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Beez In The Trap! (S3!)

July 9, 2016 by DucksRock
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Build 1
Build 2

Fly Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee!

Smite God: Ah Muzen Cab

Item Purchase Order

Bee Good! (Core)

Build Item Transcendence
Build Item Qin's Sais
Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Asi


Build Item Heavenly Agility Build Item Greater Purification Build Item Greater Aegis Build Item Aegis Pendant

Other Items, I Prefer Picking A Unicorn Build

Build Item Asi Build Item Bloodforge Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Qin's Sais Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Wind Demon Build Item Rage Build Item The Crusher Build Item Hastened Fatalis

Example Of A Unicorn Build (sell Trans)

Build Item Transcendence Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Asi Build Item Ichaival Build Item Qin's Sais Build Item The Crusher Build Item Titan's Bane

Example Of A Crit Build (Sell Trans)

Build Item Transcendence Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Asi Build Item Ichaival Build Item Qin's Sais Build Item Wind Demon Build Item Deathbringer

God Skill Order


Hive 1 8 11 12 14 key bind


Swarm 2 4 6 7 10 key bind


Honey 3 15 16 18 19 key bind


Stinger 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Beez In The Trap! (S3!)

July 9, 2016


This guide is updated for s3 with the build and gameplay, but I have yet to add the new items explanations to the items section


Hello Smiters!, My name is DucksRock And this is Ah Muzen Cab, The god of underrated bees. Ah Muzen Cab is a very underrated god, mostly because he relays on his Hive, But now, Ah Muzen Cab got a new and improved passive, that allows him to disarm other gods, which makes him more viable in the current meta.

Ah Muzen Cab can be really powerful in the right hands, But he's hard to master, And you need to get used to the whole Hive and Bees! mechanic before you can master him.

This guide shows a method that i use to play Ah Muzen Cab.

So good luck and have fun, Future Ah Muzen Cab player!

Pros / Cons

-Has A Disarm ( Bees!).
-A Lot Of Attack Speed.
-Lots Of Movement Speed.
-He's A Bee. Period.

- No Escape (Ha Ha.).
-Extremely Vulnerable To CC.
-Relies On Hives.
-Drinks A lot Of Beer.


This passive provides Ah Muzen Cab with the ability to disarm enemy gods, Making them unable to use basic attacks, Which is a great counter to other hunters like Rama and Artemis.
You can do it by landing basics and making sure the enemy keeps being infected.
This passive also delivers a nice amount of damage per tick and it can last for a long time if you succeed in landing your basics, And it can also be used to reveal invisible gods.
This passive is deployed by using Honey with Hive or with Swarm or by using Swarm.

This ability is Ah Muzen Cab's bread and butter, Since it gives him tons of attack speed and movement speed, With a very cheap mana cost, Making it the perfect boxing ability.

it can also be used as an escape ability, However, You can also have a limited amount of hives around the map, And they can be destroyed by one basic attacks, Making them tricky to keep.

Make sure to put them in positions that the enemy cant get to them or will have a harder time attacking them. It also heals you by a small amount every second.

This can also be used to "charge" Honey with Bees! so you can clear with it.
You can also use it to block one basic attack from a hunter, Which gives you a brief movement speed buff and blocks the basic attack.
A basic attack from let's say Artemis in the late game, can deal up to 700-900 damage, So it can be used as a decent escape.

This ability is Ah Muzen Cab's main clear ability, As well as his best poking ability.

In rank 4, This ability can kill the archers alone, And it costs a lot less mana then Honey, Making it a better clear.

It also applies Bees! so you can use it to refresh/apply Bees! if you didn't use Honey or failed to land your basics.

As i've said before, This also is his main poking ability, Since Honey can't tick for all of it's damage when it comes to enemy gods.

But, It's not a very fast moving projectile, Making it harder to land and making Honey the easiest way to apply [[bees!].

This ability is a very important ability for Ah Muzen Cab since it gives you an escape and it is the easiest way to apply Bees!.

It passes through walls, So you can use it to see if someone's stealing your attack speed buff, Swarm passes through walls too but it moves slower.

This ability is also used for the slow so you can chase, And you can use it while escaping to slow the enemy down so you can escape.

It also deals DoT to anyone who stands in it, So it's great against buffs and bosses, And it also lasts for 4 seconds, Which is a lot of time.

It is also extremely easy to land, Which is the reason that it's the easiest way to apply Bees!.

This ultimate makes the job easier. You can use it to deal a lot of damage, Crippling the enemy, And applying Bees!.

This is just a perfect ability for Ah Muzen Cab, Making sure that the target won't escape and apply Bees!, Which means he can eliminate most advantages that other hunters have on him.

it also drops the stinger if the target dies, Uses beads, or after 3 seconds for 4 seconds, And you can pick it up to reduce 80% of it's cool-down so you can use it multiple times in a fight.

Only use it if you know your target is heading to a spot where you can pick it up from.
It's also kinda easy to land, Since you can walk with it until it fires, But if your not good at landing abilities, You should use Honey for the slow.

Fly Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A *****!


Warior Tabi



Sprint This active gives Ah Muzen Cab an escape, So if you get in a tough situation, You can use it to get out of it.
purification This active lets you escape cc so you can escape or avoid stuns, Which makes it the natural choice for Ah Muzen Cab
Sanctuary This active is basicly Greater Aegis only it allows you to move and is without the cc immunity, It's used more as an escape.


Early Game
Pick up Hive and then buy Death's Toll, Morningstar and a Mana Potion.
Then, Go the damage buff, Where you should meet your Support And your mid laner.

Then, Put a Hive In a position where the aura reaches you in both Purple and Red buffs. Then, Fight with the mid and the support against the damage buff, and then continue to the xp camp and take it.

Enter the lane and put down a Hive in a safe position like the first entrance to the lane, Or near the tower if they started pushing and you are pushed to the tower.
Once you reach level 2, Pick Swarm so you can clear the lane, Make sure to keep basic attacking the minions so you can kill them faster and the Bees! keep spreading. Try to get the XP camp whenever you can.

When you reach level 5-9, The supports are probably go rotate. Stay in lane and try to out-farm the enemy adc. When your done with the minion wave, The lane is probably gonna turn into a battlefield, Try to think before you shoot the basics, And remember that as Ah Muzen Cab you have a HUGE advantage against the enemy adc, And that's your disarm.

Use Honey or Swarm to apply Bees! on them and then land basics. If you can't land the basics fast enough, Use the other ability to apply Bees! another time. Also, Try to defend your Hive.

If the attack speed buff is up, Call your support/ Take it alone, And you'll have a rather large advantage against the enemy adc.
If your support doesn't ward the lane, Don't just ***** about it and do nothing, Buy wards yourself, Trust me, It pays off.

Don't forget about the minions, You need to build stacks and it also feeds you and gives you a chance to out feed the enemy adc, And you don't wanna get stuck in late game unfed, Trust me.

Don't take too much risks, And if you decide to take a risk, Plan an escape route.

Mid Game
By this point, You should have the Transcendence stacks maxed, Asi and maybe Executioner, Meaning you start gaining power and you are becoming way stronger then you were in early game.

This is the point where you should start focusing Objectives and Team-fights start.
A Brief Team-fight Guide For Ah Muzen Cab.

You should always have a Hive Around, And you should hide behind your support, Since you are squishy as **** and have no real escape tool, And you should always plan an escape route if things don't go as expected.

Your basics are a great tool for dealing heavy damage, And you can still use Bees! to shut down the enemy adc and gods who relies on basics.

If you see that someone is trying to escape, cripple him. But remember, You need to pick up the Stinger, So try to make sure he won't get to the tower or somewhere where you cant pick it up.

Now, Back To The Mid Game.
Ward, It's your responsibility to ward so you can succeed.
In the mid game, The teams should go for bosses like the Gold fury and the Fire Giant.

A Brief Guide To Taking The Gold Fury and The Fire Giant With Ah Muzen Cab
Gold Fury: You should have a Hive around, And you should let your support tank it, Or you take it alone ( Safer in the late game ), And then Start attacking it, You'll probably finish it fast, But beware of invades.

Stealing The Gold Fury: Go with your team and let you support initiate with the cc, Then put a Hive down in a safe place where you can still land basics on the gold fury from.

Then, Basic attack the GF and use Honey to shut down the enemy adc and gods that rely on basics. until your support can use HoG or your mage uses its ultimate.

Fire Giant: Make sure you have some wards nearby, Then, Put down a Hive and let your support tank it and keep using basics until its done.

I would recommend that you'll send 2 guards to keep the enemy team from ganking you.

Also, It is also recommanded to do it while you and your team has eliminated most/all of the enemy team.

Stealing The Fire Giant: If you see the enemy team is taking FG, Go with your team to initiate and just follow the steps i wrote in the gold fury one.
You should start going for objectives now, So you can have the upper hand in the late game.

I recommend to start going for objectives, So you can have the upper hand.

Late Game
In this point, You probably already Have Rage and Deathbringer, And your ready to rock!

Now, Your Hive is at the max level, And you can use it to reign terror on the enemy team with your basics, And that also means you'll have a much easier team shutting down the enemy adc with Bees!, And destroying objectives.

In this point of the game, ALWAYS be with your team, Never go alone. After you win teamfights, Go and destroy objectives or take the fg, So you can have an advantage over the enemy team.

Remember, Wards are STILL important! Vision wins games.
Your Stinger can be used here to eliminate escape abilities so you can kill the target without having the fear that it will escape, which will give you a grand advantage in late game since you got tons of power and using that will make the target super easy to kill, just don't forget to pick it up after your done killing the target.

If you find yourself in a tough situation, DEFEND. Also, You must participate in team-fights in order for your team to win them.

You must stay focused in here and don;t just roam around the map doing nothing. You should focus on destroying Towers and Phoenixes, And if you get to the Titan, I recommend destroying all towers and phoenixes before attacking the Titan.

A really good way to destroy towers is by using Hive, If you Don't have time to wait for the minion wave so you can destroy the tower, tell your support to tank it and attack it.

When you get to the titan, Put down a Hive so you can destroy it, cover it with Honey, And don't be afraid to sacrifice the ultimate if necessary.


In Arena, Ah Muzen Cab's job is to deal tons of damage by using his adc superpower (You know, Season 2 Adc superpower) and counter other ADCs.

ADCs are a very important part of arena, Since they go hyper carry and they can wreck other teams by killing their squishy teammates in 3-4 basics, And killing the tanks in 7-8 basics.

Ah Muzen Cab Has a huge advantage against the enemy adcs, Since he got his Hives, And Bees!.

Ah Muzen Cab Also has an advantage in arena which he doesn't have in conquest, Which is the fact that the arena map is much smaller, And he could scatter around his Hives almost everywhere, Making it easier to escape.

But, CC still heavily counters Ah Muzen Cab, And the Hives can still be destroyed, So you have to be careful and always move in groups, Since arena is pretty much a constant teamfight.

Early Arena

Mid-Late Arena

Mid-Late Arena









Ah Muzen Cab is a very fun and unique god, But he's also hard to master and very squishy, He can be really powerful in the right hands, But he can also be horrible in the hand of an experienced player. I suggest you try some Arenas with him before you start playing with him on conquest.

I hope this guide helped you, If you have any feedback write in the comment section below.

*****, Im Ah Muzen!

TormentedTurnip and Jordenito's BBCoding guide.

Devampi: for helping me understand that Swarm is a better clear, correcting me in the matchups section and helping me remember that Honey can be used as an escape.

Zilby: For reminding me to update the skill order after the Swarm update.

Avorus: For telling to make the guide less wall-of-text-y.

Other Guides:

Change Log

27/06/15: Guide Released.
29/06/15: Guide Updated, Also Adjusted To Look Less Wall-Of-Text-Y.
30/06/15: My Guide Got Into The Front SmiteFire Page, I Want To Thank Anyone Who Viewed My Guide And Helped Me Upgrade It, And For That I Might Release The Arena Update Early.
1/7/15: Upcoming Ravana Patch Fix, A Mage And An Assassin Matchup And Arena Update.
2/13/16: Partially Updated For S3.

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