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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page



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Smite God: He Bo

Build Guide Discussion (20) More Guides

Purchase Order


Build Item Vampiric Shroud Vampiric Shroud
Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Focused Void Stone Focused Void Stone
Build Item Rod of Asclepius Rod of Asclepius
Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti


Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Boots of Celerity Boots of Celerity


Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Void Stone Void Stone
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti


Build Item Chronos' Pendant Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Polynomicon Polynomicon
Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Doom Orb Doom Orb


Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak
Build Item Purification Beads (Old) Purification Beads (Old)
Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Aegis Amulet (Old)

Secret Build

Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Void Stone Void Stone
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti

He Bo's Skill Order

Water Cannon

Water Cannon

1 X
1 3 6 8 10
Atlas of the Yellow River

Atlas of the Yellow River

2 A
4 12 15 18 19


3 B
2 7 11 14 16
Crushing Wave

Crushing Wave

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


He Bo is not the lady charmer when it comes to looks but he is an overall solid god to play with in SMITE. He has an easy time clearing creeps and lane minions. Most people underestimate He Bo's surviving ability and how quick he can turn the tide literally. He Bo can dish out great damage, run like a headless chicken, and gank with epic results.

Playing over 100+ games with He Bo since the start of SMITE beta, I felt it was time to share my successes and failures of riding the suicidal virgin eater's golden shower. I have been tinkering with different builds and different items, but finally settled comfortably with what I am portraying here.


Change Log:

  • 10/21/12 - Crushing Wave now seems to go through Odin's Ring of Spears
  • 11/02/12 - He Bo no longer ignore deployables / obstructions with Crushing Wave
  • 11/12/12 - Addition of Arena Chapter for those still interested in using He Bo in open space
  • 11/29/12 - Added a Videos Chapter and decided Chronos' Pendant is too good in Arena
  • 04/19/13 - Added a new purchase/build order and updated Arena section
  • 04/26/13 - Thanks to OddArcade for his He Bo banner art used at the top of this section
  • 04/27/13 - Updated some items ie. dropped Warlock's Sash for Bancroft's Talon
  • 04/28/13 - Added new Dangerous Enemies section and revamped entire guide
  • 05/01/13 - Edited some content due to Fenrir Patch
  • 05/09/13 - Fenrir added to Dangerous Enemies section with good reason
  • 05/10/13 - Revisited Conquest item build path
  • 06/26/13 - Revisited Conquest and Arena item build path thanks to Shoes of Focus
  • 07/01/13 - Secret Arena build added for those who read this guide
  • 10/07/13 - Updated items for Mercury patch


There are plenty to love about He Bo, but there are drawbacks as well. Here is a quick pros and cons list to see if He Bo is the right god for you.


  • High damage output
  • Quick cooldown time on skill
  • Good evasion
  • Great clearing minion waves
  • Great creeping
  • Great in the jungle
  • Great 1v1


  • Skill shots are necessary for all skills
  • Mana depletes fast
  • May hurt your ability of playing other gods
  • Squishy unless building with more health/tank items


Everyone who purchased He Bo should already know what his skills do. I will just cover how I utilize them.


Steady Flow - A good passive that makes each successive skill hit harder. Most of the time you would use Flood Waters to start your attack chains. It would be wise to wait until you have the 3 stacks of this passive buff before using Crushing Wave to maximize potential damage. This has been buffed since the arrival of Fenrir and now makes He Bo that much stronger in my eyes.

Skill Order:

Water Cannon - I max this first. The simple reason is due to the 3s cooldown to enable the usage of this powerful skill over and over relentlessly. A lot of people may argue that using Waterspout and getting it first is better. Even in the mid lane I don't get Waterspout first because of how powerful Water Cannon is. There is no question this is the reason my build is called Spray and Pray.
CAUTION: Contrary to popular belief, this skill takes some skill in aiming! Fighting close range with melee could result in a miss due to the pinpoint cone shaped attack. I have sighed with great sighs at the few times that I could have killed two melee gods and shot between them. It is like getting your opportunity to sleep with all sexyteen of the Victoria Secret Models(or Brad Pitt for the ladies!) and being unable to perform. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES AND DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

Waterspout - This is the second skill that I max. This skill I use as the jab before my stfuppercut Water Cannon. I tend to use Waterspout's range cursor as a measurement of how far before I get wtfpwned by Mummify + Death Gaze. The key to this skill really is on the timing of when to use it. I tend to only use it when an enemy is running toward me or toward a tower/pheonix. The hit propels them in the direction they are moving and allows on them. Think of this as a cheap man's Sobek Charge Prey skill without putting your body in danger. This is also a good skill to use when you have a melee on your ankles and you just want to shake them off. No doubt about it Waterspout is also one of the best finishing moves that count for around 30% of my kills. People run from He Bo and when they go behind walls with little to no health, if you time it and aim it correctly you can get yourself a behind the wall/tree kill.
CAUTION: You are stationary, ready to take one to the face when you Waterspout. Don't miss with this skill when you are in range of any life threatening enemy skills.

Flood Waters

Flood Waters - Like Phillip Rivers and his interceptions, this is one great tool that can be seen like a double solid lane on the freeway. Okay maybe that made no sense to half the population of the world, but just know this ability is one of He Bo's two escaping tools. It can be used multiple ways for initiating battles, closing gaps, walling enemies down or running away from disaster. In the jungle Flood Waters becomes truly strong due to the narrow corridors.

Crushing Wave - This is probably one of my favorite ultimate skills of all the gods. It does massive quick hard hitting action and can be used as an escape or closer tool as well. Max this whenever possible because this is truly a slap to the enemy's face when you have your Steady Flow maxed. The range is decent and the cast is almost instantaneous!
CAUTION: Be careful of where you aim this skill. It is easy to get carried away and wave through an enemy tower to get the kill, but just be careful about it. Also know that this does not go through walls! Trying to kill someone over Thor's wall or Ring of Spears from Odin is a FAIL!

Combo Chains:


Waterspout the enemy toward you and spray them with Water Cannon.


Flood Waters -> ->
Flood Waters to close the gap then Waterspout them and Water Cannon them en route.


Flood Waters -> -> -> ->
Flood Waters to close the gap then Water Cannon to build momentum damage, hit them up with Waterspout, then with a quick Crushing Wave go through their body, spin around and smack them with the final Water Cannon.


Conquest Item Considerations:

My item choices seem a bit odd at first, but I have found great early game sustain as well as the necessary punch late game with my choices.

Starting Items:

Vampiric Shroud - This have taken over Spear of the Magus at a cheaper cost benefit too. Since Vampiric Shroud has good HP at low cost, it is a great starting item especially with the regen offered. Replace this with a preference item late game as this is nowhere as good as any of the other items.

Boots Selection:

Shoes of Focus - The new pair of shiny shoes. These are great with the 15% cooldown reduction.

Boots of Celerity - No longer my personal choice of boots due to changes. But I still feel this could give an edge if you feel that you can't kill people with the last hit because they ran too far or if you can't run fast enough. Other than that it can be useful for example if you plan on ganks often and the speed could also make enemy players miss their shots.

Core Items:

Bancroft's Talon - This item really caught my attention during my extended time away from He Bo. Cheap and effective 100 Magic Power. This is almost something to get all the time if you just want raw damage. I find myself always with mid to low health when fighting so the bonus damage is a plus.

Void Stone - This item speaks for itself as a staple. It gives decent magical power, protection, and negative protection for others. There is no real downside to getting this item. This is like the Swiss army knife of core items.

Rod of Tahuti - Raw power, just what you need mid/late game. The 25% bonus to magical power makes this item a must have. The cost is steep so I normally don't recommend getting this first.

Preference Items:

Chronos' Pendant - After playing a good deal of Arena, I found the value of having this item in Conquest. This item allows you to maximize your small cooldowns and just power on with more damage. The more you can use your spells, the more damage you do over that period of time. Being able to constantly keep your Steady Flow passive going definitely makes you that much stronger. I personally pair this off with Boots of Celerity to cap the cooldown percentage.

Polynomicon - This is one of my favorite items. I would almost say this should be in my core item build, but it isn't for everyone due to heavily rely on basic attacks. The on paper stats show this is a pretty good item packing good magical power, magical life leech, immense mana, and probably one of the best tower/phoenix wrecking abilities that a range mage can achieve. I find myself doing combos of Flood Waters -> Basic Attack -> Water Cannon -> Waterspout -> Basic Attack -> Water Cannon in fights saving Crushing Wave for an escape.

Obsidian Shard - Cut through magic resist like butter. If people are stacking resists you are packing this in your bag!

Gem of Isolation - This is a great survival item. It has good magical power and a great slow to combine with your 3 second Water Cannon cool down.

Doom Orb - I find this to be great for mid lane. He Bo can last hit minion waves with ease making this and Warlock's Sash potentially great items for mid game. With the Doom Orb maxed out it outshines Rod of Tahuti's magical power. I find myself dying very few times playing as He Bo and could see this being used to overpower and get games of 10+ kills easily.


Meditation - This is the only ability I can really vouch for as almost a necessity. He Bo is like a machine gun of damage that gets hindered when he runs out of ammo. Meditation is that said ammo! Get it early on, preferably after getting your first boots.

Purification Beads or Aegis Amulet - This is a must to counter the likes of Hades, Ares, Artemis, and many more.


Mid Lane: He Bo is more of a silent assassin solo type of god. Most people expect He Bo in the mid lane, but I actually feel that the mid lane is actually not the best for him. Let us see just why He Bo is not the best option for mid lane: These 5 gods can harass better than He Bo mid lane with their range/speed and better AOE skills.

Duo Lanes: With tanky gods like Sobek and Ymir, He Bo becomes a great force to fear. Gods with stuns/slows only aid He Bo's powerful dps capabilities. He Bo has the ability to save fleeing teammates with Flood Waters and Waterspout. He Bo's Crushing Wave also can put him in a position to sandwich enemy gods. When duo laning, it is always easy for He Bo to disappear into the forest for ganks. It is worth noting that with a laning partner, preserve your mana as much as you can to deliver the killing blow together.

A new friend I have recently tried pairing with is the wonderful water god, Poseidon! Poseidon's Whirlpool has great synergy with He Bo's Flood Waters. It makes it really fun to trap and slow enemies even more.


Arena poses a totally different realm for He Bo. Everyone knows He Bo's strengths lie in the jungle and surprise gankfests; however, in Arena there is not much jungling opportunities and the battlefield is open wide. I will try to give recommendations based on what I have tried in Arena. Honestly, in my opinion He Bo is not the best when it comes to Arena as there is no surprise elements from him in open space.

Arena Item Considerations:

He Bo is dangerously squishy in Arena. More than ever you will need movement to counter all the aggressive overextending gods. I have been testing around seeing if getting Spear of the Magus is still a good option first and I honestly cannot say that it is anymore. I see myself needing the ability to move and even more so to move fast. In Arena, I start out by buying 2x Boots of Celerity just to reinforce that movement is important for He Bo's survival. Below are some spot items to really consider in Arena:

Starting Items:

Shoes of Focus - Movement is key in Arena. Unfortunately with the changes to Boots of Celerity, movement does not trump 15% cooldown, 250 mana and 50 magic damage. These boots also help cap the cooldown percentage when using Breastplate of Valor or Chronos' Pendant.

Aegis Amulet and/or Purification Beads - These items are almost necessary now if you are opposing Ares, Hades, and Zeus. If you ever get caught without these versus Ares in a 5 v 1 situation... you are instantly dead 90% of the time. Don't be that one guy that gets pulled multiple times! If you get pulled by Ares once... be sure to purchase one of these and do your team a favor. The only concern is the timing of the item use. Because unless you want to waste money on getting rank 3 versions of these, it takes a bit of practice/skill to be able to use these just right. Note... you can use your ultimate to get yourself out of bad situations too.

Combat Blink - This is almost a necessity against Odin. Other times, you can maybe skimp out on this as your ultimate can get you out of trouble. You can go offensive with the regular Blink if you feel gutsy.

NOTE: Say NO to healing/mana potions in Arena. Relying on these is an inefficient use of your funds. Heal when low instead of buying these potions.

Core Items:

Breastplate of Valor - Odd you might say getting defensive with He Bo... but this really helps! The mana bonus, 25% cooldown, and last but not least the high physical protection! Loki, Fenrir, Neith, Xbalanque and all the other annoying physical gods can now eat it! Ultimately, the longer you last the more DPS you output.

Bancroft's Talon - This item seems to be too awesome to overlook. In Arena you tend to have low health majority of the time since the battles are team battles. With a massive 100 magic power boost and the lifesteal nothing else is better at this price point early on.

Rod of Tahuti - Like in Conquest, this item is just a must for all mages. There is no reason NOT to purchase this. I recommend getting it later in the game due to the high costs.

Rod of Asclepius - This is something I felt is a great replacement from Polynomicon in the main build. It has good damage, +health, and 10% movement to skeet skeet all over with the river. This is all before even mentioning the good passives for your teammates!

Preference Items:

Obsidian Shard - Sometimes in Arena, you will face a total of 0 tanks. This is really odd so hence why this is a preference item. Other times when you see 1 or more tanks, this becomes a necessity to carve them out.

Void Stone - In Arena if one person has this on your team, you could choose to omit it. This is a great item to have especially when going up against other magic damage gods. I find this to be a necessity in Conquest, not so much in Arena.

Gem of Isolation - I am still mixed about this. I find myself not needing this as much in Arena. He Bo is squishy so a few more hp doesn't help that great big of a deal especially since most battles are team battles. Use this if you really feel the need for more health or a way to slow enemies down for your teammates or yourself.

Book of Thoth - If you like overkill like I do... you can consider using this for the extra 100+ magic power. I find myself having more money than I could spend due to having 10+ kills majority of the time.

Chronos' Pendant - This item is insanely good in Arena. With the non stop action that can be found on the open field, you want to take every chance you have to unload your skills. This also helps with Steady Flow buffs staying up for the majority of time. I decided this could most likely be the second item I purchase in Arena if no scary physical gods are around. Also thanks to the 15% from Shoes of Focus, you can now cap your cooldown while having enough extra mana to use your skills.

Below shows my Arena build in action... you can't win them all especially solo queuing.

Arena Group Play Mentality:

Arena group play is tricky with He Bo. About 50% of the games, you will have either Ares or Hades on your team. The thing with He Bo is that his ultimate Crushing Wave isn't the best in combination with the other gods. In fact, more often than not Crushing Wave can get you killed if used at a non opportune time. Sometimes a 1-1 trade off with an enemy god is not optimal in Arena due to the tick loss of 5 points. I tend to use Flood Waters and Water Cannon right on the enemies while saving Waterspout for utility.

The key to group play is to slow and disrupt enemy gods for your team to kill. As much as He Bo can dish out the damage, he doesn't have the awesome escapes that many other gods have to get out quick from danger. This is a serious consideration when playing He Bo in Arena... do you really want to get that kill potentially sacrificing your own life? I wouldn't recommend it at all. Stay alive, support your teammates with Flood Waters and Waterspout. Kill minions with ease, lure them away from your minions and punish them with Waterspout. Sure if you are going to kill a god go for it, but keep in mind in Arena, most gods are with a teammate so you are free pickings when you use Crushing Wave.


I have been experimenting a bit with a newer build after seeing other mages like Ra do the same. This build focuses more on mana and a balanced defense for the early game. I realized after playing a good few Arena games lately that He Bo just dies to Loki, Fenrir, and any other competent melee god. I also noticed that I would have been able to kill said Loki or Fenrir if I had more mana or life left. With these two thoughts, I altered my build and opted for Breastplate of Valor early on. The magic damage loss did not seem to hurt in my testing as I had more mana to dish out more damage. Also by maining Voidstone helps with maintaining my damage at a decent level as well as keep my magic protection up. Please if you read this and try this build out, let me know how it works out for you. I have yet to test this in Conquest... so use with caution.


I want people to see He Bo in action! Hopefully these videos will help give some ideas of utilizing He Bo's strengths and avoiding the weaknesses!

Arena Video:

This Arena gameplay video is just to showcase the potential He Bo has. Obviously I made a ton of killer mistakes that I detail in this guide to avoid. I realized that Chronos' Pendant is quite strong by upping my DPS immensely in skirmishes and have now decided to add it to my regular rotation. With Meditation, it just seems unfair for other people fighting He Bo one on one. Props to the Odin catching me off guard so many times with his Ring of Spears(which btw Crushing Wave does nothing to help escape it anymore).


There are games where I get wrecked pretty hardcore. I noticed a trend with these gods and I wanted to give some helpful advice on how to face them.

Dangerous Enemies:

0. Fenrir - Yes, this monster is above all the most difficult god for He Bo in my opinion. He is in another class from the guys below. Seeing Fenrir on the opposing team means that you as He Bo has a duty to save your team. Save your Waterspout as much as you can and Flood Waters the moment you see him creeping toward you or your team. Most of the time this will deter a good one from targeting yourself. Fenrir has a vicious 4 hit attack skill, which normally rips He Bo and other mages to shreds. Please make sure you have 80% of your health at all times. It is much better to miss some action and heal than it is to forfeit 5 points and time for respawn. The only positive, if there is any, is Fenrir's squishy frame. With help from your team you can kill Fenrir in seconds.

1. Loki, Kali and Ne Zha - The biggest pains to most squishy mage types. Save your Waterspout for when they charge at your feet or at a teammate's back. He Bo has a great weakness fighting people face to face in point blank range due to the cone shaped skill shots. A good Loki or any melee at that would run in circles and make your life hell close range. Waterspout is the ultimate savior in these instances since you can knock them, Flood Waters and get away. When facing these types Boots of Celerity becomes more apparently useful. Remember Mario Kart and the S drifting moves? Use this when running away! If you are totally getting wrecked by these gods... it may also be worthwhile to fit Magi's Blessing for the bubble shield it creates.

2. Xbalanque - Very scary god and much like Loki, but ranged! Same way to deal with Xbalanque is to save your Waterspout for when he uses his ultimate. Many times you can throw a predator off track with Waterspout. I would also keep a safe distance away from Xbalanque as his basic attacks can quickly maw you away.

3. Arachne - More annoying than scary. When she jumps on your head you are practically useless. This is when you run toward your teammates as fast as possible. Once she hops off put a Flood Waters and either run away more or mount a counter attack starting with Waterspout.

4. Zeus - One of the gods probably feared by most. Heavy damage coming from his Detonate Charge so be very careful. Most Zeus tend to use Chronos' Pendant and also some speed modifier so backpedaling is not the best idea when facing one. Having an Aegis Amulet rank 3 may be something necessary when going against Zeus.

5. Odin, Ares, and Hades - All annoying and very hard to fight against for He Bo. The most annoying may be Odin, since Crushing Wave does no longer get you out of jail for free. Ring of Spears is deadly and all you can do is pray and kite with Flood Waters. For the other tanks... Purification Beads and Aegis Amulet can be enough to handle them... All else fails Crushing Wave timed just right can get you out of Ares' ultimate. When facing such gods, I normally start with Purification Beads as a complementary purchase but now with the ranks you may consider getting rank 1 Aegis Amulet as well. Due to the ranks of the actives, these tanks are much more annoying for He Bo


I wanted to thank the mysterious He Bo player that handed my rear to my face and poked a straw through it for my sucking pleasures when I first started this game. Because of this unknown player that wrecked me with little health in the jungle, I fell in love with this god's potential. I also wanted to throw thanks to my DREAMPIECE family that helped carry me as I learned how to play He Bo as well as all the YouTube guide makers giving me visual knowledge.

To conclude, He Bo is an utter beast of a god. I recommend it to anyone wanting to go magical but don't know who or wants something totally different from the other gods. I know I am nowhere near the best He Bo player out there, so feel free to comment/criticize my choices so I can correct them out and make this guide better. You can find me in game under the name Dreampiece or AverageVillain! Finally, remember to use the restroom before you play as the Steady Flow master because listening and seeing water flowing for potentially 45 minutes+ is no fun for your bladder. Happy Golden Showers!

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The Dyce | August 16, 2015 4:34pm
Amazing guide, I think I'll play as our water wealding wiseman afterall haha

Also very funny explanations, WTFPWN, STFUppercut, added to my vocab lol
ShadowKumba (1) | July 18, 2015 10:55am
Good guide +1
Dimo | July 11, 2014 8:01am
I love your "secret build"! But i changed Gem of isolation for Warlock's slash (except for arena) it's much more effective.

Thank you anyway, great guide
Raventhor (157) | March 9, 2014 12:28am
I must admit, I find Rod of Asclepius a very very odd item. I know the movement speed is pretty nice, but you already have a speed-up and slow-down in your directional waves, and disregarding that there are so many more health/power items to offer. You have Gem of Isolation to widen that speed gap with slows, Ethereal Staff for around 70ish MP with a solid 600 health, or even Warlock's Sash early for so much more health, mana, and power (it's lierally 110 power and 600 health), so why choose Rod of Asclepius when it doesn't benefit you in lane and may not even help your team if it doesn't have a dedicated healer?

Otherwise I do find this a ridiculously good, informative build, having both a conquest and arena section, and very informative, aesthetically pleasing sections throughout.

Definitely a +1 in my book, especially for the continued updates!
Detrickz | March 9, 2014 12:08am
Fenrir/Loki is annoying. I know this first hand. But with this build, I'm able to Waterspout myself, then spin & direct my Water Cannon at the melee god into Crushing waves & kill him. With a maxed out build I was able to kill Fenrir & Loki with 2 to 3 skills. Guaranteed kill with Crushing Waves right after Water Cannon. So yeah, as soon as you see them pounce on you, turn, Waterspout yourself & start the killing combo. Survivability is good in Arena, Conquest & Joust. If you're an experienced player then this is a good all purpose build. Good defense, great attack power & overall, it's very versatile. Upvoting definitely.
Benny (4) | January 19, 2014 10:52am
yoavsnake wrote:

Here's a question: Is a He Bo tank build viable? He has a low range nuke, an ultimate that requires him to go to enemy territory and some nice crowd control.

To be honest, I have tried to make my He Bo tanky and it doesn't seem to be as effective especially in team games. Most people expect that your He Bo will be dishing out good damage. I do know He Bo is squishy which is why I opted to build him the way I did in a hybrid form. Max cooldown reduction to get away from players, dish out extra damage, and have a great pool of mana with those two cooldown items. I need to revisit this guide again as I took a quick break and recently came back to a new looking He Bo. If you want my build to be more tank like, you could potentially opt for the movement tank boots. Also, you might get an earful if you lose and they see your build :P
yoavsnake (5) | December 3, 2013 5:59am
Here's a question: Is a He Bo tank build viable? He has a low range nuke, an ultimate that requires him to go to enemy territory and some nice crowd control.
Benny (4) | October 7, 2013 11:42pm
Updated guide with my recent experiences. Longer He Bo lives, the better... Breastplate of Valor, Focused Void Stone and the new Rod of Asclepius are very instrumental to surviving and rounds out He Bo without losing too much damage output. Good luck everyone :)
Benny (4) | July 1, 2013 3:58pm
Updated the guide once again... This time with a new test Arena build that you guys can help me test. It is a secret build I wanted to save for people who use my guide. I hid it within the Arena build tab if you are interested! So far I have been having decent success rate with it... at least my deaths are now much lower than my previous build.
Benny (4) | April 28, 2013 2:21pm
Did some major revisions to the guide and segregated Conquest and Arena further more into their own respective sections. I hope this will help those interested in He Bo especially for Arena. Also added a dangerous enemies section to help with ideas on specific gods.
Benny (4) | April 25, 2013 12:30pm
Interista wrote:

I'm going to try this guide next time in Conquest . I hope its still works perfectly with Conquest .
Thnx dude :)

I might have to re-evaluate this in Conquest, most of it should still apply but things like Bancroft's Talon is very good so that might be something to consider.
Interista | April 22, 2013 6:32pm
I'm going to try this guide next time in Conquest . I hope its still works perfectly with Conquest .
Thnx dude :)
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