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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Skadi guide: I'll freeze you back to the fountain! (Updated 3.20!)

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Smite God: Skadi

Build Guide Discussion (22) More Guides

Purchase Order

Full build

Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Asi Asi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane
Build Item Hastened Fatalis Hastened Fatalis

Replacement for ASI

Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge

Replacement for Jotunn's

Build Item The Executioner The Executioner

Starting kit

Build Item Charged Morningstar Charged Morningstar
Build Item Boots Boots

First return (finish in order!)

Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi

3rd item

Build Item Asi Asi
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge

4th item

Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner

last 2 items

Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane
Build Item Hastened Fatalis Hastened Fatalis

Replacement: Fatalis

Build Item Odysseus' Bow Odysseus' Bow

Alternative starting kit

Build Item Charged Morningstar Charged Morningstar
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion

Skadi's Skill Order

Piercing Cold

Piercing Cold

1 X
1 4 6 7 10
Rune Of The Hunt

Rune Of The Hunt

2 A
2 8 11 12 14


3 B
3 15 16 18 19
Winter's Grasp

Winter's Grasp

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Notification: Good news for those who enjoyed this, or any of my other guides, or those who like to play Skadi! A guide update/conversion to S4 is in the works. No ETA as of yet, but it will take a long time. For more details about this conversion / update, read below.

What's going to change?

- An entire visual recreation. This will follow an entirely different structure than my other guides.
- Updated information for S4! Fairly obvious, however.
- More and more in-depth information.
- Information for both new and more or less experienced players.

What will you NOT find?

- Anything regarding ranked or high-level play. I play for fun and therefore have no interest in the ranked scene, neither have I ever come in contact with it. If you want information about ranked with Skadi, I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere.

This update / conversion will take a VERY long time before (final) release, so please keep an eye out. Thanks again for reading my guides, in any case!

Hello fellow SMITE players, and welcome to my Skadi guide.

This guide will focus solely on Skadi(and by that also the wolf Kaldr, I guess). Therefore, if you're looking for a guide on anything other than Skadi, this is not the place for you.

Let's quickly list everything we're going to talk about in this guide.

Summary - Who is Skadi and what is she capable of?
Pros and Cons - What is good about Skadi and what are her weaknesses?
Strategies - What you should and shouldn't do as Skadi.
Items - Explanation why you should get this build.
Abilities - The abilities that Skadi has. Including skill combo's.
Ending - The Credits to this guide.
Changelog - A log containing all the changes made in this guide, for quick notification of new updates.

With that out of the way, let's get started!
Art by: Sciamano240 via DeviantArt.

Summary - Who is she?

Skadi is a female hunter that has been released since Patch 3.4

Unlike any other regular hunter, Skadi has a very unique kit. There is currently no other god that works in the same way as she does, there are however, gods that show similarities.

What's so special about Skadi?

Skadi makes use of a full-time companion: her wolf, Kaldr. Kaldr is a unique addition to Skadi, as she (aka the player) can control the wolf at your own will.

Skadi's stats are as follows:

Basic attack
oHealtho | ooManaoo | Speed | Range
oDamageo | Progression
Physical | Magicalo
ooHp5ooo | oooMp5oooo
470(+78) | 220(+35) | o370o | o55oo
35(+2.5) | oooNoneoooo
11(+2.8) | 30(+0.9)
8(+0.69) | 4.5(+0.32)

The stats show that Skadi's early game is rather weak... or is it? Remember, she has her companion, Kaldr.
Skadi's early and mid game is on par with the other hunters. However, during the late game, Skadi will be a force to be reckoned with, as she is, partially due to her companion Kaldr, a very dangerous huntress!

Pros / Cons

High DMG No (real) escape
Kaldr (More DMG) Low CC amount
Strong ULT Easily ganked
Art by: Juan-gato via DeviantArt.

Strategies - What and what not to do?

While Skadi may have a companion, you play her allmost identical to any other hunter: safely.

During the early game, you're very weak and vulnerable. During this time, the enemy will do everything to kill you. This is to keep you low, so you do not become the late game killer a hunter is supposed to be.

But don't worry! I've got you covered! Let's go over some tips that'll hopefully keep you out of trouble.

Early Game

The early game is the hardest time for any hunter. This is because they're still weak, but don't have enough damage yet to sustain themselves.

During this time, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. This includes, listed by categories:


While in the (duo) lane, you'll be facing the enemy support and ADC, and occasionaly the jungler from either team. The enemy's goal is to eliminate you as much as possible, to keep you low and prevent you from getting your damage online.

To avoid certain death, follow the following steps:

- Do not over-extend. As the ADC, you should not be found any further than half of the lane. Even 1/4th could arguably allready be to much. Once you cross this distance, you're putting yourself at a great risk of dying, especially since Skadi has no escape.

- Stick to your support. Your support is your safekeeping charm. Keep it close, and you'll generally do fine. If you go to far from the support though, you'll be all alone and an easy target.

- Wards. While laning, keep the jungle Warded at all times. This to avoid the enemy assassin from ganking you.


The Jungle is a treacherous place for any hunter during the early game. The enemy assassin, or any other enemy roaming the jungle, can easily take you down. Here are some tips showing when to enter jungle.

- Buffs. Only enter the jungle if you desperately need a buff. If the buff is not mandatory, do not go for it.

- Enter with the support. Only enter the jungle with your support. Should the enemy catch you, your support can save you.

- XP. If you really need some extra XP, you can quickly enter the jungle to clear an XP camp.

Mid game

The mid game time is similar to the early game. The only difference being that you can now take care of yourself. You should still think about the point from the early game, though.

The differences are as follows:


- Pushing lane. You can now push lanes safely. However, only do so when the enemy is forced to retreat, and you have safely Warded the jungle to avoid ganks.


- Jungle longer, alone. You can now enter the jungle for longer periods of time. However, do keep in mind not to hang around, and only enter the jungle if needed. Furthermore, should you pass by an allied lane that is in need of help, you can now provide help, but don't get yourself killed.

Late game

The late game is a hunter's favorite. During this phase, you'll deal lots of damage, however, do keep in mind that while you've grown alot stronger, so did your enemy.

During the late game, you can do pretty much everything, except playing the 5-man world destroyer. Follow these tips to try and avoid death:


The laning phase is probably done by now. Should you find yourself still laning as you were during early and mid game, follow these steps.

- Ward. It's not because you are strong, that Wards aren't necessary. A good enemy jungler can take you down easily.

- Play safe, play equal. Do not attempt to engage and win in (1+X)v1 fights. They will get you killed most of the time. If you are facing more than one enemy, attempt to call your team for help.


The Jungle should be fairly safe now. But stay cautious, as a quick sneak attack can wipe you out easily.

- Ward. Use Wards to spot enemies throughout the jungle, and thus avoiding enemies sneaking up on you.

- Stay near teammates. Should the enemy come out of nowhere, you better have some teammates to back you up before it's to late!


There's not much to say about this. All you need to know is that you should never be:

- Not at the team fight. The ADC is crucial in teamfights, as you'll do alot of damage which is needed to take out the enemy.
- Behind your team. Being behind your team is asking for the enemy jungler to gank and kill you.
- Infront of your team. Being infront you'll take all the hits, CC, and eventually die. And a dead hunter is no good in any teamfights.

Art by: FelipeAbreu via DeviantArt.


Throughout the game, you'll need to Ward as much as possible. I'll explain where and when to Ward below:

Note: to ward, you'll need to buy Ward or Sentry Ward first, obviously.

Warding map

The "Green" wards should be placed at the beginning of the game, during the entire game. These wards are necessary due to the following:

- The wards near your lane are there to alert you when the enemy jungler is nearby. If you see him, immediately retreat to tower.

- The wards in the jungle close to your fountain are there to see if an enemy is trying to take your camps. If they do, try to get the jump on them and kill them. Make sure you don't get killed, though.

The "Yellow" wards should be placed during the middle of the game all the way untill the end. This is simply to make sure enemies don't take Fire Giant or Gold Fury.

The "Red" wards should be placed at the late game untill the end. These wards are used to spot the enemy in their own jungle, and pick them off while they're alone, distracted and vulnerable.
Note: before you go in for a kill, make sure there isn't a second enemy lurking around somewhere!

Note: The "early-mid-late" game representations are only in "normal" circumstances. If you get behind or ahead, your playstyle can be altered accordingly. Just don't get yourself killed.

Items - Explaining what to build

Art by: AthenaAsa via DeviantArt.


Warrior Tabi

Warrior Tabi is the very core, together with Transcendence of this build. Without Warrior Tabi, you're putting yourself at a disadvantage. Why Warrior Tabi?

The Warrior Tabi provides a great deal of physical power. Not only that, it also gives movement speed, which is entirely necessary on Skadi, as she has no other forms of escape. The Physical Power will give you and Kaldr a great power boost to start with.

Summary - Warrior Tabi
Physical power: +40
Movement speed: +18%
NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNPassive: NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNo


Transcendence is an item that's necessary on allmost every hunter. This item is so good, that it cannot be missed in anyone's build. The mana allows you to cast your abilities more often. This is especially important since your Piercing Cold is your main poke and clear. The high (stacked) power is a great power boost during the game.

Transcendence not only gives Physical power, but also Mana, Mp5, and a nice passive.

Summary - Transcendence
Physical power: +35
Mana: +300
Mp5: +6
Passive: You permanently gain 15 Mana per stack, and receive 5 stacks for a god kill, and 1 stack for a minion kill.
Additionally, 3% of your Mana is converted to Physical Power.


Asi is a very versatile item. It provides alot of benefits that can be used in plenty of situations. The penetration will help you neglect some of your enemies' base protections, and some protections from items. Lifesteal will help you sustain and stay in lane a lot longer, even through various pokes from your enemy. The attack speed will help both you and Kaldr to attack faster and get hits in quicker.

Asi grants you lifesteal, attack speed, flat penetration and a somewhat decent passive.

Summary - Asi
Physical Lifesteal: +15%
Attack speed: +20%
Physical penetration: +15
Passive: If you drop below 35% health, you gain an additional 25% Physical Lifesteal for 5 seconds.
Can only occur once every 15 seconds.

Jotunn's Wrath

Jotunn's Wrath is well known for it wide array of benefits it provides. From physical power to cooldown reduction to mana increase, it has it all. The only thing that Jotunn's Wrath does not have, is a passive. CDR allows you to cast more abilities. This combined with Piercing Cold is very useful for wave clears + pokes. The power and penetration will increase your overall damage output, even to enemies with protections.

Summary - Jotunn's Wrath
Physical Power: +40
Mana: +150
Cooldown reduction: +20%
Physical Penetration: +10
NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNPassive: NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNo

Titan's Bane

Titan's Bane is very well known for the wonderous things this item can do. It is your go-to item to deal with tanks that build alot of Physical protections.

It provides you with Physical Power and % Penetration, that'll come in very handy to defeat enemies with lots of defenses.

Summary - Titan's Bane
Physical Power: +30
NoneNoneNPassive: All of your Physical attacks gain 33% Physical Penetration.NoneNoneN

Hastened Fatalis

Hastened Fatalis is a fun little item. It gives the player a great deal of speed in both movement and attack speed.

The thing that makes Hastened Fatalis stand out, however, is it's passive. The passive allows you to move at normal speed while attacking, if you hit, allowing you to dodge enemy attacks easier while still doing a fair deal of damage.

Attack speed: +30%
Movement speed: +10%
Passive: When a basic attack hits a target, the attacking movement speed Debuff is removed from you for 1s.

Item replacement(s)

ASI -> Bloodforge

Asi is a great item. However, the benefits are provided by other items allready.
But xZeroStrike, then why do we keep it?!

Because it's cheap. However, should you find yourself getting alot of kills and sitting on a pile of $$$, you can swap Asi for Bloodforge.

Do note that Bloodforge is not cheap!

Summary - Bloodforge
Physical power: +75
Physical Lifesteal: +15%
Passive: Killing an enemy god forges a shield from their blood with Health equal to 200 + 10 per Player level for 20s. While the blood shield is active you gain +10% movement speed.
Art by: Scylla812 via NewGrounds.

Jotunn's Wrath -> The Executioner
Art by: Larinor via NewGrounds.
Jotunn's Wrath has alot of benefits. However, if you want to eliminate your enemies defenses, and attack faster, The Executioner is for you!

Summary - The Executioner
Physical power: +30
Attack speed: +25%
Passive: Basic attacks against an enemy reduce your target's Physical protection by 12% for 3 seconds (max 3 stacks).

Hastened Fatalis -> Odysseus' Bow

Having trouble landing those basic attacks? In this case, Hastened Fatalis won't do much for you. However, you'll still want that attack speed. What item to get? Odysseus' Bow to the rescue!
Not only does it provide attack speed, it also comes with a nice, for this build fitting, passive.

Summary - Odysseus' Bow
Attack speed: +40%
Passive: Every fourth Basic Attack triggers a chain lightning, damaging the target and up to 4 nearby enemies for 30 damage +50% of your total Physical Power.

Note: Yes, there are no critical items. That is because Skadi doesn't need them. Kaldr allready allows Skadi to pretty much hit for 2.


Recommended relics
Using this item makes you invulnerable to damage for 2s, preventing you from taking actions. You may still move.
Cooldown: 160s
Using this item removes Crowd Control Effects and makes you immune to new ones for 2s.
Cooldown: 160s

Situational relics
Only get these relics if nobody on your team, especially your support, has them!
Using this item buffs the Movement Speed of Allies within 55 by 40% for 5s. It also makes them immune to Slows for the duration.
Cooldown: 150s
Using this item reduces all enemy gods Movement Speed by 40% in a 55 unit radius around you for 5s. Their healing is also reduced by 50% for the duration.
Cooldown: 150s

Starting options

As Skadi, your starting "kit" is very important. Running off with the wrong items will put you at risk. Not only do you risk to lose farm, you'll also risk of dying more often. Here are the (currently 2) starting "kits" and when to pick which.

Starting kit 1

The Charged Morningstar and Boots start will give you an early mana boost, and a bit of extra movement speed. The movement speed will be useful to escape easier from though situations, while the mana will allow you to stay in lane longer.
When to pick this starter kit?
You'll want to pick this starter kit when you're facing enemies that can more easily catch up with you, mainly due to a leap/jump and the like. If you're facing any such enemy, pick this starter kit.

Hunters with "leaps":

Hunters without "leaps":
Starting kit 2
+ 3x + 3x

The Charged Morningstar will give you an early mana boost. The Healing Potions and Mana Potions will help you keep your health and mana high enough to stay in lane longer and thus accumulate more gold.
When to pick this starter kit?
You'll want to pick this starter kit when you're facing enemies without a leap. The reason being that enemies with leaps can get to very quickly, without you having much time to react, forcing you to burn the mana and health you'll get from the potions, and perhaps even killing you, rendering the potions useless.
Note: you can use either starting kit in either situation, these reasons are just my "recommendation".

Abilities - What, and how to use


Ability: Passive
Kaldr, The Winter Wolf
Kaldr fights by Skadi's side and has 2 forms: Beast and Elemental. While in Beast form he can attack enemies and be attacked. While Elemental he is immune to attacks and regenerates health over time. His forms can be controlled with Skadi's Rune of the Hunt but he will be forced into Elemental form if he loses all Hit Points.
Ability stats
Ability video

Ability: Active (1)
Piercing Cold
Skadi throws an icy spear forward, dealing damage to enemies and Slowing them for 3s. Kaldr's basic attacks deal double damage to targets afflicted by Piercing Cold.
Ability Stats
Ability video

Ability: Active (2)
Rune Of The Hunt
Toggle: Skadi marks an enemy for Kaldr to hunt. While toggled on, Kaldr assumes Beast form, chasing and attacking the marked enemy. If a marked enemy dies Kaldr attacks other enemies nearby. When toggled off, Kaldr stops attacking and returns to Skadi, reverting to his Elemental form on the way. This ability can be activated at rank 0 and Kaldr gains new skills as it ranks up.
Ability stats
Ability video

Ability: Active (3)
Skadi freezes the ground for 5s at a target location. The icy area deals damage to enemies that touch it and continues to deal additional damage every .5s they stay on it. Gods who step on the ice are slowed and lose control of their movement while sliding across. Also, Skadi's movement speed increases by 25% while standing on the area.
Ability stats
Ability video

Ability: Active (4)
Winter's Grasp
Snowstorms surround Skadi and Kaldr. Upon activation, enemies in range become Rooted and Kaldr is restored to full health. The storms persist for 4s while dealing damage to enemies every .5s and making Kaldr immune to damage.
Ability stats
Ability video

Ability leveling sequence




















Ability Combo's
Hit the enemy with Piercing Cold. Once you hit your enemy, send Kaldr out to attack with Rune Of The Hunt. Kaldr will now do double damage (basic attacks only) for a short period of time.
Difficulty: Easy
-> ->
Hit the enemy with Piercing Cold. Once you hit your enemy, send Kaldr out to attack with Rune Of The Hunt. When Kaldr attacks the enemy, use Winter's Grasp. Kaldr will do double damage for a short period of time while the enemy is rooted in place.
Difficulty: Easy
Use Permafrost to let the enemy lose control over his/her movement. While the enemy is sliding, use Piercing Cold on them for a free hit.
Difficulty: Intermediate
-> ->
Use Permafrost to let the enemy lose control over his/her movement. While the enemy is sliding, use Piercing Cold on them for a free hit. After you've hit the enemy with Piercing Cold, send Kaldr out to attack the enemy using Rune Of The Hunt. Kaldr will now do double damage for a short period of time.
Difficulty: Intermediate
-> -> ->
Use Permafrost to let the enemy lose control over his/her movement. While the enemy is sliding, use Piercing Cold on them for a free hit. After you've hit the enemy with Piercing Cold, send Kaldr out to attack the enemy using Rune Of The Hunt. When Kaldr attacks the enemy, use Winter's Grasp. Kaldr will now do double damage for a short period of time while the enemy is rooted.
Difficulty: Intermediate
-> ->
The skillset is similar to the previous one (Easy difficulty). The difference here being that you'll use Piercing Cold after Kaldr has used his dash to attack an enemy (with Rune Of The Hunt. This is because Kaldr's dash attack does not benefit from Piercing Cold's double damage, and by using Piercing Cold after Kaldr has used his dash, you'll maximize it's effectiveness.
Difficulty: Hard
-> ->
-> -> ->
This skillset is similar to the one above. The only difference is that you'll use Permafrost before the rest of the combo. The difficult part is that you won't use Permafrost randomly, you'll have to place Permafrost in a way that makes your enemy slide towards you. If this is succesful, proceed with the combo as usual.
Difficulty: Very hard


This will conclude the end of the guide. Please take a moment to inspect the Credits.

Without these people, this guide would not be possible/be what it is now.

- Hi-Rez, the creators of SMITE

- SMITEFIRE and its creators

- Art creators (pictures). To view the source of the art, click the highlighted artist name under the picture to be redirected to the source.

- 'Zeus Tube', the person who made the ability videos.
His channel here:

- Myself, the writer of this guide.

Changelog + Archive


Changelog, only important if you're interested too see what changed.


Old guide

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XistTheWizard | April 29, 2017 10:38am
nice but i would rather use executioner as a substitue for titans bane instead of jotunn and skadi doesnt need fatalis kaldr already gives her movement speed buff when he attacks so i would add odysseus bow intead of fatalis as a main part of the build
xZeroStrike (46) | April 29, 2017 11:02am
Hey XistTheWizard.

I can understand where you're coming from. However, I've selected Hastened Fatalis over Odysseus' Bow in the main build for a couple of reasons:

- While Kaldr's attacks give Skadi some movement speed, it's fairly inconsistent. If the enemy keeps running, Kaldr may have a hard time keeping up and thus be unable to land hits, resulting in no movement speed gain. Hastened Fatalis always gives movement speed, regardless the scenario, which will allow you to keep up with an enemy more easily if Kaldr is unable to.

- When Kaldr is out of life points, you cannot use his attacks for movement speed. Since you'll only send Kaldr out in 1v1s, to finish off low health enemies and when he has 4/5 life points, you'll find Kaldr in spiritual form more often than not, causing the movement speed to not proc as often.

- While this guide was made in S3, the build is still functional in S4, and with Skadi's ultimate nerf in 4.6, Hastened Fatalis' movement speed has become even more useful since Kaldr is no longer immune during Winter's Grasp, which will make Kaldr's attacks and thus the movement speed bonus even more inconsistent.

- When running away from an enemy, you have to turn around before you can set Kaldr to attack those who're chasing you. Turning around will slow you down, and can get you killed before Kaldr is even capable of giving you that movement speed buff.

- Hastened Fatalis' movement speed, passive + Permafrost and Kaldr's speed bonus on attack all combined will make it easy for you to stick to target. In fact unless your target has a leap / dash or you get CC'd, there's almost no escape for your target. That is, if you can land your attacks and make use of Hastened Fatalis' passive, but if you can't land basics then Odysseus' Bow won't help you either.

Odysseus' Bow is definitely a viable replacement if you're not familiar with Hastened Fatalis or build for attack speed reliant build sets, but other than that I feel that Hastened Fatalis still takes the upper hand of the 2. That is just my personal opinion though.

Hopefully you understand what I'm going for here.
Have fun playing SMITE!
sunny108108 (3) | March 5, 2017 1:31am
Mice build for skid!
Bernardozomer (33) | April 5, 2017 5:29pm
Mouse builds for skids!
IceColdPappsi (13) | October 15, 2016 6:42pm
Hi, Zero. I would personally like to say that Skadi's my favorite goddess. Due to recent changes, I think it would be better to go Ninja Tabi instead of Warrior Tabi, because it now gives mana, which would work great with Transcendence, and that it gives attack speed for Kaldr to work, as late game, Skadi and Kaldr will both have the same attack speed.
xZeroStrike (46) | October 16, 2016 4:18am
Hello, IceColdPappsi.

Thank you for your feedback. I do agree that Ninja Tabi has become a more viable pick in a lot of situations due to its buff. However, I still feel like Warrior Tabi is a better option. Let me explain why:

With Ninja Tabi, you'll deal less damage than with Warrior Tabi. You'll lose 17 physical power to be exact, in this build. The attack speed should make up for it.
However, when relying on attack speed, you're counting on a longer, more consistent battle.
You see, before Ninja Tabi's power output reaches equal potential of that of Warrior Tabi's, it needs some time to get there.

Due to Kaldr's low health pool, he can die very fast. This will result in only a very short combat sequence, thus Ninja Tabi's potential will be lost, and its benefits won't be as good as that of Warrior Tabi's.

When sending Kaldr out, you want to get damage in fast, and get him out even faster, as to not get him "killed". Therefore, the lower attack speed, but a lot higher Physical Power will be better, since Kaldr simply won't have enough time to let the lower damage and higher attack speed make up for the power loss.

I'm starting to ramble here, so I'll end it here. :P

Hope that you can make out as to why I believe Warrior Tabi is still more superior in this build. :)
BlaineSilver (2) | September 13, 2016 11:28am
I don't think purchasing boots along with the Morningstar is a very viable option. Potions are always better for that sustain.

Love the build, great work @xZero :p
xZeroStrike (46) | September 13, 2016 11:32am

The boots are specifically for a bit of movement speed. Potions will work but if you can't escape your enemy those potions will be rendered useless faster than one can say he used it. I made a small table on when I think it's better to select which starting gear, and I've also included the potions start as an option. I guess it comes down to preference and situation. If you play safe and conservative enough, the potions shouldn't be necessary.

Thank you for the feedback, though! :)
OpkNC | August 31, 2016 6:54pm
Nice build :) I just prefer to buy Qin last item to get that extra damage+attack speed !
xZeroStrike (46) | September 1, 2016 3:57am
A good option.

I didn't include it because Skadi has Kaldr allready, which makes up for it, but still a very good item nonetheless, specifically when dealing with tanks.
Technotoad64 (45) | August 30, 2016 7:04am
Under "hunters without leaps" you left out Ah Muzen Cab.
Other than that, I don't see anything wrong.
+1 for nice tables.
xZeroStrike (46) | August 30, 2016 7:21am
Thank you, I'll add Ah Muzen Cab immediately!

And thank you for the +1!
Daelinn (25) | August 30, 2016 4:02am
I... I am absolutely impressed by your guide's appearance; it just looks so cool. The way all of the tables are scripted- simply masterful. Overall coloring also matches Skadi's theme really well; but I have to agree with nikvundle that at least in the Strategies section, there's a bit too much of the white color in the sentences- maybe it's because of the bright arts and headings in the background, but I found it a bit distracting- maybe switching to some mild blue-ish color would be an option?

Onto the build; it's really well explained and looks very solid- my only question would be about the Hastened Fatalis- not that I have anything against it as it makes perfect sense; but would like to ask if you could possibly recommend a viable replacement option for it (maybe an Odysseus's Bow for the attack speed, and its passive would hit for quite a bit with all the power the build provides?), as buying fatalis tends to significantly change playing experience, and I personally am having trouble hitting my auto-attacks with this item, aspecially when boxing other hunters.

I also have some thoughts about the starting build- when buying Charged Morningstar to progress it into Transcendence, I would recommend to consider buying some HP and mana potions with the 300 gold left instead of the Boots, as without them you'll probably be forced out of lane way too early (not to mention that it'd be quite easy to gank a poked Skadi ) and actually lose some gold in the process. Of course potions can be skipped in Arena and whatnot, but I think in Conquest they're much safer option.

That partially leads to the recommended "first return"- if someone asked me, I think that it would be more beneficial to back whenever you have enough gold to just finish your Transcendence. Firstly because you'll be able to start stacking faster that way, and secondly because staying such a long time in lane would likely result in being forced under tower, losing potential income and thus prolonging the time required to stay even more.

With that being said, I am not a Skadi player myself and I'm sure someone (ehkem DucksRock, I summon thee) would provide more helpful feedback, but those were my thoughts. I liked the ability combos section with all the explanations the most- very helpful for anyone attempting to play this character.

I guess I shouldn't have to mention that's an easy upvote? Keep up the good work!

Looks even better than before with that color if someone asked me.
xZeroStrike (46) | August 30, 2016 4:42am
Thank you for your feedback. I'll see if I can change the white to something darker that is not grey.

As for the potions start:
It is entirely possible to do so. You do have to remember that until you get Permafrost, you'll be very slow which could also put you at risk. I guess it all comes down to the situation itself:

- Are you facing an enemy that can easily catch up? (e.g. Neith with her backflip). Then I'd say you'll need the boots to escape, unless you plan on staying near your tower for the entire duration, but then you're risking to lose famr.

- Are you facing an enemy that can't easily catch up to you? (e.g. Artemis, who has no dash/leap or any of the sort) Then potions would probably be a better option, assuming you've used Wards to alert you from ganks, which you, or preferably your support, should do by default.

As for the "first return option", you have to follow its order. Meaning that even though you would have enough money to buy Combat Boots or Warrior Tabi, you should allways finish Transcendence first. And it is advised to stay in lane until you have just enough money to upgrade to Transcendence unless you're forced to back.

Last but not least I guess Odysseus' Bow could work if you're not used to Hastened Fatalis. I'll add this onto the build as a "potential replacement"

Thank you for your feedback, and the upvote! :)

Edit: All your feedback had been applied. If the color is yet again not good enough, feel free to let me know.
nikvundle (3) | August 29, 2016 5:31pm
The guide is really cool and well done, you got UPvote from me, the only thing that i found Kinda annoying is Too Many Colors it's really nice to add colors, but i it be annoying if there was too many especially in the same line, it Distracts the Reader and It makes the Mind Reading Process Harder, OtherWise, Well done !!
xZeroStrike (46) | August 30, 2016 2:45am
Thank you for your feedback. I'll see if I can reduce the amount of colors.
LinkNightblade (1) | May 11, 2016 12:26am
Good guide, the only issue I have is that you included Frostbound Hammer. You already have an extremely potent slow in your kit and frostbound hammer provides diminishing returns on the slow effect. In fact, once they are slowed by Piercing Cold, Frostbound Hammer barely adds onto the slow at all. If you need frostbound hammer in a Skadi build, you either can't land her 1 or you aren't using Kaldr and the rest of your kit to properly to maximize off of your 1.
xZeroStrike (46) | May 20, 2016 9:15am
Thank you for your feedback. I see where you're coming from.
The reason I placed the Frostbound hammer in is mainly because of it's physical power, but the slow just adds nicely for chases, or when your 1 is on CD. Also if the enemy beads out of your skills the slow can help really well.
LinkNightblade (1) | April 5, 2017 1:01pm
The hammer doesn't provide much power, 30 if I recall correctly. There are far better options for power.
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