flip over your enemy.

Her final and ultimate ability is called Gravity Surge

By now, I believe you'll have come up against a Neith who you could've almost killed, but she used her leap and escaped your clutches. Sucks doesn't it?

Awilix doesn't think so.

Awilix was created to counter gods with leaps (and certain dashes). No longer will anyone be able to escape your grasp by jumping away from you as you can yank them back to you, almost like Scorpion's Get Over Here! But that's just where the OPness starts from.

At max rank, once they're yanked back to you, they take damage on landing, you're bathed in the moonlight and have a fluorescent glow to you for 6 seconds, which grants you 70% attack speed and additional 60 physical power. You're also immune to roots (Neith tries to Spirit Arrow you? Nope), slows (Poseidon's Whirlpool? Nope) and knockback (Anhur's Impale? Nah). This ultimate opens you to a totally different realm of possibilities.

Wot dis mean? Well if

- An enemy god/goddess leaps away from you, in order to escape. You yank them and kill them.

- You really want to kill Poseidon but his whirlpool is in the way. Ult and murder that fish.

- You're fighting (and oddly) losing a boxing match against an enemy god/goddess? Activate your ultimate and get your steroids to turn the tides.

Now for some fun maths.

Let's say you're level 20 (and I'm ignoring protections and item effects and all that jazz) and you're doing 250 damage per hit. You've found an enemy god and proceed to dump your whole kit on them, while your passive is inactive. Assuming the attack sequence is Moonlight Charge into Gravity Surge into 2 basic attacks and then Feather Step (assuming they aren't dead yet) and finally ending with Summon Suku, the damage numbers look like this.

Moonlight Charge does 250 (+60% of your physical power which means 400 damage)


Gravity Surge does 400 (+80% of your physical power which means 600 damage)


2 basic attacks (250+250=500)


Feather Step does 180 (+50% of your physical power which means 305 damage)


Summon Suku does 280 (+80% of your physical power which means this hits for 480) which means this whole combo gives you a total of 2285 HP that your enemy would lose without your passive being active. I also purposefully ignored the 60 physical power buff you get from your ultimate because I don't know how to do math correctly.

With the way Awilix was created, you'll generally be using at least 75% of your kit on your opponent anyways so those numbers of damage are quite easy to generate. Unless your enemy dies, which is usually what they do.

As Awilix, you should be deleting a squishy (i.e. every class except warriors and guardians) with this combo. And it'll most likely only take you 5 seconds to do so.

How Can I Make Her OP? i.e. what to level up

As you can see from my skill sequence, you want to level up Feather Step as fast as possible since this is your main clear (in Conquest) and most frequent damaging ability. Out of all the assassins, no one has better early game clear than Awilix. Use this to your advantage.

The second thing you'd want to level up quickly is Moonlight Charge. This ability gives Awilix a lot of utility as it can be used to instaclear waves at later levels, while still acting as her knockup tool. My advice early game is to try not to use this ability often as it costs a good amount of mana, and early game Awilix is quite mana hungry.

Your next ability to level up is Gravity Surge. This is the reason why people don't jump in your presence, and this is also why people rush to buy beads on their team (since Purification is the only way to avoid Awilix's ultimate. Doesn't mean you won't whoop their ***es if you're close enough and your steroids are activated). Level this up and use it to your advantage in boxing fights and even destroying objectives (if you're playing Awilix in Solo lane and you're trying to take a phoenix).

The last ability you should worry about leveling up is Summon Suku. Please do not prioritize this, as the only thing that increases with more levels about this ability is the damage. Putting one point or 5 points into it will still give you 25% movement speed no matter what so it's really not that necessary to level up. As Awilix, you should try to use this ability for chasing down people as opposed to actually attacking with it, as it is your only form of escape. You'll rarely ever fail to destroy someone's existence when you land your combos anyways, but on the offchance the tables turn and you need to run away, without this ability, you're screwed.

Also, remember that you have a glorious steed. Always mount Suku wherever you go (especially from the fountain) to cover ground faster.

Items To Enhance The OP?

Well, there are many items that can help Awilix, but rather than go through the whole list of them, I would just go through the most necessary items on here.

For dummies, if you don't know what to buy on Awilix, ask yourself these questions.

Does it have Power?

Does it have Cooldown Reduction?

Does it give me Mana?

Does it give me Movement Speed?

If the item answered yes to at least 2 of these questions, it's a good item on Awilix.

For starter items, depending on what role you'll be playing, you either go Bumba's Mask or Bluestone Pendant.

Please note that while Awilix solo is possible and good (since you get to level up quicker assuming you win your lane), only do this when you're very comfortable and successful with this goddess. I'd recommend starting in jungle practice to test her out, then Arena, then Conquest jungler, and then from conquest, you can try her in other roles.

In terms of boots, always go Warrior Tabi. No other boots are necessary since Awilix benefits more from power than attack speed since her ultimate already gives her all the attack speed needed for any engagement.

In terms of relics, a lot of them work for Awilix. My favorite ones are Curse and Blink. I use Curse because I like to spook people in the early game to bait them into using their escape immediately so I can yank them back and destroy them, especially when I'm ganking a lane. Also, it's great because it makes it harder for them to get away from you.

Blink is great to cover distance and also surprise people before you annihilate them.

Purification is great because Awilix is countered by hard CC so this is always a great relic to get.

Sanctuary is good all round because who doesn't like that immunity?

Teleport (only if you're in the solo lane or trying to split push) & Wrath (only if you're in the jungle). All other relics aren't really necessary for Awilix and I would advise not to bother with them.

In terms of items that enhance movement (asides boots), the only item I'd recommend you buying on Awilix is Stone Cutting Sword. This works well because of the power, movement speed, and its passive. Other movement speed items aren't really necessary. You could also interchange this with Masamune but I'd recommend the former as the latter's passive works better against tanks, but the former works on everyone.

In terms of attack speed, the only items I'd recommend for Awilix are Ichaival, Winged Blade, & Qin's Sais. Ichaival really only if you're in solo lane and its early game, Winged Blade for the attack speed, movement speed and crowd control reduction, and Qin's Sais for taking care of those tanky targets. Again, try not to be too focused on attack speed Awilix as she already has a steroid that does that for her and she's more ability based anyways so if anything, you should be more focused on buying penetration items so you can burrow your spear deep into your opponents ***.

In terms of crit, I wouldn't really do that. Again, Awilix is very ability based, but if you must get crit items, I would advise you to go for at least two crit items in the form of Deathbringer & Wind Demon. You could also substitute Wind Demon for Malice. The rationale behind this is that you're not really basic attacking people for an extended period of time as Awilix, so getting one crit item isn't really worth it. When you get two crit items, RNGeezus might be nicer to you and have you obliterate someone in one hit.
Crit Awilix is definitely fun in Arena. You delete people with only Feather Step and some basics.

In terms of lifesteal, don't do it. Again, you're not boxing anyone for so long that you need to do sustained DPS. You're just in to dump your kit and move out, but if you must get any lifesteal item, definitely get Bloodforge. This is great for its power, but mostly its passive. I get Bloodforge when I know I'm capable of deleting multiple people and want to stay in the battle a little bit longer because some of my abilities are coming off cooldown. Asides this, don't get any item from here as it really isn't necessary.

In terms of physical defence, your main focus should be Breastplate of Valor as it is the best item in terms of physical protections, cooldown reduction and mana. Other viable items you can get are Spectral Armor (protections & mana), Hide of the Nemean Lion (protections, mana, and passive), Magi's Blessing (passive), Hide of the Urchin (protections, mana, and health), Spirit Robe (passive, protections, cooldown & crowd control reduction) & Mantle of Discord

I'm going to talk about Mantle of Discord for a second, because this item is amazing with it's protections, cooldown reduction and its passive. I buy this item because of its passive as it could single-handedly grant you that 1 second stun that could grant you a kill/buy you enough time to run away. It's pricey, but me likey. It's the best defence item to buy since it gives both physical and magical defence plus that amazing passive plus cooldown reduction.

In terms of magical defence, your main focus should be Genji's Guard for its cooldown reduction and MP5. Oni Hunter's Garb works as well for it's protections and MP5.

In terms of penetration, honestly, all penetration items work on Awilix since she's heavily ability based. Your build should at the very least have Jotunn's Wrath. If possible, I'd suggest you buy at least 3 pen items so your abilities hit way harder and you'll still have enough space for other situational items based off of how your game is going.

One item that works wonders for Awilix because of her abilities is Hydra's Lament. Definitely get this item as it blesses you with power, cooldown reduction, and its passive encourages you to weave your basic attacks with your abilities to maximize damage while giving you MP5. By all means, make sure you purchase this item as it makes your power skyrocket.

Finally, you'll notice how I put wards as part of her items? Please Ward. Make it a habit to ward as often. You can ward the enemy jungle at the start of the game just to know where they are and also to invade them. You can help ward the middle/solo/duo lane to help them from being ganked. In general, please make a habit of warding and tell your allies to ward as well.

Remember, warding is rewarding and wards will definitely win you games.

How To Play Like She's OP

Very simply, remember that Awilix is an assassin. As such, don't expect to be a frontliner, running to destroy people because your kit allows you to do so. You should be thinking like an assassin, looking for ways to isolate squishes and using your abilities to delete them. Unless they're quite low on health (or you're on a quadra kill looking for a penta), try to avoid tanks. They take quite a while to kill and with the amount of CC most possess, you could really be in deep trouble.

TL;DR Positioning is key. That is the first step to outplaying anyone.

Awilix benefits from people who have knockups, so any god/goddess who has a knockup ability is Awilix's best friend, so most definitely look to play Awilix if He Bo is on your team as his knockup is a free setup for your ultimate.

In terms of laning, if you're playing jungle, remember to always mount Suku from the fountain to rotate faster, and try to use him only when you can secure a kill/need to run away/need to move to another lane. Again, beware of your surroundings so you don't go from hunter, to hunted, simply because you didn't know that the enemy mid/jungler was following you on your way to gank a lane.

If you're playing Awilix solo, then clearing waves/camps are a piece of cake thanks to Feather Step. The general order of clearing waves are from Speed to Mana camp into lane. After you've cleared lane, look to get Fire Elementals before going back into lane. Also, remember to use Moonlight Charge sparingly in the early game, as this ability really eats your mana. If you're playing jungle, after all this clear is done, now is the time to rotate to other lanes to see how they are doing, or maybe even clear the back harpies that you might've forgotten.

I'm going to spend some time talking about jungling a bit as it is very important. I argue that jungling is the most important role in Smite as a good jungler can play a very strong role in winning you the game.
As a jungler, it is very important you are constantly moving. You just cleared a lane? Awesome, go do something else like clear your harpies/camps or enemy harpies/camps or help push a tower or ward/counter ward objectives (i.e. Fire Giant or Gold Fury) or potentially gank a lane. Remember, the goal of ganking isn't to necessarily kill your opponent (even though that is a fine goal to strive for). The main purpose of ganking a lane is to harass the enemy until they're forced to back/die, leaving them short on XP and gold. So even if you don't kill an enemy, being able to force them under their tower is a victory in itself.
With the way this game has been created, it is literally impossible to have nothing to do as a jungler so always be on the move.

As a bonus tip for jungler Awilix, remember that Summon Suku & Moonlight Charge go through walls, so don't be afraid to show up outta nowhere to obliterate your foes.

Also, Awilix doesn't have many counters except CC so in a boxing match against someone without it, you really should be winning your battles. Even Arachne would struggle to deal with you as you can Feather Step and should follow it up with a knockup and ultimate before she'll be able to even hit you twice.


Awilix is broken. Hi-Rez, please.

(This was my first guide and is obviously a parody. Awilix isn't really broken, but in the right hands, she really cleans up shop. Please leave comments, critiques, or tell me what you like so I can make more guides)

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Chesusthesodak | December 2, 2016 9:06am
I have just found my new main. :)
overld1 (17) | November 30, 2016 8:14am
Nice guide about Awilix if you are going to do a series of these types of guides some gods that fit in this criteria are, Erlang Shen, Scylla, He Bo, Kumbhakarna just to name a few. I hope you do more. I also agree that Hi-Rez should fix these gods.
xkillingxxspreex | November 30, 2016 8:02am
This is pretty nice info to know. I was getting messed up on joust with her on the opposing team. now i know what to really watch out for when it comes to facing off against her
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