December 22, 2018

Smite and Alcohol: Synergy or...?

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Smite  |  Alcohol
Do they mix?
boogiebass wrote:
Join us next time gulf. Bran was pretty drunk and made bad plays.

There's a trend I spot. It was a fun night...mix of old and new crew, with Taço, GameGeekFan, boogiebass, and DV-8 at different times.
  • Game 1 (Joust). Beer status: Opened the first. It was a Beachwood Citraholic IPA, coming in at 7.1% ABV. Tasty. Anything Beachwood makes is good.

    I was Artemis. Wanted to try a build based on the comment I posted on Casey's build. DV-8 mentioned the Joust composition thread and a comment from DiabeticRage asking about Khepri. Taço chose Ra.

    Due to feeling slow beginning AS, and since we were playing Joust, I decided to get Hunter's Blessing at the start. Went Ninja Tabi, Rage, The Executioner, and then was working on Deathbringer. With the early AS from Hunter's helping out, and since Khepri has some good CC to go along with Art's, I decided to delay Poisoned Star until late. Also decided to delay Bloodforge since I had Ra's healing (sort of...that wasn't Taço's first priority).

    Overall, I felt like this was a better build for me. Didn't like Warrior then rushing Poisoned Star in a teamfight mode, due to its somewhat lackluster stats. Ninja + Rage felt more effective.

    End results: I went 5/1/7, 8.5 KDA. I was within 1k damage of Taço, who went 8/1/5. DV-8 didn't even die.

  • Game 2 (Arena). Beer status: working through the first beer...finished at the end.

    I was Vamana. I've always liked him. I'm not sure how crazy he is in Conquest with the new buffs, but I have to imagine he's a fairly good pick now. In any case, I like his kit, and it feels like you can always be active with him. I had a pretty weird build for me. Ninja Tabi (due to knowing I wanted Hastened Katana later), Genji's Guard (mana hungry), Void Shield (my one pen item as I was still mostly going tanky), Oni Hunter's Guard, Hastened Katana, Shifter's Shield.

    End results: I went 1/3/25, 4.5 KDA. 3rd highest damage on the team (outdamaged our Kukulkan), and tanked fairly well.

  • Game 3 (Arena). Beer status: Opened the second. It was a run of the mill Blue Moon Belgian White, coming in at 5.4% ABV. It was in there from something else (maybe someone brought some over, I forget), so I was cleaning the fridge. But just wait, if you're shaking your head at that one, just wait for my 3rd (last) beer.

    I was Ne Zha. Pretty standard build with CDR, pen, and some crits (I wanted to get both Malice and Deathbringer). I would have finished with Brawler's Beat Stick probably, if not Titan's Bane.

    End results: I was 6/3/15, 4.5 KDA. Pretty decent score, but I was under the effects of the first beer and was starting to become less aggressive at times (just not timing offense as well).

  • Game 4 (Assault). Beer status: working through the second still.

    Random roll gave me Raijin. GGF wanted to trade his Chernobog. Okay, whatever, I'm cool with anyone.

    It was a lot of back and forth. We just didn't do that well.

    End result: I went 6/6/29, 3.42 KDA. Seeing the trend forming?

  • Game 5 (Arena). Beer status: finished up the second beer as we were queuing, so ran to get another. This was a good ol' Coors Light, 4.2% ABV. Apparently it's the world's most refreshing beer. I would say it's pretty refreshing right after one of my hockey games when I'm tired and sweaty, but it's just not good otherwise. As I was saying last, I was cleaning the fridge. This was leftover from when I picked up beers for my hockey team, and it didn't fit in the cooler. It's our team's go-to beer, which I approve of because Bud Light is even worse. But yeah...not a good beer.

    Neither was my gameplay by this point. If you can't tell from descriptions and whatnot, I'm not a heavyweight drinker. 2 good beers (e.g. IPAs), or 2 glasses of wine, or a very healthy 3-shot equivalent of whisky and I'm really good.

    Anyway, I was Hera. Why? I don't have her mastered yet, and so I said hell, why not...even though the last time I played her I was also extremely awful. I just absolutely hate her kit, and I think Argus is stupid.

    End results: I went 2/13/24, 1.08 KDA (HAHAHAHAHA). They were absolutely focusing me, but the score is still my fault. My team won in spite of my presence. Our top player was a trolling DV-8, at 16/8/25 building 0 pen and 2 crit items (with Deathbringer being the first crit). Suck on that, Gulfwulf.

  • Game 6 (Assault...again? Wow Taco...can't believe you chose it). Beer status: finishing up the ice cold, refreshing, mountain-stream piss water.

    My random roll was Xbalanque. Decided to go full ability. Just cuz, I guess.

    End results: I went 0/6/7, 0.58 KDA. We got pretty blown out overall, except for kill-stealer kill-securer Muffinboy (boogie), who was the only positive KD player on our team at 6/4/4.

    Wait. I should graph this out. Just for visual proof of the trend.

  • Game 7 (Clash). Beer status: done, and getting sleepy.

    I was Hun Batz. I think I chose him because DV-8 gifted me a loot box or something, and it turned into a Hun Batz clap or something. So I played HB and promptly forgot to use the clap.

    This was a bit of redemption of the really awful KDA trend (but also me getting a bit more sober due to having **** beers and being spread out over enough time). I guess not sober enough though, because at one point someone (DV-8?) said "I like the build, Bran...going no boots. It's [edgy?]." Sure enough...just flat out forgot to get boots up to that point. No wonder I felt slow.

    End result: 9/7/12, 2.14 KDA. Losing effort again, but did a bit better. I need to play more HB. He's fun.
Anyway...I hope this was helpful in illustrating what you can expect from me when I'm drinking.