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Khepri, the Immortal Beetle (Season 4!)

February 16, 2017 by AtomicPie525
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Support build

Smite God: Khepri

Item Purchase Order

Out of base

Build Item Watcher's Gift
Build Item Shoes
Build Item Ward
Build Item Multi Potion
Build Item Healing Potion


Build Item Traveler's Shoes Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Reinforced Shoes


Build Item Heartward Amulet Build Item Sovereignty Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes

Cooldown reduction (CDR)

Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Genji's Guard

Crowd control reduction (CCR)

Build Item Bulwark of Hope Build Item Oni Hunter's Garb Build Item Spirit Robe

Counter-building items

Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Build Item Midgardian Mail Build Item Winged Blade Build Item Pestilence Build Item Stone of Gaia


Build Item Meditation Cloak Build Item Magic Shell Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Cursed Ankh Build Item Horrific Emblem

Example build.

Build Item Traveler's Shoes Build Item Heartward Amulet Build Item Sovereignty Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Build Item Genji's Guard Build Item Spirit Robe

Example build 2

Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Sovereignty Build Item Heartward Amulet Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Build Item Bulwark of Hope

God Skill Order


Abduct 2 8 11 12 15 key bind

Rising Dawn

Rising Dawn 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Solar Flare

Solar Flare 3 14 16 18 19 key bind

Scarab's Blessing

Scarab's Blessing 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Introducing everybody's favorite beetle, Khepri.

In game, we can tell that Khepri is very protective of his allies. For example when using your first ability, abduct he may say "Get off of them" which shows that he doesn't want the other gods to attack his allies. Another good example is from when he gets low health. He'll say "I'm fine, stand behind me." In the game, he shows his willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for his team.

That being said, his kit follows this quite well. He has the ability to root enemies at a distance to keep them at bay, to pull them away from the fight, to boost the protections of his allies, and even to be able to revive them if their health is to reach zero. Of all the guardians in smite, Khepri may just be the most supportive one.

Pros / Cons

Great at helping allies escape
Decent damage output
Really annoying CC
Revival of allies
Sounds and looks awesome
Can prove quite dominant in lane
Largest hitbox in game, for bodyblocking

Not an initiator
Lower potential for kills
Little to no real escape
Large model makes him easy to bodyblock

Weaknesses and counters


Executes: These abilities are bad for Khepri for multiple reasons. Not only does it provide an easy way for the enemy team to finish off the support, but they also will kill allies through his ultimate, Scarab's blessing. Both Thanatos and Ao Kuang can cause issues for Khepri and the use of his ult.

Hunters: They can cause some major problems for any support late game, but Khepri is even easier to hit than most others and doesnt have as good of a defense to it. Ymir has more than a 2 second stun and a 6 second wall that can be used to block basic attacks. geb has a good mobility ability, a 650 health shield, and a 2 second stun. Athena has block stacks with her passive. All Khepri has is a relatively short dash and a root.

Assassins: The same that can be said about hunters can also be said about assassins, although his near two second root can be enough to keep a melee god at bay.


Khepri can counter quite a lot of burst gods and mages with his ability to revive allies and silence enemies. His silence and pull is great for stopping enemies from blasting abilities at you and pulling them away from the fleeing team, but if that doesn't work the ol' one-two ult punch should be enough to save at least one ally.

Finisher ultimates such as Neith's world weaver or Ra's searing pain can be quite easily defended against with a well timed use of Scarab's blessing.



It is important to have the right shoes for the needed circumstance. In games where you don't rotate around the map much it can be better for you to stay in lane and grab...

Shoes of Focus. These shoes are great for various reasons. Aside from the standard movement speed increase, this option gives enough power to make a decent difference on your damage output, 10% CDR, and an extra 250 mana to help you use that extra CDR that you have.
In a game of many rotations it will prove more fruitful for you to have more movement speed while out of combat and running around through the jungle.

Traveller's Shoes are a great choice in this situation. While out of combat you receive an extra 14% movement speed, 25 hp5, and you even get the benefit of some extra gold gain when hitting enemy gods.
Other times it will be apparent that you need to have more early protections and CCR. When this comes into play there are some shoes for you!
Reinforced Shoes are great when facing a high CC team. With a gain of 75 health, 20% CCR and a passive that will grant 18 of both protections, they can not only help you withstand being beaten up, but also aid with any movement impediments you may encounter.


As the support, it is your job to help lead your team to victory, not single-handedly do it yourself. This also means it isn't necessarily your job to initiate fights and dominate the front lines. This is especially true in Khepri's case. By grabbing the three aura items, you become a walking buff. Your mere presence in the fight can have an impact, whether or not you use abilities. Heartward Amulet, Sovereignty, and Guantlet of Thebes are the three necessary auras. All three of them combined leads to a super aura that grants all allies within 70 units 50 physical protection, 40 magical protection, 25 hp5, and 20 mp5. They will also give you all of 800 health, 30 physical protections, 45 magical protections, and 15 hp5

Heartward Amulet when broken down to what it does itself gives the owner 200 health and 45 magical protections. The aura from this item is 20 magical protections and 20 mp5

Sovereigntygives the owner 200 health and 30 physical protections. The aura is worth 30 physical protections and 25 hp5.

Gauntlet of Thebes will give you 400 health and 15 hp5. The aura is for 20 physical protections and 20 magical protections.

Cooldown Recution

Cooldown reduction is an amazing thing to have on Khepri. It will shorten the delay between when you can use your ult to change the course of a fight again. Two of the better items that focus on CDR are also great items as far as protections go

Breastplate of Valor gives the owner 20% CDR, which is half of the cap. It also gives 65 physical protections, 300 mana, and 10 mp5. It gives a load of physical protections, CDR and mana with which to use your abilities more often with.

Genji's Guard is a magical defensive variant of CDR. It will give 20% CDR on top of 70 magical protection, 20 mp5, and a passive that can further reduce the cooldowns of your abilities. When you take magical ability damage all active c ooldowns will be reduced by 2 seconds, but this effect can only happen once every 30 seconds.

Crowd Control Reduction

CCR can be just as important to have as CDR. If the effects of CC are being reduced it becomes much easier for you to remain a huge defensive force out there on the battle field. Similarly to the CDR items, each of these are also great items to pick up for the defensive properties they possess.

Bulwark of Hope is great for fights that get everybody down to low health. It can give you an endge when in one of these scenarios. On top of it's 20% CCR, you also get 200 health and 60 magical protections from the item itself. It's passive however, will apply a shield worth 150+10-per player level when you take damage and are below 30% health. The shield will only last for 20 seconds and the effect can only occur once every 90 seconds.

Oni Hunters Garb can give many useful benefits if played properly. It will give you 20% CCR, 60 magical protections, 20 mp5, and a passive that can give you a damage resistance of 15%. The passive states that if you do damage to a god and there are two more gods within 55 units of you then you will gain a 15% damage mitigation buff for 5 seconds. With some good timing, or just plain luck, this effect could go off at the perfect moment and save you a ton of damage.

Spirit Robe is useful against teams with a lot of hard CC, or even just when against a nox. It will give you 20% CCCR, 10%CDR, and 40 or each protection as well as a passive that can grant 15% damage mitigation. When you are hit with a hard CC it will give you the damage mitigation for 3 seconds, and this can happen as often as every 15 seconds!

Counter-building items

Sometimes the best way to help yourself is by hurting the enemy, that's what these items are for, while some of them will prove effective in most scenarios, others are very specific items that are used to counter the enemy.

Both hide of the Nemean Lion and Midgardian Mail are used to counter hunters. The first being used to dissuade them from shooting you, the seconds making it harder for them to stick with you.
Hide of the Nemean Lion will give 80 physical protections, 200 mana, and 20 mp5 on top of a passive that will reflect 25% of any basic attack damage you take back to the attacker. That reflected damage will add up on those hunters eventually, they may regret attacking you in the end.

Midgardian Mail will give you 350 health and a measly 30 physical protections, but that's not why you get it. This items passive makes it so that when you are hit with a basic attack, there is a 30% change that the attacker will have their movement speed and attack speed reduced by 30% for 2 seconds. This can make it so that hunters without Hastened fatalis (Which removes the basic attack movement penalty) won't be able to chase you down persistently, and those that do have it, will have a harder time keeping up with you.

Winged Blade is good against teams that have a lot of slows. While also giving you the perks of 300 Health, 20%CCR, 10% attack speed, and 10% movement speed, it can also make you more resistant specifically to slows. Once every 30 seconds when you are hit with a slow, instead of being slowed you will become immune to slows and have your movement speed increased by 20% for 4 seconds.

Pestilence is to be used when the enemy team has some healers such as Ra or Sylvanus. While being a top of the line magical defensive item with 80 protections, it will give 200 health and an aura that reduces all enemy healing by 25%. That includes natural regeneration as well as gods with heals in their kit.

Stone of Gaia can be picked whether or not you are using it to counter. It gives you an amazing regeneration buff with the amount of health you will likely have with this build. The item will give 25Hp5, 15 mp5, and 400 health along with two passives. The first passive will add to its regenerative properties. It will regenerate 2% of your maximum health over 5 seconds. When at 3000 maximum health 2% is 60 health, which translates to getting 12 health every seconds, which doesn't sound like much, but you will likely have another 60, if not more hp5 for another approximately 12 health per second. While regeneration is the name of the game with this item, its second passive is great for countering some of the more annoying CC in the game, such as Khepri's grab. When hit by a knockup, knockback, pull, or grab you will become immune to CC for one second and not remain unaffected by the ability that hit you.


Relics can be some of the most useful of things when used at the right time, and for various reasons too.

Meditation can be extremely useful throughout the whole game. During the laning phase it can prove useful by giving both you and your ADC a large boost in health and mana. For the same reason it can be very helpful late game, restoring most of the squishier gods healths' and it can also be upgraded to provide a 45 mp5 buff and 15 hp5 buff for 30 seconds.

Magic Shell provides yourself and any nearby allies with a potent defensive buff. It gives 30 of both physical and magical protections as well as a 5% damage mitigation buff. It can however be upgraded to 45 of each protection and 10% damage mitigation, which is quite substantial when referring to the way protections are calculated.

Heavenly wings will remove all slows when used and increases the movement speed of all nearby allies by 40% for 5 seconds and it can be upgraded to remove the basic attack penalty from all those effected by it for the 5 second duration.

Cursed Ankh is that anti-healing relic. It will lower the healing of all nearby enemies by 50% for 10 seconds. It can however be upgraded to reduce healing by 65%

Horrific emblem is used for slowing both enemy movement speed and attack speed. The movement speed decrease is 40% and the attack speed debuff is 25%. This relic is best used in a game that the enemy has a lot of basic attack based gods.


Passive: Fortitude provides both Khepri, and any nearby allies with a shield that is equal to 2% of the target's health. This shield can stack up to 10% and will last 15 seconds before it expires. Khepri will exude a shield every 5 seconds while out of combat and every 10 seconds while in combat. Throughout the laning phase this shield can give you an edge, as it lets you take more minion damage than the enemy, which is a huge difference in the fights.

Abduct gives Khepri some good pressure while in lane. So many times have I pulled enemies into my line of minions early game where they just get shredded in an instant because of how much damage those things will do. The dash itself, while relatively short, is quite rapid, however the pulling from after the grab will move quite slowly. This is the hardest CC that Khepri has and can be one of the more powerful CCs in the game. It is also very important to note that the enemy being pulled is also silenced for the duration, the can't use abilities to stop you or get out in any way.

Rising Dawn is Khepri's main source of damage output and it can be used in more ways than one. Not only does it apply DoT and reduce enemy protections by 25% at max rank, it applies a 30% damage resistance buff to all allies hit. In total this ability does 240+50% of your magical power in damage when maxed out. Early game the repetitive damage of getting hit by this ability over and over again can be devastating, not to mention deceptive. This ability is great when used in combination with your ult, which revives people at your position. When they are revived you immediately hit them with a damage reduction buff which helps them to rejoin the fight once again or get the heck out of dodge and survive the retreat.

Solar Flare is a fairly simple ability that is a ground target that does a decent amount of damage and applies a 1.75 second root to all enemies caught in it. A very common use for this ability is to set up for abductions, which sets up for your team to get a kill.

Ultimate: Scarab's Blessing is Khepri's bread and butter. This ability is by far his most significant and unique. It is a buff to a single ally that will increase their movement speed and give them immunity to slows for 5 seconds. The best part of this ability is that if an ally were to be killed while still affected by the buff they will be revived with a certain percentage of their maximum health at Khepri's location. Further detail about this ability can be found just below.

Scarab's Blessing

Khepri's ult is his most defining feature, and not his only one at that. This is the only ability of it's kind in the game. Most things that are unique have a few counterparts to them, that have slightly different functions. Geb's ability to give an ally a shield has been matched by your's truly, Khepri's passive. The ability to reflect damage, previously known only to Nemesis, is now known by Kuzenbo. The point is, most effects in the game have a few different sources, but not this one.

While this ability as at level 5 the movement speed gain is 40% along with an immunity to slows. That combined with the enemy not wanting to kill the effected god to avoid bringing them back with more health can easily be enough for your ally in need to run away from the fight. If the enemy does choose to kill the effected ally then they will be brought back to your location with 45% of their maximum health. The effects of the ability are actually fairly simple and easy to explain and understand. When to use it, and how to use it effectively is the tricky part.

The use of this ability is going to be different depending on the circumstances at hand. If its a situation where an ally has been collapsed upon by 3 or 4 enemies it can be best to wait on the sidelines until the right moment to guarantee that the revival happens and then proceed to run away as fast as possible, so that not only can they get out, but you as well. In that situation, if you were to rush in there, you wouldn't be able to get out while simultaneously dragging somebody else back into the same situation and wasting your ult. If it's during an even teamfight that you need to revive somebody it can be placed on them at the right moment for the revival to happen, or so that they can use the movement speed to get away, enemy focus will likely shift off of them and onto somebody else. The final scenario to be listed here is when you get left behind from the scraps of a team fight. Being a tank it can take a while for them to break through your defenses and quite frankly, reviving yourself with 45% of your maximum health can really waste a lot of enemy time. Sometimes all that needs to be done is buy time. If you can run around and live as long as possible, you're doing somebody a favor.

It is very important to note that the both executes from Thanatos and Ao Kuang will go through the ability and the revival will not take place.


Laning Phase:

To start out with season 4, each and every god heads to their respective lanes. What you want to do is take out a minion wave or two, until about when you hit level 2, and then either drop back and take your purple, void, buff or if you are doing very successfully, you can be aggressive and try and take the enemy void buff. Once you gain a few levels and start to skirmish, Khepri can really begin to shine. While Rising Dawn will help to weaken the minon wave, it can also devastate the enemy gods if you are using it persistently enough. Don't be afraid to grab the enemy gods and pull them into your minion wave, chances are that you will take decent damage from the minions if it's too early on, but your minions and ADC should be able to make up for that if done correctly. If you are having troubles landing your Abduct, use your Solar flare to root them first, and keep in mind, Solar Flare has a longer Range that Abduct does, so that can impact how you are pulling people. The biggest issue I'll encounter is that sometimes I am too aggressive early on, when minions will destroy you in 5 seconds. Just be wary of that and don't be afraid to ult either, if somebody is on the brink of death, pop it to save them, don't regret waiting too long.


As the midlaner, getting ganked by the guardian can be devastating, their CC to stop you from functioning properly and making you more succeptible to damage from the enemy can really cause problems for you. Khepri can make you an easy target for almost 3 seconds with only a single point in his Abduct and his Solar Flare. With both of the abilities at max rank, it's almost 4 seconds. That immobile period in combination with the around 160 damage and protection debuff from Rising Dawn can prove fatal if pulled off correctly. It's also very important to remember that those who are being pulled by Abduct are silenced and cannot use their abilities.

Late Game:

While Khepri can still be powerful in the late game, sometimes there are better options if late game is what you want. He lacks the ability to initiate team fights or disrupt the whole enemy team with a hard CC. What he can do is select a single target and cause them to get blown up by his team. Late game he is more of an incredibly tanky revival machine, it's by far his best attribute late game, along with the 30% damage reduction buff from Rising Dawn.


I wanted to note that the formula for protections 100/100+X, where X is how many protections you have is used to calculate how much damage you will take. Further information on this can be found at The Word of Thoth

If you've got any questions about this guide, or maybe even some other guardians I'll be happy to do my best to answer them. If you enjoyed this guide and you'd like to see how some other Egyptian guardians work then you can check out my guide for Geb. A lot of the same information can be found there, but there are also some differences and his abilities can be explained more thoroughly there. In the future I intend on making a guide for Sobek, the third party candidate for the trio of Egyptian Guardians. With any luck that will be out by the end of February!

Your guys's feedback is very important to me, if you've got any questions or advice, feel free to either pm me or just put it in the comments!
At the end of the day, when Ra goes away and Khepri comes to stay, just remember that "You must fight on!"

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