March 16, 2018


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The road out of Gold 3

Had to play a ton of games to promote out of Gold 3 and I cant really remember the first 10 ish games. But looking at Smite guru I can definitely say that I had a prette ruff time. Thankfully I managed to get out of the bad track and start playing better again.

Started with losing two support games, in both games the enemy jungler was just way better than our jungle unfortunately. Then I won two support games, this time we had the better jungler. Then lost another support game and a jungle game (I played like **** whith Hun Batz), and the support game everyone just lost super hard. Then I won a Nemesis game finally figured out that AA build was better than ability based. After that I lost another Hun Batz game, RIP my Hun Batz stats :(
Losing so many Hun Batz games got me down so I needed to play something fun. So i started with a Kali game and it went pretty good ended up with 10-3-2, and my Guan Yu did insane damage. It was an easy win.
Went on to play two more Nemesis games, won one and loat one. The game I lost was with Nox support, but the problem was our mid laner who just had no map awareness at all.
After that I got to play Ares support against Janus and Serqet, we had a good mid laner, ADC and jungler. So it was a pretty hard stomp.
Won another Kali game, was a pretty good fight against the enemy jungler, Awilix who also had a decent game. But we won fairly easily.
Then I continued with an Ares game again, we did fairly well in duo early game so I went for Shoes of the Magi to try and save the game because mid lane was losing hard. Then Ratatoskr just went out of control and Anubis was just going crazy with his lifesteal. We lost the game pretty hard. At this point my winrate was just 7/7 so it was time to put on the tryhard pants.

I started with an Athena game, which went really well. It started with me and Freya just smacking the enemy duo lane. Then we got a bit overconfident and took a lot of poke. But Hun Batz rotated towards us and I was able to bait the enemy duo lane into a bad fight, which gave Hun Batz an early double kill. And he just pushed that lead all game and we stoped hard. This was my last game I did before going to bed at like 10 am in the morning last weekend.
Then I had a Thor game, think that was my first sober game this season. It went pretty well even though I had my doubts at the start because our teamcomp was pretty troll. Scylla ADC and Cernunnos mid because Cern rejust instalocked and called mid as first pick. Then the enemy team got Geb and Bastet then I zoned out and picked Thor over He Bo...
But I figured out early that the enemy He Bo just picked it whithout knowing how to play it bacause everyone says it is OP. We got an easy kill on the He Bo on my rotation from blue buff at level 2. And from there on it was just a chill game having fun. I only had to wory about the Izanami when we got to the late game, so I sold my Breastplate of Valor and got Spectral Armor pretty much got to use it in one fight befire we ended the game.

During last weekend my brother visited me for the first time in my apartment (lived here 14 months). So we had some beers a whiskey and played some PS4, and at some point he wanted to see some hot gold ranked games so l played some games while we just had a laugh and he played some PUBG.
I was forced to play ADC in the first game I played some Medusa because my brother had played it on the PS4 earlier. We had a good laugh about it because we both know how bad at ADC I am. My lane was really easy, so I could just play really aggressive and got some nice 1->3 combos that pretty much oneshot the Izanami. I still played pretty safe though so that my jungler could spend all her time in mid and solo. And Serqet got really fed and we won it without any problems.

Then I played support Sylvanus and we stomped with a fed mid and jungler, didn't really do anything at all that game. Just chilled and drunk beer and watched my brother die on PUBG.

After that I had to play two solo games, also a role I am pretty mediocre at.
In the first game I got my Sobek (kinda the only solo laner I can play well) and played against a Kali. The game went smooth with some nice setup for Awilix who got pretty fed and I just utilised my TP as much as possible. And for some reason I never noticed that this was my promotion game, but it was in fact my solobek that got me to Gold 2.

The road out of Gold 2

The next game I think Sobek got banned, I played Hercules at least. I mainly just tanked damage and annoyed ppl (as I should), got a fun double kill just running circles under my tower agains Bellona and Nemesis at some point. Think I was at >5hp when my heal came up at one point. I totally forgot about Gladiator's Shield though which is kind of sad.

Another support game with Sylvanus with a fed jungler on our team. This game got me platinum frame on Sylvanus.

Then I played Nemesis jungle, got a ton of assists and my mid and ADC got super fed, so I trolled a bit late game. The game starter terribly though with me dying two times early, tried to dive a 1hp Serqet at level 2 and died for it withouth getting the kill xD

Got to play another solo game as Hercules had fun with it in the other game so picked it over Sobek. My ADC got stupid fed and me and Arachne just camped the enemy jungle. So the game was over pretty fast. Forgot Gladiator's Shield again :(

I ended the night with a jungle He Bo game. For some reason I though this was my promotion game out of gold 3, so I was pretty hyped to play He Bo. But also a bit nervous because I can't remember the last time I played him. The game went well, I did one pretty bad mistake though, I went for Doom Orb before Warlock's Staff. And warlocks would probably have saved me two of the three times I died. But me and my mid just got really fed I was able to just camp the solo lane and my Guan Yu was a beast. Even though this did not end up being my promotion game it was my 10th win in a row which also feels good. 0

Win rate: 12(+5)/7