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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Ao Kuang - The True Mid Lane God

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Smite God: Kukulkan

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Purchase Order

Opening Items

Build Item Vampiric Shroud Vampiric Shroud
Build Item Shoes Shoes
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion

Ealy - Mid Game

Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Doom Orb Doom Orb
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Spear of the Magus Spear of the Magus

Last Item Choices

Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Focused Void Stone Focused Void Stone
Build Item Wall of Absolution Wall of Absolution

Kukulkan's Skill Order



1 X
2 8 11 12 14


2 A
4 15 16 18 19


3 B
1 3 6 7 10
Spirit of the Nine Winds

Spirit of the Nine Winds

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Regal, powerful, the Dragon-God of the Eastern Sea commands storms and tides with the flick of a claw, yet he seethes with rage for past humiliations. Such repeated shame and humiliation have both humbled Ao Kuang and tempered his fury to steely resolve. Long has he awaited his chance to rise again and exert dominance as a great Dragon-God of the Sea.

With this guide, you too can help the great Dragon-God to reassert himself, and close his steely grip on the middle lane of Olympus.

Ao Kuang is in my opinion currently the strongest mid lane character in Smite. With his incredible lane clearing abilities he can farm from safety to a critical point where he can then take his enemy by surprise and obliterate them with what is arguably the most potent ultimate in the game.

By the end of this read, you will hopefully be able to go toe to toe with any other imposter middle god and come out on top.

Welcome to my Ao Kuang guide.

Pros / Cons


  • Very safe early game.
  • Extremely powerful in team fights.
  • Great zoning capabilities.
  • Massive damage.
  • Huge slows.


  • Very squishy.
  • No reliable escape.
  • Relies on stacks.


Opening Items

These are the items which you should leave the shop with at the start of the game.

Vampiric Shroud
Vampiric shroud is a great starting item for Ao Kuang, as the additional health and magic power allow him to maintain a stronger presence in lane in the very early game, and the health and mana gain upon last hits can be capitalised on through the almost guaranteed last hits provided by his tornadoes, providing him with enough sustain to last as long as he wishes in lane.

Taking level 1 shoes with you from the start of the game has numerous benefits, including helping you to dodge harassment from your opposition in lane, and allowing you to escape early ganks with greater ease, as your slither will not be leveled until much later in the game.

Early - Mid Game Items

These are the items that you should buy (in this order) throughout the early game, moving towards the late game. As a solo laner these items should not take too long to acquire providing you farm competently.

Shoes of Focus
The first item to complete are your boots. These will provide you with the mobility you require to keep good positioning in team fights, and allow you to chase and escape much more effectively. I recommend Shoes of Focus over Shoes of the Magi as I do not build Chronos' Pendant on Ao Kuang, and as such the cooldown goes a long way, allowing you to place more tornadoes and use your ultimate more frequently, helping you to maintain control over team fights and deal more damage. A phrase I have long used is that cooldown is a Mage's attack speed.

Doom Orb
Early is the only real time to build Doom Orb, as otherwise it will become much harder to gain stacks due to less time in lane, and it's benefits will become less obvious. As Ao Kuang is such a safe character, being nearly impossible to dislodge from a lane, as when threatened he can stay close to his tower while continuing to farm at full effectiveness, you are unlikely to lose your stacks. As such Doom Orb will provide you with an early, and significant, boost in magic power helping you to become more of a threat to the enemy team. If you are struggling to survive, or have died several times by the point you intend to buy Doom Orb, I would recommend instead purchasing Book of Thoth and proceeding to play much safer.

Gem of Isolation
Gem of Isolation is an absolutely vital item to Ao Kuang. While he already has a 50% slow on his squall, this item will not only increase that slow, but also applies a slow with every tick of his tornadoes. That's right, a four second 25% slow which also deals damage. You cannot miss out on this item.

Rod of Tahuti
Now that we have high magic power through the Doom Orb, roughly 280 in total, and some more utility through the Gem of Isolation, it's time to boost our damage through the roof. Rod of Tahuti's passive will cause this item to provide us with more than 100 additional magic power, resulting in this single item almost doubling our power. This is where we start to hit, and hit hard.

Spear of the Magus
If you have been doing well, people will begin to adapt their builds to include magical protection. Generally, however, they will not do so until at least the core of their build is complete. As such, it is fairly safe to leave your magic penetration until late. The choice of Spear of the Magus over Obsidian Shard is a simple one for Ao Kuang, as this item, similarly to Gem of Isolation, is taken advantage of by tornadoes. Each tick of damage will apply the debuff of this item, and continue to re-apply it until the damage over time effect is gone. In addition, the 35 flat penetration that this item provides when both stacks are on the target helps much more greatly for killing enemies not building heavy defenses than the 33% of Obsidian Shard, and since you ought not to target tanks if other targets are available, the superior item for killing tanks is not ideal for us.

Final Item Choices

These items are contenders for your last item slot when you sell your Vampiric Shroud. Depending on the match you may wish to take pure power or a protection item.

Book of Thoth
This is an option for your final item for several reasons. Firstly, Book of Thoth is an extremely powerful item for Ao Kuang, as it stacks with his passive and provides huge amounts of mana which will in turn be converted into magic power. With this item 10 mana converts roughly to 0.9 magical power. This item is a good choice if you are not under a great deal of threat, such as if you have a competent tank or you are exceptionally fed.

Focused Void Stone
The Void Stone is particularly useful if you are either taking heavy magic damage or enemy Gods have built moderate magical protections. You may wish to consider Obsidian Shard if the whole enemy team is building tank, but this is an unlikely scenario. Primarily you should choose this item if you are taking a lot of damage from an enemy mage.

Wall of Absolution
This item should be built for much the same reason as void stone, except if the enemy who is causing you trouble is a physical. This item does in fact provide the highest physical defense of any item, with an incredible 105 protection after receiving only three basic hits. A greatly cost efficient item, this makes a great choice for mitigating the damage of an irritating enemy carry.




You should max Squall second.

Squall is a very powerful spell, dealing a significant amount of damage and applying and staggering 50% slow, this allows you to land a guaranteed hit with your tornado on an enemy god, allowing for significant harass early in the lane, as you should put your first point into squall at level 2. This spell can also be used to help to catch enemies or to escape from ganks. It does have a travel time, and as such it can be difficult to hit if an enemy is expecting it and trying to avoid it, however you can circumvent this problem by aiming for minions or other gods near to your target, as it does have a small area of effect.

While I would not advise using squall to farm with, it can be useful for finishing off clumps of minions who survive your tornado, or for stealing the middle gold furies from the enemy mid or jungler. It is significant to note that while this slow is great and can help you to land your ultimate, spirit's tempest, on enemies without escapes, this strategy is not particularly reliable and should only be attempted if you are certain that your ultimate will not be needed soon in a team fight.



You should max Slither last.

Slither is the closest thing Ao Kuang has to an escape. It can be used to temporarily ignore slows and to provide a speed boost which can aid in combat in several ways. It can be used to chase down enemies by closing distance in order to land a squall and secure the kill, it can help you to escape from bad situations or ganks and it can be used to kite melee range enemies when in combination with squall, as you will be able to backpedal faster than they can move forwards.

You should put your first point into slither at level 4, and should be particularly cautious in the very early game before you have picked it up, as without this spell you are very vulnerable to being ganked. Similarly, you should be cautious when using this to close distance with an enemy, as it will then render you unable to use it to escape if the situation backfires.



You should max Tornadoes first.

Tornadoes is one of the best spells in Smite. By casting only one spell it allows Ao Kuang to clear an entire minion wave, allowing him unparalleled control of the mid lane. This allows him to push hard and put the enemy tower under pressure, or to safely sit back under his own tower without losing out on any farm. As a result it is very easy for Ao Kuang to assist his jungler on the mid gold furies, as he can simply drop a tornado on the enemy minions and rest easy in the knowledge that they will die. The fact that the passive effect of Gem of Isolation is applied on every tick from Tornadoes' DoT is simply the icing on the cake.

There are a great deal of uses for tornado in situations other than laning. One such use is to zone enemy gods. For example, if an enemy is attempting to escape through the jungle, Ao Kuang can block that escape route with a tornado, forcing the enemy to either take a great deal of damage over time, and later in the game, be slowed, or turn around and face the players chasing them. Similarly, when Ao Kuang is fleeing he can drop a tornado under his own feet as he runs, forcing enemy gods to find a way around or risk lowering their health to a point where you can then consider engaging them again.

One important use of tornado which can save your life early in the game is to place it under yourself and stay within it's radius. This can prevent early game ganks as the majority of junglers are melee characters, and as such they will be unwilling to enter the tornado in order to attack you. If they do, then with your basic attacks on top of the tornado's damage, you will most likely be able to at the very least kill them along with you, and frequently you may find yourself leaving alive with a free kill, particularly if your ultimate is available.

Spirit's Tempest

Spirit's Tempest

Your ultimate takes priority over other skills.

Spirit's Tempest is perhaps the most powerful spell in the game, dealing enough damage to make even tanks reconsider taking it to the face, and potentially one shot killing enemy Mages or AD Carries. However, there is a catch. This spell is also one of the hardest spells in the game to land, yet proper use can turn around team fights, and simply the fear of this spell will cause enemies to think twice before attacking you, particularly in the jungle.

An ideal situation to use this spell is in a team fight where other members of your team are able to either zone enemies into a tight group, or to deal out area of effect stuns or other disables, such as Ares' ultimate, No Escape, or Hades' Pillar of Agony. Another ideal combination is Fenrir's Ragnarok, as it will allow you to pick a specific enemy from amongst their team and destroy them with your ultimate. Using your ultimate in the jungle, rather than the lane, will generally yield better results as there is less space to move around, and you should always attempt to aim along the path, as it were, rather than across it, as this will force enemies to move to the sides, rather than forwards or backwards. When against a wall, this is impossible and will result in a guaranteed hit in the majority of situations.

There are other uses for this spell, such as in self defense from a gank or to attempt to snipe enemy players through walls or in lane if they are inattentive. To protect yourself with this spell you should cast it then move forwards so that after the delay it will hit anyone around you. This can be done whilst running back to your tower, forcing enemies to keep their distance and enabling you ample time to escape. Once you are used to the timing of this spell it can be used to hit or kill fleeing gods or enemies moving in a predictable manner, as it has an exceptionally long range and after the initial delay it's travel time is not too slow.


Lane Strategy

Laning with Ao Kuang is very simple, relatively easy and mostly risk free. Here I will go into detail in how to maximise your time in lane so that you can become the late game monster your team needs, but not the one it deserves.

You should begin your quest to kill the opposing minotaur by joining your team at one of the two groups of gold furies either side of middle lane. Once these are dead you should immediately move into lane, preferably middle lane.

At all times, apart from in exceptional circumstances, you should remain behind your ranged minions. Once the two minion waves have met, you should place a tornado covering the entire enemy minion wave. The reason for doing this rather than placing the tornado earlier and allowing the minions the walk through it is that at level 1 your tornado will not kill a minion unless the DoT is allowed to reapply itself through the target remaining in the area of effect of the tornado. Congratulations, now you know how to lane with Ao Kuang.

Moving on, there are more steps than simply killing the minions. Zoning is not a problem for Ao Kuang, so long as you are able to place your tornado, yet you can zone the enemy god to gain a lead. One way of doing this is to hit them with squall then place a tornado ontop of them. Generally this will allow you to apply the tornado's DoT to them and deal a significant amount of damage. Harassing the enemy in such a way is important, as otherwise your jungler will have a hell of a time ganking an enemy on full health. However, you must ensure that you do not time this harassment at such a time that you will then not have a tornado ready to kill an enemy minion wave when it arrives, or you will quickly find your lane is pushed and until your tornado is ready there will be little you can do about it.

"The jungler and the mid are effectively a duo lane", and as such it is important that you look out for your jungler, as without his assistance killing your opposing mid laner, gaining a lead and beginning to roam and gank will be almost impossible. You should always support your jungler when they come to take the middle gold furies, either by dropping a tornado through the wall to kill them before any threat can arrive, or by moving around the wall and actively protecting your jungler. If your jungler is dead, slow or busy you should take the mid gold furies for yourself whenever they respawn, as it is better that the gold goes to a player on your team, rather than to the enemy jungler if he has his timings down.

It is not necessary for you to ward as the mid laner, however you may want to do so if you are pushing hard, if the enemy jungler has frequented your lane, or if you generally feel unsafe. As a general rule, if you have no vision on the enemy jungler and you are in a dangerous position, he is right behind you. Don't give him an easy kill - stay safe and work with your team.

Team Fights

As I mentioned in my previous guide, team fights are never the same, yet for Ao Kuang there are several general rules that can be applied to most situations.

Stick close to, or just behind, your team. Do not put yourself on the front lines, as you are very fragile and have no reliable escape if you are caught out. You should use your squall as effectively as possible, by aiming for clusters of enemies to hit with the splash damage, or by slowing down primary targets to aid your team in killing them. However, do not spend too long aiming this spell, it is your least important spell in team fights and can be safely used to simply put out a little extra damage.

Your most important spell is your ultimate, which can turn around any fight when used properly. As mentioned before, aim for any cluster of stunned enemies, or aim generally down a jungle lane, trying to hit as many targets as possible. Sometimes you may have to attempt to aim at perfectly mobile enemies, and while the rewards for landing such a shot can be great, it is generally a better idea to aim for stunned or immobilised enemies, as you are then guaranteed the hit.

Your tornadoes are also extremely important, and their proper use allows you to control the pace and flow of any fight. You can use them in two significant ways: For damage or for zoning. To use your tornadoes for damage, it is as easy as you may expect - place the tornado on top of the largest group of enemies you can see. This is ideal if they can be stunned in place allowing the tornado to attach to them and perhaps gain a couple of additional ticks of damage. Zoning with the tornado can help to prevent an enemy's initiation on your team, by placing the tornado between your team and the enemy team. This can lead to the enemy tank being caught alone among your team, or force the enemies to take a great deal of damage. Similarly, you can use your tornado to prevent enemies from escaping as mentioned previously.


In your career as an Ao Kuang mid laner, you will no doubt encounter any and possibly all gods as your opponent in the lane. Here I am going to cover some of the more common opponents you will face, and give some advice on crushing them.


Noxious Fumes
Flame Wave
path of flame
Rain Fire

Agni is currently a very common pick for mid lane, and he may be able to cause you some problems. He is generally very aggressive and from level 5 onward he possesses the strongest poke in the game. You should continue to clear minions as described above and play less aggressively than you may usually. If he moves to the back of your minion wave it is a good bet that he will attempt to dash back over them to safety, whilst applying his DoT to your minions. You cannot really prevent this, but you can put out as much damage to him when you see him moving towards you to punish him for this greedy play, and eventually force him to stop doing so, or to return to base.

Do not attempt to follow up your squalls with tornadoes unless you are sure his dash is on cooldown, otherwise he will simply dash away before the DoT effect is applied to him. When your health is low, as it inevitably will be against Agni, either play extremely safely, dropping tornadoes then retreating to your tower, or return to base, as otherwise he will be more than capable of sniping you with his ultimate. Healing potions will help greatly in this match up.


Changing Tides
Tidal Surge
Release The Kraken!

Poseidon is quite a powerful opponent for Ao Kuang, although the majority of his damage can be avoided simply through smart play. You are more than capable of pushing Poseidon to his tower, as your tornadoes are far more powerful than his whirlpool, however you must be careful to avoid attempting to fight him without an advantage or support, as in a 1v1 duel he will more than likely destroy you. His kraken provides him a formidable amount of crowd control and burst damage, and with the use of his whirlpool to prevent your escape and his trident to continue dealing damage after his cooldowns have been used, it is unlikely that you can out damage him unless you can land a lucky spirit's tempest, an unlikely feat due to the high movement speed of Poseidon.

In this match up you should play relatively passively, harassing where you can but not going for a kill unless you have support from your jungler or another roaming member of your team.

He Bo

Steady Flow
Water Cannon
Flood Waters
Crushing Wave

He Bo is an extremely aggressive laner, and as such the safety that Ao Kuang inherently possesses makes him a very strong pick against He Bo. He Bo is relatively weak at farming, as his is incapable of hitting an entire minion wave with any spell other than his ultimate, and as his primary source of damage, water cannon, is very short ranged you can easily zone him away from your minions and push the lane. Comboing together your squall and tornadoes to harass is perfectly viable against He Bo as he has no form of escape that will protect him, although you must be cautious of being hit by a water spout, as the knock up can prevent you from casting spells and set you up for a huge burst of damage, or a death, from water cannon and crushing wave.

It is important that you never approach He Bo while you are on low health, as even if he is low he will more than likely interrupt any spell you cast with water spout then kill you. Take your time in lane and only go for a kill if you have help or if you have plenty of health to spare.


Plague of Locusts
Grasping Hands
Death Gaze

Anubis is a very weak opponent for Ao Kuang, and can be shut down with little effort. There are two ways that Anubis will attempt to clear minion waves against you. The first and most common is to place his grasping hands over your minions much as you would use a tornado. If he tries this, simply continue to push as usual, you will soon find yourself under his tower. The second method is to use his Plague of Locusts from the side of your minion wave. This can push faster than your tornado, but it immobilizes him allowing you to land an easy tornado and squall follow up. A nice little trick you can try is to deliberately step into his spell for a second in order to force your minions to attack him, adding to the damage he'll receive.

At level 5 you will have to be wary, as a Mummify into Death Gaze combo can kill you with little chance of survival or warning. To avoid this, simply keep mobile and keep your distance, if he moves towards you and looks like he is going for a stun, try your best to juke and he will most likely back off and give up. If he does use his ult, counter it with your ult, drop a tornado on him and circle strafe until he dies. This match up is almost a joke, but you should be careful not to be caught out.


Ao Kuang is a very strong and very safe laner, allowing him to easily build up stacks and maximise his magic power, making him an incredibly powerful and dominant presence in late game team fights. While vulnerable to ganks and being caught out of position, the use of tornadoes and slither can help with Ao Kuang's otherwise lacking ability to escape, and good use of his Spirit's Tempest can win team fights, steal map objectives and win matches.

Now go forth and terrorize the imposter mid Gods with your scary face!



- Guide published.


- Added colour to bold sections of text.
- Added Anubis to the opposition section.

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BYtheHORNS (3) | November 6, 2013 7:33pm
Phew ... i was mildly concerned i thought you might have been offended. Nice to know not every body on the internet is ready to be offended. ( i go on reddit alot :P )

Anyway Great guide ill remember to upvote it this time ( i guess the arguing made me lose track of that ) .
Saeritan (4) | November 6, 2013 4:18pm
Don't apologise. The only way to improve something is through criticism. If my response came across as defensive then that's simply the style I write in, not because I found your comment offensive.

I feel that Doom Orb is an item that is down to pure personal preference. I prefer it to Book because it is cheap and allows me to pick up early boots which are integral to my play style, whilst still providing huge quantities of early magic power. It doesn't provide any utility, granted, but that is why I pick up Gem of Isolation immediately after.

Again, the idea of picking up a late game defensive item is not so that you can survive being focused down, but rather because later in the game it is more difficult to avoid damage simply by positioning yourself, as enemies become bolder and will take more risks to reach you. As such, having a small amount of defense can help you to survive long enough for your tank to peel enemies off of you, or for you to cast a defensive spell, such as Spirit's Tempest.

If the guide is really hard to read I may consider adding colour to the bold sections, i'll see how it looks. And as for Zhong's viability as a mid, it is not so much an issue of him being a poor mid, but rather the fact that he is much stronger when placed in the solo short lane, rather than mid, and as such it is relatively rare to encounter him in the middle lane, not the mention the fact that in the vast majority of league matches at the moment he is immediately banned.

You are perfectly correct that nobody should follow a guide word for word in all situations, and while I have provided some alternatives and changes that can be applied on the fly, such as replacing Doom Orb with Book of Thoth if you are dying frequently, and the final item options, I completely respect the alterations people will make themselves to suit their play styles, and I don't want to sound like i'm discouraging that. I think we both understand how important developing your own style and a build to suit that is.

As a side note, there's nothing wrong with wanting a good argument, arguing can be fun, friendly and constructive. I'd hardly see wanting to get your point across as a flaw, and I most certainly do not see your criticism and opinions as an attack.
BYtheHORNS (3) | November 6, 2013 3:01pm
Hello Again I realize i may have came across as .... Dare i say Abrasive but i was just trying to give my opinions and i apologize if it came across as an attack.

But i would like to argue some of those points. While doom orb is effective it doesn't give you as much utility which you seem to favor ( i do to for the record ) while doom orb gives you damage, conditional at that. Book gives you alot more as well as mana, and Mp5 and puts you in the same situation as if you were to get doom orb which falls off late game. not getting the doom orb will allow for you to get better items like Soul Reaver ( more mana, a great passive and while lees damage it is not conditional). Getting book first also puts you in that farming state and in my opinion is way better. ( i do respect you opinions though i'm simply stating mine )

Wall of Absolution and Focused voidstone while having ok protections will do nothing against the crits off carries or the massvie burst of a mage it will mitigate some but especially late game will not do much. and the only other things they have to offer a done better by other items (eg. the pen from focused voidstone is really pointless if you have spear and the mp5 from wall is not necessary when you have the mana from the book )

I respect your choices with your guide i myself just find it hard to read ( i don't have the best eyesight though so this may just be on my end ). But i completely disagree with Zhong not being good mid, While yes you will not encounter him as much as you would have done before He is a scaling god and the experince mid will do wonders and the fact that you will 99% of the time be facing a mage it will be ghard to shut a good zhong down. but when it comes to anubis while i enjoy him mid you are right there are way better options i simply used him as another example to re-iterate my point.

I Respect your opinions, and love the guide i just felt there are better options then whats there ( again my opinions ).

Oh and one final thing i do not recommend following a guide 100% every bulid is Completely situational there is no 1 size fits all if you would. again my opinions but it is something i find new players doing often and they don't seem to realize that there is not 1 set in stone guide for every god ( i am not implying that you are new but new players may take this to heart which may not allow them to grow as players )

I do appreciate the fact that you have read and replied to my ramblings this is a great guide and i do respect it i just am the kind of person who argues and wants to get my point across ( one of my flaws ) so agin please do not take this as an attack.
Saeritan (4) | November 6, 2013 5:50am
BYtheHORNS wrote:


Getting Book of Thoth late game may not at first appear sensible, however you must consider that if a game has gone so late that you are buying a final item, it is unlikely that the game will end at any moment, giving you ample time to farm stacks before any game deciding team fights, particularly as at level 20 you will have no problems instantly killing minion waves and jungle camps alike. Similarly, I feel that Doom Orb provides more than enough magic power early game, whilst also being extremely cheap. Since Ao Kuang lacks escapes boots are extremely important to keep in position and avoid being killed in fights, and as such the earliest I would consider Book of Thoth would be 3rd. However, I feel that the utility items, such as Gem of Isolation, are more important than raw Magic Power, and if you do want magic power the ideal item is unquestionably Rod of Tahuti. Perhaps swapping the positions of Spear and Book could make sense if you have very low defense enemies, yet all in all I feel that the ideal build would be what I have listed above, particularly if you play as explained in the guide.

In terms of Doom Orb, I will not usually build this item on most Gods, but Ao Kuang is so safe and in my opinion difficult to die on, that you will almost never lose your stacks. He may lack reliable escapes, but as with many Gods, the key is simply to stay in position at all times. Play on the safe side and you will only find yourself dieing if your team wipes.

You say that getting Voidstone or Wall of Absolution does not help, but I disagree entirely. It might not make you into a tank in one item, but that is not the goal. This guide leads you down to building and playing successfully as what is effectively a glass cannon. You are not supposed to tank damage, but rather to avoid it and deal it. By gaining a small amount of protections balanced off with extra damage and pen (in the case of voidstone) you will be able to avoid being instantly killed by spells such as Relese the Kraken! and crits from ADCs whilst continuing to maximise your damage.

As for the layout of the guide itself, I deliberately avoided highlighting important sections in colour as in my opinion it simply causes the guide to look tacky and garish, thus I used bold text instead. I have also considered expanding the opposition section at a later date, and I may do so, however Zhong and Anubis are not characters you will encounter in mid lane, as Zhong is almost exclusively a solo laner, and Anubis is a very weak God for mid. Hell, I might add him just to explain why he's bad.

Finally, I feel that while Poseidon can push, he cannot push as easily or as quickly as Ao Kuang, and while he possesses stronger abilities for 1v1 fights, I support what I have written above. With a little bit of finesse and good play, it is extremely possible and i'd go so far as to say, easy, to push Poseidon to his tower.
BYtheHORNS (3) | November 5, 2013 4:20pm
Hello, i quite like this guide i do disagree with some of the item choices First off Book of Thoth i do not disagree on it but where you have it in your item progression getting that late or any stacking item to be honest should be gotten early especially now that the Book has 75 stacks. I personally get it first and with a fully stacked book gives upwards around the 200 - 300 magical power range which does a lot early game.
Second i do not like Doom orb in general ( My personal opinion )but especially not on Ao Kuang due to the fact that if you do not rush Combat blink your only possible escape opportunity is Slither{icon=Slither size=15]
third Getting Focused VoidstoneFocused Voidstone or Wall of Absolution that late will not do that much sure you get some damage and some protection but to be able to truly survive the late game damage from Adc's or other mages you'll need hard defense and if you have Rod and Spear you won't need much more damage. Plus you can buy pots or elixirs and there are the buff red and firegiant buff in parctiular that will take care of the last bit you need.

And some additional Critism on your guide ( please do not take this or my itemization criticisms as attacks that is not what they are meant to be )

- Add a bit more Colour the blue and grey make it dull and may discourage courage people from reading

- Add more to your Opposition while they are common people will encounter Zhong Kui and Anubis as well as other Ao kuangs so adding them may make this guide better in terms of the overall knowledge

Overall a nice guide ( yes i am aware if the fact that it was released yesterday ) solid info and in my opinion a great skill section ( because only a couple of people actually use pics )

Oh i almost forgot just to add to the Poseidon match up while you are able to push fast he can equally with his whirlpool and tidal surge.
Saeritan (4) | November 5, 2013 2:03pm
majama wrote:

I like the guide, however I prefer to get Book of Thothe, Warlock's Sash, and Ethereal Staff first. After that I usually get Boots and then Polynomicon.

I like Polynomicon because Ao is really a cast and wait kind of god, his basic attack is very weak making it pointless to even try. Pair Polynomicon with the 3 items I already listed and his basic attack will easily do 500-600 damage. You can usually nuke a god down by starting with Squall, basic attack, and finish them with Tornados. If the enemy god still survives, use Slither, which will activate Polynomicon again, and basic attack them dead.

I pretty strongly disagree with the idea of building Warlock's Sash and Ethereal Staff on Ao Kuang, especially before you build boots. You simply do not need that quantity of health, and will find that it is wasted late game as crits from physical gods can reach upwards of 1000 damage, burning through any quantity of health in a matter of moments.

If the idea is to build large amounts of mana to take advantage of Ao Kuang's passive, then again, it is wasted item space as with a full build using the items you suggested you will only gain a total of 84 additional magic power over the build I show here. However, you will have absolutely no magical penetration and no additional slow from Gem of Isolation. The damage from Polynomicon is not sufficient to cover for this lack of utility and the ability to damage players who have built protections. If you desperately want to build Polynomicon, I would recommend replacing Doom Orb with Book of Thoth and building Polynomicon as your final item.

The idea of trying to land Squall > Polynomicon > Tornado > Polynomicon is a pretty idealistic idea, and you will quickly find that attempting to fight in such a way will frequently result in being caught out and killed, or simply stunned and gibbed by an ADC or enemy mage. Since Ao Kuang lacks any form of hard CC, attempting to combo like this in a real fight will very often end badly. As such, you should focus on your utility and spells in order to set up situations where Spirit's Tempest can wreck entire teams in one go, or your team can engage while you put out large quantities of AoE damage and slows.
majama | November 5, 2013 9:02am
I like the guide, however I prefer to get Book of Thothe, Warlock's Sash, and Ethereal Staff first. After that I usually get Boots and then Polynomicon.

I like Polynomicon because Ao is really a cast and wait kind of god, his basic attack is very weak making it pointless to even try. Pair Polynomicon with the 3 items I already listed and his basic attack will easily do 500-600 damage. You can usually nuke a god down by starting with Squall, basic attack, and finish them with Tornados. If the enemy god still survives, use Slither, which will activate Polynomicon again, and basic attack them dead.
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