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Multi-use Set Build

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Smite God: Set

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Purchase Order

Notes Feel free to sell your shoes, buy an elixir of speed, and replace them with an item that might be more beneficial. Blink is optional, but useful in every situation.

Build Item Combat Boots Combat Boots
Build Item Spiked Gauntlet Spiked Gauntlet
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Cursed Gauntlet Cursed Gauntlet
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge
Build Item Katana Katana
Build Item Thousand Fold Blade Thousand Fold Blade
Build Item Hastened Katana Hastened Katana
Build Item Short Bow Short Bow
Build Item Hunter's Bow Hunter's Bow
Build Item Silverbranch Bow Silverbranch Bow
Build Item Light Blade Light Blade
Build Item Balanced Blade Balanced Blade
Build Item Asi Asi
Build Item Katana Katana
Build Item Thousand Fold Blade Thousand Fold Blade
Build Item Golden Blade Golden Blade
Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads
Build Item Blink Rune Blink Rune

Set's Skill Order



1 X
1 6 10 15 19
Spawn of Set

Spawn of Set

2 A
2 4 8 12 16


3 B
3 7 11 14 18


4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


This guide will show you how I build set for almost any game type. I encourage you to tweak this build to your personal playstyle, after all, isn't that what Smite's all about?

Items and Their Uses

In this chapter, I will detail the reason behind every item I selected for this god.
Ninja Tabi
This item was selected for the base stat boosts it gives. it increases your movement speed and attack speed to aid with early engagements.
This item allows Set to more easily take out entire groups in quick succession without backing off. Thanks to the item's ability, (Killing an enemy forges a blood shield that protects 200 + 10x your level worth of damage) you are more easily able to mow down several adversaries in quick succession.
Hasten Katana
This item negates the movement penalty suffered for when you perform a basic attack, making it easier to chase enemies.
Silverbranch Bow
This item is what ties the caricature and the build together. This item increases the amount of damage you do. every o.o2 attack speed you go over the cap you gain 1.5 physical power. It ties in perfectly with Set's passive which grants him a 2.5 attack speed buff every time he damages his opponent with a maximum stack of ten of these attack speed buffs. Set's ultimate removes that cap, making this item essential for a good Set build.
The Asi is there for its life-stealing abilities. This allows Set to out heal most damage he takes, and has the ability to heal an extra 30% of all damage dealt when his health drops to 35% or below. It's a great fallback item.
Golden Blade
This item is situational, but with my playstyle, it is quite beneficial. This item damages all nearby enemies with half of Set's basic attack damage whenever he damages a god with his basic attack. In this build, the damage to nearby enemies would be around 150 to 200 damage.


This chapter will detail how to use Set's skills in tandem to decimate the opponents.
Until you build Bloodforge I strongly recommend staying back and using your spawn of set ability and your skewer ability together to harras the enemies from range and pick off the occasional mage or hunter who strayed from the enemy group. Once you've built Bloodforge then it's much safer to dive into groups.
Set is one of those caricatures who can take out almost any caricature by himself regardless of their health or defenses, however, Set really shines in multiple person combat. I recommend getting behind a group of enemies first by using either a blink rune or Spawn of Set and teleporting to the spawn using Set's Sandstorm ability. once you've done that waste no time and get right into the epicenter of the enemy group and activate your ultimate, Kingslayer. This marks all the enemies you damage and at four marks the enemy that was marked explodes dealing damage to all nearby players. it also grants you a charge of Spawn of Set, and all excess charges get used spawning a clone of you at your feet. The explosion also restores Set's health. Kingslayer also uncaps Set's passive making his attack speed go up far more rapidly. keep in mind that all forms of damage Set does marks an enemy. This includes all enemies damaged by Set's Sandstorm ability, which makes Set incredibly dangerous to large groups as well as individual people thanks to the buff to Set's speed due to Kingslayer. Sandstorm is, also, really good at dealing with groups of minions. If you activate Set's Sandstorm you can teleport to one of Set's clones after activating it rather than right away, but only one. Also a little tip for Set's skewer ability, it slows enemies damaged by it or clones moved by it that run into an enemy. Remember that Skewer does a fair bit of good damage on its own, but works best using clones.


In short this god is able to go toe to toe with almost any other god, and even excels at fighting multiple enemies at once. With this build, one could easily kill several opponents in quick succession. Not even guardians stand a chance against Set's fury. I hope this build helps people more people enjoy my favorite god.

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SkyPirateShini (4) | May 22, 2020 1:30pm
Good first try but like some have said already, there are issues here. First I wanna talk about leveling order. Though it might seem to not matter, you wanna go with a set leveling order to maximize your damage. For Set, you wanna level up your 1, Skewer, first since it'll be your best clear. Then you wanna do your 3, Sandstorm, your 2, Spawn of Set, and your Ult, Kingslayer.
As far as items, I won't say much about why certain items aren't optimal, just some items I'd use. Get rid of Hastened Katana and replace it with either Hydra's Lament or The Crusher. Silverbranch Bow isn't a meta item imo, so maybe switch that for Arondight or Heartseeker. Golden Blade could work for Set but it needs to be earlier in the build, so either switch it in the spot of Bloodforge or build Stone Cutting Sword in that spot. If you want some more info on anything, just ask and either me or anyone else on this site will help.
Big damage (17) | May 22, 2020 2:38am
Hi just letting you know that the tier 1 or 2 items aren't necessary! You could write the build like this.

Ninja Tabi > Bloodforge > Hastened Katana > Silverbranch Bow > Asi > Golden Blade

This could make it look a lot nicer and easier to understand. Just know though that Golden Blade is a better pick up early game and Bloodforge is a better pick up late game so maybe to change the order around you could build.

Ninja Tabi > Golden Blade > Hastened Katana > Asi > Silverbranch Bow > Bloodforge

This build isn't particularly meta for Set, but if it works and you are happy with it how it is then that is great, just don't be afraid to find ways to improve it to make it stronger in the current meta.
Branmuffin17 (328) | May 22, 2020 10:01am
This is a great comment, thanks BD.
boogiebass (44) | May 22, 2020 3:10am
Skill order needs fixing too. Some items could definitely use replacing
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Multi-use Set Build
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