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BestMinionEver's Blog
Blog Posts: 19     Views: 25042     Comments: 141
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August 25, 2017

I'm Back again!

Views: 4185 BestMinionEver
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Ranked  |  Grind
So I havent been on SF in a long time now, just got back from a 2 week vacation at my parents etc. last Sunday.

Yesterday I finished all my qualifiers for ranked. Went 6/4 this split (9/1 last split) and last split I had to play all the way from Silver 2 and up to gold 1 in the end with a 62% win rate.

And guess what?! Im back in Silver 2 PogChamp!!!!
I am soon to be promoted though and hopefully I will be able to skip a few ranks this time.

I also made a new friend along the way:
I 1v1 this guy as ADC, I was 1 hit and he was 3 hits I juked his AAs and killed him (EzPz ofc., didn't even break a sweat even. JK my ADC is ****ing terrible). So he started to PM me in game and after the game (that we lost), while in DND so I could not reply back (HiRez fix this plz). My team didn't manage to counter a 4 physical comp (I even went Ichaival...).
So I queued again. This time I got jungle and got to play some NeZha PogChamp.
Camazotz is my new friend btw (he has his profile hidden ofc.).

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August 31, 2017

Ranked adventures with Marki

Views: 451 BestMinionEver
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Ranked  |  Blog  |  Progression  |  Analysis  |  Games  | 
So just for fun I wanted to try and make a blog updating my progression in ranked. Pretty much just breaking down the games I play. Thinking that the bast way will be to just use spoiler so hide the previous days or something. We will see how it goes. And everyone who is interested in following can just subscribe to it (no idea how that works), but don't want to spam the sight with a new blog every day I play ranked.

So lets get right to it:

The road so far

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September 14, 2017

Odin ranked game

Views: 693 BestMinionEver
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Ranked  |  Odin  |  Smite
I recorded this game yesterday, it is nothing special. I didn't really do any huge mistakes, but I didn't make any huge plays either.
analyzing the game

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March 08, 2018

Ranked progression [season 5] v01

Views: 726 BestMinionEver
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Marki  |  Ranked  |  Conquest
So I'm boarding the ranked-post train with Bran and Wayne. I'm thinking I'll try and make it a weekly post, every monday or sunday. Just updating my over all progression, because I play most of my games during the weekend. And also make some post on some of the games I play during the week, played one game this week.

Qualifier games

So my qualifier games went terrible lost my first 6 games. I can not remember every game atm but this is how it went to the best of my recollection and with the help of Smite guru:

Game 1: I played support and I trusted in my team enough to play Athena, we had a Thanatos solo "I will carry this easy" -hidden profile player pro. He lost his lane pretty hard, but the main problem was our Mercury who just got manhandled by the enemy Nemesis. I was not able to do much, every time I tried to set up something we either did not have enough damage to kill or Nemesis would just ult me. So all in all just a one man stomp game.

Game 2: I played support ag…
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March 16, 2018


Views: 562 BestMinionEver
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Ranked  |  Marki  |  Conquest

The road out of Gold 3

Had to play a ton of games to promote out of Gold 3 and I cant really remember the first 10 ish games. But looking at Smite guru I can definitely say that I had a prette ruff time. Thankfully I managed to get out of the bad track and start playing better again.

Started with losing two support games, in both games the enemy jungler was just way better than our jungle unfortunately. Then I won two support games, this time we had the better jungler. Then lost another support game and a jungle game (I played like **** whith Hun Batz), and the support game everyone just lost super hard. Then I won a Nemesis game finally figured out that AA build was better than ability based. After that I lost another Hun Batz game, RIP my Hun Batz stats :(
Losing so many Hun Batz games got me down so I needed to play something fun. So i started with a Kali game and it went pretty good ended up with 10-3-2, and my Guan Yu did insane damage. It was an easy win.
Went on to pla…
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March 25, 2018


Views: 416 BestMinionEver
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Conquest  |  Marki  |  Ranked

The road out of Gold 2

I started pretty good is gold 2 (without knowing I was in gold 2) I won my first 5 games, which I did a little write-up on in my previous post. After my good start I had some pretty terrible games to be honest. I did learn that I'm not useless in solo during gold 2 so that was nice.

The first game was just horrendous I was playing Thor and was just getting completely destroyed. The enemy Ullrand Mercury got super fed and I tried my best to just ult him on CD and try and set up for my team, but we had no damage and lost it hard. It could have been winnable if my adc and mid also built some physical protection I think. But we lost.

Then I had a pretty bad Sylvanus game, we got some good pressure in lane early. But after invading purple we got double killed by Izanami and after that she was able to just run through the game and we lost. My Neith had a pretty bad build as well IMO so that did not help us.

To finish off the losing spree I had to play mid (…
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