March 25, 2018


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The road out of Gold 2

I started pretty good is gold 2 (without knowing I was in gold 2) I won my first 5 games, which I did a little write-up on in my previous post. After my good start I had some pretty terrible games to be honest. I did learn that I'm not useless in solo during gold 2 so that was nice.

The first game was just horrendous I was playing Thor and was just getting completely destroyed. The enemy Ullrand Mercury got super fed and I tried my best to just ult him on CD and try and set up for my team, but we had no damage and lost it hard. It could have been winnable if my adc and mid also built some physical protection I think. But we lost.

Then I had a pretty bad Sylvanus game, we got some good pressure in lane early. But after invading purple we got double killed by Izanami and after that she was able to just run through the game and we lost. My Neith had a pretty bad build as well IMO so that did not help us.

To finish off the losing spree I had to play mid (which is probably my least played role), and I played Ra. We just lost every lane in this game, my ADC was good, but not good enough to carry us all unfortunately.

Finally got a win with Sylvanus again. We got carried hard by our mid Janus and jungle Mercury this game. My ADC was super overly aggressive and died a lot for it. But think he kind of trolled because we where getting carried so hard.

Then I played a Sobek support game, which was a pain in the *** because I got hard countered by Terra support pick. And my Ullr wanted me to pluck her all the time lol. We also had a Nu Wa solo which isn't great. but the main problem was our mid who got farmed by the enemy mid Janus who just carried hard along with Awilix.

The next game had the worst lobby I have ever been in. I was first pick and asked if someone wanted something, and was asked to pick Cu Chulainn. Then when it was that guy's pick he just instalocked Ratatoskr and called jungle. So I said that I was not going to play Cu Chulainn but that I could go support. So when our last pick was going to pick he had no real supports, I asked him to rent a god (you can still do that right?) or something and get me Sylvanus, Athena, Ares, Ymir etc. Then he just locked cabraken and said solo.. He was at least nice enough to trade me.
We crushed the duo lane and Ratatoskr played well and even though our solo played terrible we where able to win. After the game I just messaged him and told him that he should build Warrior's Blessing, Warrior Tabi and then Gladiator's Shield when going solo and we had a nice chat :P
The day after he had added me and I checked his profile and saw that he played another cu chilainn game, which was a huge improvement from the last game. :)

Then I had a Hun Batz game which went fairly well. I got flamed a bit because the enemy Camazotz was running rampant and getting kills all over the place, mainly because my team was out of position 24/7. But I was out farming him really hard and after a while my team started to play smarter and I was able to start giving Ullr a lead in duo lane and Isis in mid (even though she was dying to Camazotz on repeat). It was an easy game, all I had to do was kill Camazotz and my team could deal with the rest of them.

After that I went on another 3 loss losing streak. It started with a game where we had the worst solo laner I have had in a long while, and my ADC rage quit. It started with the enemy Thanatos ganking Sun Wukong after the first buff clear. I cleared the blue and went to mid, Thanatos was there and cleared the wave. Then he rotated to solo and I pinged it and called it, but Sun Wukong still died. I continued to farm and Thanatos got an easy gank on the duo lane who was pushed up to the enemy tower. I backed and went to clear my speed and blue again. At this point the Sun Wukong had managed to fall 4, yes FOUR levels behind the enemy Ravana and from this point on he was just pushing out of tower (had no boots) and got ganked by Thanatos or solo killed by Ravana on respawn. And then my ADC got soloed because Geb rotated mid to follow the enemy support, so he decided to rage quit. It was definitely a winnable game, because the enemy Thanatos wasn't good. I was able to solo him easy and was keeping up in farm even though he had 5 kills in like 5 minutes. But my team surrendered at 10 because we had a rage quit, and our solo laner still didn't have Warrior Tabi at 10 ****ING MINUTES INTO THE GAME! :(

Then I had a pretty bad Sylvanus game again. :(
Again it was because of a Thanatos and because we had Loki solo (even though he did fine), yes he was against Ares solo. But we just did not have enough front line to deal with Ares, Athena and a fed Thanatos. So Ares was just able to run us down then Thanatos could come in with ult and just start killing everyone. I guess it could have been winnable if I built Magi's Cloak earlier so that I could save my ult for peal when Thanatos came in for the back line. But my adc and jungle just got picked all the time and I died trying to help them and Loki just focused on the He Bo and not the Thanatos. So we lost pretty hard and Loki blamed everyone else and meant he was playing 1v5, yes he has his profile hidden like every "pro" Smite player. :P

The loosing streak ended with one of the worst games I have had in a while. I asked for jungle or support, but had to play solo and figured I would try out Bellona. In the lobby my teammates where super hyped and talking french, then one of them said he had a secret for me when we got in game. And when we got into game they told me they where all mates who had sniped each other and that they would carry me.
Well it did not work out that way exactly, the duo lane and mid was dying on respawn and the jungler was dying every time he tried to gank. I was doing okey in lane. They apologized for sucking balls and when we started to group we just trolled because the game was unwinnable at that point. #Baguette :(

Ended the loosing streak with a really fun Hercules game, I did play against what must be the worst Aphrodite I have seen. So I had a super easy lane, she was using her ult when I was just walking up to her and trying to position myself for a pull.. I think I got 5 solo kills on her before I started to group up. My duo lane was terrible though so it was actually a pretty hard game to end, because the enemy Ullr was really fed! But I just focused him 24/7 and towards the end of the game I was able to pick him off when he face checked the FG and we just ended the game off of that. This time I didn't forget about Gladiator's Shield I just prioritized the Pestilence instead.

Then I queued with my mate Gwanold who us still playing his qualifiers, I was playing Nemesis in this game. My PC was acting up really bad, probably because I hadn't restarted it in a while and Smite had been on for over a day to claim mixer-codes. So when ever I was fighting I got like 30 FPS tops. But I was able to get a kill in mid at level 2 and got a double in the duo lane then another kill on the mid laner. I also managed to kill the solo laner before I just had to restart.
Then while I was restarting the enemy mid rage quit and the enemy team surrendered as soon as I got back. Really nice of them to wait for me to get back :)

And today I played another Nemesis jungle game, this one was a struggle though but I earned my promotion for sure! I did a few mistakes in the mid game, much due to me messing up my new keybindings (using q,e,r,f for abilities now, and kept miss-clicking t in fights and dying with the t-screen). But the main problem was my team not respecting the enemy Ao Kuang who just got free kills all over the map. I died at level 2 to ao kunag but I was able to give my mid first blood on the enemy mid and forced Aegis Amulet on the Agni and Blink Rune on ao kunag I think I could have survived if I had popped my pots when I went in on the Agni. My team just kept dying to the Ao Kuang, I was focusing on farming for the most part and killing the ao kunag. Think I had 4 kills on him when he was 12-4 and I was probably like 7-5 at that time, after I got the Magi's Cloak he was pretty much a free kill for me. At this point my team was F6ing every time it was on CD and flaming me because Ao Kuang was fed..
In teamfights I just dived in and tried to kill him or at least force the kkhepri ultimate. If I knew I could get the kill on Ao Kuang I would just sacrifice myself for it. I sold my crusher for The Executioner at first, but then I sold that again for Bloodforge before the last fight because I was struggling with loosing to much health while I was diving either Ao Kuang or Agni or Hachiman in fights. And having to back after every fight just made me unable to do as much as I could be doing. In the last fight I dove the Ao Kuang again, forced the Khepri ultimate and he had to back out. Then I killed Agni, boxed the Hachiman with Bloodforge passive and Retribution on and went from like 25% to 100% hp, killed him and finished off the Bellona before we did enemy right phoenix (we already had the mid phoenix down already). Then we just ended the game after 55 minutes.
I had so much gold that game it was insane! think I bought 3 3k-pots and at about 10 500g-pots and I sold switched 2 items.
After the game I got tipped some FP from my team and the Discordia thanked me for winning the game for us by diving the Ao Kuang 24/7. The Discordia was insane though, really nice damage and good calls as well as nice positioning.

Win rate: 11/7