April 29, 2019

Bran's Conquest - Ups and Downs

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I was originally just going to talk about my most recent ****py Conquest match, and was looking for the thread where we've been posting bad matches, but couldn't find it. Then I thought about the bigger picture and wanted to talk more about Conquest in general. TL;DR warning.

Conquest Vs. Other Modes

My disgusting pie chart of modes played

So, historically, as those that have known me a long time know, I was originally an Assault main.

For the first year or so of my playing experience (Season 1), I strictly played Assault outside of the random Joust match with my nephew. The (arguably) great thing about that is it made me really think and learn about building when considering comps, and it triggered the start of my guide creation career and participation on SMITEFire.

After that first year, I switched over (or rather expanded my horizons) with the Arena mode. You'd think it would have been the other way around, but whatever.

Eventually, I learned to branch out, and I now consider myself generally comfortable with all modes.

I've always had high-level interest in Conquest, due to it being the defining game mode and the most complex of them. That interested culminated in The Overarching Conquest Guide, which was a pain to create, but also very fun. I got to talk more in depth with SF regulars at the time to help compile the various information for the different roles.

Since I branched out at that time (2016), I've been open to playing any mode, but more than anything else, I've always considered this a social game, and enjoy playing with friends immensely more than solo-queuing. And most of the people I've played with the past few years have preferred modes other than Conquest. So that's mostly what I've continued to play. I do find it interesting that Conquest is my 3rd most-played mode, as I would have expected it to be Joust if I were to not consult SmiteGuru.

But just in the past few weeks, I've been making a push to play more Conquest, and a lot of the people I normally play with have gone along with me (outside of DV-8, who is 100% a Conquest main). I get the most resistance from Gulf, who sometimes seems like he's going to have an aneurism in the middle of a match. Boogie has been embracing it, playing Solo Jorm, Jungle Fen, and Support Jorm/***bha.

7 of my last 10, and 14 of my last 20, have been Conquest games, and I've (mostly) been enjoying it immensely.

Ups & Downs

So we can basically consider these S6 Conquest games as stretching old muscles that have mostly been unused.

The vast majority of these games have been as Carry, with a couple matches in Solo and Support. Carry and Support are my most comfortable roles, with Solo being next, perhaps. I'd be comfortable enough in Mid as well, with Jungle pulling up a distant last place.

I've had some very up-and-down games (and this applies in general...had a horrific losing streak recently and just playing like I've been tilted). I've found, more often, when I'm playing with just one other person, or the group doesn't include people like Taco or Salad, the competition level in general is noticeably lower (and my personal success greater).

Some examples of "good" games.
Of course, had my fair share of **** games.
  • Sample 1. Jing Wei ADC. 3/9/15, 2nd lowest damage on my team. Was getting completely owned by the Chronos, but also the Thanatos. Also, this was my one and only experience playing on Brazilian servers, where I thought my lag would be workable. It wasn't. 220 ping, but the lag felt like 1 second. So maybe I get a bit of a bye here, but...not really. I was getting owned.

  • Sample 2. Hachiman ADC. 4/6/1. Got owned by a Baron Samedi / Chiron duo lane, but much more the Baron than the Chiron, who I could solo easily and did so on a couple occasions, but the Thanatos would interrupt that **** when he could. Wards weren't helping. Also, Taco was playing here, which felt like it skewed the matchmaking. Also, I know, the comps...whatever, it worked for them. That Chiron build though XD

  • Sample 3. Medusa ADC. 6/9/7. Got sorta owned by XBoxers. Feltbadman. Another match with Taco. His fault XD

  • Sample 4. Ares Support. 0/5/0. Woof, this was really bad play by me. Almost had a first kill, but got overzealous with the Chernobog / Thanatos duo, and died first instead. Rest of the game I was playing not like I preach, and kept getting completely shut down by the Thanatos. This was definitely my fault.

My Most Recent Match, A Yoink, and a Win Despite Myself

Anyway, that brings me to the last game I played last night, where I teamed up with Sheridan and her friend GreenGiller. Back to ADC again. Our mid chose Neith, so I saw it as an opportunity to get re-familiarized with my old pal Freya.

Well, for most of the game, things weren't going well. Green was my support, and while we worked well together in a couple of previous Joust matches, it wasn't happening here. We got caught a couple of times by the enemy Jungler, but overall, I'd say he was being too aggressive. I'm not trying to lay the whole blame on him, mind, but I definitely got caught a couple of times trying to save him, which also got me killed.

In any case, we lost our lane hard and early. It started having a major effect on our teammates...while Sheridan in the Solo lane was going, "the solo lane feels like its own match." She was lonely, as she and her lane opponent Odin were mostly left alone the entire match in a major stalemate, and the enemy Jungler ( Mercury) didn't ever venture over.

At one point, Green called for a surrender, but amazingly, the rest of our team shut that down. Guess we were playing it to the end. I will also say, teammates were surprisingly friendly and understanding. I'd apologized for my level of play at one point, and they said "no problem!" Super cool, teammates.

Anyway, after a lost teamfight away from me farming in the duo lane, the enemy team (all 5 still alive) were going for the Fire Giant. Green and I were still alive. He sat a bit behind the FG area, and I was a bit in front. As it neared death, Green and I both ulted, and I think my 3rd ult blast secured the steal. My team went wild. And Green and I both made it back alive.

Had another death after that, but then we made a push a few minutes later, won our final teamfight (I think I got 3 kills in that one), and got the win. And I somehow barely edged everyone out for top match damage. I don't know how that happened due to my level of play (I know, it's Freya, but still). Had to call it a night after that one.

Anyway...super excited to be playing Conquest a lot, and looking forward to improving, especially in my early laning phase, which is a different game compared to any non-Conquest mode.