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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Agni - Meteor Shower Incoming

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Smite God: Agni

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Max CDR build is focused around strong poke and survivability
Max CDR build is focused around strong poke and survivability Build 2

Purchase Order

This build is focused around good poke on targets of interest and utility with heavy slows with max cdr you can spam spells often along with a shower of meteors obsidian shard or spear of the magus

Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Focused Void Stone Focused Void Stone
Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard
Build Item Spear of the Magus Spear of the Magus

less CDR so you need to be more careful but this build deals fine damage and gives good utility its also strong vs most mids since it gets protections early on the damage is just about the same but

Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Focused Void Stone Focused Void Stone
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Spear of the Magus Spear of the Magus
Build Item Ethereal Staff Ethereal Staff
Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard


Hi there and welcome to my overall 19th guide and it will be on The God Of Fire Agni is in general a poke style mage that can be quite hard to deal with as his range is quite long and he has a dash

i will assume that you know the basics of what AA FG GF AD and AP mean as well as AoE MIA CD and CDR but just in case:

AA - Auto Attack

FG - Fire Giant

GF - Gold Fury

AD - Attack Damage

AP/MP - Ability Power/Magic Power

AoE - Area Of Effect

MIA - Missing In Action

CD - Cooldown

CDR - Cool Down Reduction

HP - Hit Points/health bar

MP - Mana Points

HP5 - Health/hit Point Regeneration per 5 sec

MP5 - Mana point regeneration per 5 sec

DoT - Damage Over Time

HoG - Hand of gods

ADC - Attack Damage Carry

APC - Ability Power Carry

Pros / Cons


+ Combustion does good late game damage

+ has a very flexible stun in the form of Noxious Fumes

+ can adept to most situations

+ decent mid game

+ good late game

+ his ultimate Rain Fire costs no mana has a very low CD and can deal a ton of damage

+ Rain Fire if careful can be sustained poke for long periods of time

+ has a CC immune dash path of flame

+ has a decent mid range nuke Flame Wave

+ hard to deal with (in the right hands)

+ Rain Fire is stack based and costs no mana

+ very late game turns into a nuke poking monster were a Rain Fire + Combustion combo can be around 50% of a targets HP


- can have a hard early game

- weak vs strong sustain type gods

- must be careful with his dash

- the CC immune portion of his dash only lasts for a around 0.4 sec

- Rain Fire can be hard to land at times

- fast gods such as Poseidon can have a simpler time avoiding Rain Fire

- fairly squishy

- you stand still for a split second when using Rain Fire

- not good vs tanky type gods such as Zhong Kui

- requires quick fast and accurate execution of his skills for best performance

- can have trouble pushing at the start

- hard to tell if you will be using path of flame for defensive clears or Flame Wave for offensive clears depending on enemy gods


Passive: : after 4 AA our next Flame Wave or Rain Fire apply a dot dealing some pretty decent damage late game (around 400 dot damage late game)

spell 1: : our first spells is a AoE that releases gas into the air of the AoE dealing a minor amount of damage every 1 sec for 10 sec if we shoot any spell into this it will ignite the gas making it explode and stun targets

spell 2: :this is a medium range nuke can apply the passive and thats it

spell 3:path of flame: this is a our CC immune dash that leave a trail of fire behind us any one that walks into the path gets a dot taking damage over the next few sec we cam also place our 1st spell Noxious Fumes on top of the flame path for a free stun

spell 4: : this is our ultimate and what makes you Agni every 20 sec(this goes down with CDR)we gain a halo stack(up to a max of 3)that we can use up to shot a meteor into a AoE dealing damage this is a strong spell as it uses stacks instead of mana and is our main skill

Some tips and tricks

1. you can place noxius fumes on top of a foe right after shooting a single or 2/3 Rain Fire's for a free near instant stun and to make sure that the 2nd and or/3rd Rain Fire lands for sure

2. if you run away with path of flame putting down Noxious Fumes over it within 2 sec will instantly ignite the fumes for a instant stun

3. if things are looking bad and some gets near you and that your path of flame has 2/3 sec left on its CD you can use Noxious Fumes with a Gem of Isolation to help you juke the target then run through the fumes for a stun and damage you can then follow it up with back pedaling(walking in backwards) Flame Wave to make them back off


here i will explain my item options:

=> Build option 1 <=

1. we get these for the CDR AP Mana and movement speed

2. this thing here gives massive AP and converts mana into even more AP

3. this gives us some physical protections CDR and a lot of mana which works well for the above item

4. we get this for its massive AP boost

5. we gets this for the slow on all spells which is what were all about

6.a in case the enemy has a lot of AP based gods we get this last just because if were going with build option 1 purchase order 1 we dont have the time to get this early i would recommend purchase order 2 vs AP based teams

6.b this item is a valid option for pen in case they have any protection items for you

6.c this item is a valid pen option if in any case as long as you can get a few hits in with either Combustion or Noxious Fumes

6.d this is a valid item if you need more HP to survive some gods ect... it also gives a good amount of AP

==> other item worthy of note <==

this item works well with book of thoth and can add a lot to our damage out put in both builds but requires a AA to do it so if you can adjust your play style to it i would recommend this item as a last item in both builds

=> Build Option 2 <=

1. again were getting this because of its CDR AP mana and movement speed

2. again its plain simple mega massive AP and the mp5 is also good

3. this gives us a massive boost to AP and even more AP as we lose HP and since were not strong on self sustain the magic life steal can help us out a bit

4. again simple massive AP

5.a this is what i would usually be getting as my pen item of choice here as a large portion of the players will build protections for me as with this build option our meteors start to reach 800+ damage slowly

5.b great pen through the whole game but needs 2 hits to become effective if they build protections but it does work with above mentioned Combustion and Noxious Fumes

6.a we finish off our build with this to give us some batter survival rates and it gives decent AP as mentioned above

6.b we can get this if we the first spell we cast on the enemy to deal a lot more damage also works well with the Book of Thoth from above and in general its batter used with Obsidian Shard or spear of magus + Combustion combo with a singe Rain Fire

6.c if you really need the slows then this would be the time to get them

6.e in some cases having both Obsidian Shard and Spear of the Magus can be a scary thing to deal with


1. i would recommend these to most players as they can save your life from many ganks that utilize CC such as Fenrir and his play fetch boy ganks with Ragnarok

2. in case the enemy has a really strong burst like Poseidon and his Release The Kraken! this can save you

3. this is a pretty handy active which lets us teleport to Wards at rank 3 and lets us reach fights we would otherwise be late for letting us at times turn the the fight to our advantage

the above are the only 3 actives i consider on agni as needed


now then as agni you ideally want mid lane though solo lane can also be a option

Early Game

  • you start off by helping the jungler with the mid camps and then hit the lane
  • you have a few ways to push know depending on the enemy mid god and jungler you can either go for

Option 1:

- if the enemy mid is not super push early such as Poseidon you can max Flame Wave first and use it to push by stacking up minions with AA's this is also safer as it saves up path of flame as a escape in case we get ganked or need to doge skill

Option 2:

- in case the enemy is a stronger pusher then you max path of flame and use it to push in a defensive way by dashing away towards your tower over the minion path then his minions will walk into it and die to the refreshing dot effect

  • now then once you make up your mind in the above decision on play style you should ideally farm while harassing the enemy mid laner with Rain Fire whenever you have a chance to do so ideally when he is near the archer minions so you can kill those while dealing him some damage at the same time
  • you should be grabbing mid camps with your jungler if the jungler cant make it you should take the mid camps fast with a 2 Rain Fire + Flame Wave combo also in case you noticed the enemy jungler taking mid camps you can try and steal them with Rain Fire if you have vision with Ward's
  • try and push/damage the enemy tower while watching out for the enemy jungler if a tower is pushed you can go roam a bit and gank solo/duo lane (for ganks on duo lane i would advise coordination with the jungler and distraction by ganking solo first then using Shielded Teleport to get to a Wardon the duo lane for 2 man gank with the jungler if not we wait for mid game while farming

Mid Game

  • at mid game your team should be going for objectives help them with that
  • try to poke key enemy targets such as the ADC or APC or even the assassin if possible in case there warriors/bruisers dont have that much magic protection you can poke them as well but make sure to avoid wasting spells on the tank
  • after winning some fights and getting a few objectives (GF/Towers) and that your team has a momentary advantage you can try and get a FG at mid game its quite a edge giver or if the enemy lost there main fighters or CC you can try and push a phoenix early this goes on till late game

  • in case the enemy is trying to avoid a teamfight you can try and force it at a GF/FG confrontation but this can be a risk at times

Late Game

  • Once Late game starts we get a huge spike up in our damage output and our poke with Rain Fire turns into 35% - 65% of the enemy's HP bar per shot depending on who takes it and if Combustion is UP this is when they try and doge every shot you max if a enemy gets CC on them shot 2 Rain Fire's on them and put up Noxious Fumes on them right away ideally at the landing on the 2nd meteor then hit a Flame Wave if the target was a squishy they are now dead if the target was a bruiser there now near death as far as tanks go well i assume they would lose at least 35% of there HP since do have pen... but i tend to never shoot tanks unless there the only ones left
  • ideally here just stick more with the team get vision with Ward's and ideally deny the enemy team vision around key locations with Sentry Ward's
  • try and the phoenixes if possible and then go for a FG with the team or if there is a golden chance get FG then push the phoenixes as the FG makes you deal more damage to them
  • by now you should be at the very END game were you all have full builds and ect... in general either focus on getting FG and finishing off the phoenixes and ending the game by finishing off the Minotaur

Match Ups

here i will list some gods and what i think of them for fighting agni there strong points and weak points and ect...


Spoiler: Click to view


Spoiler: Click to view


In General Agni is a overall great pick if you know how to use him to his full potential i will update more match ups as i work our good counter measures and ect... ill also add a match up section to other guides bit by bit

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Agni - Meteor Shower Incoming
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