March 08, 2018

Ranked progression [season 5] v01

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So I'm boarding the ranked-post train with Bran and Wayne. I'm thinking I'll try and make it a weekly post, every monday or sunday. Just updating my over all progression, because I play most of my games during the weekend. And also make some post on some of the games I play during the week, played one game this week.

Qualifier games

So my qualifier games went terrible lost my first 6 games. I can not remember every game atm but this is how it went to the best of my recollection and with the help of Smite guru:

Game 1: I played support and I trusted in my team enough to play Athena, we had a Thanatos solo "I will carry this easy" -hidden profile player pro. He lost his lane pretty hard, but the main problem was our Mercury who just got manhandled by the enemy Nemesis. I was not able to do much, every time I tried to set up something we either did not have enough damage to kill or Nemesis would just ult me. So all in all just a one man stomp game.

Game 2: I played support again :( but decided that this time I needed something I could at least somewhat carry with. So I decided to go Sobek. The game started pretty well, I dumpstered the duo lane. Then started invading and camping mid, pretty much making Anubis and Mercury useless for most of the game. But unfortunately we where never able to end the game, because of ppl not following calls (going to do Pyro instead of pushing towers etc.). And when we got to late game ppl just started to get cought by Anubis and Mercury 1 by 1 and Hercules decided fighting 3v5 outside our phoenix was a good idea. Shocker, he died..
They got the phoenix and just Anubised the titan. Classic troll game that we should have won if ppl actually listened.

Game 3: I had to play ADC, so off to a bad start from the beginning. I destroyed my lane though and had good ults, farmed well. My support was free to do what ever he wanted. But unfortunately the enemy Thoth and Chang'e was able to do what ever they wanted as well. Even if I ulted Thoth pretty much on CD. And my team just surrendered before we even got to start fighting. Classic game we might have won if ppl didn't ***** out and F6 at the first sign of a hard game. We would probably have lost though, because I have no idea how to play ADC after the laning phase.

Game 4: I finally got to play jungle! I was kind of tilted at this point (I usually do not get tilted), so I did a salty Ne Zha pick. But I was a bit to drunk and tired so I missed a few important ults. But it would not have mattered if I did because the enemy He Bo was just doing He Bo stuff and got super fed. I only did like 2/3s of his health with my full combo (even critting with the AA) and we had pretty much no follow up damage. So again just a one man stomp game. And where I learnt that He Bo is a must to ban or first pick.

Game 5: Back to support and now I was not tilted any more, now I was just looki g to have some fun. So I was last pick and wanted to go Ares and as the nice guy I am I asked my team if I could go ares]. The answer was no, I had to go [[geb because geb is OP as ****! It started pretty well, I got my ADC a lead and my mid. Was about 0-0-8 before 10 minutes and just settimg up kills and saving ppl. Then my Izanami just started getting picked and my Serqet started stupid fights trying to 1v4 to get one kill etc. I tried my best to save everyone, but even Geb shield cant cure stupid :(
We ended up loosing because I had to try and save Serqet every fight which left my backline free for Bastet. I probably should have left Serqet to die and saved Izanami but Serqet seemed a lot better than Izanami.

Game 6: Forced to play ADC again, this time I just wanted to fight, so I picked Anhur. Enemy ADC picked Jing Wei so off to a pretty bad start. Got to lane and understood that my Sylvanus was a bot pretty fast. He applied no pressure at all and we where pretty much dumpstered by Artio the Jing Wei was pretty bad though. But we got ganksd by Bastet and Scylla a few times think I died like 2 times. Then I died once more vs Artio and Jing Wei. So I was like 2 lvls behind the Jing Wei and Sylvanus just kept dying on respawn pretty much. And our jungle was useless.
Finally Sylvanus and Artio started rotating and I had devos stacked etc. So I just started fighting the Jing Wei got some fun solo kills on her. Just jump -> impale stuff. Then Bastet and Scylla just crushed us in teamfights and my team surrendered. It was fun to solo the Jing Wei though.

Game 7: Back to support again, this time I just instalocked Ares second pick I think. The enemy team already had Fenrir so it was a pretty safe pick IMO. But ppl cried ofc. but not to much. We got into game, I got Ullr 2 kills on the first wave and we invaded red buff. And continued to bully, Fenrir tried to gank us when we invaded purple buff we killed him and Iza. I started rotaring, pretty much just camping Fenrir. Our entire team just popped off and enemy team surendered at 10. Classic Ares game.

Game 8: Ares again, the enemy ADC was insanely bad. So I kind of just jungled the entire game. I did not focus the enemy Fenrir as much this game (mainly bacuase he did not try to gank me at level 3). Instead I focused on the Agni. It was a easy game, mainly trolling around chasing enemies down 1 by 1. Think we actually killed the enemy titan in this game.

Game 9: Back to jungle, I had now realized that I was to drunk to play Ne Zha so I went for some Hun Batz instead. My Isis was a beast, so I pretty much just focused on killing Da Ji and the duo lane and just invading stuff. It was a pretty brain dead game, ult on CD kill Da Ji then invade etc. The enemy Da Ji did well, but. She was no problem to deal with for me, so every time I killed her we could just push like madmen and we did and we did. Just a well executed game.

Game 10: Back to Ares again. Can't really remember this game TBH, but we should have lost. Nemesis ult is stupidly good vs Ares. It was a long game and looks like I was just trolling and bullying everyone as much as possible. That build måkes me want to like... Only a Witchblade passive to deal with two semi-fed physical gods and a Mantle of Discord last item i think. We won at least so I guess it worked out. But I really should have gotten a sov or something at least.

And that concluded my qualifier games and I got plazed in Bronze 1 with 4/6 PogChamp. Not that I expected more, got Bronze 1 last split as well going 9/1. So at least this time I could agree with it.

The road out of Bronze 1

So after I my 6 first losses I went on a 10 win streak playing mainly Ares, Hun Batz and Mercury. And I got promoted pretty easy to silver 2, I lost my first promotion game, that also would have been my 11th win in a row. I did at least finally manage to get a 10 win streak in ranked. Think I have had 9 wins in a row at least 10 times, so it was about time. The enemy Da Ji just crushed us really hard. I won the next game though and got promoted to Silver 2 #Salty
Win rate: 8/1

The road out of Silver 2

Silver 2 started with a terrible Hun Batz game that we should have won 100%. But we did not manage to end the game so that was really bad by me and Ullr. Ullr kept getting picked in the end game and Apollo was split pushing like a idiot so I had to go kill him. And my team would start fights without me. Then i continued to lose 3 more games.. two with Mercury and one with Sylvanus (I bought Assassin's Blessing instead of Hunter's Blessing haha).
So i decided it was time to troll a bit again so I got a Loki game and a Kali game, both games where pretty easy and I pretty much just had a laugh.
Then I suddenly got into a masters game, with emilitoo, EloGiggle etc. emilitoo was on a 10+ loss streak and in a troll mood just like me. We did well at the start had good pressure the got cought after invading and died. And it went down hill from there on out haha.
Figured out it was time to focus again and won 4 games in a row, then I was forced to play ADC again. And we lost, I lost lane against Ullr as Anhur but I did not lose as badly as my mid and jungler. So the game was a clean loss, we just got stomped.
Then in my promotion game I got to play Sylvanus and this time I managed to by the correct blessing. And we won and I moved all the way up to Silver 1 haha.
Win rate: 8/7

The road out of Silver 1

In silver 1 I decided to try and play some Nemesis, but it didn't go very well my problemwas that I tried to go ability based I think or just that I hadn't played her in for ever. I played some Thor and did decent (built pretty tanky so not a ton of damage). Also had some fun with Da Ji, this game was pretty fun. Quite some time since I've gona a clean game and to do it witha god I don't really know how to play felt pretty good.
My promotion game was me just setting up a lot of kills and pealing for my Scylla. My promotion got me to Gold 3 and that is where I am now.
Win rate: 9/7

So this is my ranked adventures so far :)